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Title: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: Copycat13 on November 03, 2017, 12:30:55 PM
The village, Antol, is a quiet and small village close to the border of Ylissian grasslands and Plegian wastes. The village Inn and Bar is where many weary and tired adventurers and mercs rest but not for long in fear the risen might give chase. Many forget the village existence once they leave. Now the influx of people to the this remote place brings all sorts. They look for the one the villagers call “The Oracle” a man who foresaw the true end of Grima. The man who can tell them how to end the beast.

In the market a man with medium length mess of hair quietly stands moving his head scanning the area. Not unlike some he wears sorcerer garb dulled and weathered by the elements the once black cloak is now dull grey with holes and tears. The scarred skin tanned by long journeys and untold combat the most striking feature on the man is his clouded eyes that peer into the far distance. The man lifts his hand and only through his eyes can he see how the wind moves charged with magic, he can see the crowds shift and turn like a tide. With sure footed step he heads towards the Inn or what he assumes must be based on the noise inside. A smile seems plastered to his face as he moves forward with grace and practiced step.
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Post by: Kimoto on November 03, 2017, 06:24:59 PM
Sipping a drink, a young woman glanced up from her seat on the ground, watching someone walk towards the Inn. The woman herself was just sitting outside of it, as she twisted and turned a stone over in circles, a look of disinterest on her face. She didn't pick up anything important from this man, thus she just turned away from observing him and instead went back to fiddling with the item in her hand.

"... Came all this way and nothin..."
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Post by: TheBlossomingLily on November 03, 2017, 10:38:19 PM
Attempting to hide most of his face and attire underneath a brown cloak, a feminine face's eyes glanced around the village, eventually finding and locking onto the inn. With below-average height, the cloaked traveler easily entered the inn among other groups. The traveler's eyes wandered again, taking in the unfamiliar view of such a gathering of mercenaries, travelers, and the like; the atmosphere felt foreign, in comparison to the common casual banter among villagers.

Not wanting to stand out from literally just standing in awe of the place, the traveler sits alone at a small table near the counter and takes out a notebook he pretends to read through while trying to listen to any relevant gossip.
Title: Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: Copycat13 on November 03, 2017, 10:48:31 PM
A passing by merc brandishing his sword to an archer pass by the woman who in their perspective is playing in the dirt.

"I'm telling you I could have taken that rich bastard at the bar! Double or nothing!"
"Sorry mate but I'm telling you he was holding back. Plus we need that money to buy some more vulneraries anyway from the last fight you were in."
Title: Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: Nask on November 03, 2017, 10:59:14 PM
An tall, young man with braided hair is seen drinking his ale, currently stewing in his thoughts and as well as to rest abit from his travels. He watched the bar going on it's business, probably booming business thanks to the influx of people coming in for that rumor.

Well, better get started. Things won't get down if he idles around.

Once it seem like the man behind the counter doesn't look TOO busy in his eyes, he calls out to them as he wave out to him. "Oi. Barkeep, I got a question here I would like to ask." He give the man an casual grin, probably to make things abit ease.
Title: Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: Copycat13 on November 03, 2017, 11:29:37 PM
The barkeeper turns to look at the man and shrugs walking over. "What do ya need lad? Not often I see a feroxi bowman." all the while he polishes a glass mug.


The sorcerer hums quietly as he opens the door to the bar. The lack of wind in the building doesn't really help him as he attempts to find a place to eavesdrop on the local conversations. Finding a  table near the counter he takes a seat not noticing the figure already there. Of course the sure-footed grace he had outside goes out the window as he almost falls out of the seat after banging his knee against the table. He laughs at his clumsiness.
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Post by: Nask on November 04, 2017, 01:29:06 AM
The young man would give a nod to that, probably as a complement.

"What can you tell me about this "Oracle" that's cropping up in the rumors lately?" The Feroxi asks, focusing his attention on the barkeep. His fingers drums on the counter for the moment before he picks up his mug, will continue drinking his mug occasionally.
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Post by: WindAdept on November 04, 2017, 10:28:43 AM
A young man sits at a small table near the corner of the inn. Not wanting to bring attention to himself as his foreign armor sticks out like a sore thumb.  In his hand is a small pocket book that he seems to be focused on writing into. A look of exhaustion covers his face as he focuses on his writing.

As he puts down his pencil to lift his mug and take a sip, he overhears one of the other customers bringing up the word "Oracle".

Without moving his eyes off the pocket book he picks up his pencil pretends to continue writing in it as he listens into the conversation from his table.
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 04, 2017, 05:00:06 PM
"Ah, the Oracle, many have been asking about him lately. Everyone in the village knows him... " The barkeep looks around at the sudden quieting of the room all waiting for him to reveal more about their target. "Village secret I'm afraid. A good man he is, doing all he can for our little patch of ground. Haven't seen him come around lately due to unforeseen circumstance." The barkeep goes back to polishing the mug as the bar has gone completely silent that none dare to break.
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Post by: Kimoto on November 04, 2017, 09:56:53 PM
Shifting around, the woman seemed to be getting antsy from waiting for anything to happen, before getting up and going inside the Inn finally, walking as far back as she could, sitting down, and putting her money on the table.

"... Strongest drink you have please..."
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Post by: Nask on November 04, 2017, 10:46:41 PM
The archer pause in his action, frown for the moment as that line reminds him of something similar. Although, the last part of the Barkeeper's sentence gives him an sinking feeling and it wasn't the alcohol. Well, not even the strongest alcohol that the woman wanted and he would raise his mug in cheers at that fine lady! Still, idly curious and taking advantage of the silence being broken by woman. He asks the Barkeep, "So. Did something happen to him?"
Title: Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: Copycat13 on November 04, 2017, 11:20:58 PM
"Aren't you a little young to be at a bar missy?" The barkeeper raises an eyebrow before looking at the bowman again. "He's alive and well but again we haven't seen him in a while." the man proceeds glare at the other mercs and their conversations resume.
Title: Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: TheBlossomingLily on November 04, 2017, 11:47:34 PM
The cloaked traveler flinched at the new table companion's banging of the table, making him fling his torso back in the shock. This caused the hood of his cloak to come off, revealing the entirety of his head. He didn't notice this, however, with his attention being directed to said table companion.
"Wh-wha--?! Did you hit something? Are you alright?", his feminine voice came out in a panic, but with enough restraint to not come out as a yell.
Title: Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: Copycat13 on November 04, 2017, 11:56:15 PM
embarrassed by the fact he completely missed someone already at this table he raises his hand towards the voice closing his eyes and smiling so he doesn't have to pretend to make direct eye contact before giving a warm smile.
"I-I'm fine miss, I just hit my knee against the table as I sat down. I'm sorry I didn't notice you here I can go find another table if I'm bothering you."
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Post by: Kimoto on November 04, 2017, 11:59:41 PM
"... I'm old enough. So just gimme a drink..." Muttering, she had no way to prove her age but she was definitely an adult already. She was already upset since she felt like she wasted her time. Plus she didn't believe the Barkeeper really cared about her age, and just didn't want to have anyone lecturing him on serving those who are young.
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Post by: TheBlossomingLily on November 05, 2017, 12:07:07 AM
The traveler cleared his throat, a habit he developed in trying to mentally absolve himself from any embarrassment he would usually get from people mistaking him for a woman. He took a deep breath before moving on to an actual response, unsure of the reaction he may receive in comparison the various he has had before in this very response he was about to use.
"N-no, the company is fine, Sir. But if I may chime it in...despite how I may look and sound, I'm actually", his voice got a little quieter the further in he was in his reply, and he found himself unable to try to keep any form of eye-contact throughout it, his gaze still averted from the sorcerer as he tries to take his mind off of how awkward he feels every time he goes through with this scenario.
Title: Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: Copycat13 on November 05, 2017, 12:21:27 AM
Callen chuckles and averts his "gaze" away from the male. Resting his hand on the table me relaxes and dispels the aura of magic he uses, plunging him back into darkness.
"Well, I apologize, you have a voice of a siren. That is to say it's very nice. I suppose we should introduce ourselves since we're going to sit at the same table. I'm Callen, might I have your name?"


"Look lass, My wife got on me for letting a boy fool me into giving him the strongest drink. Order something weaker lass, for me." The wife must hold power over this man.
Title: Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: Kimoto on November 05, 2017, 12:47:43 AM
"... I'm twenty three, I just look younger. Don't worry about it." Explaining with a sigh, she ends up sprawling her upper body on the counter a bit. "Fine though. Third strongest then. Whatever that is."
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 05, 2017, 12:53:37 AM
"Alright, sorry just don't want the miss to yell at me again." He turns to grab a mug and walks through a door in the back. A peek reveals several barrels of ale stacked on top of each other. He soon returns with a filled frothing mug and slides it over. "On the house for asking the favor. Next order will be 7 gold."
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Post by: Nask on November 05, 2017, 12:58:55 AM
"You must've gotten the envy of the ladies with that kind of age and appearance" the Feroxi choose to comment toward to the newcomer woman as he shook his head. He then whistles at filled frothing mug for the girl to drink. He then looks over to the Barkeep, "Right. So... Back to the topic at hand, just last question relating to the Oracle. What is this circumstance that kept the Oracle busy lately?" Idle curiosity at this point, although at that moment the Archer gives a sigh. Whether that is a sigh of relief or not is too early to tell.
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 05, 2017, 01:02:44 AM
"Sorry, dunno what has. Maybe a vision from the future. Doesn't share much about his personal life or his name." The Barkeeper shrugs and continues to clean. "I do know he usually orders bear meat."
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Post by: TheBlossomingLily on November 05, 2017, 01:03:51 AM
"'A voice of a siren'? You're too much, Sir Callen, eheheh...", the traveler relaxed with a chuckle from his table companion's calm response, though his eye-contact was still very lacking in the upcoming conversation.
 "My name is 'Hato'. I'm, er, still not used to traveling this far out from where I normally wander...", he replied as his curiosity of the unfamiliar scene around him gets the better of his curiosity, causing him to glance around as he spoke.
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Post by: Nask on November 05, 2017, 01:17:10 AM
At least it is something he can work with, probably longer than what he used to. Although, he gives a toast with the mug to the bear meat. Still, last question as he had promised about this Oracle matter.

