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: Broken World
: Nask April 26, 2014, 10:23:27 PM
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: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii April 26, 2014, 10:28:42 PM
An olive skinned boy of Southeastern European/Mediterranean descent, looking around the age of 13 or 14, dressed in a red short sleeve hoodie with a small black crown decal on the back, over top a loose white tank-top, and wearing khaki cargo shorts, Alev looked up and closed his large, thick book slowly with a slight clap. His legs hung in the air from the stool he sat on and kicked his feet slightly as he shifted in his seat. A hand scratches his short and slightly messy tuft of reddish auburn hair as he looks at Horus rather dully, hinting of frustration, with dark scarlet eyes.

"It isn't so much as 'bringing' but more like 'lost refugee'. What I thought was a day of going to Greece turned into some shitty father-son bonding time that I don't want to take part of. Next thing I know, I'm out of there while my dumb ass father's back is turned. And what do you know, I get lost and somehow end up some place that definitely doesn't look like molten fire or South Europe. And I'm definitely not on Earth with all those funky races walking around like an Anime-con. Well at least not my Earth. Fucking joyous really."

Resting his head on his arm he adds,

"I'm having a splendid day, thank you."
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: Bolverk April 26, 2014, 10:40:48 PM
Horus stared at the boy as he set a cup in front of the boy and poured orange juice in it. What are those places the boy mention? Horus thought really hard, maybe he can get the historian to define those places, at least he would know what those are. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that." He was not sure how to help the boy's situation but hopefully something to drink will cheer the boy up. He pushed the cup to the boy. "It's on the house; Well, if you need a place to rest, I know someone who will help you with that." Horus said concerned for the boy, putting a rag into the water bucket under the bar counter.
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: Inu-Jii April 26, 2014, 10:46:03 PM
Alev took the drink and took a sip. Tasted like oranges. Figures, but you never know if its laced with drugs or tastes like fish in a world so familiar but alien. Is this even Earth?

"That'd be great thanks. I was wondering where I could sleep since kids my age should totally be out lost in the dead of night and panicking how to get back home."

He took a look around and then back at Horus. Studying his features.

"So... to the basics. Where am I, what is the date, and did the world we know of end in a nuclear warfare that may or may not have happened because of something trivial?"
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: Bolverk April 26, 2014, 10:58:00 PM
What Alev saw was a man who seems to have some bird like features particularly the feathers around his arms. Judging by that he may be a Half-Avian. When Alev mention the date, Horus gave Alev a questioning look as he answered, "You didn't know? It's April 14th 2172. The world 'ended' by Demons running the place. If I know the history from a particular customer of mine. Humans were almost wiped out. So I guess that is the reason why all of these 'funky' races is roaming around as you described it, and why this place is a complete mess." Horus said tilting his head to the door that leads outside.
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: Nask April 26, 2014, 11:02:31 PM
Horus can see a old man, wearing a cloak over his armor and a mechanical eyepatch over his eye, enters through the door. Keeping a silent pace even within at this time of hour for when the place is closing. Ranger goes to sat down at the counter, waiting for someone... To be exact, he looks toward to the bartender of the Four Clovers. However, it seem like he can wait patiently for the coming business until Horus finished with the boy.
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: Inu-Jii April 26, 2014, 11:04:45 PM
Alev listened in on Horus' brief explanation and thought to himself he was right about the world being in a destroyed dystopia setting. Taking his glass of orange juice, he was about to take a sip when he heard the phrase, 'Demons'. His glass touched his lips but he did not drink. His eyes stared at the half-avian with an unreadable expression.

He set the glass down and asked, "Over run... by demons? And year, 2172...?"

Did he jumped forward a century and a little? Was this his father's doing? Was it? It can't be...? Alev scrambled to think of an explanation but he found himself only guessing with out concrete evidence.
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: Bolverk April 26, 2014, 11:09:58 PM
Horus nodded. "That's right. Ran by Demons. And the year is 2172." He looked to his left to spot the old man with the eyepatch sitting at the counter. The Avian nodded to the man acknowledging his existence before turning back to the boy. "I'll be right back, in the mean time," He turned to a particular busser of the workforce he had employed. "Naoki, keep the boy occupied for the moment, I'll be right back." He ordered as he then walked towards Ranger. "Well, Ranger, surprise to see you here. Care for a drink?" The Bartender offered.
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: Inu-Jii April 26, 2014, 11:14:44 PM
Alev looked at Naoki from the corner of his eye and looked over his features before staring at his half-empty glass of OJ. If this was the future the it possible this could be his earth. Then again, he doesn't know the history of this world so it may be different. But from what the bird said, he doesn't seem to know much on history. Maybe he's stupid or was a drop out. Or maybe history is taboo and blocked by the government?

"Ah... government. Right..." he mumbled to himself as he remembered that if he were to stay here for god knows how long, he'd have to avoid officials since he is most likely not on the list of residences with legal documents...
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: Nask April 26, 2014, 11:27:28 PM
The busser in question nodded as he stop what he was doing, which it is cleaning part of the floors, before walks over to Alev. From what the newcomer can see, it is a pale young man in the work uniform for the bar. Black hair tied in a pony tail and gold eyes are his features. He seems pretty much human, although there are hints of something non-human. Slit eyes and sharp nails for one, but there seem to be more...

"...Is there anything you need, Sir?" Naoki asks Alev. Although, he seem to struggle with manners, but still maintainable.

Back at the counter, Ranger nodded. "Whiskey would be fine. But there is something I need to ask of you." The old man place his hand on the counter, before gave a gesture that it is something Ranger need to whisper or talk quietly.
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: Inu-Jii April 26, 2014, 11:34:55 PM
Alev looked at Naoki.

"Perhaps a way back home." he sarcastically replied. "Though I'd like to now what the government is like here. Or who ever is in charge of this shitty looking world. I heard demons but there are tones of demons out to rule the world. Beezlebub? Mammon? Baal? Lucifer? Asmodae?"

He didn't want to say his father's name, but it was a possibility until proven wrong.
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: Bolverk April 26, 2014, 11:43:45 PM
Horus simply pulled out a canteen and set it on the counter in front of the old man. Horus was not smiling anymore. The Bartender knew the man. He hardly ever comes to the Four Clovers unless the other bar is closed, he is stressed, or about something business related. "Go ahead and spit it out, There's hardly anyone here anyway," Horus said as he leaned against the counter, his arms crossed.
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: Nask April 27, 2014, 12:52:22 AM
Naoki raised a eyebrow at Alev, but eyes quickly avoid eye contact when Alev mentioned Demons. Still... Had that kid heard about this from the Broadcasts? Perhaps the boy come from a different city or something? Still, he had to answer.

"...The name of the Government is called the New Ark Empire, led by the King named Oron Lyklee." Naoki still responded. He seem to keep it in summary as he try to remember what he can. Then Naoki realized something and make the follow up to try to quickly assured the boy. "...Fortunately for you. Chicago is currently controlled by the Factions, they can ward off the Purity Corps."

Then Naoki shook his head as he crossed his arms, trying to answer to the other question. "Never heard of those names. But I remember hearing my boss mentioned the name "Baal" once before, you can ask him about it when he gets back." He quickly glance to the side to where Horus is, where he sees Ranger before looks back to Alev. A thought came to mind for him, why is Ranger here?

Back to the old man and the bartender...

Ranger nodded at what the bartender said as he kept his usual expression. He picks up the canteen and opens the lid, then takes several sips from his drink. "I would like to discuss business with the "Queen"." He simply asked, straight to the point.
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: Inu-Jii April 27, 2014, 02:58:09 PM
Alev looked at Naoki with an expression that looked like someone who couldn't tell the difference between O and 0. Regaining his composure several seconds later, the boy quickly finished his OJ and went back to questioning.

"Oron Lyklee? King? New Arc Empire? Factions? Purity Corps? I sound like I'm in a goddamn manga or war simulation!" he shouted, clearly the boy is exasperated at just what setting he's in.

The fact that he's in the future and most likely an alternate realm made him feel displaced. Despite living for quite a long while, he's still a child at heart. He didn't exactly have the best and moral upbringing, let alone emotional support, from his only family: his father. Still, knowing that his father may not be the cause assured him in an odd way.

As for the name Baal, the boy's heart sunk slightly. Hearing a demon's name is never a good thing. Especially one of the highest ranking demons in history/mythology/religion. He noted it was weird the guy named Naoki didn't know the other names, but he ruled it our as he was unlearned, or those names wouldn't be taught in normal, for this world's standards, civilian education.

There was only one problem that Alev could not resist to comment on.

"Chicago? I'm in the United States?!" he . "I'm across half the fucking world!!" he shouted and face palmed, emphasizing his words and actions with a face palm.

Frustrated at the lack of information and getting no where, Alev opened his tome and activated it. He couldn't care if people were looking. He had to know. His tome didn't work properly early when he came here and he ruled it out as the tome trying to adjust and adapt to the new settings. Maybe it'll function now.

The tome was bigger and thicker than most encyclopedias, and in Alev's hands it looked heavy although the boy carries it in one hand. The cover looks wooden with fine ebony craft, the corners and spine reinforced with anodized steel. The embroidery and designs on the covers and steel were detailed with scribbles that would be called runes. The sepia pages were aged with time but didn't show signs of damage or fragility. In fact, it was crisp as if it were never used.

Swiping a finger on a random page and drawing out a complex movement in a span of a second, he taps the page and activates the tome. The pages glow and flutter to life as words, drawings, and a faint unearthly glow billow out from the pages. Although the contents flickered and glitched occasionally. Whats written seems to be in a language unrecognizable, and only known to Alev...

