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Title: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on December 25, 2012, 10:55:56 PM
I wake up from the slumber. For some strange reason, I have this weird dream with a knight in full armor with a sword...But this is normal. It has happen to me in the past few months, but I guess it turned into a normal daily occurrence.
Just another day in the Emiya household. Since my dad left me 10 years ago, I don't know what to do with my life so, I decided to follow his way of view when he was younger.
"When I was young, I always wanted to be a superhero. Your late grandpa, Kiritsugu always told me his stories. I was interested in his adventures. To other people, he seem cold and distant...but I know the true Kiritsugu. He was a bit clusmy, but a cool dad nonetheless."
Ah. Being a superhero. Wanting to save everyone. It's time to do my daily routine!
I dress up and walk out my home. I sometimes wish he didn't left. It's lonely being here alone, but I guess this would do. I waved at the Fujimura head.
"Hello Emiya."
"Need any help?"
"Well...the bike fell apart again for the 10th time this month."
I sighed. I went back inside and took out my toolbox, fixing the bike.
Yep, just another normal day for Emiya Daisuke.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on December 25, 2012, 11:00:05 PM
William lay in bed, eyes closed. His head was still filled with the image of blood-stained fields, and cries of those left to die.
"What the fucking hell..." he muttered, rolling out of bed and trudging to the door. He put his shoes on, paid the hotel owner, and started walking the streets.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on December 25, 2012, 11:16:13 PM
I hit my alarm clock off the stand, blinking.

"Quiet..." I mutter, hearing yelling.

"Miss Yatsufuni!" Shut up... Wait... Miss?

"... Where am I...?"

"The Tohsaka Household." I roll over and stare at the ceiling. Right. I made a deal... To play in some sort of Tournament... Last night is a blur... I had a weird dreams of a figure in... Red? Green? Holding some sort of pole...

What did they offer me for it again...? Money? No it was something about wishes... Why can't I remember? Also my body feels heavy, and I can't remember much about last night... Maybe I should heal myself... Though Magic is my special secret... Wait did that have to do with it?

... I can't remember...


I left the Tohsaka house early... It was a large place. Though the lady who got me to participate in all this... She was acting really rigid... Maybe to make sure I agree...? I'm still sleepy.

As I walk I tie my hair up into short twin tails on both sides, straightening my uniform. Only one school around here unfortunatly, so I have to go there. I want friends but get to nervous... So I end up driving people away... Oh looky, while I was monolouging I got here...

As I walk in the gate, way to early to school I swear someone whispered in my ears... The words being along the lines...

"Nice to work with you Master."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Fuminori on December 25, 2012, 11:56:01 PM
"Thaaaat's it. Keep walking. That's a good little cheater." Phineas' voice was heard by no one as he sat in the beat up old Lincoln, watching a businessman stroll along his routine trip to a seedy love-hotel. Phineas had watched him enter and exit numerous times over the weeks of his contract, but he'd been doing this job long enough to know how much evidence would be necessary to make the case stick.

 Today would be his last day of surveillance though, sitting on the memory stick for his camera was a high quality shot of money changing hands between this poor shlub and a high-class call girl, more than enough to give his wife bargaining rights in the divorce, anything else was just icing. As the man disappeared from sight Phinny flicked through his photos again, picturing the fat bonus cheque he'd been promised for making this case stick before admiring himself in the rearview mirror.

Looking back at him were piercing emerald eyes shaded by the brim of a fedora, hiding his short cropped blonde hair. The only indicator of his every day nature was the gaudy pentagram hanging from his neck under his trench coat. Otherwise, he was just another foreigner in a town full of them. Flashing himself a winning smile, he pointed at the love hotel with his thumb and index finger extended, like a kid playing cops and robbers. Dropping the 'hammer' he intoned to the silent interior of his vehicle "Bang!"

An hour later he was back in his home, a comfortable little house on the edge of town, that looked perfectly normal on the outside. Opening the door he yelled out
"Mephisto, Come to me!" dramatically as the black cat that he shared his space with greeted him, chirping and mewling happily.

Hanging his hat and coat he checked the sigils and talismans placed over his entry-way, various herbal rubs mixed into a dye and used to carve runes from seven different dead languages formed the basis of a 'protective spell' on every entry point in to the house. Of course, none of the symbols and herbs meant anything, they were simple foci for his magic, the real power lay in the expenditure of Prana that gave his wards meaning.

Stopping at a shrine on his dresser he admired the carved skull and made an offering to the voodoo god of death, 'Baron Samedi', tossing back a shot of rum before plugging his camera in to his computer and setting the photos to upload to his backup server. Scratching the cat above the ear he cooed, in a voice that was almost a perfect imitation of a woman's 

"Soon we're going to have another room-mate, yes we are, Mephistopheles. I wonder who they'll be?"

Tossing on one of his favorite Jazz albums he swayed around the ritual circle, triple checking it, making sure every detail was perfect.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Inu-Jii on December 26, 2012, 12:29:59 AM
Rouga was sweeping leaves in to a pile. He had woken up early today after suffering a surreal dream. He dozed a bit and when he snapped out, their family shrine was cleaned up nicely. Not many people come to pray, but its best to keep the gods and spirits happy.

He looked out from their shrine steps and to the city below. He had barely been inside the city's outskirts, even less outside of the shrine grounds due to his illness. Today he could see much clearly than usual. It shocked him how far the city stretched. He stared at the landscape and felt a bit sad at how far the world stretched out of his home.

His parents were busy with his sister's wedding so they probably wouldn't notice him missing for a few minutes...

He looked back to see if the coast was clear and then left down the stairs towards the city...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Nask on December 26, 2012, 01:06:59 AM
Ruth walks out of a hotel (which it is cheap for usual standards), he nearly covered his (seemly closed) eyes to avoid being blinded by dawn's light. Once initial blindness is down, the man takes a deep breath to take in the city's air and cough abit, since the city seem to lack the crisp fresh air that he used to back at home.

...Home. It reminds him of the dream that he slept to catch up his sleep, eversince Ruth just came into this country from previous night. If the messy brown head remembers anything, it left him a impression that he felt abit homesick. Perhaps it is, but Ruth is here for this errand that his father mention and return home, after enjoying himself to the natural sites of the city.

His hands dugs into the pocket of his coat and takes out the city atlas, just to see if the address where he picks up is there......

....Ruth shows a frown at the map, it seemed that the address is not there. This would take him awhile to find the landmarks around the local area. If he can find one that match the description.

Or just ask the locals. Yes, locals would be nice. Frown, now becomes a smile. Ruth walks into the crowd of people, where his large height really makes him stick out in the sea of swarming faces. Not that he mind much, since there's alot of diversity in the city.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on December 26, 2012, 02:20:59 AM
About 30 minutes later, I was finished as the head of Fujimura thanks me.
"Thank you Emiya!"
I was handed my pay, about 3000 yen. I've been doing work to support myself. I know there's a stash of money somewhere in my household which is pretty big...But I prefer to help other people out. I get paid too, so that's a plus!
"I'm off!"
And so I walk to school, with my schoobag in hand. What about the test? What about the upcoming dance? All these upcoming things at school is in my mind right now as multiple scenarios and "what if" flashes...
After all, don't be so ridiculous. Dead people can't be alive! It says so in the textbooks!
I arrived at school when...I see a massive gathering of students around...Two people? A fight? This early? I think of what to do in a situation like this.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on December 26, 2012, 01:19:05 PM
As William was walking through the town, he heard a commotion. He went towards it, and noticed it was the high school. "Glad I shaved the whiskers last night..." he muttered, rubbing his neck and jaw. There was his normal half-goatee left, but he could get away with that. He approached behind another student(Emiya).
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Drakesword on December 26, 2012, 01:29:31 PM
Dagon rode down the street on his Motorcycle, his helmet having a few designs on it depicting the plains far away from where he was. But, his home was not on his mind, it was the odd dream he had the night before. As he came to a stop, he focused on the odd memory. A large plain, like he was home as he rode onto a cliff, he saw a huge battle field. The battle field full of strange people fighting to the death, or those who already were dead.

As he looked out, he saw someone standing on the cliff face looking out. The figure tossed him a contract and pen, Dagon read it quickly and nodded. Signing the contract after a few minutes he heard the words 'See ya tomorrow partner." Then, he simply woke up.

He was riding to school and he passed a few houses as the light turned green. He had always liked traveling to his uncle's and aunts who lived in Japan. His family always agreed to things like him travelling to Japan to save money on the farm. To keep them under budget and staying with his uncle at the small bike shop and going to the school.

Sure, he didn't understand all of the Japanese language verbally, but he had gotten the hang of it mostly. And reading it wasn't that hard learning it from his parents too. 
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Post by: Akuma Killer on December 26, 2012, 02:22:12 PM
I watch as the small student is being overwhelmed by the more menacing, tall one. This isn't a fight. It's a one sided beatdown. That's it. I can't take it anymore. I maneuver my way through the crowd as the tall student grabs the short one by the collar.
"Look who it is...Emiya, huh?"
The student is dropped. He sits down and doesn't move at all.

"What are you going to do, use your superpowers? Aren't you a little too old to think you can be a superhero?"

He laughs. This is pissing me off...!!! I mumbled a few words. My dad was a magus, but he only taught me Reinforcement, Alteration, and Projection. The last two were difficult so I never used them. Reinforcement on the other hand...Was sorta simple. I use it whenever I need to fix something or when I need to reinforce my body, but it's sort of ineffective in general, but it works. But I do see...weird my body when I use Structure Grasp on myself.

Structure Grasp, Start.

I mumbled the words as silently as I can, so no other mages can hear. After all, magic is kept secret after all. I scan my body...

"Did you said something?!"

Looks like I somehow pissed him off...No matter. I pour mana into my arms.

Reinforcement, start.

I don't know exactly what my trigger is to open my magic circuits so I forcefully open them. The process is like trying to dig out a object stuck in your body with a knife. Extremely painful and unsafe. My dad says I should stop doing it, but this is really the only way I can use magic till I find my trigger.

I reinforced my arms.

"Alright...You asked for it then!"

As he was about to attack me with his fist, I knocked him squarely on the face. Normally a regular punch wouldn't do much against a big guy like him, but since I reinforced my arms... He fell down face forward.



The bell rings as the crowd walks to class.

"Did you saw what Emiya did?"
"He punched him and was knocked out!"
"Wow, he's strong!"

Heh, another person saved...But too bad I used violence. He did too, so I had no choice. I think Shirou would do too.

"Thank you Emiya!"

The student thanked me as he runs to class. Stuff like this makes me proud to be a superhero. After all, isn't it wonderful to help each other out?
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on December 26, 2012, 02:30:21 PM
William lingered, watching the kid who knocked the big dude out leave. "Huh... That was weird. The other dude had a huge advantage by build," he muttered, turning to leave. "... That kid couldn't be using magic, could he?" With that, he left.
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Post by: Kimoto on December 26, 2012, 03:23:16 PM
I heard someone talking after getting past the gat and into te courtyard, and turn to look, seeing a mass of people at the gate. Not really my problem... Plus if I went I'd be ignored, and wouldn't be able to speak up anyway.

"... Hey what's going on down there?"

Well I feel compelled to ask the nearest person anyway. They just shrug and say something about people suddenly gathering or something.

It feels weird though... Then again normally I skip so seeing this might be normal. But before I can get a better look, I see a kid hit the ground over there.

"... Oh. A Fight."


I rushed to class right after that, yawning, and quietly using Healing Magic on myself. My parents never explained much about magic to me, just to keep it a secret. So the crest on my neck and shoulder is secret too. Pretty large. I wonder if anyone else has them...

Actually that kid this morning... He knocked out that huge guy with one blow... Maybe he's a martial artist. Can't be a magus... Wait I think he might be in my class...

Maybe I'll keep an eye out for him. Who knows, I might finally make a friend... But talking to a guy is... Troublesome since I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face... I'd get to nervous... Hm...
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Post by: Inu-Jii on December 26, 2012, 03:31:57 PM
He was stuck in the middle of the morning rush in a bustling city.

Rouga cowered as he looked around the unfamiliar and alien surroundings. He had wandered too far from home, preoccupied and fascinated by the things he had only seen on TV when his vision was better, and was now lost. He didn't know which way he came from, and where to go. He asked for directions but no one knew of the shrine.

He got on top of a large stone plant pot and looked out over the busy streets and sidewalks. He watched the people move about endlessly in their routines and schedules. It was a surreal sight to see so many people. Who knew so many people existed outside his small world?

Rouga blinked and rubbed his eyes. Was it him... or was his vision starting to blur...? Another blink and he began to feel sick. Panic started to set in as he could note that drop in how far he could see. His illness was acting up again.

Not knowing what to do he carefully, albeit shaking, got down and stayed close to the building walls. He needed to get home. Fast. Not knowing where to go, he let his hopes do the guiding. He stumbled into a business man, a woman, a few school girls and boys, and a construction worker. He apologized to all of them.

He stumbled into a tall man and looked up (Ruth). The semi-blind boy yelped and panicked. He couldn't see the face which made it all the more worse.

"I-I-I-I'm s-sorry. I w-was lo-lo-lo-lost and-" the rest was a high speed ramble of panic.
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Post by: Nask on December 26, 2012, 06:32:09 PM
Ruth did talk with some of the locals, thankfully to his translator spell, for directions of the landmark he is looking for. He looked over the atlas again to see where he was currently.

Keyword: Was.

As he felt something bump into him and heard a panicked sound like mouse, he moves his weight to turn around to see a child. A child who whimpers like a lost kitten. So, to try to calm the child down, Ruth brings his large hand down.... And gently pat the child's head.

The bear-like man kept the smile on his face, he replied with a hint of childish tone. Studying the child's appearance with his squinted eyes. "Calm down little one. I am just as lost in this city like all newcomers."

He softly chuckle at his personal misfortune, before brings up his own question. "Are you separated from your parents, little one?"
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Post by: Inu-Jii on December 26, 2012, 06:55:56 PM
Rouga froze in place when the man reached his humongous hand out towards him. He closed his eyes tight and pulled his arms close to brace for impact.


Pooft. The hand pat him on the head and sort of messed his hair up. Peeking an eye open, he could not really see the man clearly now, but from his voice, he didn't mean harm. Or at least he hoped. He had barely met people let alone talk to them. The accent was a bit funny though... Actually, something about the man in general was weird. He wasn't sure what though...

He opened his other eye and tried to make out the dark, big, hulking blur in front of him. It was scary enough that the person was huge, but trying to make him out was impossible. Rouga couldn't tell since he can't see properly, but his eyes are starting to milk over slightly with a white coating every passing minute.

"I-I-I'm n-not a ch-child. I'm f-f-fo-f-fourteen!" he stuttered at the gigantic man. "I-I wandered too f-far from my f-family shrine... I do-don't know my way back..."

Rouga looked down and felt miserable. Not only was he mistaken for a child due to his shortness, he was lost and on the verge of just plain crying.
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Post by: Drakesword on December 27, 2012, 02:27:34 AM
Dagon arrived at the school sooner than he thought he would and watched the fight from afar as he parked his bike. He couldn't say what he felt in the air from the boy. Something he felt when he explored some old area and found one of the three totems he found in the dirt on his little treks where old Tribes used to live.

He tapped one of the totems as he walked in putting his bag on his back and walked into the office, he slightly gave off Prana from his totem in center, the eagle in fact. He focused his eyes a bit to make him able to see a bit farther and in case. He didn't see much on a glance and didn't further look in. He spoke to the woman at the desk, grabbing his schedule and walked toward the room to be introduced on his first day at the strange school he was now attending in the city.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on December 27, 2012, 03:31:19 AM
I enter my homeroom as I sit down. I stare at the clock. Tick tock...When someone caught my eye.

"Now, Year 3, Class C of Homurahara. We have a new student in our class! Why not take off your hat. There's a no hat policy in Homurahara, and everyone is required to wear uniforms. Say hello to...Dagon Sliv!"

Hm...A new student huh? I glace at him...And what's with his long coat? Weird...but he must be a exchange student or something.

He's not wearing Homurahara's uniform...Which is sort of nondescript looking, but i just wear it over my casual clothes. Which somehow makes me look like I'm still a student, but what the heck. I like Gakurans. Especially those black ones. But could this new student be a magus?! Of course not, I don't think there's any other mages unless they are from Tohsaka or Matou here and I don't see them around that much or at all.

I glance at the clock...3 hours left until lunch. I wonder if my food will still be warm after 3 hours. I made that Grilled Cheese Sandwich using high quality Meat AND Cheese. It's not going to waste.
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Post by: Kimoto on December 27, 2012, 12:34:05 PM
I sighed, sitting in my class boredly. When iI had looked into it, asking some classmates and managing to not fumble up my own words, I found out that person who was in a fight was Emiya from Class C. Same Year as me but different class...

"Here I thought it'd be a good conversation starter..." I muttered, staring at the clock.

"Stupid Class A... I hear they got a new student too... Not fair..."
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Post by: Drakesword on December 27, 2012, 02:09:33 PM
"Alright, I'll get a uniform as soon as I can." He said taking of his hat with a bit of hesitance, he had fairly long hair that was all stuffed under his hat. It made a few people snicker until he gave a quick and cold glare making them shut up. "Thank you for having me in your class." He moved to one of the open seats and sat next to someone wearing the uniform as he hung his hat on his back with the strap on it. "Nice to meet ya." He gave a smile, to the person who happened to also be giving off a fair amount of Prana and went by the name Emiya.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on December 27, 2012, 02:29:26 PM
I sense something when he's nearby...Is this student a magus? I can sense it through the air...I...
1. Ask him if he's a magu-
Wait what this isn't a visual novel! I think I should ask him where he was from.
"So you're new huh? Where were you from originally?"
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Post by: Drakesword on December 27, 2012, 05:05:11 PM
"The Great Plains of America, I'm staying with my Uncle until my parents deal with a bit of money problems. Where are you from?" He asked with a slight smile. He gave a light cough as his small totems on his necklace clanked on his shirt against one another.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on December 27, 2012, 05:12:50 PM
"Where was I from? I don't remember much about my childhood...I was adopted but I know I lived in Fuyuki."
I shrugged. It's true, I really have no clue of my childhood at all.
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Post by: Nask on December 27, 2012, 05:58:11 PM
"hmm..." Ruth gives a thought to himself to consider. On one hand, he need to finish the errand as soon as possible or otherwise he would forget offtrack, if drags out too long and one unhappy father in the end. On other hand though, Ruth is not familarized with the city and the boy, who seem to have a case of blindness as far he have known that without guidence he definitely be lost.  Furthermore the giant needs a new starting point to go from and add to the fact, that there's no specifications on the deadline for the errand.

...These thoughts seem last a while, but they actually last a second as Ruth acts on his decision. The giant let his hand off the boy's head and place it to his shoulder. It is unfortunate that he did not bring his handkerchief or tissues for the boy's tears.

"There there, how about I walk you back to your home?" Ruth offers, if it can calm him down by being a guide. "I can ask for directions if needed."

Especially since there's a shrine in town, it would make locating the landmark easier.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on December 27, 2012, 06:23:56 PM
Rouga jumped at the sudden feeling of a hand on his shoulder. Hearing the giant man's words, he felt a bit more relaxed, although something about him really struck him as odd... He could barely make out a shape now.

"I-I live in a shrine on the outskirts of t-town..." he sniffled before lamenting, "I asked a lot of people but they d-don't know about it..."

He was angry that his family shrine wasn't well known... If only...

"Its called 'Senjyuu-no-Jyumoku Shrine'... I..." he trailed off and began to rub his eyes as his sight began to darken rapdily. "I-I can't see..." his voice had a sharp tinge of horror and panic. He couldn't see a thing. Everything was dark. This has never happened to him before. Nor did his illness act up this quickly.

Flying in to panic, he stepped away from the giant and stumbled backwards towards the road...
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Post by: Nask on December 29, 2012, 03:24:35 AM
Ruth mentally review over the information that he is given. The shrine is not well-known and the fact it is outskirts of town... Outskirts. It would mean he may have to give a chat with local creatures in the outskirts, but... How to keep the boy from being exposed to it to search for this ....Wordy named Shrine?

Before further progress his thoughts, he noticed the boy panic again... Stumbling backwards toward to danger of the road.

Faster than what people perceived toward the giant if they bother to notice, Ruth make a grab for the panicked, blind boy and pulls him over back to the sidewalk. Just in time to avoid a vehicle speed past them. Just in time to avoid a accident.

"...That was close." Muttered Ruth, yet not low enough. Staring at the road with cars coming by, before look back to the boy. "It would've end in tragedy for a life if I taken moments later to act."

While a accident is a accident, especially in Ruth's lifestyle. That does not mean it can't be preventable.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on December 29, 2012, 05:05:53 PM
Rouga felt something grab his jacket and forcefully yank him forward. Not a second later, he heard the roar of an engine speed past behind him. Instinct took over and he grabbed the arm that pulled him from being squished by what he guessed to be some sort of automobile. His panic was covered by shock and it took him a while to register the voice that called out to him.

"Huh... wh-what? I..." he stuttered as he blinked, hoping he could see something. Unfortunately, all he could see was darkness. "T-thank you..." he trailed off.

He wiped his eyes and held back tears. He really shouldn't have wandered too far...

"Um... D-do you know where H-Ho-Homurahara High Scool is? T-the shrine is... not t-too far from th-there." he asked, trying to forget what just happened to him. He'd rather not fall in to a panic attack again...
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Post by: Drakesword on December 30, 2012, 02:36:58 PM
"That's a plum shame." He said shrugging, "Well mind showing me around school? Not used to it quiet yet and I'm 'fraid I'm going to get lost."
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Post by: Akuma Killer on December 30, 2012, 08:08:57 PM
"Sure, during lunch. Class is about to start."
I replied.
I'm sure they don't need any help later and it's not like I have anything else to do.
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Post by: Nask on December 30, 2012, 08:16:52 PM
Fortunately, Ruth have a good idea of where it is due to asking the locals earlier. He nodded, "Yes. I have pass through there before. Just tell me if you need to rest on the way, alright?" Which it would take awhile to walk from here to the school area.

The giant kept a gentle firm on the boy's hand to avoid another incident as he start walking to guide the child to the school district. Which it would take time... He doesn't mind if the boy asks questions. Questions that does not involved... Certain topics, on the way.
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Post by: Kimoto on December 30, 2012, 08:23:03 PM
I rubbed my shoulder while class started feeling sore. I felt something odd from somewhere else in the school, but it must be nothing. Unfortunatly at the time, I couldn't sense magic, so it wasn't helpful that I did what I was about to do.

Since I figured no other magus' live around here, at least known that I know of, I started applying a healing magic to the sore spots of my body, as I try to remember last night, ignoring most of what the teacher says.

"... Right. They were asking me to help them with some large game."
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 01, 2013, 11:55:24 AM
William stumbled upon the high school again. "Seriously? How the hell did I circle back to here?"
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 01, 2013, 01:44:22 PM
Rouga nodded and took the giant's kind offer. Normally, he shouldn't tag along with strangers when he's blind, but his parents never told him that since he was to be kept inside the shrine's grounds. Still quivering and recovering from the shock of his illness' sudden turn for the worst and almost being in an accident, the boy began to take deep breathes. He could still see nothing.

"Mr... oh, I didn't get y-your name. Um, I'm K-Kanzan Rouga." he introduced himself, his stuttering becoming less pronounced.

"You're really t-tall and big. Are you an 'outside foreigner'?" he asked, rubbing his eyes lightly and then sighing; signalling that his condition has not changed.

Rouga had never gone to school. He was home schooled, but only on topics he would need to help out with the shrine. His world is small, so people he meets outside his shrine are considered outsiders. At the moment, he thinks Ruth is from outside the city, but still in 'Japan'.
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Post by: Drakesword on January 01, 2013, 03:01:17 PM
Dagon looked up a bit and he rubbed his wrist a bit on his watch in slight irritation as he felt something in the air. He wasn't sure exactly...what it was but it felt familiar as he looked around as the class started and he whispered to the student next to him, "Is there something wrong with the AC? Feels kinda strange in here..."
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Post by: Akuma Killer on January 01, 2013, 03:26:12 PM
I shrugged.
"I don't feel anything..."
...Maybe it's the prana? I don't know any other mages anyways.


The bell rings. It's noontime and students head to the lunch room.

"Hey Dagon, you want me to show you around school now?"
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 01, 2013, 03:30:02 PM
William stared at the high school, having come upon it for the third time now. "... Ok, I know the streets here by now. What the hell is going on?" He looks around, and shudders. "Something feels... Odd here." With that, he snuck onto the grounds.
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Post by: Nask on January 01, 2013, 04:11:04 PM
The giant smiled as the boy spoke up to break the silence.

"Grunewald Ruth," Ruth answers his name, though have a tone of feeling awkward with the resultant effect of his translation spell, which the tone could be mistaken about his feeling toward his height. Neverless, he continue to answer to the boy's questions in simple way. "And you are correct that I am a foreigner to this place, Kanzan."

He then ask his question to keep passing time, just to prevent from being a quiet journey the rest of the way. Never did touch on Ryoga's condition as it seem to be something very sensitive.  "Do you have any hobbies or anything to pass time?"

Though unaware to them, time did indeed pass as they are about to reach the school district.
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Post by: Kimoto on January 01, 2013, 04:15:07 PM
I headed up to the roof during lunch. Luckily people tend not to come up here for some reason. I don't know why, it's a really nice place. Plus I packed a lunch.

As I start getting out my stuff, I get that tired feeling again, and start healing again. I don't know why, but the feeling goes away with Magic. It's really nice. As I healed I noticed something weird with my hand though, which had the light of the Magic Crest from my neck shining on it.

"Weird I don't remember getting a tattoo..." It's a weird design too. It looks like it's split into three pieces, near but far from each other. The feeling from it... It kind of burns.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Inu-Jii on January 01, 2013, 04:54:10 PM
Rouga turned his head to the sides, "I don't really have any hobbies... My condition b-bars me from playing sports. I'm good at cooking, cleaning and sewing though. Except I'm only a-allowed when I can see."

He sighed and rubbed his eyes, "I never had them act up like this..."

The sounds of a school bell rang close by.

"Mr. Grune...wa... um, Mr. Ruth, are we near the school?" he asked, having troubles trying to pronounce the giant's  last name.

Unknown to him or the giant, underneath the eyelids, his eyes were starting to redden as if he was suffering from allergies.
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Post by: Drakesword on January 02, 2013, 11:43:02 AM
Dagon shrugged, "Sure." He cracked his neck and adjusted his cloths a bit from sitting in the same place for so long.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on January 02, 2013, 07:20:41 PM
I show Dagon around school.I show him around school(don't feel like describing the school), before we stopped in front of the archery range.
"So, how was the tour? The only place I haven't shown you is the roof but not that much people eat at that area during lunch."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Drakesword on January 02, 2013, 07:26:19 PM
Dagon simply shrugged, "It's alright. Nice place thank you for showing me around." He looked at some of the targets. "Huh, archery. Not a bad thing but my family finds the only use for it is lookin' fancy while huntin'. I'm much better with a pistol myself." He smiled putting his hat on, "Do you shoot?"
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on January 02, 2013, 07:29:38 PM
"Shoot? If it's with pistols, I'm no good with pistols.
if it's with bows on the other hand...I can shoot the bullseye %90 of the time. Dad was a good archer. Taught me how to string a bow and some other minor things, but I only shoot for fun."
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Post by: Nask on January 02, 2013, 08:05:12 PM
The giant accepts Ryoga's name for him.

Ruth heard the bell also, he look toward to the school building that's surrounded by walls that prevented him from seeing the activities going on the other side; however, the giant can hear the voices of students behind the wall.

"Yes." Ruth answered. He glance toward to the school itself for the moment, felt something that seem to be similar to those like him. ...He'll probably look into it later if it's worrying. "Now, where to?"

The giant then looks out for signs of the shrine or where it leads to the outskirts, unaware of something developing within Ryoga's eyes.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 02, 2013, 09:42:35 PM
"Do you see a large forest hill? T-The shrine can be seen on it... Do you see a red torii?" the blind boy explained.

Not far from the school, a large hill stood covered in dense and thick trees. If you look close enough, a torii (red Shinto gate) can be seen poking out of the sea of green.

