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The air was crisp in the stadium hall, on this brisk March day in Neo-Yorkas. It was practically packed, both with contestants and onlookers. It was the preliminary rounds of the seventeenth Regional Tournament. The stadium was insanely noisy from all the conversations, but the tapping of the mic on center stage quieted the crowds. As eyes turned to the stage, a young man with black hair stood at the mic.

"Ah... This thing is on right? It is? Okay. Welcome, everyone, to the Duel Monsters Seventeenth Regional Tournament. For those of you watching at home, we are live from Lyons in Neo-Yorkas. Today we are doing the preliminary or elimination rounds. Due to the massive pool of contestants, we'll only be looking at handfuls of duels today. But, for those at home, there'll be updates on practically every duel going on, gradually scrolling at the bottom of the screen. Our initial host, my step-brother Gregory Waites, had something come up last minute, so I'll be your host for this part of the tournament, Robert Waites. There's still a couple minutes left until the matches start, so Duelists, please take to your respective areas. For the sake of time and money, The preliminary rounds will only be Standard Duels. Good luck!" He started to walk away, but came back quickly. "Oh, directions to the duel fields are designated on the floor of the stadium with tape-arrows. Your entry tickets will indicate which field you're dueling on, so... try not to get lost." Robert gave a small bow to the crowd, then walked off stage, muttering to himself quietly. The crowd began to disperse, duelists moving to their fields and the audience getting properly seated.
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The young man named Edward looks at his entry ticket for the number in question. It looks like he'll be dueling at field 28 for this match, he pockets the ticket into his pocket where it is safe before goes along with the crowd to the field. He rubs his shoulder, still sore from that particular day before glance around the dueling crowd for familiar faces. Some of his friends, some of his co-workers, and some of those he met sometime ago.

"Well. I got time before the match starts." Edward mutters to himself, before he straighten up his casual shirt and goes off to meet up at least one of the people in mind. Mostly the ones who are nearby as he's not expecting to talk to all of them before the preliminary matches start. No need to delay any further than necessary for it.
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Post by: Copycat13 on December 04, 2015, 02:26:17 PM
With a heavy sigh a young woman walks steadily forward with her entry ticket towards her dueling field. Her duel disk is old fashioned but it seems to suit her tastes as it is and can keep up with the new standards. upon reaching her destination: dueling field 12 she notices her opponent is already there a kid talking with his friends before everything starts. letting out another sigh she walks away from her dueling field without being noticed to see if she can run into a familiar face not that far from her field.