And maybe demons...
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: Bolverk April 27, 2014, 03:52:02 PM
Horus frowned. "You know me well Ranger, I do not take people to the boss." Horus looked over to see the boy now holding what appear to be an encyclopedia of sorts a rather big encyclopedia. How did that boy manage to get something like that? Encyclopedias at that size and information, any Purity Corp would've kill for that book just to destroy it. Luckily, the boy is in a safe haven. He turned back to Ranger, "Besides, what is so important that you would want to talk to the Queen for?" Horus tapped his shoe in a consistent beat. He wanted this conversation to end.
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: Nask April 27, 2014, 05:05:30 PM
Naoki expressed a blank look when the boy mentions terms that he is not familiar with, perhaps something Hunter would know? Although, he do not know to react to this particular situation as this is... Pretty new reaction for him. Then he noticed the boy takes out a rather large and thick book, it is the most thick book that he ever since in his life. Watching the kid taps it before opening it, revealing the contents of the book that Naoki can see.

...Where the scribbles within the book looked very familiar to him. You know the nagging feeling that you remember it from somewhere, but couldn't remember where to place it? That is what Naoki is feeling at this moment, he can only make out a few words but couldn't get the whole thing at all.

"...What is that?" Naoki asked.

Ranger looks over to the boy and eye narrowed at the size of the book. His thoughts is along the lines of what Horus have, before goes back to Horus. He drank more of his whiskey.

"Information about the activities of the Purity Corps two days prior." Ranger simply explained. With a free hand, the old man goes to take something out from his cloak and reveal what seems to be a bottle. An unopened Alcohol bottle to be exact. Which he place the bottle on the counter for Horus can see and check. Intentions of bribe.
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: Bolverk April 27, 2014, 05:15:10 PM
"Bribery? you bastard. Well, I do not have that information but I know someone who does." Horus took the bottle and places it under the bar counter in the ice bucket for later. "As much as I hate doing this, I'll let you see the queen." He turned around to the bar pulling on a few bottles in a specific order. Once Horus finishes, Ranger and whoever is in the room at the time heard a crank and the bar slowly slide over opening a passage through some form of mechanism. Horus then leaned on the bar counter again as he opened the employee only door for Ranger. "Down the hall, second door on the left." He said as he tilt his head to the entrance. "Watch your step." He added.
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: Inu-Jii April 27, 2014, 05:30:21 PM
The tome is unstable, although better than before. Perhaps time will allow it to recover enough to be able to work properly. Focusing on the tome, Alev did not look at Naoki, but answered him.

"Its a book. Obviously." Alev chided as he tried to read the flickering words.

He didn't want to explain its properties to anyone for the sole reason that its a powerful artifact and people would want it. The reason he's letting it out in the open right now is so that:

He can read up on what he wants to know but at this moment, the tome is too weak to be able offer up clear information. Its power is limited to vague output that Alev has to decode. And...

So that the bartender and that mysterious man would be interested in it. Possibly leading him to a higher up who may know what Alev wants to know. Quite possibly, this 'Queen' they're talking about from what he could eaves drop on. Its a gamble, but if he got into trouble, he could roast and bomb his way out.

Alev saw the new passage way and he thought it was his only chance at the moment.

Now to make them become more intrigued, "To be brief... it holds valuable information that only I can access. Reading is a whole different matter unless you understand forbidden languages. For one... it seems that something is happening. I can't make it out properly, too sketchy, but there seems to have been an altercation recently and a doctor involved. And this knowledge source is from..."

The boy raised his head and looked at Ranger.
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: Nask April 27, 2014, 05:58:16 PM
Despite the lines of sarcasm involved, Naoki's eyes slightly widen when Alev mentioned about the doctor and looked to Ranger's direction. Based off his current knowledge... Did something happen to the others? His eyes flickers a concern of what may happen, but Ranger is heading toward to a passage that someone like him is not allowed to. Job and all that.

...Unless he uses his hearing to hear what happen, as much as Naoki hates to admit. He needs this hearing to know this.

Meanwhile, what Alev said have caught Ranger's attention. The old man kept this information in mind and simply nodded to the boy, likely plan to have chat with him after the meeting. Despite if that boy may have different intentions... It may be worth noting to know.

Ranger finish drinking his whiskey and puts it down, taking out the credits to pay for it plus tip. Place them on the canteen, regardless if it is on the house or not. Despite the coming business, he is still in the bar and have something to drink.

He gets up from the stool and nodded to Horus, before walks down the new passage with a careful balance to avoid falling. Goes by the directions that Horus mentioned to meet with the "Queen". Down the hall, second door on the left.
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: Bolverk April 27, 2014, 06:09:28 PM
Horus sighed as he close the passage to the "secret entrance" his second phase is now to act as a guard until the business transaction is completed. He looked over to Naoki and Alev, the information that Alev mention might be something interesting, though whatever the book is, if someone can't make out specific information about something, then it may not be worth checking out. A risk in the art of intelligence. "You know, you should keep that book out of the Popo's sight, they'll kill for a book like that." Horus said to Alev.


The Door swung open for Ranger as the old man walked in. A young dame in a black long dress with a red feathered scarf and a hat with a feather was sitting on the couch. Her red eyes similar to Horus look towards the visitor as she took another pouch from the tin can and began chewing on it, she knew what the man wanted. "Hello, Ranger. You know the drill." The woman said as she held her hand out, she wanted the transaction.
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: Inu-Jii April 27, 2014, 06:16:12 PM
"And I'm sure they'll kill to know whats happening in here." Alev sarcastically quipped. "From what I've gathered, you guys don't like the Corps, and the Corps don't like shady business that's got do with information."

The boy closed his book, still frustrated about how its not working as well as he hoped.

"I know what a bar is, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Customer's secrets and shady business stays in the bar." he said as he flicked his fingers and boredly looked at the counter top. "I can always get myself out of a pickle with a bit of talking and if that doesn't go well... I could always play with fire."

Snapping his fingers, he aimed to get a small fire lit from his index but instead, he got a fizzle.

"Odd... a simple spell like that should wor-" he was cut off when his hand went aflame for a moment and then fizzled out, leaving behind no burns except a bit of smoke. "...Something ain't right, and I know it isn't me... Is there some anti-spell barrier thing in here?"
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: Nask April 27, 2014, 06:46:37 PM
Naoki raised an eye brow at what Alev said, that kid is going to get in trouble is he? ...Never mind, the half-demon took a step back away when Alev's hand is sparked in fire and left nothing. Fortunately did not ignite anything. Is he a Phenomenon? It might explain some things as Naoki remembered about Maram. Maybe, considering how that fire fizzles out.

"...There is no such barrier around here." Naoki clarified, at least as far as he's aware of. Likely not, considering what kind of barrier that the boy mentioned.


Ranger nodded, understanding the transaction. He takes out what appears to be a book, a hardback book worn by the years yet it is still intact and can make it for several more. There is a illustrated cover showing a shirtless man and a woman in a dress currently embraced with each other. There is a title on it in English, but Ranger doesn't bother with it.

"An Artifact that I found while I was in Sector 4. Dates back to the Old World." He explained as he hand the book to the woman with care. Especially this is what would be a fragile object... And valuable.
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: Bolverk April 27, 2014, 06:56:32 PM
The woman took the book and take a long look at the cover... especially the shirtless man. She then set the book down showing no sign of excitement and look towards Ranger. "Fascinating. " She quickly cleared her throat. "So, from what I overheard from your conversation with my brother, you want to know about Purity Corp Activity for the past two days right?" She said repeating from what  she heard was true. She held the tin can with what appear to be tobacco chews and offer it to Ranger.

Horus laughed, "Right, that cute spark will really light the Popo on fire." He stated sarcastically. Whatever Alev did had not worked in the boy's favor. However, Alev and Naoki can hear the conversation taking place behind the secret passage. The mood slightly dimmed as the remaining bussers and waitresses left the building for the day.
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: Inu-Jii April 27, 2014, 08:00:27 PM
Alev grumbled and tried again, this time trying to create a medium sized fireball in the palm of his hand. He recited the old language of demons quickly as a light shone in his palm. The longer he recited the incantation, the more form it took. Through using an incantation, he can bind the spell and make it more controllable at the cost of having to take the time to say the words.

About a few seconds in Alev had a perfect fireball pulsing and radiating with heat in the palm of his hand. But the instant he finished the incantation and let the spell pause with out firing it, the spherical mass of flame began to grow and combust as it recreated itself larger than before.

He let it go for a bit so he can keep the others busy with the fire as he listened in on the conversation. Something about the Purity Corps he could catch, but the fire was beginning to strain on his concentration as it began to reach instability.

"...Well that's new." he quipped, whether at the spell's instability or at the new information he listened in on, before crushing the sphere with both hands.

The spell extinguished itself, but also left Alev with a bit of pain at the unstable power it held.

"Damn, my spells aren't good..." he mumbled before asking Horus, "So what are the laws here?
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: Nask April 27, 2014, 08:32:42 PM
Naoki stares at the fire while he strains his hearing catch onto what is going on downstairs, but to keep Horus from catching onto him since he's keeping his heritage a secret. He mutters of saying, right and goes put his cleaning supplies away. Especially since he's one of remaining workers in this building... Although, he's doing it slowly as he's paying attention to both events. The conversation behind the secret passage and the cleaning the floor. It doesn't work though... So.

"...Pretty much just do what it takes to survive." Naoki answers the question to Alev instead. He practically shrugs as well. Though he sounded as if it is a reminder than explaining the general laws and what sums it up basically. There are different phrases for that law, but what Naoki said is the one that he understands.


"Correct." Ranger said as he raised his hand to politely decline the offer of the tobacco chews. He's a Cigar person, not a chewer. "Particularly, a group of Purity Corps whose actions does not match their memo at all during that timeframe. One action involves a kidnapping of a tanned skin elven girl with white hair and clothes without killing her."