Rouga leaned against the school wall and felt a bit sick. That vibe he was getting from Ruth was really starting to get to him... Opening his eyes, he could begin to see a really cloudy view of the world outside. It was all distorted and bent out of shape. Colors mixed, shapes melted, and everything was misty. He rubbed his eyes and noted a warm liquid drip on to his hand. Was he crying?

Anyone who looked at the boy could tell that his open eyes were very much red. The tears were a faint tint of reddish-pink. Oddly enough, it didn't hurt...
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Post by: Kimoto on January 03, 2013, 12:45:07 AM
I finished my lunch, and spent the rest of the time examining that tattoo in my class. It burns. I don't remember having it before either.

Is this some kind of sign? Maybe it's from that game the Tohsaka's mentioned.
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Post by: Drakesword on January 11, 2013, 09:21:47 PM
Dagon rubbed his arm a bit, he felt something around his wrist get a little hotter.  "" He said shaking his head. "Let's get back to class, I might have a lot to get caught up with...if not maybe I'll find something to do around town. Do you know a good spot to relax?" He started to walk away from the range, but felt...a strange pull of the targets.
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Post by: Nask on January 11, 2013, 10:02:01 PM
Ruth does not know what is a 'tory' is, but he did noticed a red gate that leads to the hills. Perhaps it is what the locals called a 'tory'.

"Ah. I can see the gate." He spoke, before felt Ryoga move. He looks back to the boy, who seem to look ill from something and noticed something red in the child's now-opened eyes. Did Ryoga is having a allergy?

Perhaps not at this time of the year, but then again. He's more familar with the plants at home and books.

"We better hurry along, before your eyes worsen than it is. Just don't rub your eyes too much." Ruth said in concern. He place his other hand on the boy's back and supported him to the 'tory' gate and up the stairs to the shrine, slowly this time due to the boy's health indicated.

...It is shame that he lacks healing skills in such a delicate matter.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 15, 2013, 03:14:43 PM
After a short walk up a small hillside, they reached the shrine.

A woman, looking rather shaken, came out from one of the sheds and noticed the pair. Her expression shifted in to relief as she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Rouga! Where have you been!"

Others came out from the various wooden structures and came towards the pair. Rouga was instantly taken by a woman, who seemed to be his mother, and quickly called for medical attention before leading the boy away. An old man, presumably his grandfather, thanked the giant man. Alongside numerous others who have been thanking him.

"You must be tired, please, stay a while for some tea and refreshments." the old man said as he motioned to the rest of the people, who scurried about back into the structures. "...Are you new here?" he asked, his eyes looking over the Ruth's features.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 17, 2013, 08:35:37 PM
William had been unable to find anything out of interest. By now, he was up in a tree against the wall of the school, relaxing in the shade of the leaves.

"Shit, so the girls here are as much as gossips as in America." He rummaged around in his pocket for his wallet, and opened it. Inside was a small bit of metal, a few yen coins, and about US$50. "Damn, I could go for some La-"

As he was speaking, his entire right side spasmed, making him nearly drop his wallet and slip off his branch. He clung on as he broke out into a sweat, a loud roar echoing through his skull. "F-Fuck... I g-gotta get somewhere alone..." He looked up, and saw a quick way to scale the wall to the roof. Looking around for people, he climbed up as fast as he could to the roof.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on January 17, 2013, 08:41:49 PM
"Hm...Maybe later, Lunch is about to end soon."
I say to Dagon as I start walking back to class...Lunch ends in about 5 minutes, so I better hurry.
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Post by: Kimoto on January 17, 2013, 09:08:34 PM
It comes back to me as I examine the tattoo. It's blood red, shaped like two vines, winding around rounded point... Command Seal...

That's right! I entered the 6th War for the Holy Grail, for the Tohsaka Family! They had an incident that left them unable to take place, thus sought help from an outsider like me! They revealed to me more Magus exist in the world! It's not a secret except to those who don't know!

We drew the circle, I promised to get them the Grail... We used that headband to summon.

"La-" Just as I started to call my servant that was summoned to fight for me though, since she is probably pissed I forgot... A guy crawls onto the roof.

"..." I stare at him blankly, thanking the gods that my Command Seals are on the back of my hand, and my Magic Crest isn't glowing.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 17, 2013, 09:17:43 PM
William scampers over the edge, not noticing the other person on the roof. His own hair was coming down over his face as he was on his hands and knees, so the other person couldn't see the sweat pouring down it, nor the wide eyes with dilated pupils.

"Shit... I gotta... Come on ou-" Then he looks up and freezes, catching sight of the other. "... Shit... Get of here... Get out!" His translation spell then slips, so his next word rings out in obvious English. "NOW!"
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Post by: Kimoto on January 17, 2013, 09:21:18 PM
He was yelling at me to get out. Get out... He wants me gone? This guy is an intruder in the first place! What the hell!?

"Why should I!? You are the one intruding here!" I yell back at him. He interuppted me before I could see if my Servant was here! All that hard work would be wasted if I can't talk to her before the bell rings!
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 17, 2013, 09:27:15 PM
William was starting to shake. "Get out!" His translation spell kicked back in in the middle of the second word. "I don't want you stuck in the aftermath!" His elbows nearly buckled, the roar of his Servant getting louder in his head.
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Post by: Nask on January 17, 2013, 09:46:34 PM
Ruth watches Ryoga go with his concerned family, before look back to the elder. He nodded to him to the question of him being the outsider. Feeling the elder's sharp eyes over him like a hawk, the giant gives no movement in delicate way to respect the elder man's caution.

"Only staying for a few days." He answered. The giant bowed gently to him, since this is what seem to be a best manner to him. "And it would be nice to stay for refreshments."

It is rude not to accept the hospitality of Ryoga's family.
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Post by: Kimoto on January 17, 2013, 09:52:17 PM
... Aftermath? What is he talking about?

"I sense something."

... I see. So my Servant decided to speak. Thankfully I don't feel nervous since my Servant is less of a person, and more of... An animal I guess?

"About time..."

"This man is a Master!"

... Oh. Fuck. Only one thing I can do. Good thing I'm unnaturally calm. And so I do it.

I dive for the door into the school.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 17, 2013, 10:00:12 PM
The old man softly smiled and lead the way to a bench outside of a small stall in the far corner of the shrine. The area was surrounded by beautiful greenery and was peaceful and quiet. There, a young woman who looked a bit like Rouga, presumably his sister, brought out tea and refreshments.

"Please sit down," the old man nodded as he took a seat. " must have come from a far land. In search of love? Perhaps fortune?" he laughed lightly as a breeze passed through to ruffle the leaves above.

"Or perhaps you came here for that which only exists within imagination and stories, foreign mage." his aged eyes traces over Ruth.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 17, 2013, 10:01:41 PM
"Th-Thanks..." As soon as the door closes, a roar is heard throughout the grounds as Berserker leaves his Spirit Form, and crashes onto the roof, cracking it with force.

"RRRRAAAAANNNNSSSS!" he roars, swinging his head side to side.
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Post by: Kimoto on January 17, 2013, 10:19:06 PM
I fell down the stairs, with loud noises, once the impact on the roof happened.

"Ow..." God damn that hurt... What the hell is that guy thinking!? The Holy Grail War is supposed to be a secret! Don't use your fucking Servant with people around!

... God I must be pissed... And I only remembered the war after seeing my Command Seals...

"It seems to be Beserker. Shall I take care of him?"

I don't know whether to yell at my own Servant, or approve. Dammit...
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 17, 2013, 10:21:28 PM
"Shit, how do I ge- FUCK!" William had to jump back at full speed, for Berserker had just wildly swung at him. "I'm your Master, dammit!"
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Post by: Nask on January 17, 2013, 11:01:41 PM
Ruth taken this calmly, he joined with the old man on the bench. His eyes stopped squinting and opened, shown his red eyes when the elder mentioned his heritage. Yet he didn't take action to react on what the most important rules of secrecy dictated by mages.

"Perhaps, but I do not deny your observation." Ruth answered as he felt that the elder seen more than he should have in his long period of life. He kept his tone calm."But what do made you believed that I'm not like those of my kind when this secret revealed?"

There's a reason why Ruth's not involved with the rest, both personal and official reasons. However he would like to hear the elder's word, only then he decides what next. It may be not needed... As the atmosphere of the shrine felt very calming.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 18, 2013, 12:44:05 AM
The old man chuckled and took a sip of tea.

"I have traveled quite a lot in my youth. From my experiences, I have come to know how and why a mage acts. Your body may try to tell a lie, but your soul will tell me truth." he replied calmly. "You are a gentle and kind man. That is why I have asked you to stay a while."

The breeze came by again albeit a little louder.

"I thank you for bringing my grandson back home. He is healthy in body, but not sight. We have kept him here, within these grounds since birth." the old man took another sip and stared into the tea. "Now, I believe you were heading somewhere, to repay my gratitude I would like to help you."
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Post by: Drakesword on January 18, 2013, 01:20:45 PM
Dagon returned to class, after a while the class ended and he left the school. He walked down the street as he felt something at the back of his mind. Following a path to the middle of a small park he pulled out his totem necklace. Feeling the pull of it...he felt his memory from the night before. He remembered meeting someone, signing something to join the 'Grail War' for a wish. He held his necklace tight as he felt small glowing tattoos appear on his hand. He felt a pull, a feeling to...summon something.

A name popped into his head, and he whispered it into the air as a small circle appear making the man appear. Fully outfitted in 'Cow boy' attire leaning against a tree.

"A pleasure to meet ya." The man leaning against the tree said holding out his hand.

"A pleasure to meet you Billy." Dagon said shaking his hand with a grin. He felt the magic flowing through both of them. Making it easy to feel the connection stemming from the seals.
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Post by: Kimoto on January 18, 2013, 04:35:00 PM
... I am not sure it was the right decision. But I left. I can't afford to fight Beserker and Beserker's Master right now.

"... We can't win without any information... Isn't that right... Lancer?" I glance to my side, where I know my spirit resides in spirit form, as I sit in my desk. I can't believe I ran... I hope Beserker didn't do to much damage to the roof. I feel bad for the Supervisor of the War... Ah that reminds me, I need to go to the Church. All the information came back at once, because I passed out after the summoning last night.

"Yes yes. Though I honestly think I could have destroyed that Beserker there and then."

"I see." My Lancer is quite full of themself.
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Post by: Nask on January 18, 2013, 07:46:28 PM
"You are welcome." Ruth smiles as he sipped his tea, feeling the wind's breeze. The elder reads him well of his soul.

"As long it does not endangered your family." said the giant, but gestured the elder to go on. Ryoga's family is nice, though he would not want them to get endangered by the world of Magecraft. Though it may be inevitable with them getting caught in the crossfire of the coming event...

But as long it can be prevented that he can do within his abilities.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 18, 2013, 10:09:53 PM
William was dodging each hit, now seeming like a blur as he dodged. "Cut the mana, right?! It's sure a hell lot harder then it sounds!"
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 19, 2013, 06:09:33 PM
The old man nodded and took another sip.

"What is it that you are looking for?" he asked as he watched the shrine maidens run about in preparation. He looked a bit saddened, but quickly replaced that expression with a stoic one.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on January 19, 2013, 10:42:11 PM
After returning to class, I heard some noises upstairs... And right then, everyone started leaving early. Maybe it was an intruder that sneaked in? I just know that school is canceled mid-day.
I walk down to the second floor till I continue to hear the rumbling sound.
...Should I check the roof?
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Post by: Kimoto on January 19, 2013, 11:21:17 PM
... Where is everyone going? People are leaving the school... Did it get canceled and no one told me?

"... Lancer. Go take care of Beserker and his master." I may be nervous normally... But the world of magic is totally different. I may have known little about it before, but I can take complete control of my own emotions for this purpose.

After all it grants wishes right?...

Lancer already went, so I'll go up to check... After all... That Lancer... She is completely full of herself! What was I thinking just now sending her by herself!?
-Lancer's Side-

I go up to the roof like Kuromi asks of me. Geez she summons me and all, but doesn't even ask me anything about myself. It's like she doesn't even care about the lives of Legendary Spirits.

And it was so cute watching her all nervous to talk to classmates too... She's like a different person.

I materialize at the door to the roof, and push it open, carrying my red staff on my shoulders, the golden rings around the ends of it shining the moment they come into contact with the light. I check my outfit at a glance, make sure I'm right in appearance. Gotta put on a good show after all.

My golden shoulder guards are set, as well as my beautiful red shirt, shining as well, the golden threads lining it perfectly. Black Sash? Set. White pants? Set and shining like the rest. I wonder why I wear such flashy clothes... Oh right cause I'm the best, above the heaven's themselves!

Shoes are the same as my shirt. Look nice. Golden Arm bands have no scratchs. Golden Head Band is nice and snug, though how it curls on my forehead is annoying... Ah my hair and eyes! Gotta check if I looked like I was asleep.

I turn towards the window on the door, and take a quick look. Perfect. Large Brown eyes, long brown hair... Nothing wrong with it. Lastly my tail is in good condition too! Long, brown, and curling up. I'm great!

... Oh right, have to deal with the crazy spirit I came here to deal with thanks to my so called Master!

"Hey! You! Mad Hero! Ready?" I point the staff which I hold so much pride in at the Insane Fighter, a smirk on my face. I was able to check myself in only two seconds, and I'm the best looker around here.

After all... I'm practically a god. Who else can say that?
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 19, 2013, 11:46:18 PM
Berserker could say the same.

Berserker swung his head, his blood-matted blonde hair obscuring his dull blue eyes, which stared right at Lancer. He roared, spreading his arms wide in a challenging stance, showing his dulled but ornate armor, and retrieved his bronze-tipped oaken spear from the strap on his back where it was located.

Now with Berserker's attention elsewhere, Willaim stops his rapid movement, and stands in a corner. "Do I... Cut my mana? How...?"
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Post by: Kimoto on January 20, 2013, 12:49:25 AM
I rushed up to the roof, just in time. Lancer had taken a few seconds to... Check herself out... Of course. That's why. It takes very little time to reach the roof, and very little time for a battle to start.

"Lancer don't just stand by! Take care of Berserker! I don't want him to wreck the school!" I yell, as I see Lancer sigh, lowering her staff.

"Fine. Just stay out of my way." I nod to her words, staying at the entrance to the roof, while I watch Lancer walk out, her staff positioned so that the tip is pointing towards the floor. Her next movement was incredibly fast. No wonder her Agility is ranked highly...

It took her a mere second to get before the Berserker, and suddenly swing her staff up in an arc, aiming for the underside of his chin, one of the exposed spots on the body, which can be fatal if hit right.

I on the other hand, spotted a man in the corner... The same man who climbed up here... So he's the Master...
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 20, 2013, 01:07:04 AM
After a few minutes of concentrating, William threw his hands up. "What the hell?! I thought cutting the mana flow off would fucking help!"

Meanwhile, Berserker whacked the staff aside with one hand and stabbed with his spear at Lancer.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on January 20, 2013, 01:20:07 AM
A female ran past me...
...What was that spell he taught me. Every mage has their own way of opening their circuits. I'm still not sure yet.
Structural Grasp, Start.
I forcefully open my circuits, endure the pain. Using structural grasp on my body, I scan my legs...
Reinforcement, Start.
I pour mana into my legs and ran upstairs to the roof with reinforced speed. Whatever's going on there, I can't just do nothing.
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Post by: Kimoto on January 20, 2013, 01:21:55 AM
I watched Lancer spin her staff after it got hit, to hit the end of the spear away. If the weapon hadn't been moving, that unfortunatly wouldn't have worked.

"Lead him to the Courtyard!" I only choose that because I noticed everyone finally left. Lancer doesn't say anything, and instead jumps over the side of the roof, swinging down to the Courtyard after grabbing onto something with her tail, then running to the middle, which has the widest field of battle.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 20, 2013, 01:28:30 AM
Berserker followed, ignoring the climb and instead jumping straight down, leaving a slight crater from impact. He immediately chased after Lancer, while William went to the edge of the roof.

"Dammit, Berserker! Cease and desist - That is an ORDER!" Without meaning to, William activated one of the command seals. Just as Berserker was about to swing his fist at Lancer, he dispersed into his Spirit Form. "... What the fucking hell."
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Post by: Kimoto on January 20, 2013, 01:32:45 AM
I... Think I might have snapped. I looked over to the edge at Berserker's Master, while Lancer suddenly rushed back up, and put her Staff to the mans neck, barely off of it.

"Idiot! What are you thinking, calling your Servant out in the middle of a school!?" I find myself yelling before I can think.

"Seriously! If you're dumb enough to do that, how the hell did the Grail choose you as a Master!?" I casted a glance down, and Lancer didn't finish him, understanding my intent. If he so much as looks at me cross eyed though, I'll have her kill him...
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Post by: Akuma Killer on January 20, 2013, 01:34:56 AM
I kick open the door.
All I see are two people near the edge of the roof. Whatever happened, it must've stop.
I turn my back around and ran home. It's getting late. I should be home by now.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 20, 2013, 01:38:25 AM
"How about YOU try holding back a raging monster who wants to kill?!" William turned, snapping as well. "It was probably the fact that another Servant was so damn close that he got excited and tried to kill you!"
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on January 20, 2013, 01:41:33 AM
"My fault!? You're the one who was trespassing! This is a school for Students, not random people! Fuck it! Lancer!" I yell, turning away, as Lancer suddenly passes the man, and then turns, taking her fighting stance. Basically... Lancer is going to kill the Master of Berserker.
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Post by: Nask on January 20, 2013, 01:46:45 AM
Ruth sighed as he takes out the local atlas of Fuyuki and showed it to the elder man. He looks at the maidens in the courtyard, before the giant asked his question low enough for the elder man can hear. First, abit of background information that lead to it.

"First, have you heard any loud explosions or felt a earthquake around..." Ruth scratches his head as he tries to remember the details of the errand, but shook his head on the numbers. "Give or take several decades ago somewhere within these areas?"

Ruth waits for that to sink in, before continuing. "Reason for I'm here for two reasons... One is to look into the leylines within these areas and as well as to clear them up of possibly dangerious objects that could affected the surrounding area and further damaging the leylines themselves." He shook his head, this happened recently with his family for this particular errand. "In a way... Hunting treasures to avoid that event to repeat itself." ...One man's junk is another treasure... filled with booby traps.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 20, 2013, 01:55:16 AM
William's eyes widen as he realizes what they are planning. "Hey, I didn't mean to summon Berserker! He kinda... Forced his way out!" William was starting to get overwhelmed. "Also, the reason I was here is because I felt something powerful, or mysterious, or SOMETHING that made me want to investigate!"

Realizing he was about to die against his will anyway, he lowers his hands. "My name is William Alecson III, by the way. Just so you know..." He sighed, and looked up.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 20, 2013, 05:59:38 PM
The old man closed his eyes and thought for a moment. The maidens gathered around Rouga, who had finished being attended to, and they led him in to one of the sheds. Soon after, another maiden came running out with a futon and pillow, along with another maiden carrying water in a pan.

The old man opened his eyes, his expression a bit dark, and looked at Ruth. "Yes, I recall strong tremors around this area almost 20 or so years ago. There have been frequent ones, but that one... it was different. I was outside drinking some sake while watching the moon when it happened. At first I thought it was my heart's pulse, but then it began to echo and become larger. It was as if the ground beneath me was alive and thumping..."

With his aged and wrinkled finger, he traced a large circle on the map Ruth held and explained, "From what I had heard from rumors at that time, there were numerous 'tremors' on that night. One was around here and it was large enough that I at this shrine felt it. I believe it was located in the forest due west of here; behind the school. Another was located east of the Temple; an old friend of mine told me he felt it just outside of the grounds. A bit far from here, but heading south east will take you down near the manors of the Tohsaka and Matou Family, I believe there have been strange rumors of frequent tremors there ever since that night. Lastly, there was a tremor near the church which is far east of here."

The old man drank down the rest of his tea and coughed lightly. By the time he had finished talking, the maidens have left the shed and closed the door. From their loud gossip, it seems Rouga's room had a leak so they need to fix it. So he is now staying in the old shrine's ceremonial shed for the time being.
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Post by: Kimoto on January 20, 2013, 10:31:39 PM
I suddenly made a motion behind my back, Lancer knows I did it. She backs off.

"God damn it... You know how hard it is to kill someone once you know their name?" I muttered, as I stomp into the building. I don't have to look, to know Lancer disappears like brown dust in the wind.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 20, 2013, 11:01:09 PM
William follows, too tired to climb back down the side. "What is your name?"
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Post by: Kimoto on January 21, 2013, 01:05:56 AM
This guy... Is stupid...

"Don't you have any awareness as a Master? With your name I can do a background check, find out your habits, job, and have Lancer kill you any. Time. of. The. Day. Like I'd tell you my name."

"Geez... You are way to different when it comes to magic..."

I ignore Lancers formless sighs, and stomp down the corridor.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 21, 2013, 02:38:48 AM
"Oh, it's easy to find out about me," William said nonchalantly. "I was part of a kinda famous rock band in America. My face would betray me just as much as my name." He then wheeled around in front of her. "You however, are unknown. That can help. We both know the other's Servant, but we don't know the other 5. Lets say we... Team up. I have fighting experience, and you obviously know quite a bit about magic."
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Post by: Nask on January 21, 2013, 07:27:41 PM
He absorb much as he can within his mind, memorize the information about the places he'll be going. The tremors near two Magi Families sounds troubling, but he will need to cover the nearby Leylines first before going there.

Ruth sighed again as he drink the rest of his tea. It's going to be a busy time. He closed his eyes into a squint and smiled.

"Thank you for the tea and information, sir." The giant return the tea cup back to the tray and fold the map back to his hand, then gets up. Bow respectfully to the elder. "I'll better get going now, tell Ryoga that I wish him well... And be sure to have someone with him if he decides to be... Adventurous into the city." Next time.
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Post by: Kimoto on January 21, 2013, 07:50:59 PM
"... Lancer." That's all I say, as Lancer appears like dust coming together. All I do is snap my fingers, as Lancer picks me up, and runs. Just leaves.

I needed to get away... Teaming up... That may help but it makes killing them later harder.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 21, 2013, 08:12:23 PM
The old man bowed as well and nodded. "Thank you for helping out my grandson. Be careful in your travels."

The other shrine maidens and caretakers bowed as they thanked the giant for helping their young master get back home.

Rouga slept silently in the ceremonial shed.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 21, 2013, 09:29:02 PM
"... Guess she thinks she has to kill to win," William said, walking out of the school and off of it's grounds. "I guess I'll try again next time I see her." He then rubs the back of his head. "If she doesn't try to kill me instantly."
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Post by: Nask on January 21, 2013, 09:48:26 PM
Ruth smiles abit wider to the habitants of the shrine, then he walks out of the temple and back into the city. The giant would come back here again once his work is done, perhaps to give donations for giving thanks.

Once in the city, the giant then head to the school area to reach the general area due west from there, it is the nearest area to go first with the leyline. If the map indicated anything... It would mean avoiding witnesses while he's checking within the reservoir and out of sight from those mean ill will. That does not mean he can let his guard down though...
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"Lancer set me down." I ordered Lancer, and she listened. She disappeared, sensing my bad mood probably. I had her quickly get me home without being seen...

That guy... Teaming up? Stupid ideas will always fail.
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After running, I arrive home...I catch my breath for a while.
I leave my things on the griund and sit in the living room. Homework. Why must I have homework and a major test tomorrow?
Right after finishing, I check the time...Been over a hour since I came home.
"Well, better start training!"
I walk to the shed. My training for magic will start soon.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 25, 2013, 03:53:22 PM
An hour later, Rouga woke up. His vision had returned and was oddly crisp like how it was in the morning. Slowly getting up from his futon, he looked around. It was only a few times he had entered the ceremonial shed. It was quiet in the shed. Surprisingly, it wasn't dusty. Perhaps the shrine maidens cleaned it?

Getting out of his futon, he got up and looked around. Old and precious tools lined the walls and ook up the shelves. Old scriptures and rolls of paper filled the boxes. He pushed open a sliding door and smelt mold. Looking down, he noticed old blankets and futons aged with time. He even saw his old blankie. So that's where they put it. He was about to close the door when he saw a small ornate box in the back of the blankets.

He reached in, coughing at the smell of mold, and grabbed the box. It was dusty, so he walked towards one of the windows and blew on the container to get rid of the dust. The box was pitch black with red linings. Some gold inlays decorated the box. Real gold, he didn't know. On the front of the box their family crest, etched beautifully in the blackness and filled with gold. The most striking part of the box was the fact it was covered in sealing wards. Very old sealing wards to be exact. At closer look, it looked similar to his grandfather's writing.

Curiosity got the best of him, despite the fact something sealed should not be opened at all, and he slowly removed the wards...
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I wasted time for an hour, setting up fields at my house. I live in the middle of town actually, but I had to be safe. I'm lucky on the fact my parents are letting me live alone right now. Honestly I shouldn't be in Fuyuki, but instead have moved with them to somewhere else.

It took some arguing, but I convinced them... I just like this city. And when the Tohsaka's contacted me... Well this War will bring me closer to the world of magic. They taught me alot of things most Magus know that I was lacking.

Summoning Lancer seemed to cause a blank in my memories...

"Hey Lancer. Why did I forget everything after summoning you?"

"Ah... That... Well you overloaded your Magic Circuits. You have a large capacity, but you usually don't use magic that strong, even with the help of the Holy Grail. That or you screwed it up." Lancer told me quite honestly. She was standing there, dressed in unusually casual clothes.

... It disturbs me since she looks like any other normal person like that. She stole one of my white t-shirts and tied it up so her stomach is visible, some black jeans from my brothers old room, and my old red and black shoes. Her tail isn't even visible.

It's a good thing my parents took my brother with them. I would have no clue how to explain Lancer.

"... Kuromi... I'm hungry!"

"Then get some instant food out of the cabinet."

"Make something!"

... Right. My Servant is Demanding that her Master make food... This is just messed up.

"... Fine... But get off the fucking couch, you're helping!"
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Dagon and his Servant had watched the small spectical from a distance, the explosions weren't hard to miss and from where they were, they expected the two servants to cause a large battle. Billy had waited for any other conflict before attack, as suggested by Dagon and then lit a cigerret that he had on his person.

Soon after they both left, he watched the older American leave the scene. The duo nodded to each other, with Billy having rather civilian cloths making him look somewhat like a man in a Biker Gang, with an old west sunset on it. Following William they had a silent conversation, either have him join up in killing the Lancer which would be a worse threat. Or simply Kill the Master. The conversation was simply put in a few words between the two.

"Joining the Posse, or Showdown." Dagon said smiling a bit, he liked his odds with a raging monster like he saw.

"Agreed." Billy said solemnly, "Though I'd have to focus on the Deputy."

"And I the Sheriff."
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Post by: Nask on January 25, 2013, 11:01:03 PM
Ruth reached the deep part of the woods after one hour, the place he needed to go to. The giant took a glance back to detect anyone is following him... No one to interrupt him. He already planted some seeds for double as alarms and distraction that can alert him to prepare...

Now time for work. The giant closed his eyes for real and crouch down on one leg, taking his gloves off to reveal worn hands. The kind of hands resulted from working alongside with nature... He placed his right hand on the ground and activate his magic circuits with a chant that is too low for anyone to hear except the giant himself.

It is magecraft that works with nature, becomes one with nature... The magic that is known to be used by Druids. The true name is forgotten by time, only in modern it is simply known as Druid Arts...

It caused a trigger in the form of lightning strike on the tree, resounding a loud crack within his mind as Ruth's prana start to flow through his circuits... and connecting to the earth. His sense became numb to the real world as the sense becomes one with the earth... To look into the veins of the leyline that Ruth is standing upon. To look for anomlies that are harmful to all...

It would take time to do to search through this part of the leyline thoroughly for any potential dangers...

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Post by: Akuma Killer on January 27, 2013, 12:29:18 AM
I head to my shed.
Time to start my daily training.
My dad taught me Reinforcement, Alteration, and Projection. From what I heard, real basic magecraft, but difficult, so it's not really that useful, thought reinforcement helps me out a lot. First off, I start Projecting a object. Then, I use reinforcement till a object doesn't break. If it doesn't, I use Alteration on it and that's my training in a nutshell.
I look at a pot in the shed...And I start to project that image into my mind. After all, I'd need to concentrate on projecting it correctly so it won't break immediately.
Projection, Start.
I go through the steps. Carefully piecing together the information by using structural grasp beforehand, I bind the illusion and create a pot.
Projection, Off. All Clear.
I look at it. The inside is real empty, but this won't fade till a few days later. I was successful, but it's still a bit horrible. Time to practice Reinforcement.