"Not exactly like the tournaments back in my home country. Hopefully I get to keep my hard light settings the way they are." Alicia says bored looking around before spotting Edward walking who knows where. Checking her phone for the time before she starts walking towards Edward. "I got time to say hello. Wonder if I'll meet Usagi later."
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"Ah. Hello, Alicia." Edward greet the foreigner duelist when he noticed her. He put one of his hands in his pocket before shook his head, "It may be possible between rounds. Things will get busy here... How are you feeling at this moment?" He asks, note the old fashion duel disk for the moment. He did not choose to comment upon it as this is the lady's choice to stick with that particular model instead of the recent ones, either respectfully or just indifference upon it in terms of reaction.
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"I'm doing good, but I swear to god if someone asks me about why I'm using this older model I'm gonna show them what my rail cannons are like without mercy." She says crossing her arms. " I'm not expecting much from this tournament other than a few wins before that major loss. So, what about you? how are you feeling about it?" she takes out one of her decks from her belt and starts shuffling it for a while.
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"Aside feeling sore from that day, I am doing fine. Not expecting much from this tournament either, just to see how far I can go before defeat." Edward replied with the similar feelings about the tournament in general. Knowing all too well that there is always better duelists somewhere around among the entries, it's only a matter of time. "The most I can expect is give our all if we end up dueling each other at some point." There is more to what the young man said, but he does not go further details than that. This is a tournament after all.
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"I expected the same thing too." Pulling a card from her deck after she finishes shuffling. Sighing she puts it back and looks around. "I haven't seen any friends here other than you." She smiles and puts the deck away. "I hope we can have a rematch. Especially after we had malfunction. I promise it won't happen in this tournament." Holding up her duel disk showing the modern components and the surprising streamline. "My brother mailed a version of his "Up-to-date" older model from France. It's also more durable than the current models." Obviously she's proud of her brother's work.
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Well. That gives Edward a relief that there won't be interruptions by technical difficulties. "That I would want to see. A rematch to give our all once again." He held his other hand out to Alicia for a handshake in terms of a friendly spirit for the competition. At least a goal for him in this tournament aside from inevitable defeat. "Best of luck until then, Alicia."
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"Best of luck to you too, Edward." Alicia says taking his hand and giving him a single firm shake. "Don't hold back." Letting go, she turns back towards Dueling field 12 and checks her phone to see the time while walking. "Everyone is probably getting settled so that means it'll start very soon." With a smirk on her face she puts her phone and reaches for a deck on her belt.
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"You as well." Edward said when they shake hands. Once they let go, he turns around and walks off, picking up the pace to where Dueling Field 28 is located. He checks the time to see that it's almost time for the first matches to start. "...No hesitation." He said as his red eyes narrows, he takes out his duel disk and proceed to attach it to his wrist. Still inactive, but it'll will once the duel starts and he is ready for it.
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An intercom system fizzled to life, buzzing faintly throughout the stadium. "This thing is on, right? Good. Attention duelists, the tournament will be officially starting in a few moments, please report to your fields now. It has also come to my attention that there are some duelists scheduled for the preliminaries that are still in-transit. It will take a couple days to get through everyone here and those who are on the road or plane still. I ask that those of you with scheduled opponents in transit remain patient. Good luck everyone. Well, that could have gone better... It's still on? Oh, sh-!" The intercom buzzed again, going dead.
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Post by: Copycat13 on December 08, 2015, 01:54:35 PM
Turn 5
Alicia 9000 vs Jackson 3600

"I draw!" Alicia said drawing a card to add to her hand. "I was in control of this duel from the beginning and now I'm gonna end it."

"yeah right! I have two monsters on the field in defense mode thanks to your Level Limit- Area B! You won't be damaging my life points even if you activated Black Ship of corn's effect! you can't attack when it does remember!" The young man named Jackson shouted.

turning the card she just drew towards her opponent revealing her Opti-Camouflage armor. "Who said anything about attacking your monsters. I activate my equip spell Opti-Camouflage Armor!" placing her card in the spell slot the armor appears on the field. "I equip my King of the Skull Servants [6000/0] with my spell since it can only be equipped to a level 1!" The armor flies over and onto the King. "Since you don't have any trap or spell cards set you can't defend from his direct attack. Go my King! Dark Spirits!" Alicia points at Jackson and her King vanishes from sight.

"Wh-where d-did he go?" the terrified duelists says looking around for him.

"It's Camouflage armor. You won't see him til it's too late." Alicia gives a sinister smile as the King appears right in front of Jackson and blasts him with sinister energy directly sending him back a few feet. "Le jeu est le mien (The game is mine.)." she says as the duel disks power off.

Alicia wins
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Turn 7

Usagi 1400 vs Timothy 1600

" I draw!" Usagi states as her turn begins. 'not a bad draw.. just need one more card..' "Lets start this turn off by making use of your field spell again." she states as her lp drops another 1000 points. ' Perfect' "just what I needed, your Game may have stalled this duel but its now the source of your defeat! I summon the right leg of the forbidden one in Attack mode!" usagi says as a large foot forms behind her. " its not going to stay for long though, I tribute it to summon Summoned Lord Exodia!" she contenues, a transparent exodia forming from the leg, its other leg and Head becoming solid as its strength grows (3000/0) " now, I play the spell card Dark Factory of Mass production! this card lets me add two normal monsters from my graveyard to my hand!" she contenues, adding both legs of exodia to her hand. " and now.. I end my turn to deal the final blow, during my end phase, Summoned Lord Exodia returns one piece of himself to my hand from the grave" she states as the head becomes transparent. " and with that.. Its showtime~" she states with a pose for the cheering fans " the Ritual is complete, Come Exodia the Forbidden One!" she announces as she plays all five peices from her hand, space itself seeming to crack behind her as it looms its head out of its seal. "OBLITERATE!" She shouts dramaticly as it fires its laser.