When Naoki heard the words Kidnapping and the description, he froze up. What happen to Skyla?
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: Bolverk April 27, 2014, 08:44:34 PM
"Well, I assume that is one of your folks then?" The woman said as she set the tin down on the table. She spat out a black and brown liquid into a red plastic bucket before looking back to Ranger. "Yes. That part is correct, The Purity Corp kidnapped the girl normally it is not like them to kidnap little teen girls but we assume they have a motive behind it. So what is it about that incident that you want to ask about?" She held up three fingers as she stared into Ranger's eyes. "Now normally I'd only give you one question but because of that.... book. I'm giving you a special deal." Ranger could tell she could not wait to read it. The pervert. The word Kidnapped was heard between Alev and Naoki.
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: Inu-Jii April 27, 2014, 08:50:46 PM
Alev wasn't all that interested in kidnappings, but he noticed Naoki freeze up. Perhaps he has certain feelings for the victim, or maybe he has traumas revolving around kidnaps? Alev studied him further and saw his expression. It looked more of concern than fear.

Wiping his mouth with his hand, the boy hid the slight impish grin that formed on his face. Perfect. Maybe he could use this Noaki fellow to get some information about the Purity Corps...

"Do what it takes to survive huh? Such a basic law for any life form." Alev spoke, his face reverting to his usual apathy. "Though I'll keep that in mind..."

Yes. Do what it takes to survive. Simple yet nothing can be more truer.

Things were getting interesting and Alev already had his eyes set on a pawn.
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: Nask April 27, 2014, 09:18:21 PM
"...Yeah." Naoki then looks up, trying to keep his expression to normal. He nodded to Alev, unaware of the boy's plans. Then... In attempt to change conversation.

"...How did you get to this city, exactly?" Naoki asks as he tries to finish putting things away. Trying to keep up the conversation as he kept listening. Trying to hear what is going on...


Ranger noted the woman's reaction, he takes this special offer and makes use of this carefully. He then begins his question with careful words. "First question. Which coordinates that the Purity Corp for the kidnapping are heading toward to?" He would say city and where, but coordinates would give a more specific answer.
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: Inu-Jii April 27, 2014, 09:29:27 PM
"If I knew that I wouldn't be here. I'd be back home relaxing while reading the next chapter of One Punch Man." Alev quipped haughtily.

It would be bad if he were to explain that he was in hell with his father so he needed to make it sound vague as possible but still believable.

"But if you must know. I was on a trip with my loathsome father to Greece to visit my mother's grave. After that, I thought I would be going back home but no. My father suddenly appears with fishing gear and proclaims that we go fishing. That was the start of his twisted father and son bonding time. I didn't want to have it so when his back was turned, I left. I wasn't all too familiar with the place so I went through a few doors, avoided a few traps, and then I lost my footing. I fell into this whirlpool, very hot mind you, and then I fell to the bottom. Next thing I know it, I'm in some Alice and Wonderland like falling sequence and BAM!!" Alev smacks the counter top real hard, "I land in this city."

He too kept a close attention on the conversation. He hit the table so that Horus wouldn't suspect him of eavesdropping, and to surprise him he loses concentration.
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: Bolverk April 27, 2014, 09:48:41 PM
The woman smiled, "The Purity Corp is taking her to..." She pulled out a pen and wrote on a packaging that was a cigarette pack 32.7758° N, 96.7967° W and hand it to Ranger. "There she will be in that general area somewhere based on what my scouts heard." She then crossed her legs spitting out the small teabag out into the bucket. "Of course, I won't guarantee they'll still be there when you arrive, you may not have a whole lot of time before they move to the next city."


Horus' attention was caught when Alev slammed his hands on the counter. It did caught him by surprise but other than that, he was not noting anything about the conversation between Alev and Naoki and continued to stand guard.
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: Nask April 27, 2014, 10:13:57 PM
"...Right. So... You basically fall from the sky." Naoki said with a rather flat tone on the outside with a straight face. Mentally, he's trying to make sense of what this Greece place is, fishing, or what some of the terms are. All the while as he listen to the conversation.

"...What is the deal about your father?" He ask as he finished putting away his work for his shift. Tone of confusion from his thoughts is carried over. Now in more talking mood or at least trying to drag out for more time.


Ranger accepted the packaging of the Cigarette Pack and noted the coordinates, which he nodded. "Next question. Anything notable from those coordinates, aside from the Purity Corp patrols?" He may know where this coordinates will be, but he needs to know the unique dangers that pertains to that area.
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: Inu-Jii April 27, 2014, 10:24:53 PM
Alev's face went from his usual to scowling. "My father? What the hell would you want to know about that fuckface?"

Just thinking about him made his insides churn and boil like magma ready to blow. He hated him from the bottom of his heart. Its his fault mother died. Its his fault for all of the miserable memories he has.

"BUT. If you must know, all I can say is he a royal shithead. Its his fault my life sucks, why I have no mother, no home to go back to, and why I'm even here to begin with. If it weren't for him..." he grumbled and grit his teeth. An expression that did not befit a child. A face twisted with seething rage and hatred. His hand rushed through his hair, springing it up as he tried to calm down.

If anyone were to look at Alev's forehead, which is usually hidden by his hair, they could notice that, if only very slightly, it had two small bumps at the very top of the forehead, each above the eyes.
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: Bolverk April 28, 2014, 08:31:59 PM
"Well, from what we can gather, Those coordinates would place you at one of the testing facilities there. We also gathered that there is a phenomenon with a very high anomaly activity in that area," Queen responded. She then look towards the door. "By the way, a certain boy seems to be getting out of control. You remember the last time someone tried to ruin a nice facility like this?" Queen called out on purpose enough for Horus to hear.

Horus then walked to Alev. "If I were you, I'd keep that anger in check, unless you want to make enemies in a place you just arrived in. Besides, How well can you use that magic of yours right now?" He asked rhetorically. He may have passively aggressively threatened the boy but if it can keep him in check, it'll work for now.
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: Inu-Jii April 28, 2014, 08:47:29 PM
Alev grumbled something that sounded like an excuse me.

"I don't know. If I knew how well I could control it, then I wouldn't be having troubles." he sighed as he tapped the counter and rested his head on it. "Ugh, the only solid thing I can do right now is gather information. Stupid weird anti-magic atmosphere."

He didn't raise his head but he fingered his empty cup of OJ and slid it towards Horus.

"Can I get some cold water? I'm burning up inside. Literally." he flatly remarked before grumbling something about wanting to go home, back to Japan so he can relax and read mangas and watch an anime about a minotaur and his girly sidekick.
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: Nask April 29, 2014, 06:11:26 PM
"I should have known better than bring up a personal problem." Naoki quietly mutters more so to himself, before ends up sighing. Would have scratched his hair if it weren't for job policies and this ponytail he’s wearing right now. Everyone does have secrets that need to be private, which apply to him as well; then again that kid could've stopped before answer. After several moments, he considers suggesting something but held his tongue to avoid further pursuing this matter.

Instead he asks, "...Any more questions?" Aside from how to return to the home place the kid comes from or something he wouldn't able to know how. Best to answer with what he can, avoid asking more questions that would ending up creating more complications since he starting to run out topics on his end. At least until things calms down… Although seeing that kind of expression, quite awhile.

Meanwhile, he still keeps his hearing out to the conversation down below. Trying to keeping his expression neutral when he caught the words about the testing facilities...


Ranger glanced toward to the door as well when the kid yells, which even he can hear it. The old man nodded, grimace at the piece of information toward to 'Very High Anomaly' Phenomenon' and testing facility. "Last question. What would be the motive for that group of Purity Corps' action?"

He would have added theoretical, but his mind is already in the works on that. All it needs is one more piece of information to narrow things down, definitely.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 02, 2014, 09:01:23 PM
"Well, I don't have to spell this out for you," The woman started as she popped in another bag from the tin can into her mouth and began chewing again. "You know the Purity Corp normally kills... Unless they were given special orders? By the higher ups under their rank structure?" She turned towards one of her subordinates, whispered to him, and the Avian man walked away from the room. "Who are normally the higher ups? Higher than that captor of that girl?" She asked Ranger. She knew the man is knowledgeable in this subject. There is one answer and Ranger knows it.


Horus nodded to Alev's request. He went to the bar counter to grab a glass, fill it with clear liquid from the faucet, and hand the drink to Alev. Horus was not too much involved but for now, he will keep tensions low to the best of his ability.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 02, 2014, 10:25:25 PM
Alev drank the water and there is a bit of an audible sizzle noise.

"Thanks." Alev mumbled out and got up from his seat. "So where am I going to be staying?"

The boy looked at Horus as he walked towards him but not behind the bar counter. He wanted to get close to listen better, but he also wanted to see the kinds of alcohol and the levels in case he can make use of them. If his spells weren't good now, he would have to use his mind.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 02, 2014, 11:53:56 PM
Naoki glance toward to Horus to see if he's answering, but from the looks of it. The Bartender is likely going to act as mediator at this moment due to the kid's anger moment. He looks back to Alev and suggest, "...There's a place down the street you can stay in, the owner of that place will help you settle in." Although, how long the kid stays is the question. Naoki himself had already been considered to be moved out, no need to trouble the dwarf when she have other people to shelter.


Ranger's eye really narrowed as his hand clenched upon figuring out the answer. He knows what the woman's talking about on this subject. The situation with the girl, do narrow things down on who's behind this. Thus changes things and make things more urgent than before. "Very well. Thank you for the information then." He said, but it only strictly have a professional tone to it.