I pick up a steel rod.
Basic Structure, Analyze.
I analyze it basic structure...and start to force open my magic circuits.
Reinforcement, Start.
----It breaks. It's normal for it to break, my chances of Reinforcing something correctly is %60. I can reinforce my body easily though, I memorized my Basic Structure and what not. I sigh, and pick up another steel rod.
Basic Structure, Analyze.
Reinforcement, Start.
I pour prana through the holes I found, and found success in Reinforcement. Alright. Time to use Alteration.
Altering Basic Structure.
I Alter the structure to form a hilt of a blade...Swords are awesome. A second later, It is formed. Bit crooked, but It wasn't a total failure.

---I continue my training, actually forming a couple of close combat weapons...and new cooking utensils because half of them broke when trying to use them.
Don't ever try to use Projected items with normal use. I found that the hard way when I almost burned down the kitchen a month ago. If only I have better grasp of it's process in it's creation then maybe it wouldn't phrase through...
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"Lancer put that down!"


"Tomato Sauce doesn't go in fried rice! Agh! No! You can't start eating the pot stickers like that, they are still frozen!"


I stared as she swallowed one she had stuck in her mouth. What the hell is wrong with her...?

"But it tastes fine like this."

"It tastes better when unfrozen..."

I take the tray away from her, remove them, place the ones that are still good onto a pan, and put it on the stove. Next I place some water in the pan as well, as to make sure they don't burn down onto it.

"Ah! What do I do! The rice!"

"Just leave it to m... Forget it! Lancer! Go lay down in the living room or something!"

I shove her out of the room, and go back to cooking. Why can't she do anything right when it comes to this!? Ah... Gotta stir the rice around, otherwise it'll burn.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 28, 2013, 04:31:03 PM
Everything was set. It was hard to read the ancient Japanese on the scroll, but his studies paid off. In front of him was a circle with advanced onmyoujutsu characters. He couldn't even read what some of them meant, but he had a feeling he knew the meaning. In the center was the box with a beautifully ornate sensu with a small bell attached at the end. Next to Rouga was a book with details on the circle and 'summoning the powerful shikigami'. This interested the boy greatly as it was like a fairytale of old.

Reading the incantations, he spoke them out loud word for word. There were some characters he had never seen before, but in his mind, they were clear as day.

"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg.
The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.
Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut.
Repeat every five times.
Simply, shatter once filled.
I announce.
Your self is under me, my fate is in your sword.
In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer.
Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead.
You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance!"

Nothing happened. Rouga frowned and just as he was going to say that fairytales will be fairytales, the circle pulsated and began to glow brightly. The boy yelped in surprise and fell backwards on his butt and he watched the lights flicker as air circled around the box. The fan within the box rose and suspended itself in the air. The storm of air quickly died down as an old and circular shoji gate materialized above the box.

Rouga kept staring as the bell on the fan chimed once. The sound was crisp and almost haunting. Once more it chimed and a shadow formed behind the gate's paper. The doors slid open with a loud crack and before the surprised boy stood a middle aged man garbed in a beautiful outfit of old. He grabbed the fan and opened it, covering apart of his face.

"I am your servant, Abe-no-Seimei. I am humbled to be within your presence young master."
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This... is unusual. Ruth sense a pulse of mana from the leyline... Where the flow comes from the direction of the temple area and through here. It is seem like it's reacting to someone is summoning a servant... He better hurry with this.
Then, he frown that he noticed something off with the mana... Yet cannot put a finger on what it is exactly. The giant may need to look more into it in other leylines to see what this anomly within the mana is, before he report this.

"Other than that, this part of the leyline is cleared." Ruth murmured as there's no signs of someone planting explosives or any object of danger around this area. He ended the spell and gets up, ready to leave this area and go to the next...

Only to feel burning pain through one of his hands, Ruth grasp his hand and check... Red markings seared into the back of his hand, taking form of what it seem like a circle consist of three lines.

It seem like he got dragged into the coming Grail War... Not good.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on January 28, 2013, 09:41:41 PM
William had gone back to wandering the streets. He was glad that Berserker was stay still and not rampaging, but something felt odd. Like he could tell more trouble was soon coming.

"Ugh, this is annoying. Chills down my neck, and nothing interesting in sight..." He passed by some residential areas.
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The two kept walking and start to chat lightly about riding, mostly about riding horses across vast fields. Though, Billy seemed interested in motorcycles and ATVs Dagon brought up. He had done a few tricks on them and then smiled telling a bit of a tall tale about how he jumped over a small canyon.
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I finished the food, and carried out, where I found Lancer watching Teen Drama's.

Honestly I don't like these kind of shows. They have fake plots that would never happen in real life. While thinking that, I set down the plates of Fried Rice, and Pot Stickers.

"Lancer. It's time to eat."

"Ah! M goi!" She started shoveling food into her mouth, like there was no tomorrow.

"... Uh Lancer... M goi?"

"It's Chinese for Thank You."

She was talking with her mouth full, yet I still understood that. Maybe she used the because I made Chinese Food? I wonder what she'd say if I made Western.

"You're Welcome."

I start eating as well. Unfortunatly I'm nothing like a professional chef, but the fried rice is really easy to make, so it tastes good.

Honestly, that's just how Lancer and I spent time until something happened, or till night came.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on January 31, 2013, 03:43:33 PM
Rouga stared at the man who called himself THE man who half founded Onmyoudo. He was skeptical but by the man's flashy and otherworldly entrance, it was hard to not to believe him. More over, Rouga was still wondering if he was dreaming...

The man closed his fan and knelt down in front of the boy to match eye-level. With a strong yet kind voice he explained to the boy, "This is not a dream. You have completed the ritual to enter the War; whether you had done so out of intent or without prior knowledge. If you need proof of who I am, I will be glad to teach you about the circumstances of my summoning. And about this war."

Rouga blinked and looked speechless. In fact, he was terribly confused. The shock subsided and he was strangely calm and his head was a bit hazy.

"But now, master, is not the time. You must be exhausted. Sleep and recover your strength. When you wake, I will explain to you what you need to know." his servant replied.

The boy then began to feel exhausted at the mention of rest. Without struggle, he slowly began to lose strength and consciousness as he slowly drifted to sleep...
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William seemed to be muttering to himself. "I told the hotel that I wouldn't be back tonight... What am I going to do...?" Without tipping them off to the fact, he had noticed that there was a Servant/Master pair following him a few minutes ago. "I know! I'll go to a new hotel!" He quickly slid down a side street that was abandoned, and turned on his heel to face the intersections, just out of sight.
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Ruth stares at the Command Spells, thinking hard of what to do. He don't know how long he's been staring as he is now one of the chosen Masters for the Holy Grail War. Where he can very well possibly die in the war for a wish or get killed by other magius for some excuse.

He could always go to the church for sanctury and request surrender of the spell, but... His family and the Church don't always go eye to eye due to family history, perhaps more so than other families. Also, he cannot ignore this til sooner or later some master hunts him down like predator hunting its prey, especially when Ruth is in the middle of his work.

...The giant sigh in resign, rubs his eyes. "And it didn't help much that I lack a catalyst for this... Unless..." He takes out a necklace hidden under his shirt, which is piece of metal tied by a chain. A gift from his mother, back when she was on a trip to the Americas for business with the local magi there... It is better than nothing at the very least for it to be used as a catalyst.

He put his gloves on, hiding his Command Spells and head back to town. He would need to held off the rest of the job for the moment, first he would need some materials for a summoning circle...
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After training, I lie on the ground, resting.
"Ha...I did improved a lot..."
The reinforce objects didn't break and the projected items are still here. The alterations are also there.
'-------I guess I should rest for tomorrow..."
I closed my eyes and drift to sleep for tomorrow.
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Meanwhile, in a dark and abandoned looking place, there sat a skinny boy in black, looking like he was waiting for somebody. Then a cloaked figure appeared before him in a cloud of smoke.
"Assassin, Report." the boy said. The figure bowed a bit.
"Lancer and its master seem to be enjoying a high life of sorts... Archer is stalking the Master of Berserker with its own Master... and Caster seems to have just joined the party." it said in a young, feminine voice, standing up right once it was done speaking.
"Good. You may rest for now." Assassin nodded and just walked over to its Master, sitting down next to him.
"Did you even do anything while I was gone?"
"I was formulating our plan."
"Sounds like you were bored out of your skull."
"I was a bit, yes."
"Let's do something fun tomorrow. Like... A movie or something. I dunno."
"You're rather lax for a master in the art of killing."
"Why are you still surprised by that?"
"I don't know... It's just odd, I suppose."
"Well, you should get some rest, Hiro. You're still a kid, kinda."
"Why do you care?"
"Hey, if you pass out from exhaustion, where does that leave me?"
"Point taken..." Hiro got up from the couch he was sitting on and shuffled off to his room. Assassin followed, stopping at his door and sitting on the floor against the wall. It was easier than if Assassin was right in the room with him, otherwise it just gets weird. The hardwood floor was kind of uncomfortable, so it slipped into Hiro's room and stole one of his spare pillows to sit on while it kept guard of its sleeping Master.
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William waited a few minutes until he felt the sense of the Servant and Magus pass by. He sighed and turned around, heading off towards his car. "Damn, that was a let down."
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A few hours passed by since Rouga went to sleep and woke up. When he opened his eyes he was still in the shed. His vision was bluury but he could see that there was no magical circle on the ground. He thought to himself that it was a dream. But upon closer inspection, the shed was clean. No dust on any of the old antiques.

"I see you have awoken master." a voice from behind surprised the boy and he let out a squeak. "From your actions, I presume that you were still thinking this is a dream, correct?"

The boy turned to the man who claimed to be his 'servant' and slowly nodded. Wary of the mysterious man.

"I shall explain everything then. If you need time to take it all in, please, do not hesitate to tell this one." the man replied, bowing his head.


Rouga sat in awkward silence. This war, masters and servants, the Holy Grail, a battle royale to the death, wishes... all of this was unbelievable. Yet he could not detect any sort of lie from the man who calls himself Abe-no-Seimei. What makes him start to believe all of this is the marking on the back of his right hand, the name on the sensu, and Seimei who is currently given him a demonstration of making a magical tool.

Seimei had finished with his creation and showed the boy a pair of glasses. "These, master, will give you sight even if you begin to go blind. Use these until I can find out what ails you." he offered the tool to Rouga with a content smile. "Your face tells me how I know of your condition. It is simple, I can 'see' that you will be suffering another attack soon."

Rouga hesitated, but grabbed the glasses. He put them on and was shocked to actually see the world around him with a crisp sharpness.

This wasn't a dream. This was reality. But all of this... was like a dream.
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I stared out the window. The war hasn't started yet. I know that much. Not all the Servants have been summoned...

... I haven't been to the Church yet. I remember something about telling the Overseer which Servant you have, and making it known you are a Master... I guess I'll go. I get up, and change out of my uniform into a much more simple outfit. A black skirt should work fine, as well as a black shirt. Untie my hair too... Twin tails are annoying. I'll leave my normal hoodie here.

I set out the door, after making sure Lancer is following in Spirit Form. I know it's nothing to worry about, but I'll still need her nearby. Just incase.

"Alright... To the Church..."

I mutter that to myself, while moving toward the city.
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They watched him enter the alley and Dagon looked at his Servant carefully before saying, "Stay near the edge. If I get into any trouble. Come in." He walked follow the famous young man into the alley as Billy the Kid leaned against a wall nearby, looking straight down the alley.
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Because they had waited, Dagon did not see William. He had already moved on.

William was driving his car to another hotel in the city. "Ok, so Lancer's Master didn't want to help, and I have no way to research her. And it looks like another Servant and his Master is already after me..." He pulled into a parking lot, and started walking through a smal park. "This could get bad fast."
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Ruth lost track of time as he prepare the ritual with items that one can by from a local store. He's in the deep forest once more and front of him is the circle designed in blood of chickens. Not the best way to do so, but it is better than he can do at times like this. He finished creating final touches to the circle and stand up, held out the necklace with his command spell revealed.

He mentally review over the rules of the war, which are basically...

All fights takes place at night, keep it secret or eliminate the witnesses (which he wish it would be the first). Fight til the last servant standing. If your servant died go to the church for sanctuary. Three absolute commands, but if all used up you are out of the war pending on the relationship with the servant.

Keep the identity of your servant a secret, it is a double edge sword.

That is the basic gist of the rules, now to begin the summoning. Magic Circuits are open wide.

He then start the chant. The mana start to gather from internal of himself and pour into the circle... The circle glows.

"Ye first, O silver, O iron.
O stone of the foundation, O Archduke of the Contract.
Hear me in the name of our great teacher, the Archmagus Schweinorg.
Let the descending winds be as a wall.
Let the gates in all directions be shut, rising above the crown, and let the three-forked roads to the Kingdom revolve.
Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut.
Five times for each repetition.
Just destroy the enclosed time."

He paused for the moment, before continue.

Thy body shall be under my command, my fate shall be determined by thy sword.
Follow the call of the Holy Grail. If thou wouldst obey this mind and this reason, then answer my call
I make an oath here.
I am the one who shall become the virtue of all afterworld.
I am the one who shall layout with the evil of all afterworld
Thou art Seven Heavens clad in the Three Great Words."

Then the circle glows bright with mana at it's height.

"Emerge from the ring of control, guardian of balance!"

The ritual became blinding and explode, which Ruth must cover his eyes to avoid being blinded. When the light ended, he uncover his eyes to see smoke and a small figure in the middle. It reveal a child in white clothes suited for a hospital patient, barefooted, and eyes opened to reveal large grey eyes with slitted pupils to Ruth.

The child spoke in a monotone voice, lacking of definite gender. "Servant Rider summoned to heed your command, Master."
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I got to the Church fairly quick, and stared at it's tall doors. I heard from the Tohsaka Head that last war, the Overseer had been... Well things hadn't gone as they should have, and it was amazing that his plan didn't succeed.

I knocked on the large doors, while Lancer hasn't said a word, even if she's in Spirit Form.
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A dream.
A knight in armor, the knight's back turned to a tree.
Just sitting there with the weapon in his left hand, one of his comrade's finds him.
With both of their eyes gaze into each other, the one that arrived speaks.
"Sir, I'll get r-"
But the Knight under the tree interrupts him.
"Shush. I won't make it out alive by the time reinforcements arrive and save me...Go take my sword and throw it in the lake."
The knight nods his head and takes the sword in his hand and runs off.
Runs off to a lake and throws in it.
That sword...Could it be...?

I wake up.
What sort of dream was that? I have dream about some knight for the last few months, but this dream is new.
I look at the time. I should be going to sleep...It has only been a few hours and I'm still sleepy from training.
I close my eyes, though it takes a while, I manage to rest.

*In a church*

The church door slides open. A priest who seems to be in his middle ages looks out the door.

"It's late at night. But I can sense mana in the air. Are you here to be a official master? I've been told the Holy Grail War would start soon."
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"... Yes. I am Kuromi Yatsufuni. I am the Representative of the Tohsaka Family, for they had circumstances. The Master of Lancer. It is nice to meet you."

I feel calm... Magic is involved. I always feel calm with Magic involved.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on February 09, 2013, 10:34:58 PM
Rouga exited the shed as his servant told him to eat something. While he walked towards the kitchen, he thought over everything he was told about. It was indeed an unbelievable and surreal prospect of magic and wars, but he had this small hope that his mundane life might change. If the war was indeed real, then he'll have to learn magic, which Seimei promised him that he will guide the boy. However, he'll have to be separated from his family to keep them safe from enemy hands...

Speaking of hands, Rouga looked at the bandage on his hand. Seimei had told him to keep the mark hidden or else he'll be in grave danger. He pulled his long sleeve down enough to cover the bandages and just show his fingers.

Upon entering the kitchen, he was immediately surrounded by worried shrine staff. His mother and sister came down the hall and asked him if he was alright to be up. He politely responded that he was fine and nothing was wrong. Deep down, he felt guilty of lying to them. That he had become a participant of a magical war.

He was quickly lead down towards the eating room where his grandfather sat drinking tea and peeling persimmons. He greeted his grandfather and took a seat opposite of him. His grandfather only glanced at him with a flat expression. It was unusual for him, but perhaps he was tired. The staff began to load in Rouga's meal and the boy happily ate it down.

He didn't notice his grandfather looking at his sleeve with a hint of sadness.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on February 11, 2013, 11:05:12 PM
The priest smiled upon listening to her name.
Knowing only partially about what Tohsaka's Representative is, it's too early for him to determine if she would be of use later on.
Just like a certain priest...
"Kuromi. As the overseer of this war, You are now a registered master. I have heard from other sources every other servants except Saber are already summoned. But you are the first to come here and register."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on February 11, 2013, 11:18:15 PM
... I was the first...

"... I see. Thank you Father." I used the Church's term for a priest. It seemed appropriate. I turned and walked away fairly quickly.

I already know the appearance of Berserker's Master, and name. So Research should be easy. If I research that spear Berserker had it may be easier, but who knows. There are a lot of spears.

Lancer keeps quiet, as I leave the Church and walk home. It takes a bit of time, but nothing to worry about.

"... Something feels off..." I couldn't help but talk to myself once I got inside the door.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on February 16, 2013, 10:32:44 AM
The priest looks at  Kuromi walking away.
"What a unique master..."
He says to himself before closing the doors to the holy sanctuary.


I wake up. Man, that was some weird dream again...
"Well, time for school."
Walking out the shed, I took a quick shower, before going over the kitchen and making me breakfast...But something feels weird, as if I have my whole circuits open and running through me...No matter. Maybe it's just from last night. It's nothing serious.
"Hm...what to cook today..."
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Post by: Nask on February 17, 2013, 12:50:30 AM
The sleeping giant awakes, though tired... He got up to rub his eyes from some weird dream of being in a room consisting of unusual people playing in a game called matching. He was waving at a girl wearing dog related clothes until he... pops like a bubble? Memory of the dream is pretty vague. He sat up and rubs his eyes, feeling something soft, now just noticed that he's back in the hotel. How is he back in the hotel?

"I carried you back to the hotel, after you fall asleep." the monotone voice answered. Ruth looks around to see where it comes from until he saw a child... No, there is something spiritual about him. A servant? The servant in question watches TV, looks back to him with grey eyes. "You are rested? Sleep is important part for daily maintainance."

Ruth blinks, before nodded. "...Um. Yes, yes I am... Rider." Events from last night came back to him, this means that he's truely part of the Holy Grail War...

Rider stands up. "What is your first order of today, Master?" Again, there's that sound of seemly emotionless tone. Which it may be unnerving to some people.

Ruth sigh as he thought of what to do as he looks out to the window. It is morning, so activities relate to the Holy Grail War itself won't happen for now until night time. Despite this, his stomach is roaring like a lion for food. "...Rider. We are going get something to eat." He gets off the bed, it seem like he still wore clothes from yesterday except his coat and shoes. That is fixed by finding the coat on the chair and shoes... well. Shoes would be still somewhere.

"..." Rider press the button on the TV to turn it off and gets up. Ruth raise eyebrow at that seemly ignorable action, but push that thought out with something the Holy Grail gives to the servant. The servant then astralized into his spiritual form.

Perhaps later, Ruth thought. He then heads down to the cafeteria for what the hotel serves for breakfast at this time.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on February 18, 2013, 07:26:03 PM
Rouga quietly finished his dinner and watched the TV with his grandfather, who didn't seem to be paying attention to the screen. Even though his eyes stared at it. Feeling a bit uncomfortable about his grandfather's unusual behaviour, the boy was about to ask when his soon-to-be-wed older sister burst in to the room with a loud sliding crack of the shoji doors.

"Rouga! I need you to pack up your belongings so we can move then out of your room. Mom and the aunties can't clean when they're too worried about going through your stuff!" she hollered loudly over the TV.

Rouga sweatdropped and tried to appease his sister. "Sister, please, use your indoor voice..."

Unfortunately for him, his sister talked over his voice, "Dad and Uncle can't fix that ceiling either when you have your books stacked everywhere!"

Knowing he cannot change his sister, he sighed internally and got up to clean his room.

Just as he was sliding the doors closed, he swore he saw his grandfather look at him from the corner of his eye.

As he was walking down the empty and quiet corridor (Everyone else was in the main area of the house and away from the rooms) he heard Seimei's voice talk to him.

"Young master, perhaps you can use this time to pack whatever you may need. In this war, anything could happen. You must have your preparations to leave at a moment's notice."
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Post by: Kimoto on February 22, 2013, 01:09:12 PM
I stare blankly at the door, eating a piece of toast... I should go to school but after yesterday... Berserker's Master may trespass again.

"... Lancer. Stay with me all day."

She need not respond. I know she will.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on February 22, 2013, 09:23:30 PM
Willaim threw most of his stuff into his car, except a small, black drawstring backpack. He looked off towards the Church, and sighs. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to check out the guy in charge..." He locked his car, and set off for the church. His path takes him by the school.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on March 02, 2013, 01:50:12 AM
After eating my breakfast, I immediately head towards school. After yesterday's training, my body feels a bit empty. But that's normal; it's the side effects of using magic. As long as it takes me to the path of a hero, I don't care what happens to my body. I wonder what today will be...I feel as if it will be different...

*At the church...*
The man had just woken up. Looking at the time, it's between 7 and 8.
The first master to come.
The first master to greet the priest.
But the priest knows that not everyone likes the church. As it is a holy sanctuary, why would anyone hate it?
Thinking that, the priest will find this war interesting. From what he heard of the last war, it ended up chaotic and the last war before that was dark.
But this war would certainly be different compared to the ones in the past. Hearing that one of the masters is related to the Emiya family, that's interesting fact to hear. This war would be troublesome though, if said person was a killing machine just like the Emiya from the 4th holy grail war...Whatever magus it's be, he must be a trained killer...

I sneeze. It's that time of year, but why would I just sneeze right now? Maybe it's just allergies...
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Post by: Kimoto on March 06, 2013, 08:31:51 PM
I stopped at the gate to the school, and looked around, scanning for anyone with an odd presence. But despite my efforts, no one. That may be good or bad. I think I'll watch one of the clubs till it's time to get to class though. Make myself harder to find.

I think I'll look at the Kendo Club for today.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on March 06, 2013, 09:43:59 PM
William saw a glimpse of Lancer's Master, but continues on to the church. After some time, he reaches it, and opens the door. "Hello?"
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Post by: Nask on March 06, 2013, 11:07:43 PM
The giant sits at the table, eating his breakfast meal. A simple one. As he is eating, he felt his servant's stare toward him or to be very specific his food. Curious is the exact feeling. He paused his eating, squinty eyes glance toward to Rider's spiritual form. "You can join in the meal, it is rude not to and no one else is here."

He could've swore that Rider shifted uncomfortably and heard the words that the spirit decline. Except there's no sound or words coming out of the Servant's mouth, it just there pops up into his mind. There was a thought of need to check on the servant's stats, yet for now it is still day time and nothing urgent needed aside from checking the rest of the leylines.

Seeing that Rider is not going to, Ruth finished the rest of his meal and pay for it. The giant walks out of the hotel and take out his map, he looked over the spots to see what's remain and what route he should take so that Rider can familarize himself with the setting when it is time...

"Hmm... We should go..." The giant started walking on his route to one of his destinations.
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Post by: TomJackal on March 07, 2013, 09:12:13 AM
Hiro hated mornings. He'd been awake since 5am, just laying in his bed. It was disturbingly quiet in the house. Something wasn't right.
Suddenly, an invisible force threw his curtains open, sunlight flooding in quickly, causing Hiro to yank the covers over his head so he wasn't blinded.
"Wakey-wakey!" a familiar voice rang. Hiro slid his covers down off his eyes, glaring at Assassin from his bed.
"I told you before, I don't like mornings..."
"Aw, come on! It's not that bad!"
Hiro grumbled and sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "Why are you so cheerful in the mornings..."
"Well somebody has to be. You're always so gloomy." Assassian said, crossing its arms. Hiro was aware that his Servant's psyche was broken. The Servant was childish in the lighter hours of the day, and more true to her killing nature in the darker hours. He had to perservere in the morning hours, for it was then and only then that he could call himself a Master in the Holy Grail War.
"I have to go to the church today... Register for the war and everything..."
"So nothing fun today?" he could hear the pout in Assassin's words.
"... If you stay quiet and stick right by me until we leave the church, maybe we can go to the theater after lunch."
"Ooh, yay! Alright, Master, I'll stay nice and quiet when we leave!"
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Post by: Inu-Jii on March 09, 2013, 06:35:27 PM
It was early in the morning when Rouga woke up. He can hear the snoring of his family as he quietly got changed and did some last minute checking. Collecting his bag and leaving a note behind for everyone, he exited his room and closed the door. He walked down the ever familiar hallways and passed rooms occupied by the people who cared for him. It was sad how he had to just suddenly disappear. He didn't want to have them worry, nor did he want to have them caught up if he stayed.

He slid the front door open and looked at the dark world in front of him. The sun was just starting to peek out over the horizon. Seimei appeared next to him and offered silent comfort and support to the young master. Closing the door, both began to make their way across the stone pathway and towards the sacred gates to the city below.

"I don't remember raising a child who can't say a simple goodbye to his family." an old voice broke the silence.

Turning around, Rouga saw his grandfather on the bench with a cloth wrapped parcel on his lap. Looking down in shame and worry at being caught by his grandfather, and what to even tell him, the boy remained silent. Seimei casually looked at the old man through the corner of his eye. Silence returned as all three remained quiet in the early morning.

"...Just like that time from long ago." the old man whispered to himself. "Go. I will tell your mother that I sent you out to an old friend's place to stay for the time being."

Rouga looked up and wanted to say something, but he was cut off.

"Take this with you." the old man gently tossed the parcel to Rouga, who caught it a bit clumsily. "The world is large, see it and experience it. And when everything has ended, come home. I'll be waiting for an explanation, and I'll keep this lecture for you until then."

With that, the old man got up and without turning back, went back inside.

Rouga looked confused, and stared at the door his grandfather went through.

"We should get going young master." Seimei softly spoke and led the boy down the steps and in to the city below.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on March 11, 2013, 02:00:36 AM
Arriving at school, I sit down. There's about a hour before school starts; I'm early. Might as well read the history book out of boredom...the unit right now is about the time during the medievals. It's really interesting to learn in my opinion.


The priest, waiting in thee halls, looks at the man who open the door.

"Hello. Welcome to the church. What are you here for?"

Sensing some mana in the air...he can tell that this man is a master. So it's no surprise that he's here to register...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on March 11, 2013, 06:19:40 PM
"We come here to register, correct?" William said, bowing his head respectively and stepping in. "I am William Alecson, Father."
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Post by: Kimoto on March 12, 2013, 10:47:35 AM
... It's not the most interesting thing seeing people fight with wooden swords. They let me watch and all, but it's more boring than I thought it would be. Maybe if I got Lancer to show off it's be more interesting, but I can't risk exposing her to public eye, because you never know where another Master is hiding.

"... Lancer. I was wondering, do you sense any Magus' at school?"

"Hm... Not really. I think there are one or two people with similar presence, but no actual Magus'."

... Good. I can use the school as my base. That reminds me, I really hope none of the Kendo Members try to talk to me again, I almost freaked out last time. God that's embaressing.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on March 15, 2013, 09:54:54 PM
The father nods.
"Yes...This is the place in which you register for the Holy Grail War. Now, I take it that you know all about it?"
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Post by: Nask on March 16, 2013, 11:08:42 PM
Ruth walks through the Shopping District of the western parts in Fuyuki City, the only time he stops is when he buys a couple of snacks for later time if he's becomes hungry later on. The giant glance back to his invisible servant, who still maintain his quiet stance through out their walk. It is still a shame that Rider haven't quite warmed up to him yet.

He sighed as he continues walking to the Temple area for the next leyline check.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on March 22, 2013, 10:15:25 PM
"The Matou family wasn't all that clear on what it is," Willaim said, looking non-chalant about not knowing too much. "My class is Berserker, if you need to know."
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Post by: Inu-Jii on March 24, 2013, 06:22:39 PM
Rouga was lost.