Usagi Wins
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Turn 5

Edward: 300

Cain: 500

'...Shit.' Edward thought as he stares at the opponent's field consist of a cyber dragon-like hydra and some tiny black version with some red core, meanwhile emptiness reigns on his side of the field. Nothing that he could make use of or anything to defend himself with between him and those dragons.

"And that's the end of my turn. Not like there's gonna be for you man." His opponent, Cain, crosses his arms as he smirks. "You gave me quite the shake up, but that's end of the road for you."

"Don't count on premature victory until one of us drops." Edward spoke back as he proceed to draw his card. Before he even glance at the card, Cain interrupts.

"Oh. Before you do anything, I activate my trap. Cyber Network." The opponent press on his duel disk as the trap went up. "I banish Cyber Dragon Zwei for now, nothin' much but I gonna get some nice goodies once three turns swings by. Enough to knock down your walls if you got any. Heheh."

Edward's eyes narrowed, maintain his silence from the pressure. He mutters to himself, "Deck... Give me a chance to end this." He then looks at the card for the moment of truth, paused at the sight of it. 'This card... I can pull this off.'

"I believe it's time for my counterattack. Now, since I am quite outnumbered and defenseless by two of your dragons. Thus I am allowed to special summon a certain Superheavy Samurai from my hand. Superheavy Samurai Scales, appear now to defend!" Edward place a card on his duel disk as lights comes up on his side of the field. A green mechanical samurai that held a pole attached by two pans which it lives up to it's name. (ATK/800 DEF/1800)

"Oh. And what that guy gonna do?"

"I activate Scales effect to bring the turner monster, Superheavy Samurai Trumpeter, back from the grave." Edward answers as Scales turns sideways as it held one of the scales out and lower it to the ground. Mists starting to appear out of it with light seen through as Edward takes the card out of the graveyard and place it on the disk. Suddenly a tiny mechanical samurai leaps out of the mist, blowing it's horn as if the reinforcement is here before lands on the field next to Scales. (ATK/300 DEF/600) "Next, I normal summon Superheavy Samurai Soulpiercer on the field." He place his last card in hand on the disk, summoning a crossbow which it ends up landing in Edward's hands thanks to the fact it's made out of hard light with mass. It looks like it's loaded, ready to fire.

Cain frowns at the sight.

"Time for a Synchro Summon. I tune my level 4 Soulpiercer and level 4 Scales with level 2 Trumpeter!" Edward calls out as he toss the Soulpiercer toward the air before Scales and Trumpeter jumps up to follow. The mechanical Trumpeter blew it's horn to make a war cry before transform into three, transparent green rings. The said rings then surrounds the crossbow and scale using samurai, reducing them into wireframe structure of themselves. Then it disappears into eight balls of lights that align with the rings, transform into a pillar of light for a portal.

"Raging deity, in unison with the roar of a thousand blades, come forth in a spiraling sandstorm!" Edward made a incantation while the Synchro Summoning happening. He held his hand toward to the air as if to command something, then he calls out to finish it. "Make your stand now, level 10! Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo![/i]" The light pillar disappears and suddenly drops behind Edward is a massive green and black samurai in a sitting position. Red lens lits up as it spins it's spear above it's head before pins the bottom of the spear on the ground, causing a rumble. (ATK/2400 DEF/3800)

'Not going to give him a chance to fight back or even talk... Here and now.' Edward thought as he made a side along glance toward to his only Pendulum monster in the air, Superheavy Samurai General Sango. He then continues his move, willing to go all out in this. "Next, I activate Soulpiecer's effect. Allowing me to add 1 Superheavy Samurai monster from deck to hand!" He calls out as he proceed to take out one card from the deck before the dueldisk shuffles them up. "And I use this card, Superheavy Samurai Soulclaw, to equip it to Susanowo!" He place it in the Magic Card zone, which instead on the field, a mechanical claw appears on the Synchro Monster's hand. (ATK/2900 and DEF/3800) "This increases 500 ATK and DEF. Now onto the battle phase! My monster can strike while he's on the defensive. Superheavy Lord Susanowo, strike that Cyber Eltanin with Kusanagi Sword Slash!"