He would've leave right now due to this particular information, but he had to conclude business with the 'Queen' before he is let go. It is a formality.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 03, 2014, 12:25:06 AM
The Queen looked at Ranger, the Avian from before handed the Queen what appeared to be a numbered list. She stood up and walked over to the man handing the list to Ranger. "I believe this might narrow down even further. A list of the requests from our customers. Keep that from anyone else's eyes. Keep it.... Classified. Lacking better term." She requested. "Anyway, If you don't have anything else to trade in, you may leave." She lazily wave her hand at Ranger. A man knocked on the door that leads to the main bar.

Horus heard the knock and walk towards the bar, pulling the bottles in the same manner as before and the passage opens. "Well, since you two know what goes here.... do NOT tell anyone. Capiche? Giving one of our locations will put us in danger, and also we will find out who told who. You do not want us to find you, it's considered 'bad luck' if we find you." Probably the only warning they will receive.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 01:26:17 AM
Ranger quickly skim over the numbered list and nodded to the Queen. He then pockets the list in a place where he couldn't lose it, intending to burn it later once alone. Already figure out who it is despite that the list of missing girls requests tells him too, it just remind him of how urgent it is.

He then turns around and walks out of the door, having no further business with the Queen at this time. Their business is done.


Naoki simply nodded to Horus, keeping his word to maintain silence on this matter. Then looks to the open passage, he can hear the footsteps coming. He then can see Ranger is coming up the stairs, it seems like he's done with what's going on down there.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 03, 2014, 01:29:57 AM
Alev internally rolled his eyes while keeping a straight expression.

"Okay, that's nice to know. You might as well put up neon lights and blare out a sign saying, 'Shady Business Going On'." The boy waved his hand lazily to the sides as he explained their error. "Normally things like these should be more... covert and inconspicuous. Not grandly in front of customer eyes."

The boy leaned on the counter and tapped his toe against the floor.

"Also its better to use your words more selectively. You just told me, albeit rather obvious from a bit of thinking, that there are numerous spots that deal under the table. Really, from what I've been told in my short time here, regardless if I keep a secret or not, ending up dead or 'missing' sounds like a daily thing." Crossing his arms and looking at Horus with assurance. "Its also a given, like I said earlier, what happens in a bar, stays in the bar."

Alev doesn't look at the opening, but judging by the footsteps that the guy from earlier is coming back out with finished business.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 03, 2014, 01:52:30 AM
'Oh. And I suppose I can't tell someone who is obviously heard the information' Horus thought he decided not to argue nor disclose anything he knows about Alev, the bumps that was forming on his head especially.. He believed that Alev probably knew what Horus was thinking and may counter with another argument. "You're right. But I guess you already knew from that book that you carry. So there's no sense in keeping it from you anyway." Horus shrugged he turned his head towards Ranger nodded to him before closing the passage as the old man walked through. "Well, I hope to see you next time." Horus said to Ranger.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 02:18:12 AM
Ranger nodded to Horus before looks toward to Alev and Naoki, thoughts came into mind. He then gesture the two to follow as one of them have questions and the other that he would questioning. "We'll talk outside, both of you." He said to them as the walls have ears that can hear them, before walks out through the door. Waiting for them to come out.

Naoki frowns before mutters 'Good Night' to Horus and left to follow the old man. Concerns of what happen to others are rising up. Thoughts of questions came to mind.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 03, 2014, 02:28:26 AM
Alev looks at Ranger and shrugs. He bids Horus a goodbye as he leaves out the door.

He follows behind Naoki and glances at the older looking man form the corner of his eye. He keeps a loose hold on his tome, knowing that if anyone tried anything funny like theft, they'd get burnt. How badly... that was random due to the weird influence on magic in this world.

"First getting lost, then entering a bar, some disclosed things within, and now I'm following a total stranger. Oh I wonder what other things I'll do in this place. Perhaps sell a liver, rob a bank, push a grandma over, graffiti maybe." he says to himself sarcastically. "If my adoptive father were to see me, he'd be chewing my ears out with a six hour lecture for my lack of common sense and situational affected moral decisions that I probably have no control of."

With that off his chest, Alev sighs and kicks a rock as if it were the most interesting and rewarding experience ever.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 03:37:26 AM
Then Ranger start walking when they follow close enough. It seems to be a directionless route on the sidewalk for the group, but the old man decides to take the long way back to the hideout. He needs to get the idea of what kind of person the boy is first.

"We'll start exchanging questions and answers with each other," He said to the boys, tilt his head toward the boys to study them. Still very aware of where he is going. The old man had decided to let one of the two ask their questions first before asking his own. "Now. Which question that one of you would like to ask first?"
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 03, 2014, 02:34:37 PM
"I'd think its customary to give names first in an introduction. Unless you already know me, which in its self is creepy." Alev replied back and looked at Ranger. "I'm Alev Kurtoglu. It would be a pleasure to meet you but I don't know if you're a person who I should be pleased to meet."

He looked at Naoki to prompt him to ask a question. He himself has plenty to ask but right now, he wanted to know what was on the boy's mind. It would also give him some insight to who he is.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 03:27:32 PM
Ranger nodded to what Alev had said.

"Fair enough. You can call me Ranger." The old man introduced himself to Alev, keeping on a neutral perspective. The name 'Alev Kurtoglu' haven't brought anything up in Ranger's mind, which is a surprise for him since a boy's description with that kind of book would be more notable. Although other possibilities come into mind... He looks at Naoki to see what question he'll bring up, but Ranger knows what question that the half-demon is going to say.

"I'm Naoki Tsukino." Naoki introduce himself to Alev, since he and Ranger already met before. Just to get the introductions out of the way. Then he looks at Ranger and ask, "Ranger. ...What happen to Skyla and the others?" He already heard of what may happen to Skyla, but he wants to hear it from the old man himself.

"They had been ambushed by the Purity Corps while on a assignment." Ranger began explaining, though it sounded more of confirmation than explanation. He had noted Naoki's reaction seem to mainly pause or gone blank, likely to try to keep his emotions in check to avoid showing weakness. "The Bullman and Phantom suffered wounds and exhaustion, still alive and currently recovering. However, the girl in question is indeed kidnapped." Then Naoki's shoulders seem to relax alittle, but still tense.

There had been more on what will happen to the girl, but Ranger omit that information for now. Not out in the open...
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 03, 2014, 03:41:38 PM
Alev thought to himself about what he just heard. It looks like Ranger and Naoki, along with the Bar's residents are allies and opposing the Purity Corps, or an authoritacal figure that the P.C. is allied with. THe other members of this little terrorist/resistance group are two people known as Bullman and Phantom, and possibly another versed in medical arts that he found out from his tome, Doctor. Naoki also seems to have some deeper connection with the kidnapped girl named Skyla; judging from the boy's stiff expression and earlier reaction.

"Oh jeez, I'm starting to become the poor civilian in movies. The one who gets caught up in some sort of conspiracy just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and heard things he wasn't supposed to hear." Alev muttered to himself and then gestured to Ranger. "Well, no turning back now. So what did you want to know from myself, looking as you and Naoki are in cahoots."
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 04:28:50 PM
Naoki looked rather quiet at the moment. He and Ranger are not in cahoots, especially he had decline to join their faction... He looked between Alev and Ranger, listening to their conversation while follow along with them.

"How do you come across that type of book?" Ranger asks as he gave a very simple question, but it seem like there's more to it than that. More of background checking than curiosity as the old man studies Alev and his tome with his eye. Scratching his chin in thought as what to expect from the boy's answer, likely some form of secrecy involved.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 03, 2014, 04:43:32 PM
Alev opened his tome and flipped a few pages.

"Its a long story and I'll spare you the details." the boy finished flipping a few pages and activated the tome with a hand swipe this time and began to read the contents. "I, on my own, went to Egypt, a country in Africa, for those who are not learned in basic Geography its the continent that looks like South America and it is directly south of main Europe. There in Eqypt, I went and infiltrated a burial ground known as a pyramid, triangular cone with a square base, meaning it has four faces. Inside I was studying one the tombs of some old king and I came across a bit of history that lead back to my birth country of what would be modern day Greece. In Greece, I researched and came across an equally old ruins at the very southern tip of the country, but it was half submerged as it was in a cave. There, I avoided some traps with a bit of thinking and came across what would be considered sacred grounds. Although it did bug me at first, I brushed it off. Inside was this tome. Its most likely an artifact of the gods and it burned to touch but after a bit of alteration, I made it my own.

Alev explained lengthily but this was as short as he could get it without talking their ears off.

"That is how I came across it." he quipped while running a finger along a sentence. Whether it be what he was just saying, or completely different sentence altogether is only known to him, or Naoki who could read fragments of it.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 05:23:52 PM
"...Right." Naoki murmured. Wondering what those places are exactly, but it seem like Alev looked to be a traveler of sorts? At least from what he can assumed so far. Then there's those words that seem familiar to him... Still, he have alot on his mind.

"hm... " Ranger seem to be quiet when Alev mentions those places, didn't even show signs of confusion like Naoki did. Perhaps it tells that the old man seen alot through his years. "Quite the adventure for you then." He said. It gave the old man some general idea of what Alev is capable of. Then Ranger gesture Alev to go ahead and ask his own questions.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 03, 2014, 05:36:16 PM
"Tell me about your cause or the history of this world domination." Alev asked. "Before I jump to conclusions, it would be real dandy to know exactly what has happened."

He needed the basic facts and the knowledge before he could act. Of course world domination would be a touchy subject for humans and the similar minded ilk, but for a halfling like him, it was logical and sound to have one greater power to rule over all. It would lessen wars for one, and it would also keep thing united. But as history has shown, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even demons are subjected to this. And Alev knew that if there was such tyranny, then there would definitely be a resistance of sorts. And when that happens, there is definitely a flaw in the ruling.

