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: Skyfall (5e D&D game)
: Bolverk August 23, 2016, 06:53:02 PM

“June 21, 2025. Today our nation has fallen. These outer beings of places far beyond human understanding, who called themselves demons have successfully raided our last line of defense. But regardless, my people we cannot falter. We cannot forget the many things that our nation has accomplished within the last 249 years of existence. No matter what. As a beacon of  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you demons may take our land. You may tear down everything that we worked so hard for, you may kick us while we’re down. You may bring us down to the lowest point of our lives but we will stand right back up. What I’m saying and to put it kindly is that We, the People of the United States of America, are the strongest nation in the world and we will not surrender to you. So come get me, you sons of bitches.” - The President of the United States, Everett Green.

The year is 2025, a powerful country has fallen into the hands of entities of the unknown known as demons. Living beings of all kinds have stood and fought against them for the last 10 years before the destruction had taken hold of the nation and the rest of the world.

How non-humans came to be is through an event that takes place 10 years ago on the year 2020. An event that shook the world and crack the sky. The instability between planes have transported people from other planes of existence and into the human plane. From what was once thought as Fiction, had been realized as Reality. All the great things and all the terrible things.

You all do know that for whatever reason after these events, magic is unstable and you do not know why.

These events take place in the aftermath on the year 2030.

-Game Ruling-


This game will generally follow the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons core rulings.

-This game will gear towards more RP as well as Character Development.

- As far as Combat is concerned, it will be difficult and will be a bit intense. Enemies may have unfair advantages against the players and may sometimes make players go out of their comfort zone. (Such as you may not have as much ammo as you would like, or you may be forced into a water battle with something. Etc)

Death: When a character gets knocked to 0, unless the remaining damage is greater than their starting HP then you are knocked unconscious and must now make death saving throws, you keep making saving throws until you have either 3 passes or 3 fails. Whichever comes first. If you’re attacked while unconscious you automatically fail a saving throw. Rolling a 1 will result as failing 2 saving throws and rolling a 20 will heal you by 1 hit point.


Character Building

Starting level is at Level 3

In this world there is no such thing as a half-breed. Because of this, half-elves is out of the question. Tieflings would be considered to be as Demons, while Dragonborns would also be some form of a Dragon.

For stats, We will go through the point buy system.

You will start with 27 points to spend on stats. Your starting stat will not be lower than 8 nor will it be higher than 15 as your starting stat.

Here is your starting numbers to spend your points on:


From 9-13 It will cost 1 point per increase It will cost 5 points total once you hit 13
14-15 will cost 2 points. 9 points to get from 8 to 15.

This is a MAX HP Campaign. Your starting HP is 2(HD) + CON MOD. Afterwards you gain 1(HD) + CON MOD.


All humans cannot take any sort of magic class however they will gain additional abilities to balance this out.

Human Determination: (Prerequisite: Human) Using this feat, humans will get a 1d4 dice to add on to their saving throws. They can also use this on top of any inspiration. This will increase to 1d6 when the character is level 10.

Career: Can gain bonuses based upon their career.

Humans gain +2 On a single stat ( Or +1 on all stats), 1 extra skill proficiency, and 1 Extra Feat.

They will be able to take Monk

Third Party Races

Races outside of the Player Handbook would be reviewed as of case by case to determine their place within the setting. Backstory reasoning may be within consideration, but again will be reviewed.


In this game, Magic is a lot more unstable, meaning magic will not always be the most useful thing in the game and has a higher chance of failure.

We will follow some of the 5th Edition in terms of which spells you want to memorize per day. But the cost will follow the WotG’s unlimited magic. The cost will only be non-lethal damage. (Spell Level x2 +1) Each time you go over your total HP, you will increase 1 level in exhaustion. Please see the Exhaustion ruling afterward.

Unstable Magic Ruling: ALL magic regardless if it requires you to roll or not is subject to this rule during combat or in moments where there is distractions, or it is in the heat of the moment. (such as talking with someone). Unless you have the Metamagic feat called: Stabilize Magic. When outside of combat and need to perform some sort of magic, and the magic is cast at the level that is intended, not at a higher level, then it is automatically a 10 (No Modifiers) for success. Otherwise, you will need to roll if a spell is casted at a higher level. Casting at a higher level will also increase the DC level by 1 point.