Upon the duelist's command, the mechanical samurai charges into battle against the large cyber dragon. Rocket thrusters ignites as it's movement while Susanowo attacks the cyber dragon with it's spear, bare the resemblance to a certain legend in the far east. This ends, with the boost of the Soulclaw, Susanowo cutting off all of Cyber Eltanin's heads. Leading to it's destruction in form of a explosion, resulted in taking out the rest of Cain's life points.

"Never assume premature victory until the end." Edward echoes his earlier words as the holograms disappears. He gave a breath of relief with his eyes closed, finally that he beat this duel. He then thought, '...That was a very tense duel.'

Edward wins

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Meanwhile, the commentators for the television broadcast...
"Fantastic duels from Alicia, Edward, and Usagi! Good seeing such strong competitors this early in the tournament, wouldn't you agree, Ted?" The main commentator, Carl Bloomberg, asked, looking to his co-worker.
"Wholeheartedly, Carl! Edward was cutting it close, but it's a good thing he pulled it out in the end. And that brilliant play of Exodia from Usagi really boosted our ratings!" The sidekick, Ted Burns, added.
"Didn't Usagi have a CD coming out soon, Ted? Japanese idols sure are popular these days."
"Yes, indeed, Carl. I've got it on pre-order, myself."
"Oh, really? One of your kids a fan?"
"I don't have kids."
"... Okay, then! Let's get back to the tournament! Let's see here... Oh, what's this? Is that Rob Waites on the field!?"
The camera panned over to one of the far-left duel fields, showing the tournament's "host" facing off against an opponent.
"Indeed it its, Carl! Let's take a closer look!"

Back at the tournament...
Turn 8
Robert: 7300
Paul: 2500

Robert wasn't the most confident duelist, to be honest. He was only doing this because his brother asked him to, saying that he'd
be along to host the tournament. The young man sighed, eyeing the field. His opponent, Paul, was stuck in a corner. On Paul's side were three face-up traps- Armor Ninjitsu Art of Rust Mist, Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing, and Armor Ninjitsu Art of Freezing. His monsters, White Dragon Ninja and Masked Ninja Ebisu, were mildly annoying. Dragon prevented his spells and traps from being destroyed, and Ebisu kept recycling Robert's traps according to how many Ninjas were on the field. Normally a death sentence for Robert's under-optimized Gustos deck.
But Robert had Sphreez on the field.

Sphreez was practically the ace of any Gustos deck. It reversed battle damage, essentially. Any damage Robert would have taken in an attack, Paul takes instead. Paul was looking kind of nervous, as it was obvious the outcome of the duel. "Okay... I draw," Knowing himself that the draw didn't matter, he didn't make such a big motion out of the act. A quick glance, and into the hand it went. It was Blessings for Gusto. It would have been nice earlier in the duel, when Robert wasn't sure of the outcome. But now, with his field like it was, he didn't need it. "Hm. Where were you earlier?"
"Whatever it is, it can't be any worse than what you got now... Geez..." Paul muttered, being stared down by Sphreez, Eguls, and Caam.
"That is true. It's not really something that I would play, because it'd only prolong the duel. I'm not too concerned with ratings, so there's no point." Robert shrugged.
"So... Is this...?"
"Yeah. Sorry, mate. Better luck next year." Robert held his hand up, and the three monsters prepared themselves for the attack, like coiled springs.
"Aw crap... I thought I had it this year..." Paul sighed and lowered his duel disc. He wasn't one to surrender in duels, but he was tired of getting beat on in them constantly.
"Sphreez, Eguls, Caam. Attack Paul's White Dragon Ninja." Like a shot of a gun, the three took off. Sphreez tackled the Ninja first, being flung back to Robert's side with Paul staggering from the impact. Caam hopped onto Eguls, and the two dive-bombed White Dragon Ninja, the force of the explosion knocking Paul off his feet, and down to 0.
Robert wins

Back at the commentator box...
"OOH! A brutal ending from Robert! Ted, what did you think of that one?" Carl asked, looking to his co-worker.
"Well, Carl, they both fumbled a little at first, but once Rob found his rhythm and summoned Sphreez, the duel might as well have ended there. Points to Paul for not giving up, though." Ted nodded approvingly.
"Fantastic assessment. Let's go take a look at another duel..."