"Well. That satisfy some of my curiosity then. Also refill, same as last mug," He said, finishing the rest of his mug and take out some coins to place them on counter. Time to change up topics, "What sort of jobs this village have available for us adventurers and mercs? Pretty sure you got something relate to elimination of Risen lately."

Considering that this village is right next to Naga-forsaken Risen-riddled Plegian wastes...
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 05, 2017, 01:26:09 AM
"Sir Callen? Not used to traveling?" the man laughs and closes his eyes turning his head to Hato. "You sound like a noble who hasn't left their home town before. Relax a little Hato. I am not worthy to be called a sir." He opens his eyes and smiling at him.


"Risen are a common problem and not really a good amount of pay. I've been offering free two night stay for those who clear out nearby risen." The barkeep goes to refill the mug but gets stopped by another woman, likely a cleric who wished to talk to him about something.
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Post by: Linen on November 05, 2017, 01:32:18 AM
"Well, this sure looks fun..." A cooing, sweet voice found the conversation intriguing, and brought herself into the conversation. The woman's smile and general expression seemed innocent enough, but her posture and casually leaning over a metal staff made this woman appear as if she owned the place. Though her cloak, hood down, appeared worn and weathered - having met its match with plenty of weather, and arguably a few bits of humans, Risen or other creatures - the knee-length cream dress underneath looked freshly sewn, though loose in the skirt and much tighter up top. "I do hope you don't mind I play along." After a moment of thought, one arm entered her cloak, and she asked the bartender with a seductive face, "What would you recommend, love?"
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 05, 2017, 01:42:21 AM
"I-I'm sorry miss? Um, right. I suggest the house stew. The misses made it herself and I think it's rather good." The barkeep gives a small smile and his eyes flick to a woman coming down the stairs across the room. he begins to sweat... this woman holds great power over this man.
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Post by: Linen on November 05, 2017, 01:48:00 AM
"Mmm..." The woman looks slightly dismayed - both at the suggestion and the mention of a missus - but sidled herself into the next available seat, perching her staff away in her elbow and bringing a satchel out of her coat. "How much would a bowl of the stew and a nice ale cost?" She continued playing coy all the way through for the sake of her perceived audience, but this woman certainly wasn't going to expect to get a discount from this man.
Title: Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
Post by: Copycat13 on November 05, 2017, 01:51:46 AM
"10 gold for both. Let me go get your ale and I'll tell the missus to get some stew ready." The man gives a small smile and quickly makes his way to the back as his wife finally reaches the end of the stairs and turns to head for the kitchen.
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Post by: TheBlossomingLily on November 05, 2017, 01:58:11 AM
Hato's eyes widened as they, for once, shifted its focus to Callen's face at his easy guesswork from his naive slip-up. This had only lasted a moment or two, however, as he did a quick glance through the room to find anyone that may have overheard and gained interest, but let out a restrained sigh of relief from the lack of such signs.
"My apol--I mean, I'm sorry, Callen. I guess I've just been feeling a mix of nerves and excitement over the rumors of this place. At least, that's what brought me here. If I may ask, what brings you to...this...", as Hato looked back to Callen's face, he couldn't help but notice his clouded eyes, " A-assuming you're a traveler as well?", he stuttered during his effort of trying to make his sudden new curiosity not so obvious.
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Post by: Linen on November 05, 2017, 01:09:39 AM
The respective gold pieces were poured from the satchel onto the bar itself. "You're a dear, thanks..." An extra piece fell out, which Adelaide separated from the others, but didn't replace, before turning toward Hato and Callen. "You really must be new to this, no non-native without a deathwish would want to tag around these borders long. Though I'm convinced my last group had such a deathwish..." Her voice seemed almost indifferent, perhaps a little calloused, at the mention of her last group, as if she didn't care too heavily about them. This newbie piqued Adelaide's interest more than he might have thought, though.
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 05, 2017, 01:15:26 AM
"Ah, well to answer your three questions." His smile widens and the far off gaze twinkles in amusement as he adjusts his seating. "What brings me here are the rumors just like you. From what I've overheard so far from the noise from what I assume is a bar is an oracle who apparently knows how to end the monstrosity. I am a traveler my robes should be obvious enough... and to answer the third since you saw my eyes based on your sudden tone shift to stutter. I am blind and a very good listener." He puts his elbow on the table and raises his arm to rest his head. "A bit rude to eavesdrop on a conversation without proper introduction." His smile does not falter as he addresses Adelaide.
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Post by: WindAdept on November 05, 2017, 02:47:30 AM
"Hm, seems just like idle chit-chat." The young man thought to himself as he began closing his pocketbook and storing it away. "I'll probably get more information if I ask around when it's less crowded."

The young man took one last swig of his drink before getting up from the table. Unbeknownst to him however, his legs had fallen asleep from sitting at that table in the same position for a few hours. The moment he got up he lost balance and came crashing down to floor. The sound of his armor colliding with floor echoed throughout the Inn.

Without saying a word the young man frantically shifted his eyes back and forth through the Inn, making sure he didn't attract any unnecessary attention. Unfortunately for him, a few other customers began staring in his direction, muttering words such as "What a drunk." under their breath.

"Ah great, I couldn't just leave quietly could I? Now I look like an idiot." he muttered as he began to slowly get back up.  His face now filled exhaustion and embarrassment.
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Post by: Kimoto on November 05, 2017, 07:20:43 PM
Not paying much attention to the others around her, she nodded in reactions to the words said about her before sliding forth the coins for her drink.
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Post by: Nask on November 05, 2017, 09:14:43 PM
"You have my thanks for this information then." The tall man thank the Barkeep, seem to be in a better mood. He rubs his chin in chin thoughtfully, then grins, "I can work with that."

Then there is a sound of armor colliding with the floor.

The archer immediately looks over his shoulder to stare into the direction of the noise. Only to see a young guy looking all tired and embarressed. He shook his head, muttering to under his breath. "Must've drank alot."

Idly while waiting for his refill of his ale. He looks over to the woman that sat nearby, the one with a deceptively young appearance yet older. He takes a good look at the girl's appearance, "So where are you from?"
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 06, 2017, 05:50:03 PM
The Innkeeper changes her direction over to the fallen Valmese man and offering a hand as he gets back up. She radiates a peaceful aura with a smile that can melt frozen feroxi heart, still her presence doesn't hide the few words and stifled laughs of those around her.

"Are you alright? You should have stretched your leg a bit before getting up. Helps drive off the weakness from sitting too long." She apparently has seen the difference between a drunken fool and one who got up too soon.
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Post by: WindAdept on November 06, 2017, 08:39:06 PM
"Aw great, now I'm making a scene." The young man thought to himself. "Just play it cool, she seems like an understanding person."

"Oh yes, I'm fine!"  He replied while cracking an embarrassed smile. "I guess I just lost track of time!"  The young man began approaching the Innkeeper while occasionally shifting his eyes around Inn to see if he  drove off some of the stares from the other customers.

"But well, since I have your attention. Would you mind if I ask a few questions?" He asked in a more serious tone. "I've been hearing rumors about these borders and I was wondering if you could tell me more about them."
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 06, 2017, 08:46:14 PM
"I'll try to answer as best I can." She smiles and happily walks over to a more secluded area of the bar as to not disturb other patrons. "what would you like to ask about first then?"
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Post by: Linen on November 06, 2017, 08:56:20 PM
The attempted charm did not cease at Callen's comment. "Oh, my apologies, but can't a lady have her-" Crash. She turned her head towards the source, and that soldier in the corner looked like he took quite the tumble. Adelaide gave a quiet giggle, and moved to stand up - presumably to help him out - but decided not to once she saw the innkeeper's intervention, and more importantly, the soldier's attire. Her eyes continued watching the scene, but she continued speaking with a subdued wry tone about her speech. "...still, though, this isn't a place one merely wanders off to for pleasure. These rumors must be damn juicy if it's worth getting razed-" A disappointed grunt came once the Valmese man and the innkeep walked away. "And she looks like she knows something too..."
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Post by: WindAdept on November 06, 2017, 09:28:43 PM
The young man smiled as he pulled out his pocketbook and began flipping through the pages. "Alright let's see here, I believe there's been some very strange occurrences involving the Risen in this area. Would you be able to tell me more?" He looked up from his pocketbook and looked at the innkeeper, interested in her response.
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Post by: TheBlossomingLily on November 06, 2017, 09:38:39 PM
Hato had flinched at the sound of the fallen soldier's armor clanking onto the floor. Seeing that someone else had arrived to his aid so quickly, he chose to not leave his seat.
"Y-yes, if the rumors are true, I was hoping I may be able to...further personal goals. I may be putting myself at risk, but...perhaps...", Hato had grabbed his Staff to emphasize, "perhaps, I can lower the risk that others are also willing to put themselves in?", his grip on the staff tightened for a moment as his eyes actually flickered with a sense of life that it was lacking a moment ago as he continued, "Yes, trying to get included into something possibly so big is a little scary, but I'll admit, seeing so many people gathered for such an event is a little...exciting?", he finished as he found himself ever so slightly rocking himself and swinging his legs in his seat a bit in his little exclamation.
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 06, 2017, 09:55:30 PM
"The Risen? Ah, I know a little bit about that. I'm sure you've heard about our suddenly famous resident 'The Oracle'. He has the ability to foresee danger and he moves to prevent our village from being destroyed." She looks at the other patrons in the bar and waves Renton closer before she answers with a low voice. "I followed him once. I saw him take out an entire horde. Whatever magic he has... it's strong." She checks on the other patrons again before continuing so they can't be overheard. "Can I trust you with something?"