Rolling from 1-3 the magic will not work no matter what

Rolling from 4-6 will result in magic having the possibility of working (Pending on modifier, not counting proficiency bonus)

Rolling 7-9  will result in magic being half as effective. If Spells have a DC, Lower that DC by 4 points. If the spell has 14 DC it now has 10 DC.

Anything 10 or higher will result in magic working normally

.20: The person will need to make a second roll in order to use it as intended with a DC of 15. If it was cast at a higher level increase that DC by 1.


Stabilize Magic:(Prereq: Elf, Tiefling, or Vampire. Spellcasting Level 3)  A Metamagic feat which increases the chances of a spell being activated.

Under  stabilized magic the following occurs:

Rolling 1 will result in magic not working.

Rolling 2-9 will result in magic being half as effective. If Spells have a DC. Lower that DC by 2 points. If the spell has 14 DC it now has 12 DC.

10 or Higher will result in magic working as intended.

20 will result in a more effective magic with lesser drawback (DC: 10) .


All Arcana Failures on equipment has increased by 10%

Monks are not affected by this ruling. Unless they went with The Way of the Four Elements. As their Monastic Tradition.

Bardic Inspiration is also not subject to this ruling.

Hunter's Mark is also not subject to this ruling

-Weapons and Equipment-

Firearms will need to hit normal AC instead of Touch AC.

Other wise, Pathfinder's firearm ruling applies. (Such as the chances of the firearm getting jammed)

To make ammo for guns you will need two things, Gunpowder and Brass casings.

Everyone is proficient in improvised weaponry, but they will need to be proficient in the weight of the weapon. (Light, Medium, Heavy)

With Guns or more martial art sort of weapons, they will need training on it before they can use it. (Like Sword, Kali Sticks, Batons, Guns)  If you are proficient in something feel free to teach it with your peers.

As a survival game, Armor is pretty scarce be very mindful of that.


There are several ways of getting awarded with an inspiration die

RP very well. It’s more of getting into character and RP in a way that moves people.

Setting someone up for success! Example: Two warriors in a arena and you start chanting for your warrior for encouragement;

Your Bard. The bard can give anyone Bardic inspiration. Bardic inspiration is not subject to the Unstable Magic ruling. (And they can only give out so much inspiration) Inspiration does not stack.

Finding solutions to problems that are outside of the box.

Inspiration works as follows the same ruling as the bard’s inspiration. You get a die that you can roll to add on to the you rolls you make for skill check, attack roll, or saving throw. Unfortunately

Levels 1-5: You will gain a 1d6 to add on

Levels 6-10: You will gain a 1d8 to add on

Levels 11-15: you will gain a 1d10 to add on

Levels: 16-20: you will gain a 1d12 to add on



Some special abilities and environmental hazards,such as starvation and the long-term effects of freezing or scorching temperatures, can lead to a special condition called exhaustion. Exhaustion is measured in 7 levels.

An effect can give a creature one or more levels of exhaustion, as specified in the effect’s description. Do note that these effects stack. So if you're Level 3 you also are effected by Level 2 and Level 1.

Level Effect
1           Disadvantage on Ability Checks
2           Speed halved
3           Disadvantage on Attack Rolls and Saving Throws
4           Hit Point Maximum Halved
5           Speed reduced to 0
6           Unconscious
7           Death (Only possible if a spell causes Exhaustion)

If an already exhausted creature suffers another effect that causes exhaustion, its current level of exhaustion increases by the amount specified in the effect’s description.

A creature suffers the effect of its current level of  exhaustion as well as all lower levels. For example, a creature suffering level 2 exhaustion has its speed halved and has disadvantage on ability checks.

An effect that removes exhaustion reduces its level as specified in the effect’s description, with all exhaustion effects ending if a creature’s exhaustion level is reduced below 1.

Finishing a long rest reduces a creature’s exhaustion to 0 provided that they have also eaten and drank water.

If long rest had not been completed, food will relieve some of the exhaustion by half of the HP healed.

Short Rest will also relieve some of the exhaustion by half of the HP healed while resting. So if you healed 8 HP while short resting, your nonlethal damage is lowered by 4 HP.

If hit non-lethally, while exhausted and it exceeds the total HP, you will need to make a Constitution Saving throw to resist getting knocked out. (DC: 10 + (Exhaustion Level x 2) + DMG that went over the total)

Once you are unconscious, If anything attacks you, it’s an auto-crit. Also you will start taking actual damage regardless if it’s nonlethal or not.