On the field...
Robert walked forward through the field, exchanging a quick fist-bump with Sphreez before the Solid-Light machine  deactivated. Paul sat up with a groan, rubbing his head. "Oww..." He looked up, seeing Robert standing over him with a hand outstretched. Paul took the hand, and Robert helped the other boy up.
"Good game, Paul. If you hit your head, the infirmary's close-by. Just follow the facility map on the wall as you exit this area. We've got some complimentary food and drink in the main lobby for contestants when their duels are over, as well."
"Thanks... See ya next year, Rob." Paul gave Robert a small pat on the shoulder as he passed him, heading for the infirmary to get some pain-relievers.
"See you next year, Paul."
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Turn 7
Copen: 6000
Nova: 6800

Staring sadly at his opponents field he sighed. It wasn't... The greatest of Duels. He stared at an empty field with but a single Gagaga Magician on it. His field had a Satellite Falcon on it and a Revolution Falcon.

"... I... Attack." Somewhat depressing, he shook his head. He had just gotten out his six star Revolution Falcon, his other one, from the grave after sending it their by using Satellite's effect. Only to overlay another Satellite Falcon onto the field with a Rank Up Magic. Thus Gagaga Magician had Zero attack, and he had 8000 ATK points on his field technically. And with all three attacks, it was over.

Copen Wins

"... Boring..." Muttering he narrowed his eyes. Could ones luck really be that bad? After he got a single card he needed things went his way thus... Closing down his disc and making the large mechanical birds disappear, he scratched his head.

"... Really boring."
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Alice: 400 LP
BOB: 4200 LP

Alice let out a sigh as she looked at her hand, not really expecting to win this duel since because of BOB's stupid field spell that slowly took away her monsters ATK points. She had a Skilled Dark Magician on the field with only 900 attack points with a few miscellaneous spell cards face down on the field to make it look like she had a plan. Even though he had no monsters she had a feeling that she was going to lose.

If only I could have Dark Magician Girl... I have all the cards I need to finish this battle I just need her... she thought as she put her hand on her deck.

"Hurry up! I wanna go get a snack before all the vendors close!" BOB yelled at her crossing his arms,

Alice rolled her eyes and muttered "I draw..." and looked at her new card, her eyes light up and she squealed "Oh you are so going down!" she yelled at him,

"Like hell, I have 4200 life points left! Unless you drew a monster that has more then that, and even if you did you only have one monster on the field so you wouldn't be able to summon it!" He yelled back, obviously thinking he won.

Alice just smiled at him, "I sacrifice Skilled Dark Magician to normal summon Dark Magician Girl!" as she did that BOB laughed, almost falling on his pudgy ass.

"Like that's going to help you!"

"Well now because I have her, I can activate Sage's Stone to special Summon Dark Magician." Alice shrugged when her Dark Magician was summoned, continuing to smile at BOB. "And now that I have Dark Magician I can activate from my hand Dark Magic Attack which gets rid of all your spells and traps and leaves you totally defenseless~ And now that you're totally defenseless... I can attack directly and get rid of... What is it... 25 plus 23 equals to 4800 attack points so... You kind of lost dude." BOB just blinked and looked at his LP going down.


"Heart of the cards I guess." Alice giggled and spun around doing the peace sign to her two favorite cards before they left the field.