Callen unfazed by the sound of the soldier listens to Hato. He gives a small grin. "I suppose it is exciting. I'm surprised about your conviction and kindness. Reminds me of someone I miss dearly..." Tilting his head ever so slightly a conversation catches his attention. With some manipulations of wind magic he tunes in on the Innkeeper and Solder. "Easy how one can find themselves looking into the past."
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Post by: WindAdept on November 06, 2017, 10:19:26 PM
"An entire horde of Risen? that's really something." Renton responded, as he quickly pulled out his pencil and wrote a few notes into the pages of his pocketbook.

As the Innkeeper asked him if she could trust him with a secret, Renton became even more interested with an intent look on his face. "Did I just hit the information jackpot?" He thought to himself.

"Yes, you can trust me." He responded.
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 06, 2017, 10:32:03 PM
"The Oracle told me just before he left the Inn to look for a valmese soldier like you. He says he's waiting for you and several other guests but..." the woman looks at other patrons again to make sure they aren't being overheard or spied on. Quickly and quietly she slips a small note into the soldier's hands. "He said to let them follow you and that you need to escort a girl with dark blue hair to his home. Give this to her and she'll bring you there." without another word she walks away quickly to the backroom.
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Post by: WindAdept on November 06, 2017, 10:59:52 PM
"Wait I-" Renton called out, but before he could the Innkeeper had already slipped away. "Aw great, I'm suppose to be looking for a girl with dark blue hair? That's not very descriptive..." He begins to survey the Inn to see if he could find anyone who fit that vague description. "Welp, it's definitely no on here. Hell, I don't even know where this Oracle lives exactly. Hope this note will clarify things."

Renton began fiddling with the note he was given and looked to see what was written on it, being very careful to make sure no one else could see it.
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Post by: Kimoto on November 06, 2017, 11:06:13 PM
"Valm..." Muttering out her answer when asked, she tapped her finger on the counter. She had put her money forward and still wanted the drink she asked for after all. The stare of hers was a bit unnerving due to the fact her expression looked more like a predator, and her red eyes almost seemed to glow.
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 06, 2017, 11:19:37 PM
The note reads thus: Dear Rena, The man who just handed you this letter in these Grasslands is Renton, a trustworthy Valmese soldier. We need to meet immdiately, I trust you have your lucky compass. Hold it close to your heart and focus. It will lead the way.

-The Oracle of Antol

Below a smaller note attached with a bot of magic reads thus: Make your way to the grasslands immdiately she will be attacked soon and YOU must give her this note Renton. The Grimleal that come will not show any mercy.
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 06, 2017, 11:25:50 PM
The barkeep wanders back with some foaming mugs and places one near Adelaide before making his way over and sliding the last mug over to the young woman near the feroxi bowman.
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Post by: WindAdept on November 07, 2017, 12:22:59 AM
Reading the note, Renton began to panic internally. "Are you serious!? I gotta get going now!" he muttered to himself. He quickly stashed the note away in his pocket as he surveyed the room one last time before making a quick exit from the Inn. "Arlight, Grasslands grasslands let's see..."
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Post by: Linen on November 07, 2017, 06:52:38 AM
"Lower the risk? But that's half the fun." Adelaide, impatient after that soldier's disappearance, took a quick glance at the counter - she didn't notice the barkeep pass by, but she did notice her ale and swirled it in its mug a little before taking a swig. The flavor of this ale was better than she expected for a place like this, but far from the best she's ever had the chance to taste. "Ain't bad for being smack in a deathtrap... and I bet most of the others here are worth some salt if they managed to get through this hellhole. You sure don't act like you had travel companions." Adelaide pointedly took a glance at Hato - wait, that was a staff, it looked a bit different from her own, but definitely a staff. Was this kid another cleric? That explained the comment on risk, and Adelaide visibly smiled at the idea that just popped up in her head before giving a hearty chuckle. "Maybe we should ally or something. We're all here for the same reason and it's not like it's for some super-secret-special treasure or something we all need to kill each other over."
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Post by: Copycat13 on November 07, 2017, 07:57:22 PM
Callen suddenly stands up and offers a hand to Hato. "I agree with this alliance plan, stranger, but I suggest we move. I have a lead towards our shared goal. Hato, if you'd be so kinda as to guide me out of the building before they gets out of range I will lead you to them to the best of my ability." His smile has faded leaving a more serious look in its place. Through his magic a electrical link with Renton was made and grows ever weaker as the soldier moves further away a very basic spell used to keep track of something important.


As Renton leaves the bar the note in his pocket seems to tug in a certain direction. The best guess is that it is trying to guide him. It tugs towards the northern field of grass that lies in Ylisse.


Meanwhile, a fair distance away north of the village.
A person is sprinting, sprinting desperately towards the village. Hood down and shoulder blade length hair flowing behind them. The arm of their coat soaked in blood thanks to a spear wound on their shoulder. The outfit is that of plegian tactician hailed for cunning and quick thinking.

"H-how did they kn-know who I w-was" The woman panted, the tome clutched tightly to her chest is a Thoron tome, aged and worn without even of drop of magic in it anymore. Tears well up in her eyes as she hears voices yelling behind her followed by someone yelling and a horse neighing. "I-I'm gonna die, Zeres you were right... I'm s-so glad you let me be your apprentice." she attempts to sprint faster than she ever had in her life before tripping on a unseen pebble and falling face first into the grass and dirt.
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"Valm. Pretty far home don't you think?" The archer choose to comment, although upon seeing the look in the woman's face. This cause him to rub his eyes as if he imagine something before glares down into his mug. Seeing the woman's face again still there, he can only chuckles and hums. He offers to the girl. "...Well. Why not you join me in hunting nearby Risen after this? The Barkeep offers a free two night stay for clear them out. Could help with what is on your mind, as well safety in numbers for what matters."
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Looking at the man talking to her, she grabbed her drink and chugged it down without an issue. "... Sure why not..." Muttering she fiddled with a stone in her hand, wondering if it would have been better to go with a knife. Sadly though this was what she had available.

"Just no freaking out allowed."
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"What kind of magic is this thing made of?" Renton exclaimed as he felt the note tugging him from his pocket. Pulling it out of his pocket, he noticed it was trying to guide him. "I guess I'm going this way?"

Renton began jogging through the village, following the direction the note was leading him in. Doing his best to ignore some of the awkward stares the villagers were giving him as they watched a man in Valmanese armor running down their streets.  Seeing a clearing ahead, Renton arrived at the grasslands, sweating and exhausted from running in his armor. He quickly looked back and forth, trying to find where the note would lead him next.
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Before Hato could reply to the fellow Staff-user, Callen had stood up and brought up his fading lead.
"I don't fully understand what sort of lead you may be speaking of, but...", Hato accepted Callen's hand, "I think your lead is the only thing I can currently bet on".
Before he would find his way through the crowded building, he looked back at the woman of cloth and gave her a friendly nod of invitation just in case, before proceeding to help guide Callen; with his below-average height, he was able to quickly find openings through the crowd to break through, with minimal bumping, to the outside.
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So much for the stew. But if this man in faded black had a lead... "Ha, what, you got a lead-hey!" That man was already walking off, and this Hato-cleric-person was giving the hint to come along with. "Coming, coming!" Adelaide was not the sort who needed liquid courage, but she wasn't about to waste a decent-enough ale when she was already leaving seven gold of food behind. Taking the rest of her ale in one go, she gave a big, not-particularly-dainty swallow and slammed her mug down before grabbing her belongings and running to follow, leaving behind eleven gold and a few disgruntled patrons who only received a cheerful "excuse me, coming through!".
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"W-wait your- well there she goes." The barkeep frown and looks at the two still at the bar. "If you wanna know where some decent risen appear. Some have lately been wandering near the north. Of course the strong ones are in the south but even some of the best don't come back from them. Only one I know is The Oracle but he already came back from his trip south."


Once outside with Hato, Callen takes a deep breath and a slight breeze runs through the town. With his "sight" back he's able to track the soldier better than before and of course navigate the crowded streets. "Ah, so that's what you look like" He says to Hato as he waits for Adelaide to exit the building. "It's nice to put the voice to a shape. Healer too, a noble profession." He smiles and of course his head has not moved nor looked at anything. His gaze far and distant but ever so focused.


Once Renton reaches the grasslands a fair distance away he can see a plegian tactician deflect a lance strike with an old an battered Tome. The tome scatters to the wind, pages flying away. The attacker, by the looks of it, a Paladin quickly turns their horse as the blue haired girl is reeling and the horse kicks her flat onto her back. She screams as her body is lifted off the ground and lands on her back a fair distance away. She's not dead but clearly very hurt. On closer inspection on the Paladin... he wears valmese armor and there is a big symbol on his right shoulder, the mark of the Fell Dragon.
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The Archer raise his eyebrow at that curious comment that the girl made. He puts down the empty mug and gets off from his seat, he check to make sure his equipment is secured. He looks at the barkeep and nods, "Thanks for the tip then." He grins at the Barkeep, then looks at the girl with the stone. "I'm Valk, hope we have good hunting on those Risen bastards. Now come on, let's get going. We can find one with my horse." He'll leave the same time as the girl, although he'll need to get his horse from the stable.
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"Calix." Responding with her own name, she shifting a bit before moving to let the man lead, as she wasn't familiar with the layout. She hadn't been here that long after all.