He looked rather pale as he meekly walked around the outskirts of town. He had bought a map earlier but since he did not know much in the ways of names and how to read signs properly, he ended up far from where he had planned to go to.

Seimei was keeping the boy calm with words of encouragement.

"Young master, I believe we are near the residential area. Yes, right around here." he pointed at the map. His finger pointed to the street just above the Matou Residence and Tohsaka Residence.

Rouga noted that he had remembered passing through here the other day with the giant man. From his memory, although a little insecure at his ability, he pointed towards the school.

"If I go to the school, I think I can make my way to the forest..." he said to Seimei, "and then from there I- no, we can set up camp with um, the magical territory maker magic you told me about..."

Seimei nodded and followed his master; noting to himself that the boy must be excited about 'camping.'
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Post by: Akuma Killer on March 28, 2013, 12:30:52 AM
"Yes...A fellow master who have the servant berserker came by here yesterday. Since you are a master, I shall register you as one."
Taking out a clipboard, the priest writes down William's name.
Willaim Alecson.
"Alright. As of now, you are officially a participate in the Holy Grail War."
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on March 28, 2013, 01:49:27 AM
"Is that all?" William asked. He was somewhat suprised it was that simple.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on March 29, 2013, 02:02:38 AM
"Yes...well...there is one more part but, do you know everything about the holy grail war already? No need to explain more?"
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on March 29, 2013, 11:49:46 AM
"As I said, they didn't explain everything correctly." William was starting to wonder if this priest was a little... Out-of-it.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on April 02, 2013, 01:53:37 AM
"Well, the Holy Grail War, or also called the Heaven's Feel, is a battle royale between seven masters. The seven classes are Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker. You have to beat the masters, ether the servants or killing the master. Killing the master is generally easier then having your servant battle the other servants. Once six of the seven servants are defeated, the grail will then be ready, allowing to grant the wishes of both the servant and the master. Any other questions?"
The priest replied.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on April 02, 2013, 03:45:32 PM
"None at all," William said, turning for the door. "Thanks for answering those I had, Father. Have a nice day." With that, William opened the door and left the church, heading back to his car.
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Post by: Kimoto on April 06, 2013, 05:35:07 PM
I got tired of watcing, and headed to the class room. Lancer has been quiet, which is odd. I was sure someone of her... Type would be alot more out spoken and childish.

I guess Legends can't be trusted too much.

After taking my seat, I look around. The people from the fight yesterday are in another room. Might not even be here yet... Too bad too. It would give Lancer a good idea of what not to do. I mean sure those are the kind of people easiest to talk to, but still...
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Post by: Akuma Killer on April 07, 2013, 01:38:25 AM
The father watches William leave as he closes the door of the church.
"Heh, That master is a interesting one."


*At class*
I look at the time. The bell is about to ring.
I look at my book as-
Ah, yes. First period has started. I watch as my teacher walks in the class.
"Alright, class. Turns your history books to page 200. We will be talking about  the 5th century..."
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Post by: Nask on April 10, 2013, 04:08:34 AM
Ruth looks up the stairs that leads to what the map called the Ryuudou Temple and home to one of the leyline locations according to the Elder. He walks up the steps toward to the temple gates, but didn't enter as he observed toward what seem to be a courtyard of sorts. There are the temple habitants in rotine, whose design of clothes generally seem to be similar to the Shrine from yesterday.

Based from what he seen, he couldn't do his work without being exposed to the habitants of the temple, which seem to be more than not want. It seemed to be there's something going on as much as he could understand the culture to avoid comparisions. Perhaps a ceremonial thing for these people.

Not want to disturb these folks or exposed the secrecy, Ruth walks down the stairs and midway goes into the forest area that is around the temple. There and out of sight from the locals unless alerted for approach, he would start making his check into the 2nd leyline...
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Luciel burst through the doors of the church on her motorized scooter , only to lose control and flip over before spinning out into the pews." i'm ok!" she said dizzily as she got up and dusted herself off. she then looked around to see if she could find someone to help her. " hello!? anyone here? i heard that someone here can help me with this tattoo on my hand.." she shouted while waving the back of her right hand around like a maniac.
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Post by: TomJackal on April 14, 2013, 09:48:11 AM
Hiro, bearing an expression of irritation, slipped into the church through the already opened doors. He saw this woman waving her arm back and forth like it was on fire, and he groaned. There was a light tingling sensation in his left hand. The Command Spells were reacting with each other. He could tell this girl was a Master.
This is my competition...? Well I know who I'm killing first. he thought to himself, crossing his arms and leaning against one of the doors. Assassing was sticking right by him, hugging him almost. He sighed and shook his head. This is going to be a long war...
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Post by: Akuma Killer on April 14, 2013, 01:28:50 PM
The priest hear the yelling. Opening the door, he looks at Hiro and Luciel.
"What have you two came here for? A confession to the priest perhaps?"
He looks at both of their hands.
Command Spells.
He knows that they are both masters; they will fight each other later in the war.
It's lucky that it is still the day; if not then they would have probably fight in front of the church and he'd have to cover up the incident of the collateral damages.
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"I'm here to register for the Holy Grail War. I'll assume that this girl is here for the same reason... So I'll let her go first." Hiro said.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on April 14, 2013, 09:15:13 PM
" Holy Grail War? you mean that thing that my caretakers keep yappin' about winning?" luciel questioned before looking down to her hand and thinking.. " sounds interesting.. where do i sign up and what do i have to do?" she said with a grin on her face
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on April 14, 2013, 10:08:26 PM
'So, there's Lancer and their Master, that one chick. I've met her...' William thought, wondering the streets. Having visited the church, he no longer had anything to do. 'Should I go sleep some, since it'll be getting hectic at nights?' He passed by the school again.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on April 15, 2013, 12:15:41 AM
The priest looks at Luciel.
"Well it's a simple process, really. All you have to do is tell me your name and "Class" for your servant and I'll write it down in the list of people who signed up already. You might want to go outside for this one... I can't give masters any advantages..."
The priest then looks at Hiro, signifying him to go outside.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on April 15, 2013, 12:21:23 AM
" Servant? you mean like a maid or something? i have plenty of those but i don't think they go to school..." Luciel said with her head tilted in confusion...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: TomJackal on April 15, 2013, 08:49:06 AM
Hiro nodded and went outside so he didn't hear the girl's servant. "Whatever her Servant is..." he muttered. "I could use her to my advantage..."
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Post by: Kimoto on April 15, 2013, 09:03:08 AM
I read my text book, having a free study period unlike someone others in a different classes. Though I do wish I could walk around at times like this. The school is a potential battlefield, so I sent Lancer to explore... But who knows when she'll materialize without me around...
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Post by: Akuma Killer on April 15, 2013, 11:48:05 PM
The priest looks at Luciel and sighs.
"Let me explain a couple of details regarding the war then.
I don't think this was explained to you, but you are in the holy grail war.
----The one who obtains the Holy Grail will have any wish come true.

The Holy Grail War.
A great ritual that materializes the greatest holy artifact, the Holy Grail.
There are two conditions to participate in this ritual.
To be a magus, and to be a "Master" chosen by the Holy Grail.
(The experience as a magus is not questioned if one has the aptitude)

There are seven chosen Masters, and seven classes of Servants.

There is only one Holy Grail.
If you wish for a miracle.
Prove that you are the strongest with your powers.

The classes in no particular order are:


That tattoo on your hand is a Command Spell. It is your only mark as a Master.
With it, you have 3 absolute commands to give to your servant. Be it "Makes the next attack stronger" or "Come over here", once you use all 3 don't get anymore for one. And you still are a master, but it would be harder to control your servant without a command spell.

Now, a Heroic Spirit.
In a plane outside of human comprehension lies the Throne of Heroes. Here, the records of the brave men and women whose lives have become legends are kept, to be used as eternal guardians of mankind. When a legend has been venerated enough by humanity- even those of Anti Heroes or villains- they can become immortalized as a Heroic Spirit that surpasses time itself.(totally not taken from TV Tropes)

Like I said before, the Holy Grail War is a stand-in to summon 7 different heroic spirits in order to fight. The last one standing with his or her servant, the reward of one thing: one wish.

Now...What is your name?"
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on April 15, 2013, 11:52:26 PM
Luciel just kinda stood there with her eyes wide and her mouth wide making an " ohhhhhhhh" sound in wonder, her hand on the other.. hand.. pulled a small sticky buisness card from her coat pocket with her name and the words " property of the Ezinbern Clan" written in fancy gold handwriting.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on April 15, 2013, 11:57:35 PM
Reading the business card, the priest looks at the name...
Luciel...Property of the Eizbern Clan? It's obvious that they haven't ether taught her or she sneaked out on her own.
Motioning both of his hands upwards as if to signify something, the priest says
"Rejoice, Luciel.
In this war, let your wish be granted.
Let the best master win. You can call the other guy in now, you are done."
Putting away the business card in his pocket, the priest lowered his hands.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on April 16, 2013, 12:00:26 AM
Luciel nodded with a gleam of excitement and mischief in her eyes. " Okie Doki Loki!" she said as she picked up her battered and still revving scooter and then sped off out the doors, screaching to the other guy that it was his turn.. a few hours later she ran a red light by mistake and made road kill out of a random pedestrian with a red tattoo... he died on impact...
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Post by: TomJackal on April 16, 2013, 12:21:02 AM
Hiro sighed and slipped into the church after Luciel left.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on April 16, 2013, 03:21:44 PM
William saw the accident. He ran out to the body, and watched the driver zoom off. He got the hair color, size, and gender, but that was about it. He flipped the body over, and winced. It was the Master who had been following him. "Poor guy..." He got back up, and dialed the emergency number. 'One less Master. Good.'
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on April 21, 2013, 08:23:29 PM
The priest smiles at Hiro.
"So you're next, huh? Well, like I said to the previous master...What is your name and servant? So far there have been 3 masters that visited this church and has signed up."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: TomJackal on April 21, 2013, 08:26:08 PM
"My name is Hiro. My Servant is Assassin. Anything else you need to know?" Hiro said, trying to be respectful to the priest.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on April 21, 2013, 08:28:19 PM
Writing down Hiro's name and servant class on a clipboard, the priest looks into his eyes directly.
"Well, is there anything you need to know about the Holy Grail War? If so, you can ask me right now."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: TomJackal on April 21, 2013, 08:29:51 PM
"Hm... How unusual are alliances?" the black haired boy asked.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on April 21, 2013, 08:35:01 PM
It's not unusual for alliances in the war. In the last two wars, there was infact at least one alliance. The last one, the 5th one, had a alliance between multiple families.
But the man who won the grail decided to throw it away and destroy it.
There is always one question when you are in a alliance: Will the person who I decide to wok with, betray me?
That has happened in the 4th war, where one man have betrayed a family after being in an alliance with them.
So to answer your question, it's not uncommon to have alliances, but depending on the person who you decide to work with, might not think the same about you."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: TomJackal on April 21, 2013, 08:43:47 PM
Hiro nodded in thought. "Hm... Alright, thank you." Hiro turned around and left the church.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on April 30, 2013, 12:39:02 AM

It's been a couple of hours. The bell has ring recently for lunch period. Having nowhere else to sit, I decided to eat on the roof.
"Alright. Since it's the start of lunch period, I could finish early and help out with the electronics today."
So I grabbed my lunch and start walking to the roof.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on April 30, 2013, 12:04:10 PM
I had gone up to the roof as usual. Lancer has been on constant watch. She isn't as I thought she'd be... Her legend made her seem much worse. Though I guess she might just be serious right now because we don't exactly get along the best.

As I ate my food though, she had appeared and was wearing the casual clothes from home. I won't be able to wear them again since she's larger than me...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 02, 2013, 09:19:14 PM
I open the door to the roof, after walking a while. Seems like no ones on the roof...
I walk further out and looked out on the balcony, enjoying the view of the school while eating my lunch.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Inu-Jii on May 05, 2013, 10:10:50 PM
Rouga stared in awe as Seimei conjured up a grand temple within the forest on the outskirts of town. From what he could see, it was only two stories, with enough height as to not peer above the trees.

"And so we are not disturbed..." Seimei held out his fan and waved it around him. Following the motion, the ground shakes and coils of trees burst out around the duo and the temple. The density of the trees make it impossible to see through to the other side.

Rouga's jaw dropped.

"H-how... where did those trees??" he was at a loss of words as he marveled at the magical terrain.

"I am not done my master, and for a last touch up, we shall have a fog that surrounds this sea of trees. Anyone who enters this fog will be easy to ambush. I pray we do not have unwanted guests, as it will disturb your training young master." Seimei chuckled as he placed two fingers on his lips and blew out a fog that passed through the trees and out in to the forest.

The two retreated in to the temple for some training...
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Post by: Kimoto on May 06, 2013, 11:32:38 PM
Both Lancer and I had frozen when we heard the door open. I motioned for Lancer to Astralize, which she thankfully did without making a noise.

I used the chance to peek over the edge. I'm actually ontop of the entrance, so I should be able to see anyone who walked out... And it seems to be a boy. Same Grade I think. Though he's probably in a different class... Should I talk to him?

Ah but then I'll get nervous and screws up and... I'll just stay hidden up here eating. Hopefully he won't notice me.

As I think along those lines anyway, I eat another sandwhich, laying on my back.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on May 06, 2013, 11:51:21 PM
"Hm... What to do after finishing my lunch...maybe I should head to the school council room and help fix the conditioner. The archery club could use some work on those bows... There's also the principal's broken microwave... Guess I'll figure out after I'm finished eating."
I turn around...and I notice someone on the roof.
"...huh? "
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 06, 2013, 11:55:30 PM
I roll left and right while eating, careful not to make noise. It's nice to hear someone talking, even if it's to themself. If I had tried talking to them it'd just be one huge mess.

"Master, I think he noticed you."

Lancer tells me this, a hint of teasing in her voice... The... That guy saw me?... Crap. Crap crap. I didn't wanna get noticed! Being around people makes me a wreck unless it involves magic.

I just stop moving, trying to play dead.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 07, 2013, 12:02:15 AM
"... I've seen you roll, if you're trying to play dead, it's not working."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 07, 2013, 12:04:57 AM

"H-Hi..." I sit up and wave nervously. Oh god I can feel myself sweating. This is why I don't talk to people! I want to, but dammit I get so nervous.

"I-I was ju-just suprised someone else c-came up her-here..."

"Wow Master. You are REALLY bad at talking to people."

If I could hit Lancer while she was a spirit, I'd do it.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 07, 2013, 12:27:17 AM
A...girl...? Well, shit. I'm horrible at talking to females... Something my dad said about women being scary and mentioned some twin pigtailed person who acts like...a Tsundere? Is that the word?
"Er...It's ok...I just came here to eat anyways...!!! I'm not doing anything that seems out of place while on the roof! I just uh...Am really surprised that there's someone else that also visits the roof during lunch...!"
...Gosh, am I horrible at this or what?
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Post by: Kimoto on May 07, 2013, 12:34:39 AM
"I-Is that so...? We-Well I-I'll just mind my own bus-business over here!" I declare, as I suddenly turn around, and just shove a sandwich in my mouth to shut myself up.

This is so awkward...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 07, 2013, 12:46:47 AM
I turn around and continue eating my lunch.
"...I take it that you are the same grade as me, yet is in a different class? I haven't seen you around school that much."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 07, 2013, 12:55:11 AM
"Y-Yes! I a-am! Class B! Wh-What about yof!?"

Nooo... I fumbled my words! I was trying so hard too! Finally a normal conversation!
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Post by: Nask on May 07, 2013, 01:21:39 AM
The passing of time goes unnoticed by the giant as he had found objects that need to be take out of the ground. He activated his magic circuits to connect to the surrounding roots underground where it would bring the objects up slowly for precaution. The ground starting to push upward and out pops some sort of old metallic object, followed by more. Ruth then have the roots return to their normal positions and deactivate the circuits, before look at the objects closely and counted to see he indeed gather much as what he can sense through the ground.

Now... How to dispose of it safely and any further dangerous objects? From how it's made, there's no off button or any form of anything to disarm it.

Then Rider made his input to his Master as he materialized into view, the giant glance at the Servant with a curious look to the spirit goes on his leg and move his hand over the objects. The objects start to glow and vanished... Which cause Ruth to squint more, before the servant revert back to his astral state.

Ruth scratched his beard at what happen, before mentally visualized Rider's sheet. All he get is no new information out of it as the servant's entire sheet is blurry, this confused him further...

"...A Skill gone into effect?" The foreigner questions quietly to himself as Rider won't give out any answers. No answer came to him, before sighs and put the thoughts of what just happened away. At least there's something to get rid of them safely, he thought and looks toward to the mountain itself for the moment. "Curious..."

Though stops as there is more work to do... After Ruth goes to find a place to eat his snacks first as he just noticed it was somewhere around noon. More likely with the trees and grass which it would be like having a small picnic.

Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 08, 2013, 12:22:13 AM
...Yof? This person is strange...
"...I'm in Class C...yof?"
Well it's not the first time I've been in a awkward conversation. Last time I've been in it was more awkward then this but this is turning into the second most awkward one I had.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 08, 2013, 12:04:40 PM
"I-I'm sorry! I scr-screwew up my sowrds! Ju-just forget it!" I quickly tried altering the subject after that...

"A-Anyway I'm K-Kuromi!" Introductions should work... I'd run away but I'm over the door...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 08, 2013, 11:38:55 PM
"Er...ok...? I'm Daisuke." I pull out a apple and start eating it.
"I can see your not a talker. Should I just go?"
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 09, 2013, 12:12:56 AM
"Th-That's no-not it! I-I-I'm Ju-"

"Okay this is boring." When I thought it couldn't get worse... Lancer decided to appear and kick me off the high ground... IT's a good thing this boy doesn't know about Heroic Spirits...

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Post by: Akuma Killer on May 09, 2013, 01:02:59 AM
I watch as Kuromi suddenly fell on the ground. I rush over to her.
"You're ok...?"
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 09, 2013, 01:09:21 AM
"I'm fine... Oww..." I glare up at Lancer, who's snickering.

"The hell was that for L... The hell what was that for!?"

I almost said Lancer out loud... That would've been a pretty bad idea...

"Well I can't watch my 'friend' stutter around nervously. Just talk to people like a normal person!"

... I am going to murder her when I get home. That should be fine right?
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 09, 2013, 01:25:04 AM
...Well this is strange, I better go since I took my time in lunch.
"Well then...See ya, Kuromi, I'm off to fix the school's equipment."
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Post by: Kimoto on May 09, 2013, 10:32:09 AM

That... Went horribly. Why does this happen when I talk to people?
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 12, 2013, 10:19:58 PM
I head back into the school building and continue my day.


The bell rings. Looks like school is over... I have a couple of sidejobs I have to do first before heading home.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on May 12, 2013, 10:30:31 PM
William sat by the entrance to the school, scrolling through his phone. He was waiting for that girl to come by.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 13, 2013, 10:42:10 AM
I had planned to leave the school right away, but when I was leaving Lancer had warned me that Berserker's Master was by the exit... That complicates things.

"I guess I'll wait here for now." I muttered to myself, sitting in the empty classroom.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on May 13, 2013, 03:21:23 PM
William just sat there, scrolling through his phone, looking up information on the dead Master.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 13, 2013, 10:08:54 PM
I stared out the window, as Lancer occassionaly informed me.

He... Is still there. Either the Master of Berserker knows I'm in here still, or he's just waiting for everyone to leave the area before coming in and searching...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on May 13, 2013, 11:31:27 PM
William was starting to get impatient. He needed her to come out, cause he really didn't want to go in.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 14, 2013, 10:16:23 PM
Walking out of the school, I notice a man waiting outside...
"Hey. What are you doing here afterschool? Almost everyone let already."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 14, 2013, 10:21:01 PM
"Lancer. We are leaving through the back."

"Is that possible in this school?"

"Well sorta." By back, I meant... Well I went up to the Roof, had Lancer Materialize...

"Now carry me and jump. We are going in that direction." I pointed opposite of the entrance. I heard Lancer mutter something, but I'll let it slide for now...

Anyway, doing as I said, Lancer jumped with me. This way no one will see us.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on May 14, 2013, 11:46:34 PM
William saw them jump. "Dammit!" He opened up his magic circuits, allowed mana to charge him... And seemingly disappeared, chasing after Kuromi.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 15, 2013, 12:06:07 AM
I decide to head home after all the work I done. I don't have much homework, so I'll do it tomorrow. As of now...Time for my training.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on May 18, 2013, 05:52:23 PM
After about 20 minutes of chasing Kuromi and Lancer's signatures, William gave up, and bent over, panting. "Dear... Lord... You spirits are fast..." Berserker simply grunted in agreeance.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on May 19, 2013, 11:02:00 PM
"Lancer... We lost them a while ago... So why did you go so far!?" I yelled as Lancer set me down. We were actually near a cemetary, which wasn't that far from the Kotomine Church...

"I couldn't be sure... That Berserker was fast last time, so I had to be safe."

"Safe has it's limits!"


Why... Why... Is my Lancer so god damn careless!?
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on May 21, 2013, 12:11:52 AM

It's been a couple of hours ever since I'm done with my homework. In that time, I've been practicing my magecraft. I check the bounded field I set up to see if it was trigged when I was away; It's not. Good.

I take a deep breath.
Projection, Start.
Now it's the start of my daily training...
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on May 25, 2013, 10:54:40 PM
In Luciel's villa in the woods

all was quiet and dark inside the main entrance until a man in a cowboy hat dropped in from the  top of the wall.. and got caught in a trap.. the last thing he saw was Luciel's smirking face as she activated the summoning circle with him inside it... his screams of pain could be heard throughout the trees as the birds rose into the skys above.


Luciel ignored the screams of pain as she continued her spell, excitement all over her face at the prospect of getting her servant. it took a few seconds for the smoke to clear revealing a young woman in a dress made of leafs and leather. she looked up at luciel with her forest green eyes before saying " I, Archer, have answered your call. may we find glory in this war for the piece of all."
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Post by: Kimoto on May 27, 2013, 09:02:42 PM
I stomped back home from the cemetary... Well Back isn't the right word, I'm crossing the bridge. That stupid Lancer refused to carry me back.

"I swear... I hope you die so I can make a new contract!"

"Another servant's master has to die for that first. My Master~."

This... Stupid... MONKEY!
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Post by: Nask on May 30, 2013, 11:57:07 PM
Time have pass once again for Ruth by the time he walks back on the city sidewalk, finished clearing the leyline of old objects that considered to be dangerous. However, there's still other leylines for the other day as tonight and future nights is something to be aware of.

Pats his coat off with one hand as the other still holding a sack of now-trash until they dropped into the trashcan moments later. The giant started walking...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on June 02, 2013, 02:10:55 AM
I feel as if I reach my magic peak right now... Maybe it's because of all this training, my circuits finally open up for real. A magic circle glows in the shed...Could it be the same circle my dad has encountered last time?
...I need help. I absolutely need help. I don't know what's this circle is about, but I look through the shed, looking for clues. Eventually I do find something relating to the magic circle.

...nothing. Oh well. Why not I try pouring all my mana into it? I take a deep breath...

I stare at the magic circle. I pour all of my mana into the circle, leaving just one circuit left unused so I won't immediately faint.

A tattoo appears on my right hand... the magic circle glows, as I see someone materialize slowly...

...My eyes are getting tired...

As the magic circle stops glowing, I see a knight in armor.

"I ask of you: are you my master?"

I barely manage to get any words whole body feels like it's going to collapse any moment.

"Yes...I am... Your master..."

That was the last words I have said to this mysterious man before fainting.
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Post by: Kimoto on June 03, 2013, 12:55:18 AM
"Master... I felt something just now."

Well that's good. The Monkey is being useful.

"Lead the way Lancer." I follow Lancer, farther into town. She's always in her combat gear, so I don't have to be worried about that. Now only if she'd keep her staff out...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Nask on June 03, 2013, 01:11:26 AM
At that very moment, the giant felt mana gathering around in great amounts nearby, something big just happened... It felt like a summon just happened.

Ruth frowns, "Rider. Be ready..." He requested to his servant, before picks up the pace toward to the source with his servant at his side. Intending to investigate it. Putting his hand into his pouch to take out what seem to be seeds and held them for what it is needed to delay...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on June 03, 2013, 01:40:20 AM
...I wake up. I look around the shed.
"Master...we have to leave this area and come back later. I sense some servants coming nearby."
I have so many questions right now...but now is not the time.
"Alright... Let's head to the school for now."
Saber lifts me up and he leaps from the backyard and run towards the school.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Nask on June 04, 2013, 11:39:57 PM
Rider echoes to Ruth that the Servant ran toward to the direction of the school. Fast as if aware of their presence and head to a clear area. Regardless of intentions, Ruth and Rider ran to get there normally.

The giant glance back to his servant with a moment thought about skills, only to be interrupted as the Servant grabs Ruth with the strength give to his class and start carrying the surprised giant (which it would've give off a unusual image due to their appearances).  Unlike being actually carrying, Ruth is feeling like he's floating as the Mounted Knight starts leaping from roof to roof in attempt to follow the opposing servant they supposed to investigate.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on June 04, 2013, 11:57:13 PM
I stop in front of the Japanese style house, staring.

"... I don't feel anything."

"They probably left my Master."

The monkey said that annoyingly...

"Then follow them! I'll catch up!"


I follow after Lancer... For a few seconds, as she suddenly jumps off. I guess I'll figure out where to go by tracking her...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on June 05, 2013, 12:17:48 AM
"Master... I can sense two servants approaching us, one of them a bit faster then the other, while the other one is holding someone..."
Saber tells me... Damn it! At this rate, we'll never escape them.
"... I have a plan, Saber... When we reach the school, head through the back and run through the forest. We'll shake them off from there!"
Saber nods.
"Alright, sir."
And saying that, Saber runs even faster as I can see the school from my view. We're almost there...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on June 05, 2013, 12:48:30 AM
Lancer's Side

Lancer followed after the Master and Servant, at speeds impossible for humans. This is why she is the Servant Lancer. Not only is her weapon a pole, but her speed is definitely at the top. She landed in front of the school, having figured it out from the general direction, to head off the Pair, her red and gold staff in hand, wearing her obviously Chinese clothes, tail flicking back and forth.

"Come out! The Great Sage will take on the new Servant called this night!"
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on June 05, 2013, 09:36:13 PM
I squint my eyes to see...someone standing in front of the school?
"Saber...Slow down... and turn right, slowly, but still quick...I think one of the servants following us is already ahead of us..."
Damn it! I still need a bit more time to recover my energy... I don't think I'll be able to avoid fighting when it's been little over a hour since the summoning, but I can hope. Saber slowed down a bit before turning to the right.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on June 05, 2013, 09:40:09 PM
Lancer thought about it, and decided not to chase again. She didn't want the hassle of chasing more, so she sat down in front of the gate. They may eventually return. That and her master had yet to catch up.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Nask on June 05, 2013, 10:47:10 PM
Rider felt another servant ahead of them as the one from earlier seem to fade out of his senses. He landed on the street and let Ruth go. The giant gives a breather due to how fast his servant travels.

Wordlessly. The servant told his master to stay out of the way for the coming battle, before runs the rest of the way to the school grounds not far from their location on foot. Ruth follows, but kept his distance.

By the time the servant arrives, there is someone there. If someone sees Rider, all they see is a white blur of what had been a humanoid. Details difficult to make out, some that is misleading.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on June 06, 2013, 01:42:42 AM
Saber looks ahead.
"...Master, I'll turn right and run out of sight till we make it to the forest."
Hm... So if we lose track of the servant behind us...then the servant would fight the one ahead of us, in front of the school...
"Alright... Go, Saber!"
Saber nods. He takes a sharp right turn and went straight ahead... hopefully they'll lose track of us by now if we continue moving throughout the district...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: TomJackal on June 06, 2013, 08:42:24 AM
Meanwhile, back in the old house, Hiro was sitting at the table with a cup of tea. Assassin appeared behind him silently, but he could feel its presence. "Report."
"The last Servant appears to have been summoned, Master... The war has finally begun."
"Good." There was a distinct silence between them for a few minutes, before Assassin spoke up.
"Do you... Have any orders, Master?" it asked, coming around and facing Hiro. He set his cup down and looked at his Servant.
"For now, just continue to observe the others. Figure out the power scale. Once a plan has been made, we strike. Until then, wait in the shadows."
Assassin nodded before bowing slightly. "Yes, Master." and with that, the Servant vanished again. Hiro glanced down at his hand, looking over his Command Spells. He still had all three, thankfully. Hopefully he would get to use at least one of them.
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Post by: Kimoto on June 09, 2013, 01:42:10 AM
Lancer felt others get near, as the targets she originally wanted got farther away.