She deactivated her dueling device and pretended to wipe off sweat. "That was a good duel though. Honestly thought I was gonna lose." BOB just grumbled and walked off, still going to get some snacks. "Rude much." She shrugged and walked off the field very happy that she made it in time to duel today. "Wonder where I'm gonna stay for this tournament..." she tapped her chin and decided to search around.
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"And two more wonderful duels from Copen and Alice! Ted, what's your assesment?" Carl asked, looking to his co-worker.
"Well, Carl, I gotta say, Copen's duel was kinda painful to watch because of how bad Nova's luck was. It just seemed like nothing went her way."
"Hm. Hm. And Copen uses Raid Raptors. Little unconventional, don't you think?"
"It's not that unconventional compared to Robert and his Gustos, Carl. And speaking of unconventional, Alice's deck is pretty interesting."
"Indeed it is, Ted. No real theme behind it, just a general spellcaster deck, from the looks of the duel. It didn't seem like she was gonna win against Bob and his Venom deck, honestly."
"I had a feeling she'd pull it out in the end."
"You do enjoy your underdogs. Well, let's check in on our contestants, shall we?"

On the TV broadcast, there was a brief cut to the main lobby, where another of the commentators, Georgia Smithers, was standing in front of a small recording drone with the congregation of duelists behind her. "Heya, folks, Georgia Smithers here, live from the main lobby. The Waites brothers were nice enough to set up a few snack tables for competitors after their duels," She glanced over and saw Robert talking on his phone. "Speaking of, let's go and check in with Robert!" She strode over to the young man, the drone following her.
Robert glanced to his side, seeing the woman coming. "I'll have to call you back, sorry," He hung up his call, then turned to face the commentator. "Hey, Georgia. Something up?"
"Oh, no, I just wanted to do a check-in with you for the folks at home. How was it down there on the field?" Georgia put her mic to Robert.
"Uh... Kinda noisy. Lots of duelists today. Probably one of the bigger turn-outs, honestly. Though I see a few faces here today from previous tournaments, like Paul-" He paused and turned to give Paul a wave as he passed, the other boy walking by with a small plate of food. Paul nodded back in response and continued on his way. "and that's really cool to me. It's like a class reunion of sorts."
"I see, I see! Now, I thought that you were hosting the tournament in your brother's stead. Is that no longer the case?"
"Correct. He'll be along shortly, and he asked me to take to the field." Robert put his phone away, and his hands in his pockets.
"Wonderful. Now, you've been out of the game for a while, right? How did you feel with cards in hand at a tournament again?"
"Yeah, I was a little nervous, honestly. Especially considering that I haven't used my Gustos deck in competitive play."
"Ironing out some kinks?"
"Something like that. Gustos is more reserved for casual stuff. I have other decks I'd rather use, but it was the only one I had on me today."
"Hm! Those other decks, what would they be?"
"Uh... Nekroz, primarily. Again, probably not up-to-date, but I'm a little more comfortable with it. I've got a Spell Counter deck as well, and a general dragon deck, but I doubt either of those would hold up."
Georgia nodded a bit. "I see. Well, I wish you luck in the coming rounds, and thanks for taking time to chat!"
"No problem. See ya around." Robert gave Georgia a wave and walked away, and the woman took off to interview one of the losing duelists.
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"I just saw your duel sis! Not bad, told you the skull servants would destroy the opposition." an excited voice said through the phone in Alicia's ear. "You'll be winning the tournament before you know it!."
"Heh, I appreciate you enthusiasm Austin, really I do. It's only the first round and I can't be careless. I've put a target on my back with how easily I destroyed my opponent." She said looking around before spotting Alice. "I better go. Oh before I forget thank you for the new duel disk. I love what you've done with it."
"Haha! Thanks, best of luck!" with a beep she hangs up and puts her phone away and starts heading over to the female duelist.
"I the end of your duel on my way over to the Cafeteria. That was an amazing comeback, no?" She asks upon reaching the young woman. "How rude of me asking questions before introducing myself. Bonjour, mon nom est Alicia Ravine. et tu es?" (Hello, my name is Alicia Ravine. And you are?)
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Alice looked at Alicia a bit and blinked, "Um... Sorry I don't speak French... But I believe you introduced yourself as Alicia Ravine...?" She tried to match the way Alicia said it. "I'm Alice Whiteraven. And yes, quite a comeback, I honestly thought I was gonna lose..." She played with one of her earrings a bit, "have you already dueled?"
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"Yes, I won my duel and get to continue to the next round." Alicia smiles "The match isn't noteworthy really. I'm sure your next round would be an amazing match." looking at the crowd she frowns briefly and sighs before looking back to Alice with a smile. "It appears that reporter is talking to the duelist I defeated. Oh well, all the competitors here are very interesting. One is my friend an Idol from Japan I would introduce you to her once I find her."
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"Congrats on winning, I'm sure it was a really cool match. I actually just barely made it to mine thanks to air traffic and wait... Wait... You know an idol? Which idol?" Alice seemed to look excited at wondering witch idol Alicia knew.
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"Usagi Testarossa, I call her popstar and I kicked her ass when we first met." Alicia giggles "okay I didn't kick her ass. It was a good duel and a very fun time afterwords." looking over at the crowd she spots Edward walking by and calls him over to join the conversation.
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Alice tapped her chin a bit in thought, "I think I've heard some of her music. I just need to hear it to know if I truly do know her music. But I like that she shares the same name with Sailor Moon." Alice smiled and looked to see who Alicia drew in.
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Alicia could see Edward is talking on the phone, he waves back as he come over. He said something else, likely intend to politely hang his phone call up before end it and puts away the device by the time the young man arrive at the conversation. What Alice sees is a tall, young man with a dark colored hair and red eyes.