"Thanks for the drink, if any bar fights start when I'm here next I'll stop em."
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Upon arriving at the Grasslands Renton spots the the tactician girl under attack from the Paladin. The note seemed to be tugging at him harder than ever now. Upon closer inspection Renton noticed the girl's dark blue hair. "It's her! Am I already too late?" he thought to himself as he squinted his eyes to get a look at her assailant. "Wait a second, that's Valmanese armor! Not that many of us should even be posted out here.. and what's up with that symbol on his shoulder?"

Trying to make of the situation he pulled out a steel lance from the holster on his back and pointed it in the direction of the Paladin. Wanting to avoid confrontation as best as he could, Renton cleared his throat and took a deep breath before addressing the Paladin. "Hold!" he yelled out at the top of his lungs. "Why are you attacking this girl!?" Renton glared at the Paladin desperately hoping for a response.

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The paladin pauses and looks towards the Halberdier. He doesn't respond and looks at the girl as she slowly rises and urges the horse to move towards her. His Silver lance glares in the sunlight. Seeing it the lance again and without a defense the girl starts running towards Renton. The rider still cautious follows, now eyeing them.

"She is none of your business kid. Give her to me and you will be allowed to leave unscathed." The Paladin is more than prepared to just attack them both.
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Renton let out a sigh as he ran forward towards the girl. "Sorry, but I've got orders to keep this girl safe." He allowed the girl to run passed him as he took a defensive stance in between her and the Paladin. Raising the shield on his left arm and readying the Steel Lance in his right hand he prepared for combat. "I didn't want to expend this kind of effort today, but you're leaving me no choice. Judging by your armor you're also from Valm. I don't know who your commander is or why you're after her, but if it interferes with my assignment, I'm going to have to stop you!" Renton wasn't too enthusiastic about having to fight a mounted opponent, but he prepared himself for combat nonetheless.
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"Tsk, tsk, Valm means nothing to me now. Not when our god will return. This girl is serving a purpose by dying here in this field today. By Grima's will she will perish here." The Paladin readies his lance and the horse tenses readying to charge. approaching footsteps can be heard from behind him. "And it looks like you're outnumbered kid."

The girl's breaths are ragged and by quick assessment she is in no condition to run anymore than she already has. In fact she should be falling over and dying. "I'm sorry to be a burden... please, sir. Please don't back down... You're all I have." Her words seem to carry power and Renton's body is invigorated like he could take on a small army. (Rally Heart)

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Finally catching up to Hato and the man in gray, she sighed in slight annoyance before using her staff as a momentary cane. "So, what's this 'lead' you've managed to find out of thin air...?" A momentary blank came about at the realization she didn't know the name of the man who supposedly had one. "'s Adelaide. What's this lead, though? Since I doubt it's just standing around in the middle of the streets." Callen may or may not have been able to notice her slight twitchiness, but this particular cleric was an impatient one.
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"Funny, I don't see you coming up with any interesting leads to counter mine." Callen says looking towards Renton's position. "Also my lead is in trouble so we need to hurry. Trust me a little on this." he grabs both their arms and begins striding forward with confidence. leading both healers through the streets and towards the northern fields like the wind. "I should introduce myself to you Adelaide, I'm Callen."
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"Just my luck." Renton muttered under his breath as he stared a the incoming reinforcements from the distance. "I already look like enough of an idiot to some of the villagers in this town. Now I'm gonna killed and look even worse." Renton began to sweat profusely as he prepared himself for what felt like his end.

It was then he heard the girl call out to him. For an unexplained reason he was filled with confidence. It was almost as if her words carried some form of magic to them. "Just calm down Renton, you've been through worse right? You didn't spend so many years in the military to be afraid of a situation like this." Renton continued to talk to himself to keep himself motivated. "When facing a mounted opponent just dispatch the horse. Afterwards I can probably regroup with the girl before the reinforcements catch up."

As the Paladin drew closer and prepared to strike, Renton raised his left arm to block the incoming attack with his shield. Then with his right hand he started to thrust the Steel Lance forward in an attempt to strike the horse in it's chest.
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"Well, I never said I had-" A tug of the arm later, and Adelaide lost her words in a struggle to keep up, kicking her feet as if to simulate running to limited success. This speed of movement did not feel natural by any means. "Wind magician, huh?" She who had not lived with magic beyond healing all her life didn't exactly click to the... finer uses, quite yet. But if this Callen person had a lead - even if a tangential one - why not to try to pursue it? Probably better than just loitering at a random inn with an okay soup.
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The paladin strikes the shield exclaiming surprise as his horse suddenly goes down. Using some of hist basic training he's on his feet in no time Silver Lance in hand. He glares at Renton and readies himself again. "alright kid you're stronger than I thought and I'm not gonna make that mistake again." He charges forward aiming to impale Renton through the gut however just before the spear can make contact or blocking range he pulls it back to shield bash the young soldier.


"I'm actually a sorcerer, skilled in the dark arts and various other magics. Wind is just more helpful when needing to get to point A to B in a normal setting." Callen explains dodging a wheelbarrel of watermelons.
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Surprised to see the Paladin already on his feet after being dismounted, Renton readies himself to continue fighting. "Well that plan was a bust, but at least he's off the mount."

Renton smirks as he readies his shield for the Paladin's incoming attack. "You say you're not gonna fall for it again bu-" Before Renton had time to finish his statement, the Paladin had faked him out and went for shield bash instead. The young soldier was knocked back a few feet but was quickly able to regain his ground. "Gods this guy is annoying." he grumbled. Renton quickly shifted his eyes to make sure the girl was still okay before he returned focus on the Paladin before him. "Alright, let's see how you handle this." Renton adjusted his hand so that it was holding near the end of the pole on the Steel Lance. He then proceeded to swing the lance horizontally, the blade end of the lance nearing the Paladin's head.
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Valk leads Calix the way through the village to the stables with backtracking. Eventually they will arrive at the stables, he asks Calix. "Do you have a horse of your own to ride? Cause things would get speedy from here on." It may be abit uncomfortable for two people to ride on one horse, but it is doable. Something he can deal with.

Regardless of how Calix answer, Valk will nod and go into the stables to talk to the stablemaster there to retrieve his horse out. It would be a earthly brown horse, wearing barding armor that grants it's protection but not to the point of more militant mounts.
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At the mention of Callen's "lead" being in trouble, Hato had spun his Staff in one of his hands once on the way before his grip on it tightened. He closed his eyes in focus, an action he would not normally do on the move, but for this case he could trust Callen in making sure they wouldn't run into anything during his preparation.
The blue gem at the tip of his staff began to emit a brilliant glow as he finished his channeling with silently mouthing the word "Physic".
"Callen, why is--ah!", Hato was interrupted for a moment as the group avoided a wheel-barrel, "--why is our 'lead' in trouble? Will our help be enough?!"
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"... No. I can follow on foot though. Trust me." Giving her assurance that she wouldn't fall too far behind, she just motioned for him to get his horse as she rolled a stone between her fingers. A colorful stone at that.

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The paladin ducks the swing and lunges after doing so. Silver lance primed to go through Renton's chest. "You're too slow kid! Maybe you should have stayed home in Valm!" The lance goes forward aiming for his heart. From training something notable about this paladin's stance is that it leaves his left exposed after he strikes.


"I'm hoping we can be of assistance. What I'm seeing is him in danger. Until I can get closer and see for myself I'm taking faith that we can provide significant assistance." Callen says now leaving the village and letting go of two. He continues to keep moving towards Renton's location pulling out a green tome.
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Valk gives a raised eyebrow, wondering how the young lady going to keep up. He gives a moment glance at the colorful stone, then nods before head into the stable. Once he got the horse out and saddle up, he proceed to mount the horse and gives one last look to Calix. "Alright. Keep up, Calix. We'll head north, gotta go around the village's outskirts to avoid the crowd. I'll meet you at the northern entrance." With that being said, he gets his horse moving and start ride on through to reach the northern entrance of the village by going around the clear outskirts to avoid the traffic in town. While on the ride, he takes his steel bow out in preparation for the upcoming hunt.
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With his left hand Renton grabs onto the pole of the Paladin's Silver Lance. Barely stopping it as it scratches his armor. Renton keeps a tight grip on the Silver Lance refusing to let go. With his Steel Lance now at the Paladin's left side from Renton's initial attack missing, he then used all his force to swing it in the opposite direction once again nearing the Paladin's head. "You've left yourself wide open!" Renton remarked with a slight crack in his voice as he desperately held onto the opposing lance.
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"What the-" The Lance cleaves the paladin's head clean off. His body goes limp and falls to the ground. Renton is now the proud owner of a silver lance. Celebration is short as the sound of a fair amount of people are coming towards them. The Tactician pulls Renton's arm but whatever energy she had keeping her alive earlier seems to be fading. Her skin is pale and eyes are losing focus.