"... I'll settle for this." She muttered, spinning her staff.
I ran, breathing heavily. This is not my specialty. Lancer went to the school... I have no clue if she has caught them yet though... All I know is... I think I'm gonna pass out on the street.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 09, 2013, 02:14:36 AM
Berserker comes around the wall around the school behind Lancer. "Do not attack. My Master told me to come under a truce to help hold this spot incase the new Warrior approaches." His spear was drawn and pointed downwards, the shaft running along his arm. "I see you have a new target." He raised his spear, a sword visible at his belt. "Do you require help?"
William was running through the streets, looking for another Master. "Kuromi needs to be kept safe for the night, but the others are fair game..." His fitness and shape helped him keep going through the town.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on June 09, 2013, 02:23:48 AM
"... Yeah. Whatever." She shrugged. Lancer didn't really care. At the moment, she really wanted to just prove she was the best here.

"Just don't get in my way." She muttered, staring ahead, seeing... Some sort of Blur.
"Can't... Breathe..."

I finally ran out of breathe, and I haven't even reached the school... The hill... Tired... I think I'm going to...
"... Little Miss Passed out... Oh well." Lancer muttered under her breathe.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Nask on June 09, 2013, 03:11:42 AM
Rider leaps over a wall and lands on the school ground at the moment when Berserker appeared. Standing straight to notice that instead of one servant, there are two... It is difficult to see what grey servant's reaction due to the blur that covered his figure, yet from the posture that the Rider takes is caution.


Ruth meanwhile goes to keep himself distant from the schoolground that Rider just mentally noted. The giant does so by staying among the trees that the school surrounded itself with, however, he stayed away from the direction of the shrine's hill and the home of Ryouga's family are. For their safety sake...

Speaking of safety... He need to prepare himself as well, starting to planting some seeds infused with bits of prana into the ground.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on June 10, 2013, 01:19:49 AM
"Saber? We can go back now...there's no servants following us anymore."
Saber drops me to the ground as I stretch. Most of my mana have been regained by resting but I still feel a bit tired...
"Master... I suggest that we take the long way back to your home. There's a chance that we'll meet up with the servants that were following us and we don't want that to happen today now, don't we?"
He's right... I nod. How long has it been since the chase? I look up...and the moon is at it's peak. An hour perhaps? I don't have a watch so I don't know the exact time... I start thinking to myself as Saber and I take the long way back to the Emiya Residence.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on June 10, 2013, 01:22:52 AM
"Alright!" Lancer charged forward at an alarming rate, the moment the blur took a pose, thrusting her staff out to try and hit it in the middle.
I dreamt... A dark dream... So long... Trapped... For so long... Why? All she wanted was to be great. To be appreciated. They shunned her. Denied her. So she did the same. Why was she punished...
Kuromi was still out cold on the street... But now muttering...

"Why must she be the one punished..."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 10, 2013, 02:46:12 AM
Berserker also went after the shapeless mass, going around to flank the enemy.
William nearly tripped over Kuromi as he ran. Instead, he slips as he jumps over her, and lands on her. He quickly jumps up. "Shitshitshit. Sorry."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Nask on June 10, 2013, 03:31:38 AM
Then... Rider's eyes glowed.

A powerful, invisible force bursts outward from the grey servant, where it would knocked the flanking two servants away from himself. Greatly.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on June 10, 2013, 02:55:59 PM
Lancer was knocked back and landed on her feet, using her tail for balance.
... That hurt... This guy... Again...

"... I command you in the name of the Holy Grail.... COME HERE RIGHT NOW AND KILL THIS GUY! LANCER!"

I yelled as the First Command Seal burned away. The Air distorted as Lancer broke through.

"Master... That was a waste..." She muttered, as she thrust her staff at William's head. With a Servants Strength, a single hit was all that was needed to turn it to chunks.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 10, 2013, 07:54:40 PM
"PROTECT ME!" William yelled at the same time Kuromi yelled, pouring all of his energy into his seal. Responding to the Command Seal, Berserker also broke through the air, Mad Enhancement turning on. He barely intercept the attack, the staff hitting his shoulder squarely, stopping without causing visible damage.
"Grraaaahhhh..." Berserker's eyes seemed to flash red.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Nask on June 10, 2013, 11:16:05 PM
Rider noticed the two servants disappear out of thin air... Only to faintly sense them blocks away from his current location. He turned his head toward to the direction where the source lies and process what happen. The exact process going on within the servant's head seem to last a instant... Though difficult to decipher what it is exactly.

In the end, instead of going after the two servants, Rider returns to his master with minimal information and other matters that need to be brought up in person. No need to engage another battle tonight as there will be more later on...
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on June 10, 2013, 11:18:16 PM
"KILL EM!" I yelled. I don't care about that fucking Berserker. Lancer pulled her staff back, and thrust it again at Berserker with as much force as possible. Not to hurt him, as that hasn't worked, but to instead shove him away from her and her master. Her idea was to retreat.

After all, a battle with Berserker alone was never a good idea. Let someone else take care of it.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 11, 2013, 11:43:16 PM
Berserker shifted his weight, deflecting the staff off the side of his chest, away from William. He threw a backhand slap at Lancer.
"Kuromi, listen! It was an accident! I lost my balance!" William shouted over the fight, backpedalling from it.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Kimoto on June 12, 2013, 01:07:35 AM
"DIE ANYWAY!" I honestly didn't care. He stepped on me, he's an enemy, he must die.
Lancer moved with the slap, spinning to Berserker's Side, and making a back spin sweep kick at his ankles to knock him off balance. She figured she'd need to get him down at least once to satisfy her master before running away with her.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 12, 2013, 01:16:53 AM
Berserker went with the sweep, landing on his back with his hands underneath. He pushed upwards, roaring with all of his might.
"Call Lancer off, now!" William yelled.
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Post by: Kimoto on June 12, 2013, 01:38:22 AM
"JUST BLAST THE DAMN THING AWAY!" I ignored the idiot, and gave Lancer Permission. Who cares if her Noble Phantasm reveals who she is? It's not like it matters! She's the strongest anyway!

I saw Lancer smile though, like an animal. She jumped back from Berserker when he got up, flicking her staff into her hands with her tail. The flow of Prana to the staff was obvious. The First Version... That's why I chose her. Her Strength, Speed, Skill... And her Noble Phantasm which can classify as anything but Anti-World. Though in this case it seems she isn't using it's full power... A Wise choice, as that would make complications.

"Ruyi Jingu BANG!" Lancer shouted, as she thrust her Staff at Berserker. The moment her shout finished, I watched it fly. She held the side of the staff with both hands, as it's size had changed in an instant. It had become as wide as the street, and it's length went from where we stand to high in the sky, since she had been thrusting at Berserker from Below.

The Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm, Ruyi Jingu Bang: The Gold Banded Staff. If this is the Anti-Unit Version, I can't wait to see the stronger one.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 12, 2013, 02:07:55 AM
"Berserker, you have permission!" Berserker growled, bracing himself as he materalizes a shield with 9 rings depicting the Earth, sky and stars, a wedding, a field being ploughed, followed by the kings harvest, a vineyard, a herd of cattle attacked by two lions, a peaceful sheep farm, a dance, and then the raging river, Ocean.

"My Shield, Shield of Achilles!" Achilles yelled in a mixture of sanity and lack of mind. He positioned his mighty shield right in the path of the expanding staff. A++ Rank Barrier Noble Phantasm, the Shield of Achilles can block nearly every attack, including this one. The staff and shield shuddered under the pressure, before Achilles shifted the shield, the staff firing at an angle that protected his master. However, it sent him flying through the air a few dozen feet before landing on his feet, crushing the asphalt below.
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Post by: Kimoto on June 12, 2013, 02:17:40 AM
I watched. Lancer could do it again. If she fires off the Ruyi Jingu Bang's other attack, it's in the bag.

"LANCER!" I yell. I want her to do it. Berserker. Will End here! It's perfect! The most dangerous card out of the way at once. Lancer immediately changes her staff back to normal and... Eh? She's coming this way... Uh... Wait..

"Lancer put me down! End them!"

"Master you saw his Phantasm, that's enough! We can't fight him alone!" Lancer yells at me, as she grabbed and carried me like a sack of potato's to run away.

... This... GOD DAMN... MONKEY!
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 12, 2013, 02:29:03 AM
Berserker goes to follow them.
"Achilles, stand down!" I shout, puting as much authority into the command without using a seal. "My life is no longer in danger, so cease any attempts to follow!" Achilles shuddered to a stop, his shield disappating and sanity creeping back into his mind. "Now, are there any nearby Servants?"
"Other than Lancer, whom is retreating, no," Achilles replied curtly. I nod, and dismiss him to his Spirit Form.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on June 12, 2013, 02:55:51 AM
Saber and I are almost home. A whileago, we heard noises...and Saber pointed out something weird inthe sky, but I was too late to see what.
"I think two servants brawled, Master."  Saber said.
"Hm...For now, let's stay out of battle. We need to thinkof a plan...a plan to have the minimum casualities in this suppose war. I don't want civilians dying."
"But you can't possibly save e-"
"Yes...I know I can't, but we can try." I replied as soon as I reach the doorstep to my home. Knowing the bounded field was set off.
Looks like someone did tried to check out my home... I'll put on the bounded field later.

A tiring day of running away.
Now... I look at my servant. A knight with armor...
"Say, Saber, would you tell me your identity?It could be useful for both of us if I know."
Saber smirks.
"Well... Your botched summoning left me with no recollection of my memories at all, so you'd need to wait till I regain them. Another thing is, you don't want other masters to know who am I exactly, correct? A master could kidnap you, and say, use a hyponosis spell on you. They could ask YOU who I AM, therefore. It's more beneficial if   I keep it a secret."

...That first setence pissed me off... But I can see his reasons why. I'm a bit irked about his identity, but I guess it's better to be safe then sorry.

"Hm. Alright then. I'll think of a plan tomorrow. I'm tired..."

I start walking to my room, but just before that...

"Master, Let me sleep with you.



My mind was in sync.

"A Master is most vurnerable when he or she is asleep. Therefore, I must guard you as fast and efficiently as I can. By being near your side at all times, I am your sword."

Well... there is nothing wrong with that but two males sleeping in the same futon?

"...How about I just allow you to sleep in another futon across the room?"

"But Master, what if Archer shoots an arrow and I'm a second late?"

"I'll take that risk."


I look for an extra futon and return to my room. Today really had been a long day...
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on June 13, 2013, 02:25:07 AM
Luciel was sitting in her dining room sipping from a wine glass when Archer appeared behind her. " so, i take it you weren't detected?"  she said

" yes my lady, i had the local wildlife get a close look to prevent thy detection.. is that wine your drinking?" Archer confirmed in a soft tone.

" of course not! this is fruit punch. i'm not old enough to partake in that delicicy." luciel threw her glass over her shoulder causing it to statter dramaticly on the ground. " regardless, what have you gathered so far?" 

" only that they know that all servents are summoned, they don't seem to know we exist beyond that"  Archer Said with a sweatdrop.

"perfect. now we have only one problem then we can begin having our fun! MWAHAHHAHA- *Cough Hack* -hahaha!" she finished before turning around and doing a finger pyramid " now.. go Locate assassain's master.. you know what to do!" she then giggled " i've always wanted to do that~"  and thus archer left with a large sweatdrop on her head.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on June 15, 2013, 02:01:14 AM

I wake up...

"Hello, Master."

...and I meet Saber's gaze. This is weird...

"Well, Saber. I'm off to school."

Saber frowns.

"Master, as much as I like for you to have a good education, I can't allow that. What if you're attacked at school? Then I wouldn't be able to protect you... I'm not sure what's your magic is, but I can sense your circuits are pretty horrible."

Hey. That last sentence pisses me off!

"Hey! I'm a magus in training. Anyways, I think you could stay here... I have 3 command spells, so I could call you over if I'm in trouble."

"There's still the fact that I might not make it in time. What if the moment you open your mouth, you're assassinated by Assassin? Or what if Lancer or Berserker attacks you? I can't run fast enough to protect you."

Ugh. Saber's too stubborn... Guess I'd have to compromise.

"Ok, how about this... You hide somewhere near the school that you're close enough to make it to me if I'm in trouble, but yet far enough that servants can't sense you easily?"

Saber nods.

"Fine with me, Master. Now, are you off to school?"

Wow... He seems joyful after the compromise.

"Not yet. Let me prepare myself before we head out...Also, you should change your clothes. You won't be able to blend in wearing THAT."

I point to a closet.

"There's some old clothes in there. Feel free to wear them."

Saber nods and head towards the closet. Now I can finally prepare for school.
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Post by: Kimoto on June 15, 2013, 02:38:46 AM
I read various reference books I got at some stores on Greek Mythology and History. And a lot of stuff on the Trojan War.

"Master... Aren't you going to school?"

"I normally skip. Anyway, I have to do research. We now know that Berserker is Achilles, The Greek Hero who was in the Trojan War. If you're fighting a Demi-God, we have to know everything we can. We can exclude the idea of him having invincible skin as his Noble Phantasm, since he used his Shield, thus meaning it's the shield that's invincible. His armor probably isn't up to par though, so you can break through it if you hit it enough."

I go reading while explaining. I'm not to sure if I'm right, but I think I can feel Lancer's displeasure. Her legends made her seem much more rash and prideful...

"Master... My Noble Phantasm is fairly well known too. So what if he figures out my identity...?"

That... Is not of concern.

"It doesn't matter. Your legend has a lot of versions, and the only ones people seem to find these days are the Children's Version. You'd have to actually ask someone from the region for the correct version if what you told me and I've been seeing in my dreams is right. He'll never figure out your weakness's. May be able to study your fighting style, but not all the specifics."

"If you say so... Though Master... I kind of want to go exploring the town."

... Huh?
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 16, 2013, 09:30:30 PM
William was sitting under a tree in the park, pouring over a copy of the Iliad. Achilles was off to the side, relaxing. Both of them felt the need to unwind after the night before.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on June 17, 2013, 12:18:46 AM
I head out. Saber and I head to school.
"Remember, Saber. Stay close, but not too close that other masters who go to school can see you or the servants can sense you. Got that?"
Saber nods. We head up to a fork in the road, so we split. Saber's taking the long way so he won't be noticed by other Masters and Servants and my identity as a servant is still a secret... Thought seeing as how last night ended up, I think my identity would be revealed soon to others... The only thing I want to stop is the causalities for others. That's the reason why I want to fight in this war.
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Post by: Nask on June 18, 2013, 01:37:32 AM
"...This is odd." Rider looks up from the TV that showed the modern age to his master come in. Ever since Ruth woke up this morning, the giant had been attempting to befriend with the local animals starting with the birds that gathers on the hotel's roof. Since he need some eyes and ears in places to gather information to where they can't go, especially in the concrete city itself.

The grey servant tilts his head in a question to Ruth.

"Oh... The animals I talked with so far mentions of already have their loyalty with someone else." Ruth quietly said. Gently scratching his chin. "No luck if someone else already befriend them. So strongly."

Rider's eyes narrowed. Now planning of what to do since with the recent information....
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Post by: TomJackal on June 18, 2013, 07:47:43 PM
The night had been uneventful after Assassin vanished. Hiro had fallen asleep on his couch sometime past midnight, and woke up sore. When the boy sat up, he saw Assassin just sitting there at the table.
"... What is it?"
"You need to go to the store." The servant said simply.
"... What am I out of?"
"Everything, basically."
Hiro sat there for a moment, then sighed. "Alright... Guess I'm going to the store today..." he said. The young Master got up and went off to get ready to head out.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on June 19, 2013, 02:43:38 AM

It was lunchtime. I head out to the roof and eat lunch. It's been over half a day since I summoned Saber. I still don't know much about this war. All these events happened so fast... I wonder how's Saber doing.


A man wearing black jeans, a red shirt, and a long coat sits in a park bench.

So Master is at school now... Only a couple more hours till he'll leave. I wonder what's our action is going to be today...

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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 19, 2013, 03:25:11 AM
William had long set the book down and was searching up anything connected to the 'Gold Banded Staff' that Lancer had used. He glanced over at the man on the bench, and then at Achilles. Achilles nodded in responce to the unasked question, and William responded with a shake of his head.
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Post by: Kimoto on June 19, 2013, 12:21:30 PM
I had eventually given in to Lancer. She kept bugging me to go out even though she could have gone by herself... So we ended up shopping in the next town over, to make sure we didn't run into anyone.

"Kuromi! How does this look?"

Lancer asked me that, holding up a green jacket. I just nodded as she ran off with it to look at more clothes. While she looks around, I head over to a out door book store... Greek Myths and Legends... Where to find those...
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Post by: Akuma Killer on June 20, 2013, 03:38:13 AM
Saber glance back at the man who looked at him. Sensing something from him...

...Something just doesn't seem right... I better tell him about this guy.

Saber thinks to himself, in his mind. Is that man over there is a Master? And is that his Servant?
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 20, 2013, 06:58:04 PM
William would occasionally glance up at the suspicous man, the shadow from his bangs hiding his ocular movement. Achilles crossed his arms, and kept on resting, needing to recover his stamina from the battle last night.
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Post by: Kimoto on June 22, 2013, 02:46:32 PM
"Hide now." I told Lancer that. She complied. She knew that a Servant could afford to stay out for too long, so she had Astralized, so that no other Servant's would find her, nor would any masters.

And as much as I want to keep reading about the Greeks, I have to keep moving. Can't afford to stay in any one place too long.
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Post by: Nask on June 23, 2013, 07:30:31 PM
"...That is... Troubling." Ruth said to his Servant. Rider had brought up something to his Master, where they could be exposed. "Are you sure?'

Rider nodded. They had to start moving soon, especially since someone have eyes within the local creatures. But not right now during the day, where it'll tip off whoever gain control over them to where they are hiding.

For now, Rider need to go and check on these things on the roof, while Ruth goes check on their room's security.
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Post by: TomJackal on June 24, 2013, 02:13:48 PM
After a few minutes of preparation, Hiro heads out of his base/house/whatever. Assassin followed its master in spirit form, and the boy looked over his list as he headed into town.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on June 25, 2013, 01:32:49 PM
Saber continues to glance at at the man occasionally.

This man is surely suspicious...


I finish my lunch. I still have 15 minutes of this period left. Since no one is asking for my help as of now, I continue to look at the city on the roof.
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Post by: Sam Altaris Leonhart on June 25, 2013, 09:39:33 PM
Willaim yawned and closed his laptop. Achilles opened an eye and looked over at him. "Time to get going, James," William said.
"Ah, I was almost asleep that time." Achilles jumps to his feet. "You said movie, not studying, Alan" he continued, trying to keep a cover as they exited the man's earshot.
"I said the movie is after I study," William said. "You know the proffessor will have my head if I fail this test on Chinese Myths." This fake conversation continued well out of the park.
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Post by: Kimoto on June 28, 2013, 12:04:20 AM
I ended up in another clothing store, since Lancer appearantly didn't have enough. Though she was staying Astralized thankfully...

"... Guess I'll look around..."
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Post by: Nask on June 28, 2013, 12:46:50 AM
Rider is on the roof of the hotel, he looks around at the birds hanging around. The grey servant's eyes carefully scans which to pick... If these birds acts as the eyes of another who may similar, if not greater than his Master's ability.

He should prepare some gathering of information with precision of what these feathered creatures would have. Even if they saw him, they can't remember a thing about it as his Personal Skill covers that.

Now then... Which creature should he take their information from their heads?

In that moment, the Mounted Knight's eyes glowed... And a foreign power subtle slithers into the heads of the avians... 
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Post by: Akuma Killer on June 30, 2013, 05:54:38 PM
Saber looks at the man who left the tree with his acquaintance.

...I'd better keep an image of his appearance and tell my master about him later.


The bell signals the end of lunch period. I stand up and head towards my next class.
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Post by: TomJackal on June 30, 2013, 09:14:46 PM
Eventually, Hiro arrived at the store, after a considerable amount of trekking. "I hate how far away the house is from the store..." he muttered to himself. Assassin was thankfully keeping quiet, which allowed him to traverse the store for his groceries in relative peace.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on June 30, 2013, 09:17:05 PM
Luciel was doing some of her daily shopping ( turns out that you go through a lot of fruit punch when acting like a villain.. and a lot of wine glasses) when she spotted her target.  " huh, how convenient.. HEY GLAD TO MEAT YOU AGAIN!' she said before throwing a tbone steak at assassin's master.  and shaking his hand before he could even figure out what was going on. " I'vebeenmeaningtoaskifyouwouldliketopartnerupwithme.ievenhaveaplantotrickeveryoneelseanditwillbesuperexcitingandfun!" she said while shaking his hand hard enough to make it sore for a few hours.
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Post by: TomJackal on July 03, 2013, 09:22:07 PM
Hiro quickly tore his hand away from Luciel's grip. " WOAH WOAH WOAH. Slow down, I can't understand a damned word you're saying!" he said, wiping the meat juices off of him.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on July 03, 2013, 09:25:38 PM
luciel giggled slightly at this before continuing with a serious tone" i said, i would like to form an alliance with you. after all you are the only possible threat to my plans right now.. so.. join me and we shall rule this war as mother and son." afterwards she just stared blankly at him, waiting for his response.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: TomJackal on July 03, 2013, 09:28:12 PM
"I don't know about that mother and son bit... but forging an alliance would be a sound tactic... Considering my Servant and all." Hiro replied, eying the girl warily.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on July 03, 2013, 09:30:29 PM
" yea.. star wars reference. still, i assume this means you agree to the alliance? " Luciel said with a sly smile on her face.
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Post by: TomJackal on July 03, 2013, 09:31:43 PM
Hrio crossed his arms. "Yes, I agree."
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on July 03, 2013, 10:04:45 PM
" ahh good then! meet me here tonight, we can discuss our plans there over a nice dinner and have tons of fun and stuff!" she said starting to get hyper and bubbly again before handing hiro a small index card with the address of an old fashioned bar in town called Copenhagen then placed a random cupcake on his head and left with a wave.. and a large crate of wine glasses...
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Post by: Nask on July 05, 2013, 08:50:11 PM
Rider gained minimal information from the birds, while he gained the knowledge of local surroundings. Anything what these creatures are currently doing is recent since last night as they are currently tracking the other servants and masters since then. Also, he can't find any memory that suggests the identity of the birds' master.

...Troublesome indeed.

Though... A plan came together in his mind. One that involving taking advantage of this, since his Master is too late to connect with the local animals.

His grey eyes flash again, working to implant misinformation and erasure details into the flock's memories. Replacing himself (or rather the blur) and his action with a tired hotel worker who was sneaking out to feeding the birds with delicious bread crumbs. He can't do anything about the memories of his master being seen, that would make things suspicious.

Then... He implant suggestions into their tiny brains that they will have a strong urge to come to this place in the set time that he had decided. Just in case... He gave them extra urge that they came to this place.

Now time for a gamble as Rider had set the foundations where he could see some view of what this master of birds' information gathering. As well as the birds acting as a double agent in this case.

In the minds of the birds, they flew away from the hotel worker who had shoo'ed them away due he heard someone is coming up. Yelling can be heard until faded away due to distance and the sounds of the city...
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Post by: Akuma Killer on July 06, 2013, 11:04:21 PM

The bell rings for the end of school. Today, I have work, but seeing as the Holy Grail War is dangerous...I have to cancel going to work for now at least. I haven't visit the church yet, but that priest gives me the creeps... I think I'll skip out going there for now, at least. Saber head towards me.


Saber whispered in my ears.

"Ah...I, I don't recall seeing anyone that looks like them... Are you sure? Keep an eye on them...we'll stop by home and check out the town for today."

Saber nods. We both head towards my home.
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Post by: Kimoto on July 08, 2013, 02:41:57 AM
With the shopping done, I had dropped it all off at home after the walk back and started my patrol. I haven't heard of anything happening yet that would mean Servant Activity, but still... It's odd that nothing has happened yet. The most was my fights with Berserker's Master... Haven't seen any of the other Servants make an appearance.

"... Lancer. I got an idea." I said, to my Astralized Lancer. After a quick discussion, Lancer was now waiting in the middle of the Park giving off the strongest pressure and magical presence she could, while I waited outside the park, making it look like I was reading a book. A Fantasy Book from awhile back called Rhapsody.
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Post by: Nask on July 08, 2013, 03:09:50 AM
Rider had came down and return to the hotel room since they couldn't do much today or try to continue what his Master was currently doing with his task.

Both servant and master felt the pressure and presence and looks toward where it came from.

"...That bound to attract of beings tonight." Ruth murmured. Rider nodded, yet seem like a good opportunity to gather information... First though, they need to wait for awhile before setting out.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on July 08, 2013, 03:48:12 AM
I arrive home with Saber.

"So, you think those two are a master and a servant, Saber?"

"Yeah... That guy seems to be looking at me, knowing that I am a servant. Fortunately, it was daytime so he didn't attack. I couldn't really get any details of him or the other guy he was with, his hair was blocking his eyes and the other person he was with was under shade."

"Hm...Well, as long as you get the general appearance of him, that'll be fine." I reply.

"Anyways, Master? We should head out to patrol."

"Nah... Not yet. It's still a bit early. We should eat, and I still have to do my homework. Maybe in a hour or so, we'll go."

Saber nods in agreement. I head to the kitchen and start cooking dinner. Just to think that last night, I summoned what you call a "servant". That term is similar to a "Familiar" now that I think about it...
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Post by: TomJackal on July 09, 2013, 03:12:21 PM
After his meeting with Luciel, Hiro quickly got his shopping done and returned home. There, he waited for a couple hours until night fell, and then he took off again for the Copenhagen. It didn't take him long to find it, but now he just had to await the arrival of his new ally.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on July 09, 2013, 08:54:28 PM
" sorry we're late! my maids insisted i get Dressed up for this.." Luciel said as she walked casually towards Hiro in a Formal Outfit ( behind her was Archer, now in a more modern Sundress and flats with long white stockings. " mistriss, i understand the shoes.. but do i really need to wear these.. stockings..?" Archer Asked. Luciel turned her head to give a half hearted glare at the servant. " if i have to be all dolled up for this the least you can do is wear those things.." Luciel muttered in slight annoyance before turning back to Hiro with a smile. " so, i hope i didn't make you wait too long."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: TomJackal on July 09, 2013, 08:58:25 PM
The boy simply shrugged, his arms crossed as he stood by the door. "A couple minutes is no real wait. Come on." Hiro tipped his head towards the door for a moment, before going and holding it open for Luciel and Archer.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on July 09, 2013, 09:00:59 PM
Luciel SMiled and nodded to Hiro in thanks before talking to the hosstess to get there reserved table in the far back corners of the bar. Archer walked in and gave a gentle thank you to hiro before contenuing in with her mistriss.
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Post by: TomJackal on July 10, 2013, 08:39:23 PM
Hiro followed Archer, Assassin keeping close to him in an incorporeal state. "So... Luciel, was it? I have a question for you."
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on July 10, 2013, 08:42:57 PM
luciel sat in the booth and ordered her meal so things were private before answering. " i assume its simply why i decided to ask for your alliance? " she said in a serious tone. Archer took her spot next to Luciel and ordered a simple salad and water.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: TomJackal on July 10, 2013, 08:49:20 PM
Hiro also ordered his meal before answering. "Yes, actually."
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on July 10, 2013, 08:55:26 PM
" thought so.. well its quite simple really, from what Archer here has been able to gather, you are the only one so far who knows about me.. and i can't have anyone knowing about me for my plan to work.. thus i was left with two choices.. ether form an alliance with you.. or eliminate you before you could reveal my identity to anyone else. so glad you picked the former.. much easier for us in the long run you see. " She exclaimed, pausing for a moment mid sentence when there drinks arrived.
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Post by: Kimoto on July 10, 2013, 10:41:34 PM
I flipped through my book impatiently, as I had Lancer make the presence and obvious Prana even easier to notice. It was annoying that no one had come yet... There is a Servant, Alone in the Park, obviously waiting for a challenge, and she's being ignored...