"To be frank, I already know demons invaded and enslaved the world. What I would like to know more on what the allied forces who were opposing the demons were doing. Ethereal types like gods as well. And if you're going to explain on your cause, I would like to know the basics of what you are doing..."
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 07:05:50 PM
"...Very well." Ranger said, he didn't seem to be bothered by this particular subject. He then looks at Naoki, "Naoki. Bear this one from me since you already heard about this."

"Now... Before the invasion, there is a event that happened on the day of December 21st, 2012..." Then Ranger explains the history of the world and then the Factions to Alev. Naoki would notice the difference between Ranger's explanation and Hunter's. More of a briefing and summary to be precise for that Alev can understand for now, just to avoid telling the boys' ears off.

Another is that while Ranger explanation of the Factions is pretty much tells about the resistance, although he doesn't tell Alev about ALICE too deeply. Just the basics of what Alice the person is doing. This is something Ranger explain much time on while keeping things on task.

"...And there you have it. That is the summary of the situation on what is happening in this world." Ranger finishes. There are some things that he's not entitled to explain yet, but it is enough for Alev to get more information specifically. Like talking with the Hunter for one.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 03, 2014, 07:12:55 PM
Alev takes it all in and thinks for a moment.

"Interesting... Naoki, you have anymore questions to ask him?" the boy asked the other boy. "I have a bit of thinking to do."

As of right now, the best choice is to learn more about this Alice and see what her group is up to. The Purity Corps, in Alev's thoughts, as he has yet to see them in action, is unfit for him to consider taking sides.

"From what I'm guessing, this Purity Corps group... sounds like some petty brigands wearing uniforms. A rabbit wearing the skin of tiger. Although its one sided from your point of view."
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 07:47:45 PM
"The Purity Corps would think something similar about the Factions from the other end of the spectrum," Ranger had commented, not once he said anything biased in his explanation. Becoming more thoughtful when Alev mentions about the Purity Corp itself, a different reaction from his usual expression. "They are no push overs as well. Those in the other cities to be precise. However, like you said. It is just one point of views among the many in this situation."

Then Naoki thought for the moment, before ask. "How long until you leave?"

"...That is something I need to explain to Hunter." Ranger grimaced, although there are some problems... Which it is something to be concern about when time is of a essence. "He needs to know this as well. The best scenario would be later tonight or early morning." Mainly fast preparations...
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 03, 2014, 08:18:59 PM
Alev closes his tome and fixes his hair slightly. The small bumps from before gone.

"So let me get this straight, you two or a bunch of you buddies in arms are going on a rescue mission to save a girl that Naoki here, has a deep connection with. Whether it be friendship, dominating, familial, or romantic." the boy said with a thoughtful expression that seemed more calculating than genuine concern. "In the mean time I would be staying with someone who is most likely allied with you, whether it be through trust, hidden neutrality, or threatened."

He tapped his chin before continuing, "From what I can conclude from what I've heard, including your not-so-secret business with the 'Queen', I'd say that this Skyla girl is probably going to go through hell. Oh excuse the pun."

Alev decided it was time to prompt Naoki and his voice rang through as if he was forcing the boy and possibly Ranger's mind to bring out the power of suggestion.

"The Purity Corps sound like the vicious group who would resort to violence and surely aren't above using heinous tools or methods to get what they want. Time is of the essence and, as Ranger told me about how competent they are, they would know that it would be the same for your resistance. They'd expect you regardless of your entrance and I'm very sure they know just who they're up against. Even if your friend didn't spill the beans, that would make her drop from information source to a liability. And liabilities are in essence, useless baggage. I'm sure you understand what I mean. Anyways, I'm simply just a kid who got caught up in this mess so it really isn't my say in what you do. Just wanted to let you know of what I thought... though I still have quite to say, I'll drop it since anyone could be listening in."
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 09:23:12 PM
Naoki thought of this while being affected by Alev's suggestion. He looks up to Ranger with wide eyes, Skyla is going to be...? His gripped his hand hard, the sharp nails start to dig into his palm. Almost starting to bleed, even if it recovers quickly.

"The boy is right with his assessment." Ranger said, noting the observation of the kid. Didn't seem to be affected by Alev's Power of Suggestion. Although there are some details that Alev haven't known yet, like who's the one who orders Purity Corps to kidnap the girl. Then he looks up to see the ALICE Hideout come to view. "However..."

"...We are here." Ranger changes topic as he slows down the pace when starting closer to the entrance, before looks toward to Naoki and Alev. "This is where we will be parting ways, unless you two want to get involved into this matter more than you want." It is more directed toward to Alev than Naoki, "It is your choice here."

"...I'll go." Naoki's eyes narrowed at Ranger.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 03, 2014, 09:41:05 PM
Alev put his hand on his chin as if he was in thought, but he already had his mind set.

"Although I'm not to go jumping into danger, I do have reasons to help." he answered back. "It would kill some time for one, and I could get a better idea of what you lot do. And the Purity Corps. Not to mention that this tyrannical dystopia is, with certitude, heavily restricting on information. Meaning that all citizens, barring the rats who hide deep and out of prying eyes, are logged. I'm sure my presence will throw a wrench in their plans and confuse them. Although it is a gamble on my life, they would be greatly interested in a boy who is not in their data carrying a tome like this right?"

Alev raised his tome and shook it slightly. This was a chance for Alev to show them exactly what he is capable of, in his current state, and to learn more about what is going on. He could also get a better idea of Naoki, who he is now interested in from seeing his reactions. The Purity Corps would be interested in him regardless.

For now, he looks at the hideout and speaks a bit more.

"Well Naoki, and to an extent Ranger, your friend's life is indeed in danger. Honestly, if I were to be in their shoes, the only use she has right now is information and acting as a bait. Once they deem that she has no more information to beat out of, or she hasn't spoken, then her use is just bait. Once the bait is in, she dies. Better to off her in front of the audience. Maybe broadcast it to show a message, sprinkle in some despair, get the message across. However... I don't think they would execute her so quickly. I will not explain why, but I have a hunch." he hid his mouth with his book and looked like he was in deep thought, but behind that book was a sly grin unseen.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 03, 2014, 10:06:25 PM
Ranger nodded, but kept quiet of what Alev had said. Then he spoke up, "Very well then. Follow in then, you'll be filled in on the situation." He then gesture the two to follow before enters the Hideout. Where there's alot to tell for him to give light on the information he had received with Hunter and the others. Naoki looks toward to Alev, then quickly walks into the Hideout. His mind weighs heavy in this case as he thought about what happen to Balut and Maram. Something that he needs to see himself...
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 03, 2014, 11:46:44 PM
Footsteps is heard as Hunter walked into the room, spotting the three entering. He recognized Naoki and Ranger giving them a simple, "Welcome back you two." He said in a good gesture towards the two like it was everyday. He then looked towards Alev, "Oh Hello there." Now with Alev, since he's new, he decided to go ahead and scan the boy with his eye, what caught his eye was the huge book that the boy was carrying. Judging by the size, it could be an encyclopedia. If that book was something of Old World material, that would really interest him, heck even happy to see an encyclopedia survived this long. "Ranger, We did discuss about bringing visitors here," He recalled emphasizing on the problem of bringing people to the area suddenly. He looked back to Ranger "So what's your reason of bringing..." A cue for someone to say the boy's name.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 04, 2014, 01:09:58 AM
"Hm. It would be customary to introduce yourself first before prompting another. Especially when its the one bringing it up." Alev remarked as he fixed his shoulder bag and placed the tome inside. "However, to cut to the chase, the name is Alev. I'm just a boy who got lost, was subjected to see some disclosed information with a bar, and now I am here because the bartender, Horus, and Ranger led me here."

With his introduction out of the way, Alev scanned the area.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 04, 2014, 02:22:17 AM
Hunter sighed. "Hunter," He responded, not pleased with the answer that the boy gave, but still he cannot forget to introduce himself. "So any info from the crows?" Hunter asked Ranger. He hope what Ranger gained from the conversation with the info brokers would get them somewhere than they are now. Time is something not to be wasted especially a member of their own faction was kidnapped. He eyed on Alev making sure that the boy would not do anything deviant. "Anything from them helps at this point." He added emphasizing on the fact that they are running out of time.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 04, 2014, 02:52:58 AM
Naoki glance around of the main room which is the fire pit area that he had come to know, but glance to one of the rooms. Perhaps where the doctor and Maram are resting in...? Still, he pays attention to what Ranger is about to say while walking toward to the fire pit.

"The Purity Corps that kidnapped the girl have taken her to the following coordinates: 32.7758 degrees North, 96.7967 degrees West. Located in the city that used to be Dallas down in the south. Problems have came up however." Ranger explains as he raised his hand and start raising fingers to indicate the problems. "First, there is a Phenomenon with a very high anomaly. It may be one of them." Though, Ranger didn't specify what it is exactly as he continues on. Raising a second finger. "And the kidnapping is ordered out by a Lord."

This caught Naoki's attention as he looks toward to Ranger and Hunter. A Lord...?
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 04, 2014, 03:12:27 AM
"Well, Holy fucking shit." Hunter cursed. The mention of that word Lord, made him pale as he sat down. He hated to think about a Lord, they are one of the worst enemies he remembers. He look to Naoki who had a questioning look, he might as well explain. "I'm surprised you have never heard of this, A Lord is a High level Phenomenon whom they are associated with the Empire. Think of them as the Commissioned Officers or higher ups." Hunter explained to Naoki, "Now the ones who aren't associated with the empire, they are not our allies either but, they have a high reputation of being ridiculously powerful just like they are."
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 04, 2014, 03:26:34 AM
"A Phenomenon?" Alev asked, he didn't mean to say it out, but his curiosity got the best of him.