"W-we need to go..." Yep, she's close to fainting.
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Grimacing at the decapitated body before him, Renton let out a sigh of relief having won the battle. He quickly retrieved the fallen Paladin's Silver lance and placed it on the holster on his back with his own blood stained Steel Lance as well. "We've gotta get out of here." he grunted as he stared at the incoming reinforcements heading his way. Feeling a his arm being tugged Renton looks behind himself to notice the pale girl on the verge of collapsing. "H-hey, come on, stay with me!" He shouted as he began to lift her off the ground and carry her in his arms. "Come on, we've got to get you to a healer." Renton began to run in the direction of the village the best he could. Still physically exhausted from his previous battle as his armor weighed him down.
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"Is that...?!", Hato began to express his wondering aloud between breaths upon seeing two seemingly-limping figures in the distance.
The sight moved him into action before getting any confirmation from Callen, letting go of his hand and swinging his already-prepared spell from his Physic staff in the direction of what appeared to be a woman. The light that the blue gem at the tip of his staff had visibly taken its own form, swiftly moving ahead before bathing the targeted woman with itself as it began to heal away her wounds.
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Dashing behind Valk on foot, slowly falling a bit behind, Calixs speeds was still somewhat abnormal. So long as he was in her vision though there wouldn't be an actual issue in the end. In the end she decided to just shove her way through the traffic, even if she got yelled at in the end. Once there she kept an eye out for Valk, and followed the moment she spotted him, so there wouldn't be any waiting.
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"Damn it the girl is getting away! You do something!" someone cries behind Renton and before he can look back an arrow pierces his shoulder. The physic spell Hato casted reaches the woman and her color returns and her focus returns though her strength is still sapped. There are soldiers in the distance seem to be getting closer several soldier and two distinct archers but the most imposing of the incoming enemies is a Great Knight. Helmet blocking his face but it's very clear he is not someone who can be challenged directly. Gratefully he seems to only be commanding these men. The strongest oncoming foe is a Ylissian Paladin. Each of these men bear the mark of the Grimleal.
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Adelaide hadn't said anything in response to her companions on the way, nor had she done much beyond inadvertently ruin a watermelon by kicking it. Once let go, she remained in place, scanning the area for anything worth note - and Hato's using Physic helped Adelaide figure out what exactly she needed to do, pointing her own staff in their direction and muttering casting chants under her breath. Fortunately for the soldier about to be made into a pincushion and his carriage, this particular Rescue staff was fresh, but Rescue staves were not the most robust, so Adelaide hoped this skirmish would remain short.
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Before getting a chance to look behind him an arrow pierced Renton in the shoulder. The severe pain caused the young soldier to stumble and almost drop the girl out of his arms. "I can't keep this up, they're going to catch up to me in no time." he muttered as he slowly got back up. "I'm going to need a miracle to make it out of this."

Almost as as though it were divine intervention, Renton's prayers seemed to have been answered as the a holy light surrounded the girl in his arms. Her pale skin recovering almost immediately. Looking a head of himself Renton noticed three figures in the distance. With a sigh of relief he attempted to run towards them but a similar light soon surrounded him as well. For a second he felt completely weightless as  his vision was blocked by the light.

Just as quick as it had happened the light disappeared and Renton's vision began to clear, revealing what looked to him like a young man and two young women in front of him. Although he didn't realize it, he wad been warped to safety by a rescue staff. Upon closer inspection he noticed they were a few of the people from the Inn that he was eavesdropping on from earlier. "A-are you guys... angels...?" he blurted out as tried to catch his breath, still holding onto the young girl in his arms.
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"Hah, us, angels? Nah. You're both alive." Whatever sweetness and cutesiness Adelaide had at the inn's bar was gone, at least for now. While she did not necessarily like the attire of this soldier, she put that distaste aside. "More importantly, you two fine here? Or should I send you back into town-" She looked back at Hato and Callen. "Well, unless either of you have something to say...?"
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Valk double takes upon noticing that Calix able to keep up with his horse with ease just as he arrives at the northern entrance to the village. He asks, "Neat little trick, how you do that?" He trying to keep calm as not to let his tone gave away from being surprised. Still, he doesn't waste time to start heading up north with no to little time on pausing, keeping the same pace as the unusual girl's speed next to him. Kept focusing the imagined destination up ahead, somewhere up north. "I'm guessing you got something that you can fight with as well?"
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"Retreating to the village can put it in danger." Callen says still moving forward before stopping, facing the approaching Grimleal. "Tell me solider can you describe your attackers for me?" around his right burned arm symbols and arcane circles appear around it. The wind seems to have picked up around him.

The enemies continue to approach and the Paladin takes on a full on charge leaving units behind. Spear glinting menacingly as he readies it in hand taking aim at the closest healer, Hato.
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"I didn't get a good look at the rest of them." Renton remarked. "The Paladin I faced had this strange marking on his shoulder." he turned around to look back at the reinforcements still readily approaching. "Listen, this girl I'm holding, I can't let those guys get to her. I hate to ask you guys this, but I need your help." Renton begged reluctantly. Trying his best to ignore the the arrow that was still wedged into his shoulder.
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The paladin throws the spear and it sails through the air. Without missing a beat Callen swings his arm out to his side and a column of anarchic green wind knocks the spear off course and hurtles it to the far left of Hato. Disconnecting the link to the soldier near him and dispelling the wind hindering his "Sight" the breeze picks up blowing across the field. He frowns deeply before switching his rexcalibur tome with an arcthunder one.
"I will do my best to assist, if she is important then leave her there with those two. I'm sure one of them might be a healer. Tell me soldier can you still fight?" The paladin still approaching pulls out a sword and attempts to urge the horse faster. Callen still waits as the enemy approaches however sparks run down his arm and arcs. "Cause there is a very big problem beyond the ones who attacked you."


The Great Knight sighs before turning to look at the mage behind him. The man seems to be consumed in whatever chant he was performing but nevertheless he's very important to the cause. Ever since the girl escaped them he has started this chant but the results seem to be overkill to the knight. Behind him warping from circles that keep forming were hordes of Risen. Likely directly from the wastes south of here. The lifeless soldiers all patiently waiting for orders and all wielding vastly different weapons. Undead wyverns and pegsi all wait with their dead masters for orders from him.

"Tell me, is such a thing really necessary for one girl? To summon an army this strong?" The Great Knight asks dismounting his stead and approaching the focused caster.
"Lord Grima will rise again and his will was clear. The girl must be sacrificed. No matter the cost." An ethereal voice emanates from a stone around the caster's neck. "Once you give the order to attack the girl, the oracle, and any rabble in the village shall vanish. I will warp you both back as soon as the numbers are high enough. Guard him well captain." The stone still glows and the knight bows before heading back to his horse.
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"Yeah. Don't think about it too hard." Replying to Valk, Calix just motioned for him to rush ahead so that they wouldn't be too late. Who knew who else would be out here after all.
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Just as Hato had finished chanting for another casting of Physic and opened his eyes, he saw the spear being blown aside from its original course towards him. He couldn't help but gulp before looking back the arrow in the allied soldier's shoulder and the oncoming enemies, followed by shaking his head and taking a deep breath as he forced himself to take action.
"My apologies!", he cried out just before he placed his hand on the arrow and, taking another deep breath, pulled it out with no hesitation. He immediately cast his stored Physic Spell onto the opened wound to repair both the previous, and newly added, damage.
Though, he couldn't help but wince at the appearance of the wound before it disappeared.
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"...Then get ready. Something's  coming up in the horizon." Valk's expression drops as he noticed something far in the distance, something more packed together than what he seen anywhere else. He then snaps the reins of his horse to rush up ahead of Calix's path to get the better look of the area from the distance. He's getting a bad feeling as he is getting closer to what seem to be more and more likely going to be a battle site, instinctively let go of the reins by one hand to keep a firm grip on his bow. Ready to let go of his reins to pull out his arrow and ready to fire, ready to guide his horse by the legs with what he learned.

Quickly, the Feroxi Archer would take note of what the enemy group truly consists of and what's around the surrounding area with his keen eyes.
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In the distance Valk can see a group of soldiers lead by a paladin bearing down on a much smaller group. Two healers, some soldier, and a sorcerer.
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Upon seeing that, Valk's eyes narrows at what's going on. Why is that group bearing down upon them?" He urge the horse to run over toward to the two groups there, he puts his bow back over his shoulder and instead takes his steel sword out of his sheath, ready and wielding. As soon as Valk reach closer to the groups, he calls out to both groups. Loud and clear. "Hey! Why are you soldiers chasing down on those people?" This question directed at the Paladin, trying to discern intentions here.
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Renton felt a sharp pain as the healer removed the arrow from his shoulder, but before he had the chance to remark on it, he felt the soothing sensation from the healer's magic. It was almost as if the arrow was never even there. "Thanks." he commented as he placed the young tactician girl on the ground next both of the healers. "Can I trust you guys to keep an eye on her?" Renton was a little reluctant leaving the girl in the care of complete strangers, but with current situation he had no other choice.

"I should be good to go now that I'm all healed up." he responded to the Sorcerer. "If you can back me up with your magic, I'll be the vanguard." Renton began to walk ahead of the group of strangers as he pulled his new Silver Lance out of his holster and prepped his shield. "And by the way, my name's not Soldier, it's Renton. Now what exactly do you mean by big probl-" before he could finish his sentence Renton heard someone call out from behind them. He quickly turned his head around to see what looked like a man on horseback with a steel sword in hand. "Ah man, we're starting to cause a scene now." he muttered. "Hopefully whoever this is better be on our side."
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"She'll be fine, get going. Though, if you need me to bring some hapless enemy back - or yourselves, I suppose..." Adelaide gives a bright smile to the man who introduced himself as Renton before turning around and facing away from the oncoming army. She spread one arm, cape in hand, to block the smaller healer's frame from being at least partially in sight, knowing she was probably at least slightly more durable than Hato; today was not a day where she wanted to pry her new staff from another's dead body.

Catching sight of the sword-wielder on horseback, she used her other hand, which held her own staff, to make gestures. First she pointed the bottom half toward the army behind her thrice, then tapped the ground next to the young, blue-haired woman. That woman looked to at least be breathing, but otherwise didn't appear particularly responsive...
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A solitary figure stands off to the side of the combat, hiding behind a lone tree. Noting the Grimleal's movements, he mutters "But where are the abominations?" to himself. Mostly uninterested in the knights and soldiers engaged near the village, he takes note of the Great Knight and Sorcerer hanging behind the fray, determining them to be the commanders. He scans the horizon on all sides some more until he sees a growing horde in the distance. Satisfied with the situation, he begins slinking forward, preparing to ambush the commanders.
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The blue-haired tactician seems to have passed out during the teleportation. She is clutching tightly to something in her sleep though. Meanwhile Callen focuses on the still charging Paladin who hasn't slowed in the slightest. As he nears Callen thrusts his right arm forward and a sphere of wild electricity launches surging from his shoulder to his palm out towards them. The Paladin dives off their horse before it's reduced to ash as the ball explodes outwards in a much larger sphere of arcing bolts of death. Rolling to the side outside of the sphere's radius as it dies down the Paladin stands glaring at the Sorcerer who continues to hold his magically charged arm towards him.
"Try not to get distracted, Renton, the Paladin and his friends are the least of our problems. The horde of beyond them that seems to slowly be growing is a much larger threat... much larger." Callen arm hold firm while aiming at the Paladin. He doesn't seem interested in charging into a Arcthunder.