And I'm here pretending I'm not associated outside the area for nothing!...

Well... Lancer kicks it up even more now... So someone should come soon...
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Post by: TomJackal on July 10, 2013, 10:53:44 PM
Hiro steepled his hands as he listened, nodding so Luciel knew he was listening. "Hm... You might have had a difficult time trying to eliminate me... Considering who my Servant is and all." he said, taking a sip of his drink.
Title: Re: The Holy Grail War RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on July 10, 2013, 10:57:56 PM
"  not really, Archer here has a few.. useful skills. no, the real issue would have been waiting for your death.." Luciel said casually while taking a sip from her wine glass of apple juice.  Archer just blushed a little at the prase. " Regardless, thats all in the past, i'm assuming you would like to know what my plan is?" Luciel answered.
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William was simply walking through the town, Achilles astralized behind him. His plan for tonight was not to start conflict, but maybe to go into an on-going one and see what damage he could do.
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"Would be useful..." Hiro said, raising his eyebrow a bit.
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" right then.. to start things off i'm sure you've heard of the Stellara Clan before? " " Luciel said. as there meals arrived. Luciel's being a Stuffed steak sandwich with a side of chili cheese fries.   she thanked the waiter before contenuing with her tale. " you could say i'm the last living member of them.. though.. " she said before giving a grim chuckle as she set her napkin up. " i'm not exactly.. living anymore.." she said before glancing around to make sure noone else was looking there way and showing Hiro her left hand.. as it was beginning to astralise.. she gave it a few moments to make sure he caught it before reforming her hand... and starting on her sandwhich while gadging hiro's reactions.
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The measure of a servant's prana had gotten stronger for awhile later, by the time when Rider and his master sets out. If anything in either pair's minds, that servant's aura would definitely be noticed by all of the participants in the city. It's as if that servant want to challenge someone right now at this time.

If Rider's guess have been correct... There's a chance there will be a coming battle between two knight classes, one where they could gather information from the distance. Unless they are dragged into another battle...

The servant's aura is originated from the park. So, in this case based on distance and calculations of... a curious item that he relieved from a tourist in the hotel. Rider and Ruth are going to watch the battle from a great distance, at least atop of the building away from the park.

They take their time to reach it, either to irritate the servant or enough for a battle to start between Knights or some other battle. ...Also due to how long it takes to get to the top of the building due to Rider's lack of need to use his mount, except the method he used to hold Ruth from the other night.
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About 30 minutes has past, and I'm almost done with my homework. Dinner was short, and I just need to finish my homework... surprisingly, we were given less homework then usual for today.

"Master... Are you done yet?"

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Hiro... Didn't really react. He just sort of went, "Huh." then started eating his meal.
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Luciel pouted a little as ARcher giggled at her for it before coughing and resuming her long ass speech. " anyway.. my plan is to pretend Archer here is the master and i'm the servant... as for how you fit in.. its up to you.. you could simply agree to keep my secrets and not attack me and that would be that.. or we could bring this plan up a notch." Luciel said as she sat her sandwich aside for a moment.
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"Ah... Is that all? Well I suppose I could... withhold information... But what did you have in mind for bringing things up a notch?"
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" ahh, thats the golden part of our alliance.. seeing as you have Assassain as your Servant.. and Archer here happens to be able to conceal her presence.. i was thinking that perhaps i could pretend to be YOUR servant.. then, while the other masters are busy dealing with us... " she said, a sly grin on her face as she waited for Hiro to figure out the rest of it.
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"Archer and Assassin could deal with them from behind the scenes... Clever girl."
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" Thanks, so i take it that means your in?" Luciel said pleased at the compliment as she sipped more of her juice.
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"For now I'll just keep to being Mr. Secrets... It suits me anyway. If I decide to kick things up a notch, I'll have Assassin contact you."
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Luciel sighed in disappointment before she spoke again. " very well then, till next time Mr. Hiro." she said as she and archer finished off there meal.  she then nodded to archer and with a sly smirk on her lips they both astralised out, leaving the check for hiro... at least she was nice enough to leave the tip though.. right?
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Due to my... Impatience... I had given Lancer another order... This one to make things much more obvious.  It occured to me it may attract attention though, so I set up a Bounded Field around the inside of the park that will make people not go inside, for who knows what reason.

And inside... Lancer was now tearing the place of, making as much noise as possible. Half Attention Grabbing.. Half Stress Release.
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With my work all done all there is to do is scouting. But first...

"...Saber, we need disguises."


"I'm saying...go wear that black raincoat along with that coat right there and keep your hood down, try to minimize mana output."


Well...I do feel something in the air, like someone is waiting to attack them with no care... But we'll scout around the neighborhood. If we don't find anything then... I guess that's it, no attacking for the night.


After a while, Saber and I are wearing disguises. Not like they are much, all I'm doing is wearing a hood to cover my head. With the lighting, other masters won't be able to see my face...though I can't stop them from recognizing my voice.

"Ready?" I ask saber. He nods back.

"Alright... But don't use your...Noble Phantasm? Is that the word? We don't need masters knowing your identity this early in the war. But why can't you go into spirit form?"

"'s a long story... But I can try."

Saber tries to astralized...but that fails.

"Huh...Looks like you can't. It's because of my summoning, isn't it?"

"Yep. The summoning was butchered, so a couple of things screwed up in the process. One is, I can't turn into my spirit form so I'm stuck like this. Another thing is that, I'm weaker then usual since you aren't a good magus. There's a couple of other things but for now, that's all you need to know."

...Hey wait a sec, is that an insult in the line about how I'm not a good magus? I'll ask him later. For now, Saber and I head we walk, we pass the intersection.
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Rouga yawned as he walked down the road and towards the shopping district. Neon lights and night-life littered the busy street. Seimei was right. With this many people and time of day, it would provide good cover. The boy wore a rather big down-coat and jeans. Blue spectacles covered his eyes and glinted a bit in the light. On the side of the frames were small eastern magic symbols. Seimei had taught him how to enhance his vision and prevent outbreaks of his mysterious illness. The servant wouldn't tell him about what Rouga was exactly conflicted with, but it had something to do with the body and excess energies.

Carefully making his way through crowds of people, Rouga made his way to the 24-hour convenience store, 7-11. There he bought some water bottles and a few necessities. Finishing his business, the boy left the brightly lit convenience store and made his way down towards the eateries. Along the way he checked his map and noticed that there was a short cut via the park.

"Young master, heed my words. For they are true. You mustn't take the path that is easiest. For it may be have hidden depths."

Those words were scrawled upon a note inside his map. Frowning a bit at his servant's uncanny ability to somehow leave such notes, as if he sees the future, the boy stood at the entrance to the park. Taking a risk, Rouga stepped inside the premises and walked down the dark nature park. A few lamps lit here and there, the occasional couple moving on the bench or behind trees and shrubs, a drunk man sleeping on random structures, and a fountain were the only things notable.

Feeling a bit tired, Rouga took a seat on one of the benches near the fountain and took a break.

"I wonder when I'll learn how to cast a spell or craft something that'll make travel much easier..." he spoke to himself.
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"...What's going on in the park, Rider?" Ruth asked as his Servant is using what looks like binoculars to watch what's going on in the park. Both of them are currently emitting minimum amount of prana to try to avoid some of more sensitive detectors as they are waiting for the upcoming battle to start between what looks to be Lancer and one other challenger.

The Grey servant answers that Lancer is basically tearing up the park like a Berserker, which gives Ruth a deep sigh who is pretty much imagining that give him some sad thoughts.

"...Just. Keep watching then." Ruth said, which Rider nodded. They are continue watching from the top of a building.... Until Rider noticed something at one part of the park. It seem like a child sat on the fountain, if that child gets killed due to Lancer's rampage. That child's fault then, since this is a Holy Grail War.... Though Rider watches for what happen next.
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The sound of the fountain water splashing eased Rouga's mind. The boy was worried about having his identity revealed or getting caught up in a fight. He thanked the gods that the night was peaceful, albeit cold.

And then it all went to hell.

A woman's scream ripped through the air as a loud crack and boom erupted close by. Rouga jumped in his seat and looked around. He had never heard such a loud sound before. But it sounded like wood cracking. Perhaps a tree fell? If so then that scream might have been a call for help?

Getting up, Rouga looked around and found that he couldn't decide what to do. Should he check where the sound came from? Should he leave? Should he stay just in case?

"...T-the woman might need help..." he said to himself. "I-I should help her! Or at least make sure she's safe..."

Wasting no time, he made his way to the scene. Trembling.
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I sighed as Lancer stopped rampaging, after she complained it was boring. There was nothing for her to prove, nor was there any need to keep going. As much as it upset me... Though it seems the level of destruction was to the point the place could under go more damage at any second.

Though something about a Scream... There should be no one who isn't related to magic in the Park right now... I wonder if another Master showed up...
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While scouting the town, I realize that the magic energy around the park is gone... Maybe they left? I should check it out.
"Come on, let's check it out."
Saber nods, as we both run to the park...we pass by a person who was walking around at night(William)...weird, usually people aren't here at night, except for really strange people...that doesn't matter for now. What matters now, is to check out the park.
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Rouga turned the corner and saw something that made him pause for a moment.

In front of him was a scene he only read in stories. Fallen trees, destroyed pavement, wreckage, and destruction. And in the center of it all, some human in weird clothing. Rouga didn't spot the woman and thought she may have ran away. Or was... he didn't want to think anything negative.

Looking more at the mysterious and probably the perpetrator, he noticed it wasn't just clothing that was weird. A weapon was in hand as well! Could this be...

"A cosplayer...?" he said to himself.

His older sister had an obsession with cosplay and was once berated by grandfather when she wore her shrine outfit at an event.

Rouga didn't notice how long he had stood there out in the open.
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Yep. The child appeared before Lancer and standing there in sight of danger. Rider thoughted, yet his thoughts are heard by Ruth.

"Child...? What child?" Ruth asks, before he walks over and takes the binoculars. His normally squinted eyes are open at what he sees. Why is Rouga doing there...?

Rider had noted his Master's reaction. It is seem like his master knows who the boy is and base from his mind, a sickly, blind child from that Shrine where he was told to stay away from. Though there's a question in his mind, why would someone like this bystander wanders around late at night? Unless...

"Rider? How fast you can go from this roof to the park?" The giant asks in a concern tone. The grey servant crossed his arms and answer, but it'll take some time for him to do. "...Do it."

It is indeed seem like they are about be dragged into another battle...
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"Lancer. Witness." I was ... Unsure what to do as a Magus. It was weird for me, since I'd only known about the rest of the magic world for a week now... Yet it felt like it was always there... Though this seemed right...

"... I'll do it my way okay?"

"... Fine." I let Lancer do what she wanted. Innocents... I don't know what's wrong with her. The legends made her seem a lot less... Careful... I waited as listened through our connection. I knew Lancer approached the boy, a smile on her face, while keeping her staff in hand, but loosely as a sign of not being ready to attack with it.

"Hey kid. What are you doing here this late at night?"
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"I-I w..." Rouga stuttered. "P-ple..."

The words were in his head and they were traveling through his mouth, but they crumbled at the tip of his tongue. There was something terribly off about the person in front of him. She wasn't ordinary that was for sure. Feeling a sense of danger, the boy took a few shaky steps back.

The broken light stand only illuminated a little bit of the destroyed surroundings. It may have been a smiling face had it been in daylight, but with the darkness and isolated light source, the expression sent a chill down Rouga's spine. Even more so when this woman had a second ago, been destroying public property.

The boy gripped his convenience store bag.
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Lancer frowned, not sure what to do. I would want her to take care of it, but that leaves an odd conflicting feeling in my chest...

"... Come on kid. If you aren't gonna tell me, at least leave. Normally I'd have to kill you since you saw this. I'll even give you a five minute count down to leave, and if you aren't gone, I'll smash your head in." Lancer was warning him...

Idiot... She should just be glad he doesn't seem to be a Master. A Compotent Master would have sent their Servant out already.
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Rouga kept a close eye on the woman while taking a few more steps back.

"K-kill?" he stuttered to himself.

Something clicked in the boy's mind. Odd outfit, weapon, destructive power that can't logically be done by a simple girl, woman saying she'd have to kill in certain circumstances... Could she be related to the war Caster told him about?

Without thinking and by reaction, the boy said to himself, "...are you a participant in the war?"
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War... He knows about the War.

"LANCER!" I turn into the park and yell. No time for a command, those are too slow. I yell it with my own Mouth. Luckily Lancer understands. She rushes forward at the boy, thrusting her Staff straight at his head.

With a Heroic Spirits strength... This should kill the boy. He was likely another master.
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Then there's a increased prana presence in the air... And it coming fast at Lancer for interception! A invisible force-like wall rams into Lancer's side. Then between Lancer and the boy is Rider, or rather to the witnesses a blurry form of him, who seem to be surrounded by a glowing shield created from a power before it disappeared.

The Mounted Knight stares at the Servant of the Spear as the Master runs by the boy's side.

"Are you alright?" Ruth asks Rouga. This caused the Giant's status as Master to be revealed to Lancer and her Master.
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Rouga heard someone yell, and when he looked back at the woman, she was charging at him with an intent to kill. Stricken with fear, the boy raised his arms in defense and fell over on his behind. He waited for the end but then heard a loud thud, and then a familiar voice. Opening his eyes a bit, he saw a blurry figure and a towering man.

"...Rooth?" he asked in a quivering and shaky voice. He couldn't pronounce his savior's name properly.

"U-u-uaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!" Rouga screamed as he scrambled up and ran away from the scene. The fear finally took over and spread through out him. Instinct told him to run, and that's what he did. He ran back towards the fountain; leaving Ruth, his servant Rider (Not that Rouga can tell), and Lancer.
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"I see... So You have an Alliance with that boy... Two Masters already teamed up..." I spat that out, as I walked   close enough to start using magic, a small black ball on the tip of my finger. I'm best at Healing... But it didn't mean I hadn't learned a spell or two from the Tohsaka while I did the summoning so I can win the war for them.

My fingers were in the shape of a gun, and I pointed them at the man before me. He was huge... I took aim, and fired the little black ball at his head. Gandr Shot. A Spell that causes diseases. I insisted on learning it, even though they told me I seemed to be better at Alchemy rather than Curses. I put enough into this one to knock a man out. After he's out I can kill him some other way. And if he gets away, he'll have poor physical health for awhile.

It also took awhile but I managed to learn the Jewel Magecraft... Though I need to practice it a lot more. I don't own many, and neither did the Tohsaka for some reason... So I only have five jewels, and only three are completely full. Buying any would probably make me go broke... So I only use normal spells as to not turn the Jewel to Ash instead of releasing it all at once.

Off Topic. As I fired the Gandr at the giant man, I glanced over at Lancer, who had worked her way back up. I saw she was in stance to attack the Blur, taking a stance with the tip of her staff low, legs spread apart, staring straight at it... Which ever Servant that Blur was, she better kill it fast.
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William had noticed the man from earlier, and knew he had probably been recognized. After a few minutes, he turned and went after the man and the teen he was with, who was probably his Master.
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Ruth seem to anticipated this as he quickly tossed a seed toward to the Gandr. The seed grew fast within the distance to where it meets Gandr, the curse instead hits a plant and cause it to rotten, then decayed. Fallen on the ground. Meanwhile, Rider's eyes glowed again, yet nothing happened yet...

Rider's master thought on what the other master said is troubling, it is seemed that Rouga is dragged into this war as a Master. Then a silent message appeared in Ruth's mind, go after the other master is what the Grey Servant said. The giant nodded before he leaves something behind to assist in Rider's battle. More seeds, which it is glowed with Ruth's prana before it is dropped to the ground and it dug into the ruined earth. Then the Master of Rider runs off to catch up with Rouga as large wild roots grown from the surrounding ground in a wild frenzy and whips around.

It does not designed for attack, but designed to hinder people. Rider then start floating, high away from the roots. Ready for his next action since his master is out of range.
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Rouga, out of breath, leaned against a light stand near the fountain. Being cooped up for years without proper exercise like the school students and being bed-ridden due to his illness really started to take him down. He held his head and tearfully trembled at how weak he is. At how he shouldn't have joined the war if he was this weak. That if he couldn't face his enemy... and leave behind the person who saved him. Twice.

He dropped his plastic bag and took some deep breathes in.

"My predictions are correct. Young master, you have fled the fight and left behind an ally." Seimei spoke up as he parted a tree branch.

Rouga looked up at him in shock.

"Your expression tells me that you are wondering why I am here and why I was not there to help you." the Caster answered the boy's unspoken complaint. "The stars told me of tonight's events. You will not be harmed by Lancer's initial encounter. And that you will flee to safety here at this fountain."

Seimei helped the boy up and saw a giant man coming towards them.

"And so the stars move once more as there is no lie, but truth to mine eyes..." the Caster said to himself.

Rouga looked at Ruth and gulped.
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I moved back from the plants... I was right. That man is definitly a master. Though Plant Based Magic... It seems similar to Jewel Magic but with seeds... Well I don't need to catch him. Killing him would be the simpliest way to beat Rider, but unfortunatly I'm sure he is faster than me...

"Lancer! Don't hold back!"

"Like I would!" She yelled back at me, as she swung her staff around to get plants away from her, before taking aim, and throwing the staff like a Javelin at the Levitating Rider.

... Wait why did she do that!? She could've just used her Noble Phantasm! Any of them!
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After running for awhile, I finally made it. The park... I can still sense the "Dark" feeling from this park.
It is the location of the 4th holy grail war. Shirou said that his dad was a master in the 4th war. A cold-blooded killer... He tossed the grail aside, after being the winner and that caused the fire of this park.


Saber points to a person with a monkey tail throwing a staff.
"Should I attack? We're far enough that they can see us, but not close enough that they can hear."
Saber asks me... I'm the master, so of course I'll have to tell him what to do...
"...No. Stay...back. For now. Also...try to minimize mana output for now. They might sense us."
Looking around... Saber and I quietly tiptoed into a alleyway and watch.
If they start hurting civilians...then I'll attack. But I have to keep my guard up... So I forcefully open a magic circuit and look for at least, an object to use as a shield...To survive at least one hit from a
weapon would be enough; Saber can come on it.

So I grab a Trash Lid.

Structural Grasp, Start.

Analyzing the Lid... I get bunch of information all about it. Its history, composition, the making of it...All of it is not important for now.

Reinforcement, Start.

Slowly, I pour mana into it... Making it stronger, filling in the holes, etc... Afterwards, I'm done.
It's enough to stand one hit. I think it's enough.
I continue to watch on with Saber, the activities in the park. Of course, since we're in disguises...we're not recognizable, aside from Saber and his magic output, I doubt no one will recognize us. If I were to speak on the other hand...
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Rider floated through the air to avoid the staff. Eyes narrowed at why that lancer does so... Unless.

Noble Phantasm. The Mounted Knight then started moving around fast, putting his shield up. This cause him to go faster as if tricking his class skill to think the shield is his mount. That is how he rammed into Lancer earlier before the battle started.

So not only he need to dodge the upcoming attack, the grey servant also need to gather information from Lancer's Master... Not by choice though as Rider use the method that he had used on the birds on the Master. But due to the situation as there's a need to defend himself, he'll get a few instead of all that is in the Master's mind. Which it takes some time for him to do so.


It is seems true that Rouga is a Master. A Master of Caster, based on what Ruth seen the Servant's attire. Still, he need to take this gently...

"...Hello, Rouga. Never expected to see you in this situation," Ruth greeted, indeed it was a surprised to him. Still it is considering a Holy Grail War, it is a concern still.... Plus he's not sure what to start.
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Rouga looked away, his eyes looking guilty and fear stricken.

"I-I... didn't either..." was all he said.

Seimei stepped forward and put his fan towards his face. His eyes were full of both intelligence and confidence. He gave off a learned air, one of high ranking authority and great leadership.

"A Magus, and an acquaintance with the young master I presume?" he asked rhetorically. "I thank you for saving him from the Servant 'Lancer'. You look unsure of where to start, so I shall take the lead."

Seimei put his fan down and stood in a comfortable but very unguarded. "We am not your enemy, nor are you ours. I am well aware, as are you, that in this war we will inevitably have to face each other. If we survive till then that is. As of this moment, we are simply on amicable terms."

Rouga watched his servant talk and move the topic forward. Caster glanced up at the night sky for a brief moment and resumed his gaze on Ruth.

"As of this moment I am sure that your servant is engaged in battle with Lancer and her Magus. And I am very sure that at this rate, you two will sustain disadvantageous injuries. There are many powers at work tonight and the chances of survival is fair on every side, but are constantly at a shift. The young master may not look capable, but he is a brave man and one who does not return debt with backstabbing. We will help you fend off Lancer on a mutual agreement that we leave tonight as we were today, and not as enemies." Seimei fanned himself while keeping an eye on Ruth.

The boy instantly knew what Seimei was up to. Ruth may seem to have a choice, but he is clearly at a disadvantage.

Ruth does not know about Seimei's divination powers. Nor does he know about how deceptively good the Caster is at lacing his words with honey. Right now, Seimei is subtly pressuring Ruth. The giant Magus is alone in front of a servant who has an unknown ability, Noble Phantasm, parameter, and all sorts of hidden agendas. Not to mention the fact the servant knows of events that took place, but he was not present in (Ruth saving Rouga, and about Lancer) Although it bothered the Magus, Rouga had no other idea or words to negotiate with Ruth.

All he felt was guilty for running.

*All Seimei is saying is: Let's team up for tonight and part ways friendly.
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Lancer waited, as her staff... Kept going. And going. It seemed that was it. She hadn't done anything else. Why hasn't she done anything!? Hell she's a Master of Chinese Martial Arts! She could at least go up there and fight! Jump!

"LANCER DO SOMETHING!" God... This is horrible... She threw away her staff instead of using her Noble Phantasm, and won't even move...
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And Caster's words works on Ruth as he thought about it. Originally they were intending to watch the battle between knight classes, only that prediction turned out to be wrong... Unless you count the knight within Mounted Knight.

Still, he can't say no to Rouga's servant due to all of his points. None at all. Especially with the concern of Caster's Master comes to question.

"Very well, then." Potential lie or no, Ruth agreed with Caster's suggestion of temporary alliance for tonight. "I agree to this alliance."


Lancer didn't seem to move. What is she up to, Rider thought as he kept himself moving. It seem tempting to ram into either Lancer or her master, but he need to play safe. Especially he's still reading bit by bit of the Master's mind. Just to be sure to keep Lancer bus, the grey servant held his hand out along the ground, the rubble resulted of the rampage along Rider's path are levitated and follow the Servant.

Then he made a throwing motion at Lancer and her Master, the debris went flying at Lancer and her Master with the controller's expectation of Lancer react to defend.

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Caster smiled gently and nodded. "Now then, shall we return to the battle?" Seimei walked towards the fight, muttering an incantation to himself.

Rouga followed behind but stayed a little ways back to speak with Ruth. Albeit a little shaken.

"...Um, Ruth... I'm really sorry for running. If... if you ever run into my family again, please  don't tell them anything about me. Please..." he asked. He didn't want to worry his family getting involved.

The boy's eyes swam awkwardly as he tried to make conversation.

"I-I practiced some magic that S- I mean Caster taught me. It isn't strong or anything... and I don't know if I'll be reliable, but he said its pretty versatile." he pulled out a piece of folded paper and started fidgeting with it. Occassionaly mumbling to himself about what step came next.
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... At me. That Rider... Made rocks or something fly at me... Normally I'd have Lancer defend me but... Well I didn't have to say anything. It seems Lancer had avoided the ones sent at her, grabbed me, and pulled me away... And kept moving to the edge of the park.

"... Master. Would you say this Park is about the size of a Fortress?"

"Huh? Well uh... I guess?"

As soon as I answered that, I saw Lancer smile. Oh. I get it now... Her Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm. She had refused to give me details, but I knew she had one. But if it didn't use her staff... What did it use?
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"It is alright." Ruth respond to both Rouga's concerns, before gave him a assuring smile. Couldn't say anything more as not to interrupt Caster's casting and what the boy is doing. This is a fragile operation after all.

He took out some seeds all filled with prana, all prepared for when needed in timing and defending. Despite Rouga's claims of not strong or reliability in his newly gained magic, the giant will be the judge of that to see the Eastern magecraft in action. Especially since the boy is taught by a Heroic Spirit.

Although the giant all had to hope that the boy will need to survive this war.

Back on track to avoid wandering his mind off, Ruth send a mental message to Rider through the servant's ability. To noted the grey servant that there's a team up between him and Caster for this night. It is obvious to say that Caster is going to be in as Support for Rider.


Rider heard the message from his master about the team up as he saw Lancer and her Master seem to run away. Whatever that be... It'll be something big for a Noble Phantasm. He cuts off the mind reading on Lancer's master, he only gotten a key information about the servant and two details about her master.

He mentally sort the bits of information out as he stops levitating the rocks and focus his energy on defense and speed. He may need it to outrun the coming attack as he send the message back to his Master, along with a warning. Information of the Noble Phantasm and safety of his Master takes priority than the information of the other master.


Ruth felt the message return.

"Rider said... Ruyi Jingu Bang and be careful?" He voiced what Rider said, loud enough for Rouga and Caster can hear. Information Sharing is needed in this cooperation, especially what the name of the noble phantasm is a definite tell of what they may going up against.
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Saber and I continue to watch...It seems like a rock is thrown at who I think is Lancer's Master who then fled to the end of the park...
"Master...Should we attack?"
Saber asks me.
"No...not just yet."
Looking around, there's 3 exits.
The one ahead of us.
And two exits on the right and left side... Still. If a master with his/her servant were to come, I'd need to be ready.
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Rouga nodded a little confused and gave his servant the order to start the support.

"Ruth, Caster is going to provide cover with a paper storm!" he spoke panting from trying to keep up.

Seimei stopped a little ways before the battleground and moved both his hands in front of him. Chanting, he quickly pulled out small paper cut outs, no bigger than a coin, and moved each arm in a circular motion; finishing by clasping his palms together, he ended his chant.

Bringing his fingers to his mouth, he blew softly at the papers and whispered, "Fuuraibou."

The paper quickly spun around and multiplied in the air; growing exponentially larger and with volume. It suddenly parted into two and darted off between the trees, gaining distance from Caster.

From two separate ends of the park, the paper storm shot itself into the fray where Rider and Lancer were fighting. As it got closer to its target, Lancer and her Master, the papers straightened out as if they were thin, sharp blades.

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Before I noticed, Lancer had moved us again, trying to get away from what looks like paper... Oh no... I can already see it. She's hurt. Several of those already stabbed her... She should be faster than this... Is it cause she defending me?

"Master!" Her call... She wants to use it now... Fine. My Servant needs to survive and win after all!

"Go Ahead Lancer!" I shout it. As loud as I can.

"The Staff That Holds The Heaven's..." She muttered. Staff...? She threw her staff didn't she? Before I can ponder more, she points up into the sky... Where she threw it earlier. It never came back down did it?

"RUYI JINGU BANG!" Ah... I see. It's level of destruction has varying levels. I knew she had a stronger Noble Phantasm, and that it involved her staff like the Anti-Unit one... But it just uses a higher level of power. If the other is the Gold Banded Staff... Ah it already registered in my head. The Stats of this Noble Phantasm... Ruyi Jingu Bang: The Staff That Holds The Heaven's... The A+ Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm...

It comes from above. It only a few seconds, the Staff that had been hurled into the air grew, and slammed towards the ground with immense speed. It's target area... Is the whole Park except for the very Edges. The pillar of Red seems to go up infinitly... Dear god...

... Did it kill them though...? I mean, Lancer and I... We are right next to this thing. I could reach out and touch it. So... All those who were crushed under it... Are they...

"Master... I'm tired... That one takes... A lot at once... I'm not in danger of disappearing... But need a rest..."