Alev sat down on whatever was nearby, probably a crate, and listened in since there was nothing more he could do until he got a tour. He would go on his own but with the Hunter guy's eyes on him, he wouldn't dare. He carefully noted that the member's names were either code names that pertained to their field, or their parents just decided an occupation or appearance was suitable for a name.

"With how you two are ringing that term around, sounds like these 'Phenomenons' are uncommon or rare, and that they are to be taken with caution." Alev tapped his chin and then asked, "Is that Skyla girl one as well? If thats the case, Naoki, congrats, they may not off her but use her like some brainwashed toy to do unspeakable deeds. Yes, like what all villains need to do to make themselves look evil."
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 04, 2014, 04:02:59 AM
Hunter was surprised that this kid has somewhat no idea what a Phenomenon is. But, judging by Alev's level of understanding, Hunter is sure that he will figure out eventually, He turned to the boy.  "Well, A phenomenon is basically any creature born with a boundary distortion. I would tell you extra details but I wish to do this after we resolve this issue. She is a Phenomenon with the ability to create unbreakable barriers. How they captured her is beyond me, Only the mutants could break through her barrier, a Purity Corp soldier would have trouble getting in on her." Hunter began thinking back about the girl's experience. Skyla is inexperienced with their style of operations so its more likely that they capitalized on her inexperience. He then listened to Alev's remark. "I wish that won't happen, especially to one of ours. We have not had a single brainwash and we are NOT starting to make that a trend now."

"I think I heard enough." Said a familiar deep voice, Hunter turned to see the large Bullman stand his hand against the frame of the door for support, his hoofs shaking from the injuries of the fight. "I rather not think about what they would do to a child like her. If you are planning a rescue mission, I'm going."
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 04, 2014, 04:28:24 AM
Hearing Alev's words made Naoki thinking on something. Until his eyes widen when he heard Balut's voice that snap out of his thoughts. He looks back to see the Bullman in question at the door. "Doctor... Can you even fight?"

Ranger was about to continue where he left off when Balut interrupted. He toward to the Bullman and from what he noted. The bullman is stubborn enough to go on the rescue mission despite his recovering injuries. He waits until the moments calm down before continuing... The next problem is something that can be handled.

Still, he is thinking in the meantime of how to handle that problem.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 04, 2014, 04:57:17 AM
Alev looked at the Doctor in question and his eyes squinted to focus on the large, muscular, and very much imposing minotaur. His eyes then turned figuratively in to dots as he tried to process what he saw. And then his eyes shot wide open as he almost fell off the crate he sat on. With a yell that sounded half confused and in joy, he freaked out.

"A MINOTAUR?! Wait..." he paused as he started to recall similar, very similar features to an anime he was following, "BALUT-TAN?! HOW-WHA-HUH?!"

The boy looked horribly confused as he tried to get a grip. Pinching his hand and mumbling something about falling into an otaku's wetdream of entering the 2D world.

: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 04, 2014, 01:29:18 PM
Balut stared awkwardly at Alev. The Bullman had no idea on how to take the Boy's reaction on seeing him. Whether he should feel flattered or distaste but still he cannot be rude about it.

"Right, I'm just going to ignore the fact that you called me a Minotaur. I'm flattered that you know my name... though you should stop that tic you put at the end. Its kinda creepy."  The Bullman remarked to the boy. "Oh, since this is customary, I am Balut Waldenstein, Botanist and Medical Herbalist." He introduced to the boy before looking to Naoki giving a smile.

"Can I even fight? Of course I can! I am as healthy as an ox! no pun intended." He assured Naoki despite his condition.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 04, 2014, 03:08:20 PM
"...Right." Naoki mutterers. Though rather confused at Alev's sudden and unusual reaction toward to Balut. Balut-tan? ...While it is curious to know that Alev knew about the bullman, but how he know about him from the place that Naoki haven't heard of? The half-demon fought the urge to scratch his head due to the pony tail as he tries to think about it among other thoughts.

Ranger kept calm as he looked back and forth between Alev and Balut. Noting Alev's reaction to the bullman for later. Then takes the time to get back on topic by clearing his throat to get everyone's attention. "...Despite what just happen. I'll bring up the next problem, which it would have been something simple to solve." He said, moving on as he raise fingers to three.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 04, 2014, 03:44:46 PM
"Erm, yes, excuse the outburst..." Alev muttered out quickly while regaining his composure.

He listened in on Ranger, but at the same time he periodically looked at Balut through the corner of his eye. He hoped to himself he hasn't gone mad and is hallucinating all of this because he really, really didn't want to go spend time with his father. If that was the case, damn, he knew he hated his father but not so much he'd go and make a real illusion onto himself!
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 04, 2014, 04:02:07 PM
Ranger then begins explaining what the problem is in detail exactly. "Normally the number of people who are currently in this hideout would be good to ensure fast travel and enough number to ensure safety in numbers for this mission. As well as starting up a buddy system for when we are separated. However...."

Ranger trails off as he lower the numbers down.

"...To keep it brief, we are rather limited on who will be going." Ranger said, continues. "Not only due to Phantom's injuries, but also someone had to stay here to keep post. Furthermore, if we call for our usual reinforcements... It would be too late by the time they arrive. Thus... We may need to get volunteers from this city for this mission in a short amount of time to fill in the last numbers for the rescue team."

Based off Ranger's tone, it is not exactly a favorable kind and perhaps abit desperate. Perhaps either due to experience or finding the right people for the job from Chicago.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 04, 2014, 04:17:27 PM
Hunter nodded. "It's not like we can ask, 'Oh hey buddy! Wanna go on a suicide mission to save a little girl?' Knowing most folks here, they'd say something like, 'Not worth my life' or something like that." Hunter remarked rather unpleased about it, "Even if we did find the right people, how do we know we can trust them to follow orders or to stick with plans... or not get complacent?" 

Balut sat down on the floor in a criss-cross style and began rubbing his chin, thinking of a solution to this problem. Thinking about the visitors here and the schedule of arrival of the second group. "Well, I know we're getting more of the Black Market sometime today. I know quite a few people from that group, We might ask for volunteers there." Balut suggested. "Of course, I'm not ignoring Hunter's statement about the mindset of people today."
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 04, 2014, 04:44:33 PM
Regaining his composure, Alev could not help but comment.

"Yes, yes, lets go recruiting weak-willed strangers into a, from the people's point of view, resistance group or terrorist organization, from the Empire's point of view. Not only do you get paid an undisclosed to non-existent amount, you're likely going to be sacrificing your restricted but somewhat safe life for a lifetime's bounty on your head and reassurance that death will always be knocking on your door like a tenaciously soliciting salesmen." he sarcastically snarked, "Because its not secret or highly confidential so might as well go and let the word out you're recruiting so enemy spies can join in. Really, like my situation. How do you know if I'm secretly working for the Empire and feigning my demeanor."

Getting off his crate, Alev took out his tome and waved it around with one hand despite it looking heavy.

"You're probably thinking why I have a book, especially a knowledge source this big, when its most likely forbidden and restricted so the populace doesn't get any smarter or thinks up some rebellion. Would you not think that as odd? That only what I surmise is that books and data are controlled by the Empire?" he was practically yapping away and gambling, but it was necessary.

"Of course I am not part of the Empire, if I'm willing to say this out loud within in enemy territory and surrounded, then I'm at a fatal disadvantage since I know nothing of what you can all do."
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 04, 2014, 05:20:38 PM
Hunter sighed as he walked over to Alev. "Under normal circumstances, you'd be the most correct out of all of us. You know Old World Government right?" He looked into Alev's eyes as the Hunter's eyes began to slightly glow. "They have this thing called a background check, of course. Interviews, references of people who knew you, reference of people who knew where you live, your best friends, and family and places you went, all to vouch that you are not a terrorist or enemies against us. This include a thorough record check. Now, the government today takes, Memory checks. Taking memory record of the person they interview, like what I'm doing right now." Hunter explained as he use his phenomenon ability, changing his vision to Clairvoyence and Retrovision to look into Alev's thoughts. Hunter knows they're not government, but he is simply giving details.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 04, 2014, 05:38:32 PM
Alev looked a bit uncomfortable but only replied with, "Reasonable. A memory scan like ability. Hm. Is that a type of 'Phenomenon' you lot call?"

What Hunter sees is a small village burned and ransacked to the ground. Stone homes crumbled into ruins, flames engulfing wood and straw work, and ended life scattered about in a grisly fashion. The scene is quick as the memory of Alev's past relives itself. The boy is in a panic, running through the empty, desolate town, all quiet but the crackling of fires, dying moans, and the sounds of war far, far in the background. Alev turns into a corner and he sees a hideous, frightening fiend standing before a woman, all torn up and nearly unrecognizable had it not been for the now tattered and stained sash she always wore. The memory ends as Alev screams, breaking down, as the demon turns to him with golden eyes. Although if Hunter can glimpse at the expression as the memory blanks out, it looks more of shock and despair rather than malice.

"...You done?" Alev asks, starting to get impatient and uncomfortable.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 04, 2014, 05:50:11 PM
"Yep, I have a Thousand Sights... My ability is rather hard to explain it can give me different visions. Scanning, Retrovision, Future sight and etc. " Hunter nodded though felt pity on the boy after he had looked through the memory. "I looked through, you're no where near associated with them." He stood up thinking about the scene thoroughly. 'That demon looked familiar, I'd have to look through the records for accuracy.' "So, there you have it Memory Check. Going back to the problem at hand, You're right about one thing, no one is willing to do a dangerous assignment without some sort of reward. The only award we could give is a position in our Faction which is basically nothing in sentimental value but more or less bragging right." Hunter said.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 04, 2014, 06:16:32 PM
Alev looked away and back at Naoki before he went and sat back on the crate. "You're not a corporation so I highly doubt there would be any payment or reward other than, 'Ya did good back there! Payment? At least you got yer alive!' or 'You can add that to your heroic moments!'" he sighed and opened his tome.