The great knight watches the situation unfold near the paladin and raises an his left arm high. The Risen suddenly begin to move arming themselves with bloodied weapons. As soon as the arm comes down they break into a full on sprint. Undead flying mounts and riders take to the skies archers riding with them. Their march and cries can be heard across the mostly open fields of grass long before they can be seen. The Great Knight smiles beneath his mask and looks at the mage who continues to chant for more of the risen they call allies.
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The approaching grimleal archers enter range and see the paladin off his horse. One of them quickly draws their bow and fires at the sorcerer the other Archer pulls out a special bow. The bow itself resembles that of a dragon's fin on both ends. A blessed green light surrounds the arrow as he notches it taking aim away from his companion's target and at the resting tactician. Both Archers let loose their arrows. At the green lit Arrow flies from the bow an ethereal arrow appears within the Archer's hand which he quickly notches and fires at Callen. He repeats the action 3 more times. a real and phantom arrow fly directly at the tactician, 1 at Callen, another is sent at Adelaide, and the final phantom arrow sails towards Valk.

In Callen's "sight" he sees only two arrows being launched and reacts quickly as he can by moving out of the way of the one directed to him and turning around to cast another spell to protect the girl only for him to yell in pain as the phantom arrow sinks into his back. The Paladin takes this opportunity to lunge for the vulnerable sorcerer as his prepared spell vanishes from his arm.
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Valk notes the woman's gesture something about the girl and the paladin, when things happens. The Paladin end up dismounted and arrows went flying coming from the new threat, one aiming toward him. The Paladin that's about to take adventage of the sorcerer's moment of weakness.

The most Valk can do is the following, he urge the horse to speed up. Then quickly have the horse dodge the path of the phantom arrow with great ease! Narrowly missed as it might've hit on the ground nearby way back.

However, the horseman does not stop moving as he kept moving on the field. Necessary for what he must do. He quickly sheath his sword back to it's scabbard, then quickly draws out his steel bow. He lets go of the reins and guide the horse by his legs, then takes out a arrow to proceed draw his bowstring. With experience accounted for mounted archery, he aims at his target toward to one of the archers. Specifically, the one who wields the draconic-like bow, the one he would considers to be the most threatening at this time.
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Having caught up but having been watching more than acting, Calix finally stepped forward deciding if she should attack. They weren't Risen but one did attack the man she followed out here... Twirling the stone in her fingers, she started to walk out to help.

Opening her mouth she started to mutter to herself, before making a loud shout, as if to call attention from those hostile to her direction. And in that moment, changing into a semi-large Blue Dragon.
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Adelaide nodded in response to Valk's running past, not that he'd have noticed as his focus was elsewhere, but Callen's yell prompted her to turn toward him. "Can I help-?" The final "p" of her statement was punctuated with a pained hiss, as the phantom arrow pierced through both her new dress and her side. The blood was seeping through, ruining that particular splurge, but actually surviving took priority over mourning her nice dress. Pursing her lips, Adelaide gave frustrated epithets under her breath before trying to re-position herself, albeit with difficulty - one arm struggled to spread her cape and hide Hato, the other arm held her staff in elbow as she rummaged through her pouch. Damn it, did she actually have a vulnerary this time?

The shrill, inhuman scream from behind sent shivers down the cleric's spine, and much of the light was cut, and suddenly to boot. Turning around, the cleric became... more than a little joyful. Exuberant would probably be mild, pain be damned. "By the gods, I never thought I'd see one! Hey there!" The spread cape arm gave a wave to the large blue dragon, before she shook her head as if to focus herself and put herself back to rummaging her pouch. The staff in her elbow had its tip emit a mild glow after a few hissed chants, but she wore a gutsier smile, as if she dared the world to smite her now.
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As the enemy Paladin fell from his horse, Renton prepared himself for what would happen next only to see a group of arrows headed towards his allies around him. With a quick step he repositioned himself in front of the fallen tactician girl, raising his shield the incoming arrow directed at her. While still unaware of the phantom arrows also headed towards the group, sounds of pain from the Sorcerer and one of the healers could be heard from behind him.

Before Renton had a chance to groan about the situation a third shout could be heard from behind him. Slightly turning his head to see what else was behind him, only to see a blue manakete tower behind the group. "I-is this real life?" he questioned to himself.
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The following post is a combined effort of Copycat13 and Magnasmash

The mage crept through the field just behind and to the right of the chanting Sorcerer and the stoic Great Knight. The Sorcerer was focused on his chanting and the Great Knight on the battle. He looked to his left to be sure he had enough time to kill one of them before the Risen showed up.

"I should probably kill the Sorcerer," he muttered to himself. As the man chanted more and more Risen appeared and no matter how powerful the mage was, he didn't want to exhaust his tome's power on a horde of Risen.

He drew within casting range of the Sorcerer and pulled out his Ruin tome. A normal Mage like him shouldn't have been able to use it, but he was quite gifted in the dark arts.

He decided to announce himself. After all, he never was one to resist taunting his helpless foes. "Well, well, well. Who do we have here but the maniacal followers of the Dead Dragon."

The Great Knight turns his armored steed to look at the fool who dares approach them and in a swift motion draws forth a Brave Axe. He studies the mage, noting his unusual bulk and tome. Using his legs he guides his horse closer to his companion who continues his chant.

"I would still your tongue caster before you say any other words which will drive my axe through your neck." The knight raises his weapon pointing it at the mage. "Unless you wish to die here without so much as a mention in the passage of history."

The mage laughed at the Great Knight's threat. He was being mistaken for as a regular mage, and was therefore being underestimated. He narrowed his eyes at the armored cavalier in front of him and weighed his options. On one hand he needed to interrupt the damnable Sorcerer summoning Risen. On the other, he had a feeling the Great Knight would get in his way.

He disliked wasting the extra time, but ultimately decided that it would be best to eliminate the armored cavalier before he became a potential threat with that Brave Axe.

"I do hope you aren't expecting your god to save you, sir knight," he taunted. The mage's eyes narrowed even further and he laughed maniacally. "Because no god can save you from me!"

He briefly chanted and drew out the power of his Ruin tome and, charging it with as much energy as he could draw out, cast the spell.

A golden sphere of magic symbols appeared in front of the knight's head and discharged a massive amount of dark energy that almost seemed like an explosion.

Both horse and rider were both knocked to the ground by the magical impact and neither seemed to be moving. Satisfied, the Mage turned to the Sorcerer.

The sorcerer jarred from his chant by the loud and sudden thud of metal landing nearby. He turns his head to see the Great Knight laying on the ground. Sensing the fleeting life from his closest friend and trusted ally. The Great Knight stirs only moving his head to look at the Sorcerer who has rushed to his dying friend's side.

"Flemmel... I suppose I will have to miss out on that drink..." The Knight chuckles as tears form in the sorcerer's eyes. With the last of his strength the Great Knight hands the caster something. Small, hand-made, and childish. A doll representing a common foot soldier. With this final action the Knight passes onto the next life.

"Luka... Luka!!" The Sorcerer cries out hoping, praying, denying that his friend is gone. He glares at the mage carving that face into his memory as he pulls out a Tome. The yellow bindings identify it as Superior Jolt. A Tome designed to lay waste to other magics but just before he can begin a spell the stone around his neck glows causing him to stop and turn his head. Anger crosses his face and he puts the book away.

"Your name, caster."

The mage smiles viciously at the exchange. It seems even the Grimleal were human after all. Still smiling his cold smile, he bows towards the Sorcerer and states his name. "Valant. Your god's soon-to-be slayer." His eyes danced with fire, and he calculated he had enough time to fight the Sorcerer before the Risen bore down.

The sorcerer points at Valant and restrained electric arcs run through the man's arm. "Know this Valant. I will kill you next we meet. I say so in the name of Grima that your blood shall coat the battlefield and your body naught but ash!" A spell circle appears beneath the man and in a bright flash of light he is gone.

"How disappointing." Valant murmurred as the Sorcerer vanished. "Well, I suppose I should break through these enemies in front of me before the other Risen arrive."

With a dissatisfied sigh he strode towards the Risen in front of him, switching to his Arcfire tome, although he paused at the sight in front of him.

"A manakete? Here?" he questioned. "This may be my lucky day." His cold smile returning to his face, Valant pressed forward, preparing to scatter the Risen from behind.
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Valk heard something loud in the direction he came from, something that sends the chill down in his spine. He does not break his focus, not going to look toward to the source of this sound. Doing so would be a great mistake with the group of archers and thus, he maintains his aim and focus on the archers. Then fire the arrow at the archer with the Draconic-like Bow, targeting for where his target would likely be most vulnerable.
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Hato had begun a chant for Physic once more upon hearing Callen's cry, but had stopped upon hearing his nearest ally's hiss from pain, and had a mixed expression of wincing and confusion at the sight of what appeared to be an arrow wound on her side with no actual arrow to cause it. The shout and appearance of the manakete had also distracted him before he shook his head to get to his task. Taking another look at Adelaide's wound, he was able to make out the shape of an arrow, though the appearance was strange to him since it seemed so transparent. Remembering the sight of Adelaide searching through her pouch before said manakete's appearance, he hastily took out, and un-corked, a flask-shaped bag, taking it off of himself and handing it to Adelaide.
"There isn't much remaining, but there should be enough left. Dampen your wound with this Concoction after you remove that...'arrow'", Hato instructed, deciding that it should be enough for her from seeing that gutsy expression of hers that reminded him of a particular person he was familiar with, before rushing to Callen.