"Greetings, ladies," Edward greeted to the two female duelists, his hands behind his back, "How are your duels so far?"
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Alice nodded politely to the tall young man. "Surprisingly for my first tournament I won my first battle. It was really close to me losing since I only have 400 life points left while my opponent had 4200 life points. I'm glad the cards decided to give me a chance. My name is Alice by the way, nice to meet you." She smiled.
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"It is a pleasure to meet you, Alice. My name is Edward Lawrence, at your service." Edward introduce himself to the newcomer. He would've held his hand out, intend to shake his hand with the girl. However, he is waiting to hear Alicia's response on how her duel goes as he shown the indication by look toward to the female duelist from France.
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Copen sat down by himself, shuffling through his cards. Staring at them. "... Maybe I should do Blackwings in the future instead..." Muttering he make noises by clicking his tongue. Would help if his deck had more supports. he considered going and talking to the other participants but...

"... Whatever..."
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It took a bit but Usagi finally managed to catch up with Alicia. "Hey Conductor! Sorry it took so long" She says as she sits down, a hat, glasses and trenchcoat covering her idol outfit. " kept getting stalled by fans wanting me to sign there cards." she says with a sigh.
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"My first duel has been good Gearhead." Alicia smiles "Sorry, Edward... I only crushed my opponent." Looking over at Usagi and giggles. "It's alright. I see you took up another disguise popstar. I see you made it to the next round. Someone screamed exodia then there was a decently large explosion." taking out her deck Alicia shuffles and draws the top card. "My brother said he'd like to duel you if you ever happen to be in France when the tournament is over." clearly Alicia forgot that Alice was there with the two other duelists.
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Alice seemed to go quiet when the three were together, she wasn't friends with them (yet) so she guessed she should stay quiet, she wouldn't be surprised if all three of them completely ignored her.
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"Congratulations still." Edward congrats the three of them. Then he blinks before makes a thinking gesture as if realizes something, "Wait... Exodia? Are you sure you heard right, Alicia?" He glance at Alicia, before glance over to Usagi. He knows the rarity of those cards, he honestly didn't think he ends up encountering one in this tournament.
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Usagi giggles a little nervously. "What can I say? sometimes being an Idol has its advantages" she says. "I got lucky drawing Summoned Lord when I did, wasn't sure I'd be able to turn it around without him."
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Robert had started walking around and doing his own check-ins with duelists. A few of them were bitter about their defeats, some were still running off the highs of their victories. The young man eventually wandered over to where Alicia, Edward, Usagi and Alice right around when Usagi was talking about her duel. "So, how did you get your hands on enough cards for an Exodia deck?" he asked while within earshot, though it may have seemed like he kinda appeared out of nowhere.
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"Unlike how my brother does it I suppose she buys them from tournament winners and possibly wins them too... maybe some are gifts from fans." Alicia throws out some other theories before turning to Robert. "I'm sorry but I don't think you told us your name monsieur. Nor are you familiar... but I remember your face. You are the host no? Are you here to interview us?" Alicia says putting her hand on her hip and looking at him expectantly.
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"Ah, right," Robert clears his throat briefly. "Robert Waites. Brother of the actual host, Gregory Waites. I only did the opening ceremony since he was a bit preoccupied until now. He'll be conducting the rest of the tournament, and I was asked to participate. I'm not here to interview you, though. My uh... curiosity got the better of me. Sorry."