It wasn't all too comfortable for Alev to suddenly have his memory looked into. It was... painful to say the least. He didn't want to remember it, but it will never leave his mind. Its like a curse that has to tell him that he's alive, he has a purpose, and that is to hate and eventually, kill his father for vengeance.

"Like I said to Naoki and Ranger, I'm still up for the rescue mission. Its mostly for my own gain, mostly knowledge and insight on the Purity Corps and this group. But hearing that you have a powerful barrier creating girl being captive, that would be a great disadvantage if they somehow make her join their side. Willful or not."

Alev thought about the idea that Skyla would make a great tool in tight situations, but she'd be very situational. Also this Phantom they were talking about. From what he can piece together, this person would have more or a stealth ability or supportive one. Going by name alone of course.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 04, 2014, 07:10:06 PM
"Very well." Ranger said to Alev, accepting a different reason for the Rescue Mission. Then the old man spoke to the rest of the room, “For now, we may have to take chance of searching for volunteers from the city or the group from the Black Market that the bullman mentioned when they arrived. Then start asking questions and tell them what to expect from the mission afterwards. Preferably all of them in the same room and tell them all in one go to save time."

Then Ranger makes a final note. Keeping to his usual expression. "If none of the volunteers are up to the task… We'll just have to make do with the current team and start the mission.” They cannot delay any further to search for more volunteers, it would stretch the time out further. Time is of a essence here.

“…Memories huh…” Naoki mutters as he listen to what Ranger is saying. The half-demon puts his hands in his pockets. It is difficult to swallow that there is something that can read your past, secrets that someone do not want to reveal as Naoki had thought. Pasts that people didn't feel like to share…
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 05, 2014, 09:52:12 PM
Hunter nodded his head much to his dislike. But it seems logical as to filtering out the non-willing out of the group and finding the right person to fill in the group and it will be easier to brief the entire group versus each person individually. "We'll you're the boss." Hunter said, "I'll see if I can gather a few people." Hunter walked out of the room and into the streets to do his part.

"I'll go check with the second group that is coming, I'm sure there will be people ready to work. Anyone can follow if they wish." Balut began to walk towards the exit, though slow but steady as to try to not make his injuries any worse. One stubborn bull.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 05, 2014, 10:51:37 PM
Alev got off the crate to follow Balut. Sticking behind him and trying to look up at the very tall bullman, the boy tries to get a good view of his features.

"...So if you're not a minotaur, what are you?" Alev asked while looking at Balut with squinty eyes of suspicion and discern. "You don't look all too different from the one that existed in the Island of Crete. Especially one that is this docile and intelligent."

: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 05, 2014, 11:03:15 PM
Naoki decided to follow along with Balut and Alev, making sure the Bullman doesn't collapse in the middle of the street. Especially if it is strength required to carry him... He had caught up with them when Alev ask a question to the bullman.

Meanwhile, Ranger is the last one in the room and walks out of it. Taking his search for volunteers to the streets like Hunter did, he had to do his fair share of the job.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 05, 2014, 11:10:22 PM
Alev can see that the clothing that Balut wear seems to be made of animal felt. The designs and paints on the clothing seem to be that of Native American."Sure, we don't look different, except the size. They are way bigger then I. It's just how we associate ourselves. I'm a Bullman because I was born in this side of the world. I met some Minotaur before, Complete assholes and completely... racist about the Bullmen of this side. That's why I don't like them," Balut groaned as he continued to walk. 
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 05, 2014, 11:19:55 PM
"I guess they took you for a Minitaur, the so called bastard cousins of the Minotaur." Alev remarked rather venomously. "So, do you transform into a magical girl and do pro-wrestling moves on your enemies while making narcotics on the side?"

The boy looked at his outfit and noted it was very Native American, but what he was most interested in was the pouches that probably contained lots of medicinal ingredients. Maybe Balut-tan, er, Balut, is like Chopper in abilities? Or maybe he just uses brute strength. Wither way, those pouches gave Alev some ideas.

: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 05, 2014, 11:37:05 PM
"Yes they did." Balut nodded, until he got the question of Magical Girl. "A Magical Girl? Pro-Wrestling Moves?." This completely threw Balut off, what kind of world is this kid from? What ever world is this kid from, it is strange. "Is this a tradition of the old world? To turn into magical girls and do Pro- Wrestling? So I'm guessing this Balut-Tan is a Magical Girl Pro Wrestler! That completely makes sense!" Balut laughed as he thought about the idea. Nailed It. 
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 06, 2014, 12:38:41 AM
Naoki kept quiet about the current conversation, trying to keep his thoughts out of this 'Balut-tan' business. It may end up him getting confused again, it also doesn't help much that he even had difficulties imagining of what Alev and Balut are thinking about. Instead, he focus on walking and look toward what is ahead of them to see if there's any possible signs of the next Black Market group's arriving into the city. Either by figures of their shadows in the distance or just plain run into them if possible.

: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 06, 2014, 10:07:23 PM
Alev snorted. "Well back home, there is this anime, a type of animated artistic entertainment medium, aimed at the pre-teen girl demographic where a large, muscular minotaur-like bullman is attending an all-girl high school and trying to be the most normal high-school girl while operating a somewhat still illegal narcotics ring as a side business. She is backed up by her impeccable galpal, an elfish waif who always gets into trouble. She is also stalked by Commander Blue-Blues who is the most incompetent loser who ever graced the planet. Always gets the shit beaten out of him when Balut-tan transforms into Magical Lyrical Lovely Milky Pretty Cure Moon Moon Balut-tan and he drops a Double Lariat and Devil Twist Piledriver to Nutcracker Nelson."

He recounted some fond memories of the show and its anarchic message to pre-teen girls.

"Balut-tan looks very similar if not the splitting image of you Balut. Hell, even the name is the same without the prefix." The boy explained while talking it off casually, a first since coming here. "That's why I flipped back there. I thought I was going mad or having realistic delusions!"
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 09, 2014, 08:54:18 PM
Balut gave an astonished look. "That does seem to be a coincidence," Balut said as he thought about it. Balut did not seem to be too convinced about the boy's explanation but, he took it as it was since it does explain the boy's sudden change in behavior, The Name Commander Blue-Blues, then he made a connection to the Blue Skinned Dark Elf, What a very Generic name that guy had. "Blues is in it too? That version would've been a dream to be in. However, the fact is that he had beaten Phantom and I single handedly when we tried to save our friend. He is not someone to be underestimated. We were lucky to survive if it weren't for Phantom's Phenomenon." Balut stated looking grim from the experience. Balut looked ahead to see what appears to be the road that leads to the outside wilderness. "Ah. We're almost there. It won't be long until they arrive." If Naoki looked harder, he could see a medium sized group closing into the city from quite a distance away.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 09, 2014, 09:41:26 PM
Blues...? Naoki thought as he heard what Balut mentions about what happen to him and Maram. Is that the name of the one who attacked them and kidnapped Skyla? He frowns at this thought, but not as much thankfully due to what Alev had mentioned about the Balut-tan stuff. As much as he tried to ignore...

When Naoki heard Balut that the group is almost arriving, he looks up head. This time with much more effort... Under normal circumstances at this time of night, he wouldn't see the group coming. However, being part-demon... He saw something in the distance on the field. It is difficult to discern what it is exactly due to the current conditions, but... There is nothing that can block the visual between his eyesight and the group.

"...Is that them?" Naoki quietly pointed out, though loud enough for Balut and Alev can hear. He looks far ahead, focusing on the upcoming group.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 09, 2014, 11:56:52 PM
Alev thought about this Phantom's Phenomenon, but was quickly interrupted by Balut's exclamation of the group. Knowing that Naoki is already at the ready, the boy stood behind the bullman, hiding behind his massive frame. Taking out his tome, he quietly whispered a code to the knowledge tool.

"When I heard of an undercover mission to get help, I really didn't expect it to literally be under the cover of night." he mumbled. "Did any of you get informed for any sign that they're who we're looking for? Like a certain set of lights, flashes, etc. Unless they're not our allies and but were really looking for us. Or at least you two since I'm new."

The tome flipped a few pages and soon scribbled out a map of the area. In the center, the three dots represented their group. Complete with names like, Naoki, Balut-tan, and Alev. The group far up ahead were also listed but they were not defined by name and simply labeled as Scrappy with an alphabet next to the name. Alev gauged the distance with a bit of mathematical calculations and began to toss up his options.

Of course... they could be allies, but they can also be enemies. And in the night where its more easy to set up an ambush. Alev looked around and spotted some flammable material, mainly wood, and had his tome keep record of their location. If anything happened, he would have to create something since his spells weren't at their best. Then again, he never tried his alteration properly ever since he came here... He'll have to gamble on it.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 10, 2014, 12:57:50 AM
Balut looked to Alev holding up a letter that he took out from his bag. "This was the last letter they sent a few days ago. Since the 10th of April to be exact. As you know, this is the only reliable communication without having the Purity Corp to know. Slow but it is a safe option. They will send another letter when they are in distance to the city. Once we get that confirmation letter we will know its them." Balut explained, "I would explain about the system more in detail, but right now we need to look out for the delivery." Balut then start to look up into the sky scanning for that particular sign that signals that the group coming is the Black Market.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 11, 2014, 02:34:37 PM
Naoki stares at the group in the distance, waiting for the sign that Balut mentioned to discern if it is indeed the group from the Black Market. It is when moments later that there is something caught his eyes, a tiny object came up from the group and into the air. His eyes follows it, only to see that the object is actually flying in the night sky where it is heading toward them. Upon a closer look, it appears to be a bird...