Hato finished his chant for Physic on the way to him, grimacing at the similar wound he had already seen much more than he would like to. "Excuse me...", he told Callen before reaching out to the familiar shape of an arrow with his shaking hand, taking another deep breath as he grasped it, and swiftly pulled it out before immediately casting his spell like he had done with Renton.

Despite successfully pulling it off again, Hato began to feel a bit dizzy, and sick, after witnessing the wound's expanded appearance again before his healing did its work.
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The Astra Archer reels back as their less armored arm is impaled by an arrow significantly hindering their ability to draw another arrow. Their fellow Archer stunned by the appearance of a dragon yells something to approaching Grimleal before taking out another arrow and aiming at the healer who seems to be casting their spells. Taking his time to line up that shot. The approaching on foot soldiers range from a Beserker, two soldiers, a sword master, and three Heros only one with an axe make their way towards the group. The dismounted Paladin takes the opportunity to strike at the distracted healer with his Silver Sword attempting to cutting deep into his side.


Callen smiles at having taken the arrow but before he could anything about it a roar cuts of his train of thought. A silhouette of a dragon rips through his "sight" as he turns his head to it. "So there was a dragon. Delightful..." He smiles a bit to himself and reaches for his previous tome. Upon hearing Hato breaks Callen from his focus and grunts as the arrow is taken out of him. Realizing the danger the boy is in as the Paladin lunges towards him blade at the ready. Callen steps in front of the attack and with surprising force deflects the sword with his tome and kicking the paladin backwards.

"Hato, I want you to either stick close to me or fall back!" Callen says as wind begins to whip around him violently. "Rexcalibur!" With the spell cast the magic goes high missing forces on the ground entirely but where the funnel of wind was sent and unearthly cries are made as several Risen Wyvern and Pegasi fall to the earth in front of the approaching Grimleal. Startled by the falling dead they stop in their tracks briefly.
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Taking the remaining salve with her once-outstretched hand, the cleric took an overview of the field before doing anything else. One archer, likely the source of her wound, had an arrow sticking out of one of their arms. Another archer looked like they were trying to prepare a shot in her general direction, a paladin with a sword just charged toward Callen and Hato before getting deflected by - wait, how could a tome be that durable? - and various risen of flying-creature origin had fell to the ground. Adelaide got an idea after seeing the fallen risen, taking her staff back into hand and aiming it... at the enemy paladin Callen just knocked back, before flicking her staff up toward the skies, in the hopes they'd... learn how to fly, too. "Stay attentive -"

Her body wasn't about to let her forget about the arrow, and Adelaide rolled her staff back into her left elbow before pulling her own arrow out and stumble-tossing it to the ground with a forced pained grin, quite unlike her previous expression of defiance. Haphazardly spilling the remaining Concoction over her wound and rubbing the flask along, she hoped it would take effect before the archer fired as she let her smile settle back to that defiant confidence.
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Renton keeps his focus on the approaching soldiers, only to notice the fallen Paladin preparing to attack. Before he can do anything however, he notices the Sorcerer quickly taking action to fend off the Paladin. With the situation seeming mostly under control, Renton notices an incoming arrow aimed at the healer and quickly positions himself with shield raised, ready to block the shot. His reflexes steadily growing as his adrenaline increases. (Slow Burn)

In an instant Renton could feel a strong breeze from behind him as the wind cackled. With no time to look back he continued to focus on the incoming arrow only to notice a group of wyverns and pegasi fall from the sky before him. His immediate shock turned into a sigh of relief as approaching enemies seemed to have stopped in their tracks due to this event. "Heh, what have I gotten myself into." He muttered.
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The girl turned dragon didn't take too long after changing before moving. She took notice of Adelaide, or from her point of view the girl who waved at her, and did a quick scan of the field. Valk had passed her thus it was good to assume she and her companions were the ones that should be helped... Thus the Manakete's movement became a simple matter. Especially since with those now larger eyes saw the Cleric rubbing something into a wound.

Making it quick, she placed herself before Adelaide, as if a defensive wall covered in scales, making a small grunt which became more of smoke coming out of her mouth. A reliable scaled wall in the form of a Dragon had appeared. Defend those weaker first, attack after one is sure they're okay.
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Valk kept moving on his horse, he notes the other archer ready to fire his arrow as well as the rest of the Grimeal soldiers approach and stop by Risen dropping dead from the sky. Seeing that the archer with the draconic bow is seriously hindered, Valk urge his horse to steer clear of those coming soldiers and quick glance to the skies for where those flying enemies dropping dead from. He draws another arrow to ready himself to fire for another shot, this time who?

He would end attempt to take advantage of the other archer's focus on their target. He aims and fires the arrow at the aiming archer.
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The archer frowns at the Dragon getting in the way of his aim thus forcing him to find a new target. A quick scan over any other vulnerable target he decides to aim at the healer closest to the sorcerer. With a deep breath he readies his shot only to experience a large amount of pain as an arrow enters his ribs puncturing something. The arrow is let loose and without intervention lands near the feminine male stabbing the earth next to his feet. The Astra wielding archer shakes his head and yanks the arrow out of his arm then with effort and pure rage as a green glow envelopes the bow again as he draws the arrow. All 5 arrows are launched at Valk.

The paladin did not learn to fly and promptly splats near the dragon and his supposed rescuer screaming all the way. Very much dead based on the fact many limbs should not be bending how they are but on the bright side there is a concoction that survived the fall that rolled near the duo.

The Berserker reacts first among the startled soldiers switching to a tomahawk. With a great heave from a single rotation the Axe goes airborne in a flying arc towards Renton. The horizontal spinning death is aimed at chest level. The Berserker charges after his axe bringing the surprised soldiers to their senses and continue their advance. The sword master pulls out a wyrmslayer and immediately beelines towards the dragon. The soldiers seemed to have agreed that the sorcerer has to go. The quick glance at the sky as their undead support is either ripped asunder by violent winds or retreating to the back.

The Risen now sensing a threat behind them turn towards the mage torching their comrades. Several Pegasus Knights and a Falcon Rider return to the backlines no longer trying a suicidal aerial charge at the smaller group or village. The Falcon Knight dives with a silver lance aimed straight at the Mage's head. A group of fodder knights attempt to distract the mage by charging him with iron lances.
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Valk curses as he notice five angry arrows firing at him, quickly grab the reins to urge his horse to run into dodging maneuver to avoid the arrows of one angry archer. He would not be unable to dodge all of them in time, two land the hits upon the Feroxi archer although he had quickly maneuver to where the arrows hits his chest and following that it hit his gut. Could not afford to get hit right in the arms, while he felt the force of the blow, it wasn't bad as it seems thanks to his armor migitate the damage. He could not afford to check to see if it's bleeding, besides he can still shoot!

Steady himself and give a grin back at the Astra Archer. Not gonna waste his breath here, there is a fight going on!

The Bow Knight quickly draws his arrow to his bow, then let his arrow fly right out at the Astra Archer.
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With his shield raised Renton blocks the incoming Tomahawk, the pressure from the axe pushing him backwards causing him so lose his balance for a split second. As Renton repositions himself a sharp pain can be felt in his shield arm. It was clear to him that we wouldn't be able to keep blocking strikes like that for much longer. With the Berserker charging towards the group and the other enemy soldiers following suit, Renton readied his lance to intercept any enemy that got too close.  "Look sharp everyone!" He called out as the enemies drew near.
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Valant had been happily incinerating the backline of Risen until he saw a Falcon Knight and several Pegasus Knights leaving the front line and flying straight towards him. He clucked his tongue in annoyance. He couldn't easily handle pegasi, and they seemed well-equipped. He had wanted to deal with the Archer shooting five arrows at a time, but he might have to maneuver there while dodging flying mules.

He jumped to the side to avoid the Falcon Knight, and sent an Arcfire her way, but the other pegasi dove down and landed a few blows on him. Swearing because his robes were ruined, he switched his Arcfire tome for Nosferatu, preparing to counter attack. His focus was diverted by loud clanking and he sighed as some ill-equipped Knights stomped towards him.

He ran between the two knights and sucked the life from them as they attempted to stab him with their lances, reverting the damage the pegasi had done to him. He glanced at the archer to the side, but decided he needed to fend off the pegasi first.
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Seeing how the Tomahawk didn't stun or deal that much damage to the Lance wielding man he yells and switches to another Axe being a rather worn Brave Axe. Upon getting close he swings with astonishing speed towards Renton's mid-section. Be it blocked, land, or evade he brings the axe down aiming for his skull.

The swordmaster with the wrymslayer like a blur makes it to the dragon without much of an issue and with another burst of speed attempts to cleave through Calix's mid-section.

An unamused falcon knight survives the blaze of an arcfire and flies fast in a specific direction followed by the other two pegasus knights getting out of the way of any spells and leaving before turning around each at frightening speed charge spears aimed in such a way making it exceedingly difficult to escape the incoming knight from three different directions. The knights that were distractions are nothing more than empty suits of armor.

The astra archer takes the arrow through the chest and collapses. The man does not rise again. The other archer however prepares another arrow now having recovered and quickly aims and fires at Hato before he's interrupted again.