"... Of course Lancer..." She lets me down, and I stare at her, as she touchs her staff, which shrinks in less than a second, almost instantly, into her hand, normal quarter staff size. She flattened most of the park... But did she get Rider's Group? ... I also wonder... Can she make that staff even bigger?
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William was about to turn the corner into the alley after his 'charges' when the staff landed. He stared at it, for it was impossible not to see. "Looks like Sun's at it again..." he muttered.
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Within that short period of time, Rider acts out for escape. First is picking up his allies, which he focus his power on speed to reach Ruth and the other Master and Servant Pair (Rouga and Caster) and make their escape out of attack.

Just as he pass by the team, the grey servant picks them up with levitation and they would float follow him in the same speed he's in. Then they are flying out to the outside edge of the park, where Rider estimate that they would be out of range.

It is fortunate that they somewhere near the edge of the park and not deeper in, but... He definitely need more speed boost to ensure their safety entirely without the requirement of the Command Spell. Otherwise... Crushed limbs if he morbidly thought pending on their luck.

That Caster would better have something to boost their speed.
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Rouga looked shocked and in awe at how his body floated and how fast they were going. Then he saw the humongous thing in the sky and screamed.


Seimei held out a piece of paper and placed it on his lips. Blowing out softly on the paper, it disappeared in to the air. A split second later, the paper flurry surrounded the team as it pushed Rider with the force of godwind. They pushed and half-carried all the way to the end of the park. The papers were all crushed, save a few shreds, by the attack a moment later.

"You have done well. Rest." Caster commented as the remaining papers blew lifelessly in the wind.
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"... Master... May we run?" I normally would be opposed to that... But they just dodged Lancer's strongest attack. Sure it was only because good conditions but still...

"... Yeah." For once... We are in total agreement. It's a waste to have already revealed all Lancer's Phantasm's but I don't think we will escape on the ground... That Rider seems to be able to fly... So... Lancer's boots seemed to glow for a second, as she picked me up... And jumped into the air, jumping off the air itself various times, as fast as she could.

We didn't look back to check if Rider or Caster are chasing. Lancer is the fastest after all... Though I have to use Magic on myself constantly right now to alleviate some pain in my lungs, since we are to the point of...

"... Lancer are you... Jumping off Air And Clouds?"

"Yep! Isn't it cool Master? It's a Phantasm I got from stealing from a Dragon. The Cloud Walking Boots! They work on air but best on Clouds. I don't think Rider can follow us up here!" Despite being tired she can still do this much... Servants are amazing...

"... I can barely breathe... Up here... It hurts..."

"Ah! Please bear with it Master!" This was a waste... Now all but one Noble Phantasm has been seen by them... And it's the one Berserker's Master saw... I also wish Lancer wouldn't wrap her tail around my leg...
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Once out of range from the attack and intact. Rider let his Master, Caster, and the boy land on the ground before he follows.

Ruth looks back to see the large pillar red pillar that crushed the park. If the Giant hadn't figure out earlier from the name of the Noble Phantasm, he sure does now as what Rider had fought is Sun Wukong, the Monkey King... And for that the Master of Rider sensed Lancer and her Master escape, too far for Rider to chase.

He looks at Caster and Rouga with appreciation, "Thank you for your help tonight."
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I sense as if there's still energy nearby...but after that weird attack, Saber and I ran out of the alleyway and look around, still in our disguises.
No civilians hurt...but the park is wrecked...
... Is the energy other than the park? I look around in the open... and I see that same man who I ran by, across us...about 100 meters? *William*

"...Master, I think this is the same guy I met in the park."

...looks like we can either run or fight...


I look at my hand...3 command spells.

"Looks like... we should run while we still can!"

Saber and I run towards the opposite direction.
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William just kinda blinked at the little scene from the Master and Servant. "What just happened?"
"I have no clue, William..." Achilles replied.
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Seimei nodded and pulled out his fan.

"I also must thank you for and your servant for pulling us to safety." he bowed his head slightly and fanned himself lightly. "Yes, had we not worked together there would have been quite the damage done. Perhaps, even death."

Rouga nodded and looked at his servant. What Seimei had said did come true. If the both of them had left the park and Ruth, they'd be in critical danger. But because they stayed to help, both parties got information on the enemy and avoided any unnecessary damage. The boy then noticed his servant take a glance up at the night sky before resuming his gaze on the allies.

"Ah, it seems it was not just us who were participating in tonight's events." he chuckled. "I suggest you two head on home as we too are also heading out of here. I'd rather not remain, who knows... 'scavengers' looking for 'morsels' might just appear. Scurrying along trying not to look suspicious."

Rouga paused for a moment before stretching his hand out at Ruth.

"Um... I know this'll sound weird... since we'll be fighting against each other, but... good luck Ruth!" he shakily said, arm outstretched to shake.
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*Meanwhile in a church...*
The overseer received a call minutes ago that the park was destroyed through the use of a noble phantasm from an unknown source.
Once again, there is property damage in this city again. Last night it wasn't much of a problem, but a destroyed park?
The reason the park was destroyed due to servants fighting...he has to yet, create a reasonable reason as to why there's damage.
Elephants escaped the zoo and went apeshit on the park.
A reasonable which most people won't question. Now to make it believable... He would need to have broken the locks on the cages so people will believe.
And somehow, he does.just that. He didn't do it. His "sources" did. What sources? He can't say, it's private.
And so, this is the typical day of the overseer during the war.


Saber and I arrived home.
"So...that was a battle between servants?"
"Yeah. We still haven't been in one yet...We could've fought that master you ran away from!"
"I can't kill another master! I'll go through this war with no causalities at all! Even if I die, as long as I save another person's life, I don't care."
I head towards my room. Guess it's time to sleep.
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Ruth nodded at what Caster is hinting, before he looks at the Master of Caster. He smiles as he shook hands with Rouga. "You as well."

Then Rider looks at Caster, since he basically saved them while gained information. All he can do is give a simple acknowledgement.

Once the hands are let go, Ruth said. "Well. Time to part. See you later." He gave a farewell and then the Master and Servant of Rider go to part ways with  the Master and Servant of Caster on friendly terms like their temporary alliance had dictated. This is the time where they call a night and prepare for the next day.
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Eventually Lancer brought me home... I have learned I don't like being in the air...

"... Lancer... I'm going to bed..."

"Very well Master." She astralizes... As I go... Great Sage who Equals the Heaven's... Needs more practice with people who live below them.
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Rouga watched Ruth and Rider go. Feeling sleepy he accidentally fell over, only to land on something soft.

"Let us return home young master. Tomorrow will be a busy day." Seimei pat the boy's head and ordered his shiki to take them home.

The boy looked down and saw he was on top of a monster. A big four-legged monster with fur here and their.

Needless to say, the boy fainted on the trip home.

"...Ruth, and his servant..." Seimei spoke to himself as he tried to remember about Rider. Only to find his memory slowly draining.
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I fall to sleep...another busy day, yet we haven't even battle a single servant yet.

Once again, I've seen a knight in armor...What I'm seeing right now is a hill of swords...
Knights in the distance fighting.
The knight that stands on the hill...watching the distance with a sword in his hand.
That sword is marvelous... Is it...his Noble Phantasm...? There is also a sheath by his's color scheme is blue and golden.
Of course, a glorious sword like that would require a similar glorious scabbard to hold it.
Fascinated by the sword...The Scabbard...All the details...



4th day

I wake up.


That dream...Was that Saber's memory?!
Oh well...Better get to school. I stand up...and stand up. Saber isn't in my room. Strange. I head towards the kitchen.

"Good morning Master."

"Hi Saber."

Wait a sec... I look back on the kitchen table I see Saber drinking tea in a sitting position...

"...What are you doing here early?"

I ask Saber...he takes a sip from his coffee before answering me.

"I'm just up early."

What a nice response. I start cooking my breakfast.

"Well I'm off to school today. It's Thursday. You know what to do?"

"Yeah. Just do what I do yesterday, and inform you on anything that suspicious."

Alright. Still...I find it strange that Saber would wake up this early... maybe it was because of a dream? I'll figure the rest later.
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I didn't bother getting out of bed... I feel so lazy right now...

"Lancer... Can you get me some food...?" I know a Servant's name shouldn't be taken literally, but I don't wanna get up...

"... Fine fine. Though Master... Do you dye your hair? Or wear Contacts?" She appears while asking that... Do I dye my hair?...

"Of course not? Why would you ask that?"

"No reason." I watch Lancer walk off, waiting a couple minutes... Before bolting out of bed. I almost forgot... Lancer Can't Cook Worth Shit!
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Luciel was sleeping soundly inside her basement, having spent most of the night prepping some of her most advanced spells for easy access.. after all if she was going to be going head to head with a servant tonight.. she was going to need to be at her best.
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Saber and I leaves the house. I notice that I use "Saber and I" in my inner monologues often... Off topic.
Anyways...once again, we split off at the fork and Saber head towards the park. while I head towards school. I'm early this time, about 45 mins early... So I decide to head on the roof of the school and look out again.
So if yesterday was the activation of a Noble Phantasm... Noble Phantasms are dangerous. I didn't sense any civilians near the park but... That could've hurt innocents. I will not let that happen. I stand on the roof, looking over the city while thinking of what has happened so far.


Saber waits in the same bench he was yesterday. On the "Television", that electronic talking box that people who aren't mages use to watch moving pictures. No news about the park yet... though people who walk past it takes a glance at the ruined landscape.
Who knows there are actually entertaining reality shows on this Television? He spent last night watching not only reality shows, but animes...Joy.
So...if what I had seen last night was INDEED a Staff... Then that was Lancer's Noble Phantasm. I wanted to fight a servant last night but... Master is currently keeping me restrained. I've looked into his memories...No wonder he's like this...
Saber pounders in the park, wearing his casual clothes.
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Rouga woke up in the afternoon. He laid groggily in his bed and remembered last night. He couldn't remember Ruth's servant too well. The boy felt guilty that he would eventually fight against others. That he would eventually have to hurt or kill someone. That he might eventually die in the war...

Turning in his bed his eyes met with someone's knees. Rouga rolled out of bed and slid all the way to the opposite side of the room and stared at the person who sat beside him while he was sleeping. His glasses slid a little bit down.

"Human, I've been sitting here all day waiting for you to wake up so I can check your health. And the first thing you do is scurry off as if I was a serial killer. How rude."

A rather beautiful woman got up, carrying an old and adorned medicine box, and walked towards the boy. She was dressed in a very old style of kimono that doctors and nurses wore way back in the past. Her hair was bundled up with kanzashi, yet she had her bangs fall parted to the side. Slightly obscuring her left eye.

The door opened and Seimei walked inside with a food tray. "Ah, young master. You have awoken. Let Chiyu look at your body."

Caster placed the food down and sat while he waited for his shiki to finish looking over the boy.

Rouga felt awkward having her look at his body, but she took her time looking at his face. The boy was bright as a tomato.

Chiyu finished and faced her master, Seimei, and explained about Rouga's health. "Master Seimei, this child has an abnormal flow of magic in and around his eyes. To be specific, he has all the average amounts of magic a human should have, but most of it is located in his head. I believe this to be the reason he has been suffering from bouts of blindness."

Seimei sat quietly and then spoke, "So my suspicions have been confirmed. Young master, those glasses keep your flow of magic stable. I implore you never to remove them. If you must, keep them on you."

Rouga nodded and adjusted his glasses. He didn't know what was going on. His eyes... were they so bad he needed to keep his glasses on? If he took them off he would...

Seimei and Chiyu began to talk in a mysterious language. It was Japanese, but very archaic. Not having much to do, Rouga ate his brunch.
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Meanwhile, Rider is doing some research while his Master is resting during the morning. He is seem to be typing on something on the hotel's computer with great ease. Searching for information about Lancer's True Identity's abilities and other Noble Phantasms, not the most ideal to find information on what these humans called "Internet". It is enough to give the grey servant some general ideas of what the Monkey King could do.

If the information on the net is right... What Rider saw and read so far is Lancer's staff, Ry Jīn Gū Bng - The Golden-Banded Staff. A staff given to Sun Wukong by her master back in her original life, with the ability to change length and size notably. Obviously in the form of a Anti-Fortress attack, along with the fact it is definitely too heave for any normal person to lift due to the staff have the weight of 8.1 tons. Strong hint of high rank Strength if Rider can speculate.

Then there's other probable noble phantasms, one known as  "Cloud-Stepping Boots", "Phoenix-Feather Cap", "Golden Chainmail", and "Magical Headband". Though information about the headband seems promising based on the brief inscription, something to give them a advantage over the Monkey King. Unfortunately, there's no information about the special incantation... Except if Rider goes to mind read from Lancer's mind.

...It is amazing how humanity created this sort of technology, Rider thought. Especially how amusing their interpretation on the Heroic Spirits from the Throne of Heroes.

For example, someone created some character loosely based on the Monkey King named "Son Goku" in some old "anime" back in the dawn of the 21st Century called "Dragon Ball Z"? Very amusing...
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Being early today, I look around the school, seeing if there's anyone asking for help...and there is.

"Hello Emiya! The AC is broken again and we need someone to fix it...think you can fix it?"

"Sure! But...You have to leave the room."

"Huh? Ok then..."

So the AC broke again...
Structural Grasp, Start.
Forcing open my magic circuits, I anaylze the broken AC...and it's creation concept, basic structure, composition, production technique, growth experience, and accumulated years all appear in my head. That's all unimportant...the important part is the basic structure, and if there's something wrong with it.
So...the gist of it, what has happen is that there's a broken part of the AC which has worn itself out...
Stopping the structural grasp, I open the door.

"I'd need some money to buy a replacement part for the AC. That's it. Then I'll replace it."

Seeing as I have an hour...the store isn't really that far, no need to rush.

"Hm...You have the ask the principal about it."

Nodding, I head towards the principal office.


After a while of taking, looks like I have 45 minuets left before school starts. I have enough money to buy the replacement part, and only one. I leave school with a off campus pass and head towards the hardware store.


Saber meanwhiles, is reading a manga, showing deep interests.

"Hm...this "Literature" is rare back then... While in the modern times, they have literature all over the place... interesting... Especially these "mangas"..."
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Rouga walked around the small interior garden inside their defensive base thing that Seimei created deep within the forest of the outskirts of town; Bummed out by the fact that Seimei explained to him why he periodically became blind. It seemed that something in the body that allows a mage to use magic got messed up in his body. Specifically, the boy's head has a lot of magic being produced where as the rest of his body has less than average. Or something like that. And because of this, excess magic builds inside his head until he goes blind. How this happens he didn't understand at all. Halfway through Seimei's explanation, the boy's mind went blank from all of the sudden information.

Seimei also told him that large amounts of negativity or emotional outbursts also cause the magic to do something to his eyes. That would somewhat explain why he went blind that day he met Ruth. He really didn't want to fight Ruth. Fight anyone for that matter.

Rouga watched a drop of water slide down a leaf. The droplet hit the ground. At the same time, the boy suddenly got an idea. A way for Ruth and himself to never meet during the war!

Running down the corridor, he opened Seimei's room door.

"Seimei! Seimei! Can you use your clairvoyance to show me where Ruth-"

"No." Seimei interrupted. He had been writing on a scroll when the boy barged in. Without turning and continuing with his work, the servant began to explain.

"Young Master, you wish to know the positions of the other masters and servants correct?" Seimei asked as he continued. "Then my answer is no. My clairvoyance is not almighty. I am not able to know exact positions nor full details of coming events."

Rouga remained silent.

"My clairvoyance is simply divining through the use of the stars in the night sky. Meaning I can only see the future on a clear night. It cannot be raining, cloudy, or foggy. Nor can it be daytime or evening. I can only see major and important points when seeing the future, and the event must be centered around us. For an example, yesterday night I divined that you will be attacked. That Ruth will save you, and that Ruth will be heavily wounded if he fights without support from us, and that we will be defeated indirectly from Lancer's attack. However, I was not able to see what method I used to help Ruth and his servant, nor the actual attack that Lancer used. I am not able to see confrontations with others that have nothing to do with us. I was also unable to see anything about the other masters and servants nearby until after our confrontation." the aged servant explained; still focused on his work.

The boy started to look gloomed out.

"If you wanted to know, had we stayed there, we would have encountered another master and be soundly defeated. You would have had your legs dismembered and die from blood loss."

Rouga looked pale at the thought.

"Simply put, I can only divine on clear nights. What I see is important points without any smaller details that lead up to it, and it must have something to do with us. Not anyone else. Tonight, the night sky will be covered in clouds. I assure you that we should not go out. You may if you wish, but understand of the dangers and risks you will be taking."

The boy sat down and began to think about tonight's actions...
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I finished tiredly cooking. Lancer had been upset that I wouldn't let her try and finish hers but... Well there was a lump of Charcol sitting on another pan ready to be thrown away since the Pan now has no handle.

"... This is a pain..." And I failed to defeat the Servants last night... Berserker's Master was still running around... I wasted a Command Seal... This was all going wrong.

"... Maybe I should have gone to school."
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Returning to school, I've picked up the supplies I needed.
After a while, I've fixed the AC.
"Ah...thanks Emiya! We don't know what we would do without you but you know, the school still have budgets cuts."
I nod and head towards class.
Today was yet another regular day...I head to the park,before picking up Saber.
"Anything you got today, Master?"
I see...nothing.
"Let's fight a servant today, Master. We haven't even fought a master and servant in these past days..."
I a knight, he wants to fight. Instead of doing anything, all we've been doing is watching fights by the sidelines...
"Alright Saber... We'll go patrolling earlier this time."
The time right now is about 5: 00 PM
If I could finish my homework earlier and eat some dinner, Saber and I could go patrol at 6: 30...
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"The world is so big, I don't want to stay cooped up in there. Its not like I'll be attacked if I keep to myself." Rouga thought to himself as he walked over a tree root. The boy had snuck out while his servant was busy with his long meditation. A small shoulder bag dangled off of his body. Passing another tree and into a dirt road, the master looked down towards the city. The evening sky was slightly cloudy. The chill air stung a bit on his skin, but the boy pressed on and into the city once more.

Passing by people after people, he listened in on their conversations. The price of fuel, what produce was cheap, melancholies of day to day lives, an elephant destroying a park yesterday night, etc. Rouga looked up at a street clock that read 6:15pm. Taking in a deep breath, the boy walked along in a different direction from the park. This time, he was heading to the more... industrial part of town. He looked around at the bare structures and various metal materials. It interested him greatly about what these would turn into.

Rouga was too busy looking around in awe to notice that he had been alone for quite sometime and had gone deep into a construction zone. If there was a security guard around, he might be arrested for trespassing and for being suspicious by looking around and tightly gripping his bag.
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Night have fallen and Rider and Ruth sets out. This time the Master of Rider plans to head to one of the leylines to check on them tonight. Particularly either the ones by the church or the manors where the founding families are located. And considering that as much as he want to avoid them, especially with the regulations of the War and the knowledge that both Tohsakas and Matous have a guaranteed slot into the war.

So out of the two choices, he choose to visit the Church in the far eastern parts of the city... or rather, go near the Church as much as possible to avoid breaking the rules and avoid entering it to notified the Supervisor. So with caution, they go on foot while emitting little mana as possible from the hotel to the Church grounds.

Meanwhile as the astralized servant follows, Rider goes over his mental reports of the day. His double agents in form of birds at the designated time have no new knowledge about their Master's hand at the moment, except the knowledge of Lancer's True Identity is in existence. In the end, no new information to gain or give.
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I patrolled again, near the park, seeing our destruction.

"... Lancer, we might wanna tone it down. A lot of our stuff is obvious now."

"... Yeeeah."
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Post by: Akuma Killer on August 05, 2013, 02:00:58 AM
Well...finished with the homework, Saber and I decide to head out early. Preparing... I put on a hoodie while Saber just puts on his hood.
I lock the door and set up the basic boundary field around my house.
"Alright... Let's head out to the park again, saber."
Saber nods, and we both head towards the park.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on August 10, 2013, 02:16:46 AM
Archer was out on patrol, luciel following her in astral form to keep there set up convincing. " remember, if someone says archer they are refering to me.. as far as anyone besides our partners aware.. you're just cynthia woods. " luciel said, using her link through the seals to communicate.. all Cynthia did was nod meekly and continue walking casually around the area of last nights destruction, a somewhat convensing command seal tattoo'd on her forhead to bait out there pray.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on August 10, 2013, 08:41:38 AM
Rouga walked out of the police box exhausted. He had gotten lost while exploring and was found by a security personnel, who took him down to the nearby police box to be questioned. Luckily, the boy managed to convince the policeman that he had taken the wrong turn and ended up in the construction zone.

Walking back towards his home, he took a more shorter route (via map) and came out of an empty alleyway. Just before stepping out of the alleyway, Rouga noticed three things. One was the fact he was at the park. Two was that he saw Lancer. Three was that they hadn't noticed him yet.

Quickly but quietly, Rouga stepped backwards into the alleyway and hid out of sight. He sat down behind a bunch of boxes and gripped his bag. Breaking into cold-sweat, he stayed quiet. From between the small cracks of the boxes, he watched the pair walking around.
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Saber and I arrive at the park. I see a person along with...someone with a monkey tail?
He knows what.
That person with the monkey tail is a heroic spirit.
From what Saber told me, a heroic spirit is essentially a spiritual copy of the actual thing in the throne of heroes.
And with the heroic servant up ahead...
"Saber, Ready for our first battle?"
Saber nods...before calling the servant out.
"Whatever servant are you, I command thee a duel!"
...and I forgot that Saber has knight tendencies.
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I stared at the man yelling at Lancer, who is obviously a servant... And turn tail and run. Leaving Lancer to fight.

Lancer smiled at the Servant, and spun her staff, and took her battle stance.

"I am the Servant Lancer. Tell me your Class. If you want to, we can exchange names as well." Lancer's pride was quite large, thus would definitely exchange names if told.
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...Wait, isn't the Master of Lancer running away?! Saber replies to Lancer.
"I am Servant Saber. As we are both part of the knight class, our duel will be interesting indeed... As for my name. My summoning was botch and so, some parts of my memories are lost, such as my name."
Saber materializes what seems like... a sword?
The sword is simply if there's a barrier concealing the true weapon.
Saber stands there, with his invisible sword in hand, ready to fight.
"Ready when you are."
He grips the sword with both hands, what seems like to be a normal two-handed sword stance but...the stances seems so remarkably beautiful in the night.
I look at Saber and nods as I ran after the Master, taking the long way as to not get into the incoming crossfire.
Sword vs Lance(or this case, Staff?)
The most agile class vs the most balanced class
The fight between the two knight classes will begin soon...
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After getting out of the park, I ran into the nearest alley possible, hiding behind a dumpster, covering my mouth. I'd keep running but last time I passed out... So... This is my best option.

Lancer slowly moved forward, her grip on the staff somewhat loose, while the other arm had it tight, ready to make a thrust at anytime. She did figure it was an odd stroke of luck though. So far Three Servants, maybe four if more where hidden, had seen her Phantasm's, and Saber wasn't one of them.

Without another word, she dashed forward as fast as possible, thrusting her staff not at Saber's Head or Chest... But at his right wrist.
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Saber sidesteps.
He knew that someone would strike at his wrists in order to weaken him...
I feel uneasy about this servant...
Saber has only one plan in mind: Fight Lancer but stay within his Master's view.
Who knows what would happen in this fight? Besides... Saber is weaker then usual due to the botched summoning.
Saber swings his sword at Lancer, attempting to push her back a little while also slowly backing away in the direction of where Lancer's Master is.
I stop on the sidewalk, a good distance away. I look back to see Lancer and Saber fights, both clashing their weapons faster then the human eye can see.
I look around again...
"Where could that master be..."
I've seen what that servant did to the park, luckily there was no civilians.
I have to stop this master from causing more destruction. No more civilians should be hurt, no matter the cost.
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Instead of blocking Lancer seemed to actually moved past the sword, swinging her staff sideways to smash it at Saber, at high speeds. It seemed that her true fighting style with her staff was coming forth. Not a strategy of distance or complete skill. The skill needed was minimal, and instead the style was mostly speed and power, to smash into her enemies with a non-stop attack rush.

Though this is not always something that'd work.

This place... Smells... I lean out from behind the dumpster, feeling like I'm going to vomit. Lucky my casual clothes are dark, and I decided to wear bandages over my hands... But still... That doesn't help aside from hiding...
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Saber blocks the strike using his sword. This person lacked strategy or skil...instead, she focused on speed and power.
As for Saber...he relies on his instincts and his swordsmanship.
The Saber class is known as the "Most Outstanding" Class.
Therefore, for Saber, this battle shouldn't be any problems for the Saber class.
But...This person's strikes was simply faster then him.
Saber's skill can't match someone's speed in one's strikes. So he must rely on his instincts in this battle. If they prove to be wrong well... He's just not going to take that chance.
Saber swings his weapon with fury.
As his weapon is invisible, no one can see the range of the sword.
If swinging his weapon around doesn't work, then Saber has another idea...


I looked inside another alleyway.
"...Nope. That person is still not here..."
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I don't hear anything... I leave the alley and feel... Like... Oh god...

While Kuromi was busy vomiting, Lancer kept up her battle, suddenly defending instead of keeping up her attack, and moving back a  bit, before switching to skill rather than speed, as if she was intentionally switching back and forth, as she made many rapid thrusts, aimed specifically aimed at Saber's Wrists, Ankles, Throat, Eyes, Bridge of His Nose, Both Sides of his Collar Bone, Sternum, and Center of his Pelvis.

And without caring if any connected, let go of her weapon during the last thrusts impact into him, the air, or his weapon, and spun around, going low at his legs with a reverse sweep kick to knock him over.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on August 18, 2013, 04:13:25 AM
Blocking all the attacks, Saber kept a calm expression till now.
The enemy's fighting style changed throughout the fight... Who is this person?
While his instincts would've avoided the attack... His sense were confused. What should he do?
Should he defend?
Or should he attack?
But it was too late. Saber was caught off guard with the sweep kick. He fell down on the hard concrete... for a regular human, this would've been painful.
But for a servant in a fight? ... A fatal opening.
Whatever happens next for sure, Saber hopes to avoid...if there's a way to avoid the next attack, he'll take his chance to avoid it.


...I heard someone vomit. I decide to follow the sound of someone hurling chunks... But not before picking up a trashlid and quickly reinforcing it.
This person is a magus... I need to be prepared.
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Meanwhile in another area. Ruth and Rider arrived at their destination, near the area of the church grounds... Well. As close as they can be without breaking the rules that involved Church Grounds are Neutral Grounds and as well away from public eyes, which night time indeed help with this. Either way, it works fine with Ruth as he needs to check this area's leyline to find anything wrong with it. Now according to the elder, there was a tremor in area where the church currently that may indicate a hint of something going on underground.

"You know the plan Rider, yes?" Ruth said to his servant, which Rider nodded. The plan is to keep watch and alert if anyone got close. Then the giant place his hands on the ground and expand his senses through the earth... Searching for anomalies as per procedure.
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There were several types of Chinese Martial Arts, and so far Lancer had mastered most of them. Which means she had many styles she could switch between, to throw off her rhythm. Though the aggressive one was preferred by her, she knew to switch.

So Lancer moved backwards, and spun her staff, bringing the head down forcefully at the Fallen Saber's Torso.

I wipe my mouth, feeling sick. God that was horrible...

"I just wanted to talk a walk..." I mutter out loud. It's a lie, but if that Master is near, it'll be the best I got...
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Rouga quietly moved around the alleyways. He had watched the confrontation from his hiding spot. He knew of Lancer, but not Saber. He took note of their details and appearance. Especially anything unique and distinguishable. While watching, he saw Lancer's master take off towards a different alleyway. Seeing as this may be a chance, the boy quietly retreated back in to his alleyway and made his way towards Lancer's master.

He fished through his bag for a small hand sized piece of parchment. Placing one hand on the paper, he brought his other hand to his mouth and bit his finger. A drop of blood landed on the parchment and it seeped into the paper. A map of what looked to be the alleyway began to form. The blood reached the ends of the pages and that was when Rouga took off.

'Take a right, a left, straight ahead and...' he thought to himself as he frequently looked at his map. He eyed a small dot that was moving in pace with himself. He followed the path towards a stationary dot. The name above it read, 'Lancer's Master'

Just before the final turn, he slowed down and quietly peeked the corner. There definitely was someone hunched over. He pulled out a piece of folded paper from his jacket's pocket and put it to his lips. He calmly breathed out on to it and it came to life. Taking on a shape of a small bird, it silently flew towards the figure from above and slowly descended down. Making sure it would have troubles being seen, Rouga controlled his paper servant to descend within the shadows.