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"Curiosity is good if you put it in the correct place." Alice said after being silent for most of the conversation. "Only time when its bad is when you get in a spot where its dangerous." She shrugged and smiled at Robert
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Alicia smirks at robert before holding out her hand. "Alicia Ravine, It's a pleasure to meet you. I suspect we may meet in the battle field but I want to ask anyway. What deck are you running? This goes for everyone." Though she figures Gearhead and Popstar are using super heavies and exodia based on the conversation and previous duel. "I hope some of you brought more than one deck as to not give away your entire strategy."
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Robert shook the girl's hand, then withdrew his own. "I used Gustos in the duel I participated in, but I don't think I'll be using it from here on. It's nice for casual settings, but not so much for tournament play. There a couple other builds I use that may be a little more suitable for the tournament."
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"Perhaps you should answer that question as well, Alicia. It would not do if all of us answers and you did not." Edward shoot back a question to Alicia. He had been exposed to two of the foreigner's decks prior to the tournament. Then with thoughtful look on his face, he replied the question she asked, "...I will admit though. I have another deck, but it is not even ready for play when the tournament started. Perhaps in the next one though." As he kept to that response, he takes out his deck to reveal the bottom of it which shows Superheavy Samurai Benkei to the group. Once they get a good glimpse of it, he shuffles the deck and then puts it back where it belong. Nice and secured.

"...Ah, right. Pardon my manners," Edward realizes as he looks over to Robert, he held his hand out to the brother of the host. "Edward Lawrence. Pleasure to meet you in person."

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Usagi looks around to make sure noone was looking in her direction before opening her trenchcoat and the hoodie under it to show 4 Deck Boxes. " My magic show is simply one of my.. 'Performances' as my manager likes to call them" she says with a slight giggle before closing her coats again so we don't have another cafe incident. "One of them I'm not sure is quite ready yet. Need to iron out some kinks" she continues. "and Yes, That deck is one of them Conductor-Chan" she says with a wink. 
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"You're right it would be unfair. One of my more trustworthy decks is my skull king deck. I believe it's made it into a highlight for a how quickly that duel went." Alicia said holding up a deck and flipping over King of the Skull Servants. "It may not be the most famous but is one of the most dangerous decks to underestimate." Flipping the card back into the deck she shuffles it and puts it back into a deck holder.
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Getting up from his seat, Copen yawned and put his cards away. Scratching the dyed pink hair he noticed a bunch of the competition getting together and wandered somewhere near... Though just stopped to ask someone on the way where to get food.

"Thanks." Nodding he finished walking over and stared at them for a second before grinning. "If you all just keep standing here and talking, you won't have the chance to fill up before the next round."

His thoughts?... Food. Food is important and if everyone doesn't eat first, they'll be a bit peeved during their duels.
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Robert took Edward's hand and shook it, withdrawing it soon after. "Nice to meet you too, Edward. You were cutting it pretty close in your duel. But you seem pretty on top of things, so good to see you're going to the next round," He then heard Copen saying something, and glanced over. "Well, I think we'll have plenty of time to eat. At the rate the preliminaries are going, we may be able to hold the first round tomorrow. It'll be still kinda big, but progress is progress."