The soldiers heading towards Callen weren't expecting to be launched into the air and sent flying into the distance by violent winds. Noting the arrow but unable to recast rexcalibur after stopping the constant winds to counter the on foot soldiers he quickly casts a weaker spell pushing Hato just out of the way to avoid another arrow. However the opportunity the winds have died down are taken by a bold risen Wyvern lord hefting their short axe and throwing it before retreating back to the ground. Unable to really react as fast as he would have liked. The Axe sinks itself into the sorcerer's chest sending him off his feet and flat onto his back. The pain coursing through his body Callen clenches his fist and steadily rises to his feet the Axe still in his chest he casts his spell. The malice infusing with the magic as a cyclone rips a portion of the risen army. The energy leaving him causes him to kneel from pain.

"Damn it, that was not ideal..." The blind man says removing the axe and now bleeding profusely. "Heh, I got too lucky, almost passed through."
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Valant turned around to face the charging pegasi amd calculated his next move. They were coordinated quite well and were traveling at roughly the same speed. They were spaced out well enough to allow him to quickly move towards one of them and stagger their attacks. And that is what he did. Moving towards the pegasus knight to his right, he attempted to dodge to the side, but the Risen was able to predict him and swiped him across the chest.

Grunting with pain, he ignored the first pegasus and turned towards the Falcon Knight. His magical power burned as he channeled his physical strength into his tome (Ignis). “Not even your ashes shall remiain, monster!” he cried, and he cast his life draining Nosferatu against the flying Risen.

The Falcon Knight was drained of life, and rider and mount fell to the ground, coming to a skidding stop in front of Valant. The mage laughed haughtily, but in his triumph, he forgot about the other Pegasus Knight and was stabbed through the shoulder for it. Cursing and falling to the ground, he glared at the pegasi and clutched his injured shoulder. He was growing irate with the two flying abominations.
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The sudden swordmaster coming at her with a sword had almost caught Calix off guard. Though there was one option she had, as she didn't have enough time to try and dodge. The moment the sword almost hit her she... Seemed to reduce in size, barely past the blade, into her human form, before bursting back into the form of a Dragon, breathing out a flame straight at the Swordmaster.

That being said she couldn't exactly run as she's guarding someone, thus if there was another swing after her breathe she was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to pull the same trick. Thus the options would be to take it... And retaliate.
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Valk upon noticing that the Astra Archer collapse from his arrow's impact and no longer moving, he immediately focus on the remaining archer. He draws another arrow, aims and let the arrow flies at the archer. Not going to let another one escape from his sight, especially the other people need a breather from being under fire by arrows.

Even when shot the arrow, the Feroxi Archer keeps himself and his mount keeps running on the field. He briefly considers the path of destination as he notes the position of the archer's and the other soldiers' positioning, then urge his horse to go for the long about way of maneuvering for potential flanking to the next skirmish.
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After Callen's calling out on his indecisiveness, and being saved by Callen's gust of wind as an arrow had whiffed by him, Hato began to feel some panic rising. His inexperience in such a large-scale battle compared to the mere skirmishes with allied mercenaries he had worked with was showing more and more, and this would only cause all the bigger of a target in the eyes of his enemies due to his blatantly obvious showing in use of staff magic.

He had felt like such a helpless idiot, abandoning the offers of protection he had nearby just because of some instinct he had in running to someone in need. Did he not get a Physic Staff to avoid the need to put himself in such a scenario?! With a quick "pat pat" on his cheeks as he had clapped his hands onto his face, Hato attempted to force himself to calm down and focus.

Seeing the slightly pained expression on the soldier as he seemed to be forcing his grip on his shield, Hato felt his guilt grow before casting a quick, though smaller, wave of Physic onto the soldier's shield arm. Right afterwards, he looked back to the heavily injured Callen and prepared to fully chant for his next casting of Physic for him. Despite his fear of an enemy finding an opening and possibly killing him in a single shot, his renewed faith and resolve in both Callen's and the soldier's attempts of protecting him prevented any further panic.

As Hato finished his full chant and had calmly released one more cast of Physic onto Callen, he hoped this strengthened faith in his allies will reach and inspire them (Demoiselle).
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Renton prepared himself for the approaching Berserker, the sense of uncertainty filling his body. "Gods I hate axe wielders." he muttered to himself a the enemy drew near. Before he had the opportunity to dodge however, he could feel the strength in his shield arm returning to him. It seemed as though one of the healers must've revitalized it. With quick reaction Renton raised his shield arm and blocks the incoming strike. The sudden pressure from the axe striking against the shield was quickly withdrawn as the same the Berserker swiftly raised the axe again to target Renton's head. With little time to react, Renton moved away ever so slightly. The axe missing his head and striking the pauldron on his left shoulder. Without much time to respond to the pain Renton quickly thrusted the Silver Lance toward the Berserker's abdomen.
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Post by: Linen on December 14, 2017, 01:49:11 AM
The field seemed to change in almost a blink of an eye - the manakete taking position to defend her meant she couldn't see the archers, but from what little she was able to glimpse around the dragon in front, one appeared to be quickly incapacitated, and Valk was aiming somewhere in that direction. As Adelaide expected would happen, the paladin that was charging up against Hato and Callen was a crumpled mess by her side. Dropping the empty Concoction flask, she quickly bent over - not painlessly, but she felt a little bit better - and took the Concoction left behind.

The dragon flickered out into a more diminutive form for a moment, revealing a swordsman on the attack... the sword did not look like it'd be particularly kind against dragon scale. After the dragon flickered back into view, the cleric could feel a distinct heat. She wasn't sure what she could do to help her defender, so surveyed the rest of the field. The Valmese paladin was in a duel with a berserker and his prospects of winning that duel were unclear, so Adelaide quietly began her charge chant. A bit farther away, more flying risen were falling... and Callen just ripped an axe out of his chest. Something did not quite add up, and it didn't involve the Physic glow she could glimpse. "Callen, I'm seeing more enemies falling from the sky, did you do a delayed spell or something? 'Cause that wasn't me this time." There was no evidence to imply anyone else here was capable of wind magic, so why was that happening?
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The Risen begin to scatter with their lower numbers and the complete devastation of their forces. Many are warped out of battle by some unknown force while others run. The Risen Pegasus Knights instead of flying off remain grounded and again attempt to stab into the fallen Valant.

 The Swordmaster caught off-guard by the lack of resistance and blood skids to a stop. Sensing danger the man turns and swings his sword at the incoming flames taking a fair amount of damage against the swordsman but rendered his path clear of flame. Taking a stance he stares down the dragon waiting.

The Beserker turns in such a way to avoid the spear and grabs the shaft. Tugging it towards him as well as applying more pressure to the Axe embedded in the man's shoulder. He reels back his armored head and proceeds to attempt a rather powerful headbutt.

The remaining archer takes a quick glance at valk and walks forward avoiding the arrow (Bowbreaker) and pays no attention to the rider instead spotting his opportunity to strike the Physic healer with the two protectors distracted he readies his bow and aims.


Callen's wounds healed but not enough to stop all the bleeding he stands while throwing out his arm to the side and the Archer evades a violent gale. The arrow launched from the bowman is sent harmlessly into the far distance due to the sorcerer's attack. "Adelaide, that wasn't me who sent down that flyer. There is however another mage out there fighting them! He has thinned out a significant portion of the army to cause a retreat!" Callen yells clutching his injured chest, with a quick scan with his wind magic to survey the skys noting them clear. He switches tomes.
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With quick reaction Renton releases the Silver Lance as he jumps backwards to avoid the headbutt. The Brave Axe being dislodged from his pauldron. He stumbles a bit before regaining his balance and quickly drawing his Steel Lance from the holster on his back. Twirling the weapon around in his right hand before taking a battle ready stance.  "I've gotta end this soon." He muttered as he raised his shield arm to guard himself. Renton then charged forward at the berserker attempting to shield bash him. The shield bash itself being a ploy to distract the berserker as he prepared to strike with the Steel Lance afterwards.
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Valk notes the archer's ease of dodging his arrow. Well, let's change things up. He urge his horse into position and swap his sword out for his bow. Then makes a charge at the archer, attempt to make a ride by strike via sword. Going from Ranged to Melee.
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Staring back at the swordmaster, Calix wasn't eager to make the first move. Though at this right she may have to risk it anyway. Thus without moving much, she prepared herself... Before letting out a blast of fire from that same position, hoping to catch him off guard again.
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The Risen Pegasi land just beside Valant and the riders attempt to stab him. Rolling to dodge them, he grabs the spear of one and pulls it from the mount. He turns around and blasts the other with his Nosferatu spell. He stomps on the other undead rider to hold it down and glares at the zombified pegasus, disgusted by the decayed flesh of the once elegant creature. He looked around at the fleeing Risen and debated chasing them.

"No," he muttered under his breath, "I may as well clear out the rabble still fighting and collect a reward." He stepped on the Risen's neck and walked towards the village, interested in the Manakete fighting the Swordmaster.
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With a satisfying snap the Risen Pegasus rider lays motionless on the ground and with that the last of the risen have been taken care of.

The swordmaster looks to the side briefly to register the approaching mage then to his comrade. With practiced grace he rolls towards the left evading the blast of fire while smothering the flames barring his way. Breaking into a sprint towards the Beserker intending to catch the sorcerer and healer off guard as he does. He moves like the wind across the plains switching between his Wyrmslayer to an iron sword. Not a slouch in dealing with casters taking special precautions with counter hexes and some talismans. He smirks continuing forward without hesitation knowing they can barely touch him. (Tomebreaker)

The Beserker chuckles and meets the shield bash with a strong shoulder tackle. Preparing for a follow up attack the man clutches his brave axe ready to meet the spear and strike the man with an immediate follow up.


Callen readies his Tome intent on assisting Renton only to pause noticing the rushing swordmaster coming toward him. Cursing to himself he turns and throws out an Arcthunder in an attempt divert the Swordmaster but it misses going too far to the left. "Too fast, Hato! Incoming enemy can't stop them from approaching!"