From the 'eyes' on the paper bird, Rouga saw what it saw through his glasses. It definitely was the master from the park. When Lancer's master moved out of the alleyway and started vomiting, Rouga took this as a chance and let his paper servant fly out. There he saw Saber's master holding a trashlid. Should he attack and take one out? No, it would be far too dangerous. He decided to keep still and assess the situation.
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I leap out of my hiding place.
"Liar! I've seen you at the park last night... Noble Phantasm was it? It wrecked the park! Who knows if there was civilians nearby, they could've been hurt!"
Hold on a sec...I take a quick glance.
That girl I talked to school a couple days of go... She's a master. I clutch the lid and look straight at her.
I don't know what will happen next but... I'll think of something.

Saber has been in situations like this before. So of course he'll know that being on the ground, back to concrete is a horrible position to be in.
So if he doesn't reaction in the next second, he'll be injured lethally. Without hesitation, Saber rolls away and quickly stand up.
He sees the miniature crater from the attack.
Good thing I avoided that...
Thinking of a plan... He decides to go on defense for now. It isn't worth risking going on the offense when he knows so little about this servant.

What Ruth sense was...well, the leylines are perfectly normal. But... the abnormalities aren't in the ground.
It seems that there's something abnormal in the church...
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Lancer pulled back after that, and made some distance, her staffs head drooping low, as she was ready for the next exchange of blows.

I look and see that... Saber's Master... Is that Emiya kid...

"... I know you..." Though I feel oddly sick... I forgot my constitution isn't really the best... Which is why I use healing magic on myself so much...

I take a few steps towards him, before collapsing forward, a deep feeling of pain in my stomach and chest.
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Rouga watched as the two masters paused for a moment. Did the two of them know each other? Saber's master looked surprised and conflicted... On the other hand, Lancer's master looked like she was going to fall over. The boy remained quiet as he began to think over a few things. If he were Seimei, what course of action would he take?

If the two masters are indeed friends or know each other on a positive level, then they may team up like he had done with Ruth. They may even continue to pair up until the end. Lancer's Noble Phantasm is powerful and should be taken out quickly... but he didn't know about Saber, aside from the fact that the class is a powerful one. Saber's master is in good health, but Lancer's isn't.

He could use an arrow spell to make it seem like the Archer class was attacking them. Seimei would do that to lead the enemy off of their trail. That would do.

Finally making up his mind, Rouga aimed his finger at Lancer's master's fallen form and align it with Saber's masters.

"Kamikiri-Yamiuchi." he whispered as he channeled his paper servant into the form of an arrow. The paper texture began to morph into a razor sharp metal as it shot out from the shadows where Lancer's master was hiding previously. The arrow is strong enough to rip through Lancer's master and hopefully hit Saber's master.
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...Lancer's Master fell. So it is her...
Wait. Is something heading towards her?!
"Reinforcement, Start!"
Forcing open my circuits, I reinforce my legs to block the incoming attack with my makeshift shield.
It worked, but it's dented... This'll last at amount, around 10 hits or so.
What to do... I can call saber here using a command spell but I don't want to use it this early in the war... For now, I'll just wait... I'll think of something.

Saber was uneasy. The opponent's fighting style seemed to vary, so he can't reaction fast enough to adapt... He need to think of a way to get past her confusing fighting style.
Saber charges at Lancer and attempt to smash her head in with his sword.
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I heard a loud noise... The most I see right now is that guys feet... Wait... Different spot than before... I wonder... What happened?... I shouldn't have run here...
Lancer's position was one for countering, as she brought her staff up, her eyes following Saber's hands, and hit the side of the blade with her staff, to smash it aside, while making a full spin to smash her staff into Saber's head... And stopped half way, and instead jumped back, looking off in another direction.

"... Is it possible..."
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Rouga watched as his attack was deflected off of the makeshift shield. That was no ordinary trash can lid! He needed to get away quick or else he may get a servant tailing him. Taking out three more pieces of paper, he did the same technique to breathe life into them. One turned into a bird, the other a cat, and the last into a frog. He commanded his paper cat to run around the alleyways and get to an alleyway behind the two masters, and the bird to fly over top of them. He left the frog to watch the battle. Making his way through the alleyway and towards the shopping district, he watched the cat's view from his right lens, and the bird's with the left. Once he could see the two masters, he issued the order.

"Kamikiri-Yamiuchi and Kamikiri-Tenuchi."

The same arrow attack shot out from behind Saber's master; at the same time, another arrow from above to strike at Lancer's master. However, they were weaker this time around as Rouga needed to part the power into two arrows. It wouldn't kill them, but it would definitely leave them wounded.

That should bide him enough time to escape. He cut the connection with his two paper servants and his lenses resumed their normal view of running down the alleyway. His right lens fizzled a bit as it changed to match the view of the frog's. With this he could watch the battle.
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Shit...!!! Two attacks?!
Who is this... the servant Archer?!
An arrow heading towards Kuromi and I...What to do?!
I don't want to die...nor do I want a Master dead... this is stupid situation I'm in!
I Should...
1. Block the attack, but let Kuromi die
2. Block the attack, but try to block it for Kuromi.
3. ...Do nothing.
4. None of the above.
Okay this isn't a visual novel then, so the most obvious choice is...!
I avoid the arrow aiming for me... but I ran over to Kuromi while holding the lid, and attempt to block the attack with the lid.
I can't let anyone die, even if they're my enemies...!!!!!


Saber glances at Lancer... He was going to attack again but Lancer seems to be off.
"...Possible that there's someone watching us all along?"
Saber continues to keep his eye on Lancer.
This could be a diversion...
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"... That's not it... My connection to my master is weaker..." Lancer muttered, not knowing Kuromi had passed out.

"I'm sorry Saber, but I must be going. Let us meet for another duel. Perhaps here again tomorrow night." The Monkey King made that offer, before turning and running from the battle, to go find her master.
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Saber nods...and watches as Lancer left.
Saber takes a quick glance towards the end of the park...
"...Is there another servant in this area? I sense"
Saber thinks of what to do next.
Should he return to his master? He's a horrible mage but... He knows some Reinforcement magic enough to at least stall some time before Saber can arrive in time.
Or should he follow his instincts and check out the park...? He waste quite a bit of prana fighting but he can at least do one more fight before he needs more mana...and he DOES not want to do get more mana through that way.
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Ruth furrows his eyebrows and looks at the direction of the church located after he finished checking the layline. It is seem like the abnormality isn't underground in this area, but in the church itself? ...Something's not right there. He rubs his chin as he tries to recall the details about the events of the Fifth War that he read or heard about... Something about the previous supervisor...?

Rider voiced something to Ruth. That even if they want to, the fact that they are not allow to enter on neutral ground is there.

"...Troubling." Ruth scratch his chin. It seems like this particular matter is something that need to be put aside until another day for now... As he gets up and start walking away from this area.

Rider meanwhile had a idea sprouting in his head... But that's something he's need to do once they get back to the hotel. He's... Curious about this abnormality is identified as.
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A loud bang erupted from the point of impact. The arrow deflected off of Emiya's makeshift shield; it made a dent, not as big as the previous, but enough to bring a bit of shock to the arm. Two arrows lay on the ground. The other that Emiya avoided stuck in the wall.


Rouga leaned against a street light as he mingled with the busy crowd in the Shopping District. Out of breath and head down, it began to dawn on him at what he had just done. He had attacked two people with the intent of hurting them. Despite not wanting to do much in this war, he had willingly ambushed two masters. The boy's stomach began to churn unpleasantly as he began to feel some self-hate at how hypocritical he was and at how he tried to reassure himself that his actions weren't 'all too bad'. Yes, he didn't intent on killing them but he still attacked them without provocation. Yes, he did it to get information, but he pinned the blame on someone else.

As if he had ran into a pole, he suddenly remembered the moving image in his lens. He was still sight-connected with his frog servant. He was glad that the two masters weren't hurt .

Rouga got up and began to walk back to his hideout. He needed to think. Think about his actions and the consequences it'll have.

...What did he want to wish for in this war anyways?
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The loud impact is enough to wake anyone nearby. There's a dent in the trash lid but... the impact temporarily numbed my arms. I look at the arrow that almost hit me.
It's stuck to the wall.
Sheesh... That thing could've hit me. Guess I was lucky this time.
I land near the wall after the jump-in. I land on my elbows. Ow... I slowly inch the rest of myself near the wall and use the wall as a stand to stand up.
The circuits inside of me are hot. I used Reinforcement more then twice in the span of 10 minutes and I can feel the drawbacks of not being trained properly....Ugh.
I decide to walk away for now... So I know that Lancer's Master is Kuromi. And whoever attacked us was either a servant or a master... So many unanswered questions...


Saber leaves the area near the park.
"Guess it was my imagination... Ther must be no other servants."
Eventually, Saber meet up with Daisuke on the road.
"Master. I fought Lancer."
"Ah... yeah. I heard, I know of the servant's master... She goes to my school."
"Oh... We'll discuss this later. For now, let's head home but...We should be careful. We might meet another Servant tonight."
And so, Saber and Daisuke head home...taking the way they back, heading through the park.
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I slowly open my eyes, seeing the ceiling of my room. When did I get here?

"Master..." I hear Lancer. She must have brought me back.

"... Sorry Lancer. I'm not much of a Master huh?"

"No you're a great Master!"

The Monkey King is much different from Legend... I feel like I'm getting to close though. She won't last. Servant's probably disappear once the war is over.

I sigh, not sure what to do now.
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Luciel frowned from her viewpoint near the alleyway, still in astral form.. she waited far too long to make her move, after a few moments of thought she turned back to glance where the other master ran off and began following him, her servant watching from the rooftops for danger.
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Rouga walked outside of the busy town and through the residential area. He was deep in thought. There were no longer anything to watch with the frog so he reverted it back to paper. He also reverted the arrows back in to paper. The wind will probably blow them away.

Looking up, he noticed that the area around him was unfamiliar. He never seen these houses before.

Gulping, Rouga fished through his bag to look for his magical map; only to find that he had lost- no, he had used it for the frog. Suppressing an urge to scream at his clumsiness, the boy ruffled his hair in frustration. He was pretty unstable today. Seimei would definitely have a word or two to say. All he could do was make his way down and hope he would end up on a street he remembered... If only some astral being from the heavens who was watching him would lead him the way home. Like that would happen.

Walking for a few minutes, his hope was on the last straw. He was getting more lost than ever. Finally, he decided to ask for directions. But what can he say?

"Excuse me, I'm lost and would like to know the directions to the forest on the outskirts of town."

One that sounds oh so suspicious, two its vague as there are so many forests, and three he sounds like he wants to do something bad like suicide or arson.

Looking up again, he noticed he was at the door steps of a residence.

".......Emiya?" he read out loud the name on the name-plate that hung right next to the door.
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Wait... I sense something going off...
"...My bounded field went off!"
"Saber, we gotta run over to my home, quick! I think someone I don't know is near my home."
Saber nods, as we both run towards my home but...
"...Master, I sense someone in close proximity..."
I look at saber while running.
"...we'll see, if we are closer to my home and you still sense him or her, we'll attack them."
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Luciel stood there,  weaving a plan in her head as she stared at the master in front of her..  unfortunately though archer had to notice that the other master was heading this way and push her plans into overdrive... thus with only a  crude plan in mind she began her attack. " Archer, pretend to be the owner of this house and lead the boy inside while i set things up" she commanded. With a Sigh Archer astralised and did as  she was asked. reappearing on the other side of the gate and opening it. " Hello, my i help you?" she stated with a caring smile on her face.. meanwhile Luciel went further in and began working her magic throughout the house.. only taking the time to rematerialise for brief moments to set each trap..
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Saber and I arrive at my home but we see a couple of people at the front door. Damn...!!! The Bounded Field is still off! I think there's someone in the house too...
"Saber... You check out who is at my door. If they go inside, then you attack... I'll jump into the backyard...and wing it,"
Saber nods... and waits. As for me...I stare at the ledge.
With a bit of reinforcement, I could make the jump.
I walk back a bit...
"Reinforcement, Start."
I reinforced my legs... and stare at it... The next second, I run up and manage to climb up the ledge, now in my backyard.
I quickly, but quietly head towards the shed... Must be something in there I can use.


Saber watches Archer and Ryouga... He just needs to strike when they enter. He could fight now but... He should wait till they do something. If they were to look in this direction, they can't see him. The dark lighting helps conceal him.
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Rouga paused for a moment and then asked, "Um... I was just wondering if you could give me directions. I'm, uh, kind of lost. Well, not kind of, I've been roaming around for more than half an hour..."

The boy trailed off in embarrassment.

"Um... actually never mind. I-I can probably get my way back if I try more harder? Sorry to, um, waste your time?" he quickly blabbered in fluster. He was starting to panic at how dopey he must have sounded. He was very sure the owner must think he's weird.

"Uh, its not like I'm suspicious or anything! Well, walking around at this time is kind of weird... I mean, uh, sorry to bother you?!" he turned around and tried to go but his foot got caught on his shoelace and he face planted on the ground.

He stayed on the ground as his face began to get redder and redder from his absolute lameness and embarrassment.
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" oh you poor dear.. why don't you come inside and have some tea while while i make sure you didn't hurt yourself.. then we can figure out where you're going together.. won't that be nice?" Archer said with a gentle tone as she extended a hand outward to help him up.  one could give credit to her ability to act.. but in all honestly she was just being her usual kind self... after all she did need to buy time for her master.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on August 27, 2013, 09:39:04 PM
Rouga took the hand and got up.

"A-Ahahaha, th-thank you. Erm, then I'll, uh, go with what you said! My throat is kind of p-parched now that I think about it..." the boy stuttered as his face reddened some more. He really wasn't thinking straight. Not to mention the woman was very pretty. He had never had much contact with women outside his family. Well, Chiyu is a different story since she is pretty... forward.

Just before he took a step in to the house, he felt like something bad would happen. He paused for a moment and then took a deep breath in. He must be jumpy and still racy after that encounter near the park. He just needs to chill out and take it calmly. Its not like he's being tempted inside by a pretty woman and then find himself locked inside a house of horror where he has to venture through various rooms to kind a way out; all the while avoiding hellish creatures and traps.

Yeah, that stuff only happens in imagination and media.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on August 28, 2013, 12:02:47 AM
Saber waited.
And looks like now is the chance to strike!
"So someone did sneaked into my master's home...!!!!!"
Saber dashes towards the entrance and does a leaping strike at Archer.


Ah...I think I found something. A bow and arrow...? There's also a gun there but... I don't know how to use it.
I'll just reinforce the arrows and bows...
Reinforcement, Start.
Reinforcing the arrows one by one... Seeing that the person is still inside... I sneak under the windows and peak.
I won't attack just yet.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on August 28, 2013, 12:08:29 AM
Archer Ducks at the last moment with a rather convincing  screech of fright at the attack, alerting Luciel that another servant has entered the area. ' darn looks like i've run out of time... not quite as thorough as i'd have liked but it will have to do.. ' she thought before grimacing at the untouched back patio before turning back and going to archers "Aid"  in the meantime, archer just has to keep up the innocent act until she arrives.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on August 28, 2013, 12:27:19 AM
Rouga heard something from behind him. It sounded like air being cut. And then a scream! Looking behind him, the boy saw the servant from earlier attacking the house owner. He paled at the sight. Was he found out?! No, if he was then the servant should have aimed for him. Instead the target was the woman...?

Could this servant be attacking innocents?! No, maybe the master ordered it?! Either way this was bad. Don't panic. Can't panic. Shouldn't panic. Never panic. No panic. Just don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. PANIC.

"U-U-Uwaaaaaah!!" Rouga screamed as he grabbed a nearby umbrella and hurled it at the servant. He grabbed another and threw it. From the looks of it, he wasn't thinking straight at all. He left the woman behind and ran deeper into the house. He tripped on the carpet and his glasses shattered. Adrenaline rushing, fear loaded, and in a panic attack, Rouga ran for a hiding spot. He opened a hallway closet and hid in it. It was dark. He tried to keep his breathing down.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on August 28, 2013, 12:41:51 AM
I look around to see...a dart coming towards me?!
I ducked.
"The hell...?! My home is booby trapped...!!!!"
I sighed and sat down...
"No need to rush in... I don't want to do something stupid.
After all, people die if they are killed, right?"

I just need to locate the location of the booby traps... if I can scan t-That's it!
"Structural Grasp, Start."
I scan the house...


Saber knows that there's something wrong with the house, but he can't put his finger on it...
He charges forward at Archer again, this time aiming at her arms.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on August 28, 2013, 12:48:59 AM
Ryoga hears a quiet Ticking sound inside the closet with him, as the trap within was triggered upon opening the door.

Meanwhile Archer looked as the blade came at her and was about ready to summon her weapons before  a wall of  solid stone arose from the ground to try and block the attack, Luciel materialising beside her. " Hurry and get inside Master, i can't guarantee your safety should you stay. " SHe stated slightly Nervously as the stone shattered from the impact. clearly she was going to be in trouble if this lasted for too long.  Archer nodded and began to run indoors, astralising once she was out of saber's site so she could regroup to a more useful sniping point.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on August 28, 2013, 01:08:47 AM
"What is this sound? I can't see anything... it's too dark..." Rouga shuffled in the closet. "Wait... there isn't any light coming through from the other side..."

Reaching his hands above for a light inside the closet, he accidentally slipped and smacked his head on the wall. Immediately putting his hands to his face to check if his glasses were alright, the boy suddenly froze. It dawned on him that his glasses weren't on his face. Its not that light wasn't coming through the door... light can't come through his eyes. He was blind. What Seimei came back to him.

"N-no! No! NO! UWAAAH! Somebody! Anybody! What is this noise! Where's the door knob?! AHHH!" Rouga panicked inside the closet and his entire body banged inside for a way out. "CASTER!!"

"Exactly what are you doing young master?" Semei asked as he opened the closet door. He watched his master fall into his arms in a panic. "Young master. I am here. You are safe. BUT, this will warrant a lecture when we get back home for your ill-preparedness, and not heeding my warnin- And I see that you have fainted."

Seimei sighed as he looked around. A stranger's house that reeks of magic, and a different type of magic.

"Wandering about in the enemy's territory is ill-thought. However, the young master is in need of getting home. As I only have one choice, I shall... level the playing field."

Seimei reached into his sleeve and pulled out his ornate fan. With a few fast spoken chants, a gigantic demon foot materializes in front of the servant, crushing a portion of the house into the ground. After it stomps a few times in different locations, a wide and open exit is left in the form of a huge gaping gap in the house. Caster walked along as he noted the broken traps, symbols, tattered clothes, kitchen utensils and food, water puddles and broken pipes, and some more clothes.

"My, my, Shigekuni. Please do be careful. You just ruined what I presume to be the kitchen, a bedroom, and probably a closet or two." he chuckled as his eyes narrowed. His naturally calm face twisted into a silently seething glare. He placed his fan to his face to hide what would be an otherwise ugly and unruly expression.

With that, Seimei carried his master out through the hole and into the night alongside his astral demon servant.
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Saber looks at Luciel.
...Wait, Master?!
Saber ponders for a quick moment.
Master...? Who did Saber attacked then... If that person who entered Emiya's house is the Master...
Saber gives Luciel a death glare.
He swings his sword down at her.
It doesn't matter if she's a servant or not. This is an enemy that must be defeated... His master will disapprove if she is indeed a Master, but this is a opportunity he must take.

The priest gets a call.
So apparently a house is wrecked in a not so distant district... Looks like he'll have to cover up the incident.
No matters... The citizens of Fuyuki will believe in anything.
He'll just say it's a gang war with the Yazuka. And they won't know a thing.
"Time to check the basement again..."
The priest walks down the steps of the church before opening the door...
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on August 29, 2013, 10:54:03 PM
Luciel saw the attack coming and moved to dodge it, astralising her head so the blade passes through it, knowing she can't take a hit or she'll die. she then places her hand on the ground and worked her magic, sending the ground in front of her surging forwards like a tidal wave of stone and earth.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on September 02, 2013, 02:39:37 AM
Saber stayed his ground, but he was pushed back quite a distance away from Luciel.
It didn't even caused minor damage, but this is only slightly bothersome.
And by slightly bothersome, it means he's a good distance away for Luciel to escape...
"Damn... I can't let her escape!"
Saber attempts to catch up with Luciel.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on September 02, 2013, 03:13:43 AM
Luciel saw the Servant approching her and pulled a small vile out of her coat and tosses it on the ground before sending another wave of earth saber's way, no sign that it would explode violently on impact due to the compound she added to it..
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Post by: Akuma Killer on September 04, 2013, 11:27:56 PM
Saber have attempted to avoid the incoming waves of earth by leaping at the sides, but the explosion caught him off guard. Luckily, Saber managed to escape the blast radius and was instead hit of the splash damage the explosion caused.
The damage isn't anything that major, since he was blasted into the wall but...Saber was already a bit injured, and this was just stacking on top of his injuries.
Saber lies on the ground, with his sword in hand.
" isn't my day at all."
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'[/i[ that should have given archer enough time to find a good spot.. [/i]' luciel thought before pulling out another vile and smashing it into the ground, creating a dense fog to obscure sabers vision as she retreated into the damaged house.. after all if it still worked.. her little surprise should be going off at any moment.. 
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Post by: Akuma Killer on September 05, 2013, 10:30:05 PM
Something isn't right...Saber should be back by now...
"Today isn't my luckiest day..."
I leap over the fence and looks around...but all I see is a fog.
"Damn it... can't see..."
Sigh... I'll need to find a place to stay at for a while, that is, if I do make it out of this hell alive...

Saber's sense of sight is cut off due to the fog... but that doesn't mean his other senses are hindered. Hearing his master shout, he isn't that far away... But he can't see him at all.
Thinking... He moved his way to the left side and feel a wall. He'll just follow the path till he comes across his master.
"Just wait...!!! I'll be there!"
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Luciel astralised as a whistling noise starting getting louder and higher pitched.. then.. 2 things happened.. the 1st was archer firing an arrow at sabers exposed back from her view point on the roofs of the buildings across the street.. the 2nd? * BOOM* was the water heater exploding in a violent burst of steam, sending it rocketing into the air and flattening what remained of the house, severely burning anyone in the area and possibly killing anyone that was anywhere close to it..
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Post by: Akuma Killer on September 10, 2013, 10:34:56 PM
Saber sensed something coming at his back... And sidesteps to avoid it. The arrow only narrowly grazed his armor.
"The heck? An Archer...?"
Saber turns around to see the source of the arrow...

An explosion.
What the hell was in my house...a bomb?
I fall down...but one of my leg is burned, enough to impair my movements.
... I must have Lancer ranked luck!
Luckily I put out the fire still hurts. What should I do now... I'm dead if I just stay here... I manage to stand up with a bit of struggle...
No I can't think at a time like this...! I'll just react to what's coming up next... But first.
"Saber! Watch yourself!"
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on September 10, 2013, 11:00:26 PM
Archer had already begun to astralise before he could turn around. all saber was able to see was the last traces of a frown on her face as she and her master retreated into the night.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on September 17, 2013, 09:14:55 PM
Not too far from the remains of the Emiya residence, Seimei laid his master down in a protective ward. The aged caster watched the household blow up and sighed to himself. His master was most troublesome. The boy's ignorance to the world and curiosity was starting to get on the caster's mind lately. He needed to prevent his master from going out alone. He would not want to see his disciple, a child, be killed.

Caster sat down within the ward and summoned a three shikigami servants. All of them were clusters of floating spirit fire.

He needed to wait for his master to wake up if they were to move.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on September 19, 2013, 01:44:26 AM
Saber looks...but sees no one there.
"No one...?"


I sat near the wall.
My house destroyed.
I almost died.
Today is such a wonderful day, isn't it?
"Saber...We'll stay out for now, I know where we'll stay for...the couple of days, but a Master could attack us at any time and in the condition I'm in, I'm pretty helpless..."
Saber nods.
Great... since my base is gone, though the shed isn't... what should I do? What can I do? This requires further consideration... Which means I'll have to skip school for this and next week, it's simply too unsafe to go right now.
What to do...
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Post by: Inu-Jii on September 19, 2013, 09:01:19 PM
Caster, from his position a top a hill that looked over the remains of Emiya Residence, thought he saw something move within the rubble. A survivor? Perhaps a master or servant? He pointed at the remains and silently ordered one of his servants to go and scout the area.

"This one, Onibi, will look for life." the spirit replied as it quickly sped off into the night and down towards Saber's master. As soon as Onibi's soul-sensor picked up the master's presence, it dimmed out in to a faint glimmer like a firefly. The spirit played safe and only buzzed around the area like a firefly to avoid suspicion.

Seimei sat and waited. To pass the time, he began his divination.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on September 29, 2013, 03:17:47 AM
I sigh.
Looks like I'll get my emergency supplies. I head towards my shed and grab extra clothes, money, etc...then I see something. A book? Must be something important... Grabbing it, all that is shown on the book was it's title "Notes".
"This might be important..."
I decide to hold onto it. Carrying all my things, I head back in front with Saber.
I decide to talk to Saber...telepathically, in case.
"Saber, we'll head acquaintance of mine. Well an acquaintance of my father."
Saber nods as he lowers his hood. I set up a bounded field to ward off people away from my home and for people who aren't magic resistant... Well, they won't notice a thing.
And so, we started walking...
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I arrive at one of my dad's acquaintance's house as I knock on the door.
"Ah...Emiya...What are you doing here late at night?"
I fixed his bike a couple of days ago... Fujimura's Head.
"Ah...well you see... My house needs renovations and it's going to be till...a couple of weeks that I'm able to go back? Oh, and one of my dad's acquaintance is here for a visit. He'll be staying for a while."
The Fujimura Head nods...
"Alright...feel free to go in. I'm not sure how long you'll stay, but you and your acquaintance stay over there, in the guest room."
Look like Saber and I did find a place to stay... after what happened today, I decided to rest...


5th day.
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"Master you're sick."

I glare at Lancer who won't let me out of bed. I need to go to school to not blow my cover, but after last night she seems to think I've got a weird sick frailness. Plus it turned out another person at school was a Master...

"... Lancer go keep an eye out at school. The Master of Saber is there." I'll stay in bed like she wants, but that's my compromise.

"... Yes Master."
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Post by: Akuma Killer on November 19, 2013, 10:48:47 PM
I think I will miss school for the next week or so... But I can't get outside right now. Lancer's Master actually goes to my school. So I asked Saber to go to school to pick up my homework for next week. While Saber leaves, I went over to the market and went off to buy some food...Might as well stock the fridge while I'm at it. But before that...
I stop by my house and hope over the fence. There's no way I'm going through the front. I have to set up a stronger bounded field so no one will go into the shed...


Saber walks towards school in his casual clothing.
He didn't kill Lancer.
He wasn't able to... Her fighting style was weird. It wasn't like there's a set pattern to them... He needed to think over about what happened yesterday, a lot of things has occurred in the past few days.
And then Saber bumps into a streetlamp.
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Lancer watched the school, astralized. She was pretty bored but... Orders were orders.
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Luciel was Watching the School from inside a Seemingly Ordinary Van down the street, a glass of Grape Juice in hand. " how about we get this party started.. Archer you got  Saber in Sight?" she said.


" Yes Master" She said from the roofs, A Spear Kocked and ready to fire.. then she got her order.. and fired it at his sword arm.. at the same time.. every toilet in the School Exploded violently.. Luciel's Attack had begun.
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Lancer watches the school blow up in certain areas and decided to report back to Kuromi. Though it'd take too long while astralized, so she materialized and started jumping back at high speeds.

I had a weird feeling as if I just missed something hilariously dangerous...
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Post by: Akuma Killer on January 19, 2014, 09:40:03 PM
Saber watches as there was an explosion at the school.
"Shit... Who could've done that?"
He looks around and people are scrambling.
"It'd be foolish if I just go there... I'll go to my Master quickly!"

So Saber ran.

I was in the shed still, finding objects when Saber arrives.
"Master, something happened at the school."
I look at him and drop the things I'm holding.
"Give me a second Saber, I need to find a weapon... Sometimes tells me this is a Master attacking in daylight..."