"...Is that it?" He asks as a bird came closer to the group, where it heads toward to Balut. More of the bird's features is identified, most notably the broad head and round facial disks around it's luminous eyes. A Owl to be precise as it have a letter tied to it's talons.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 13, 2014, 09:24:47 PM
Alev watched the bird come closer.

"An Owl? What is this, Harry Potter? Are we going to Hogwarts now?" he sarcastically quipped, looking back down at this tome.

The young half demon eyed the page, formulating a plan in his head and any possible scenerios. If he was lucky... he might be able to use the reinforcements...
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 17, 2014, 04:21:48 AM
Balut nodded to Naoki, "Yup. That's one of our birds." This confirmed that the second group of the Black Market is closing in. Balut was more glad that the group had made the long trip safely. He then turned to Alev raising an eyebrow at the boy as if he wanted to ask what that place was. Hogwarts was a place he never heard of. It must be a foreign place. "Who would name a place, 'Hogwarts' it sounds really.... unappealing." Balut then change the subject back to the group that is coming, "I'll grab as many people as I can from the group, it won't be long, you two can go ahead and find people around the area." He suggested.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii May 18, 2014, 03:40:11 PM
"Its a magnificent place of fairytales, it doesn't exist. Although I wish it did." he sighed to himself as he thought of Hermione, "The magic schools back home are too practical."

Alev nodded at Balut and decided to stick with Naoki for the time being. He wasn't familiar with the area at all, even if he had his tome to give him a map. He knew the boy would know shortcuts or secret passageways that others may not know of. Plus, he could always get to know him better.

"Well Naoki, I'll be sticking with you to go recruiting" he scoffed, highly doubtful of the idea any would want to go on a suicide mission, "You think people would join if we offered them a discount on Balut's goods? Oh, the bullman doesn't need to know."
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 18, 2014, 06:05:22 PM
Naoki nodded to Balut as the Owl would land on one of the Bullman's arms. Frowns for the moment, but the bullman will be alright. Especially the Black Market group are coming here. "...Right. Meet you back at the hideout." He said.

He then start walking to another part of the city, intend to get things started on gathering volunteers on his end. He heard Alev's question once they are out of Balut's hearing range, he goes on what he recalls in his past dealings with trading before answering, "Unlikely... Since we need to actually show it to them. ...The possibility to negotiate is still there if it comes to that." Discounts would imply something that he done a favor in the past.

Although, honestly? Naoki doubt that would work still. How there will be a value that would get them volunteers for the mission? ...Never hurts to try though.

...Naoki keeps moving on, goes to try places that the others have not covered. To search for people who are willing to join this mission.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk May 18, 2014, 06:57:07 PM
A couple hours later inside the Hideout.
Much to the group's surprise quite a few people had shown up for the mission. At least, 10 people. 10 either greedy or selfless people of all kinds. Hunter was not surprised at the low number of recruits as he looked at them from the inside of the building. Then again it was a lot more people than he predicted. "Well, you guys did a good job bringing people." Hunter praised Naoki and his team, "Now let's get the briefing over with." He looked over to Ranger if the old man is ready. As he looked over, he could not help but hear conversations outside about special concoctions? Hunter raised an eyebrow questioning what did the team do to convince these people. 
: Re: Broken World
: Nask May 19, 2014, 11:21:18 PM
Naoki moves his eyes away from Hunter's stare upon hearing what the volunteers chatting about outside, remembering what he and Alev had offered to the volunteers that they picked up. ...He honestly hope that those guys are the first to go in case if they figure out that there's no... Special Concoctions upon remain staying. He then goes to glance toward to where the volunteers are from the building...

Ranger is ready to begin the briefing. Without need to answering Hunter's question, the old man proceed to walk outside to meet with the volunteers. He stop before them and stares at them, taking in the sights of potential teammates. He can sense that some of them are Phenomenons, but do their abilities can be utilized? Then there's their motives and abilities...

As soon as the volunteers pays attention to him and quiet down, the old man begin his briefing toward to the Volunteers. He study them for their reactions to what he is about to say...

"Three days ago, one of our own members had been abducted by one group of Purity Corps and currently being taken to the destination where she will suffer a fate worse than death. Now the mission here is obvious as you all had been told by our people here, if not then I will repeat it. Our main objective for this mission is to rescue a Dark Elf female, identified having tanned skin and white clothes, under a time limit before she arrives at her destination and suffer a fate worse than death." It is seem simple enough, a rescue mission. To Ranger's point of view, it wasn't simple as it seems. He knows that clearly as it happens in the past.

"Secondary objective is currently unknown, but that will change over the course of this mission. The current importance are what you need to be aware of and what you going up against, if you are willing to stay and see through to the end." Ranger do not know what to expect, aside from the possibilities of rescuing possible prisoners. Yet situations can always be changed and opportunities that benefits them if arise.

"Obviously you are going up against the Purity Corps. However, before you are get any thoughts of this being an easy mission, it is not for a number of reasons. They are not what you are usually up against in the past, not part of the recent Purity Corp Raid, or the ones from the previous city for some of you. They are more prepared than what you are used fighting against in the past and this mission will take place on one of their facilities." This is the main part of what would weed the volunteers out. It comes with the intention of shatter what assumptions that these people would have toward to the Purity Corps, especially the ones at the location. Underestimating them would get someone killed.

"And that is not including the other dangers, but those depend on what happen during the mission and if the situation ends up worse." Ranger then thought about the high anomaly Phenomenon and the Lord if it reach that point...

"What we need for this mission is someone who have at least one of the following abilities, which would be either Infiltration Skills, Fighting Capability, or a some form of Ability that can be of use and utilized during the mission. If you have none of them, then you should leave right now." Ranger said. This part is mainly for safety reasons, but also to see what potential teammates can do and what they can help with the mission."Now. What are your answers?"

He glance over the Volunteers again. Now time to see who will leave and who have the courage to stay.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii July 03, 2014, 07:55:41 PM
Alev leaned against the wall, tome hanging loosely in his book bag that dangled from his shoulder and rested on his front, while watching and half listening to Ranger debrief the volunteers on a potential suicide mission. His red eyes swam around the room and observed random objects that looked similar to what he had seen back in his world, or something completely knew.

Upon hearing Ranger twice say that Skyla, the kidnapped dark elf, would meet a fate worse than death, the boy couldn't help but smirk a bit at his redundancy. Then again, he probably said it twice to get the point across but they are up against, from what he heard, is a mean team of violent, dogmatic regulation figures.

As the briefing went on Alev's interest sparked about the second objective. If it was unknown, mainly to all the unimportant lackeys barring the higher ups, and changing depending on the situation, it would most likely be information gathering. If the rescue were to go quickly and relatively smoothly, then that would leave some good opportunities for a bit of side tracking by splitting a group to do some data scavenging. Obviously, it was simple to say and think on, but the biggest obstacle is the Purity Corps in their own home turf. Alev had no idea on how strong they were, not that he'd have too much trouble if he had his magic at top notch, and the fact his magic was unstable. At least he could still transmute objects and use his tome.

At the end of Ranger's speech, Alev raised his hand.
"I honestly have no other leads and a place to go so I might as well stay. Better than living on the streets and being hounded for having no documented identity." He joked with a flat tone, "Anyways, I'm more of he information gathering type so don't count on me to fight. Not that I can't hold my own, my spells are muffled and unstable. Unless you need the manpower, don't complain if I end up blowing up half the facility."

Clapping his hands together, Alev sighed out, "And if its looking bleak, you can use me as a decoy. I probably have one of the highest chances of surviving. What with owning a large data bank in the form of a tome, not existing within their files, and I'm smart enough to get myself out of a tricky situation." The boy huffed haughtily, obviously full of confidence in himself. So much it could end up biting him.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk July 04, 2014, 11:25:25 PM
Hunter gave Alev a small smile. Well at least one is somewhat willing to go on the mission. He took another glance at the group that Ranger had briefed on. A lot of the people seemed to be reluctant to be going on this mission. Were they expecting an easy job? A lot of them seemed to be capable fighters on their own why are they backing off or not stepping up?

"Look man," One spoke up, "I don't want to be a downer old man, but I ain't going on a suicide mission to save a little girl. She's already a lost cause! Why risk resources for someone who probably have little value to this rebel group anyway!? Well, I heard what I heard and made my decision!" He turned away from Ranger and walked out. Slowly, more members began to follow him. Some members reluctantly look back towards the group. "Look Balut, I know you were trying to help us get a job, but this work isn't for us." Another person said patting the bullman on the shoulder as he walked. It was not long until nearly the entire room became empty except one person who remained in the room.
: Re: Broken World
: Kimoto July 05, 2014, 12:10:28 AM
Just staring straight forward from where there was once a crowd was a single girl of average height. Her hair was a dark electric blue, as well as her eyes, as she even wore what looked like a salvaged green sweater that hadn't been washed in awhile that had a faded design that just looked like white lines down the front, white cloth shorts that ended not to far from where they started, and almost knee high blue boots.

She was playing with her hair while doing so, which was cut to end at her jaw line around the back and sides but barely made it to her eyebrows on the front. Her other hand was holding what looked like a sports bag with a bunch of stick on quick fix patches that were keeping it together poorly, and whatever what was inside made the sound of metal hitting metal whenever it moved.

"... That guy called it a Suicide mission..." As she talked she glanced around fairly quickly at the people in the room, stopping for a few seconds, and even stopping herself from doing what looked like a small smirk. "I hope he won't be offended when we come back successfully. Count me in."

Her smile was definitely confident, as she flashed her teeth during it with a look of victory before it even happened.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask July 05, 2014, 06:36:47 PM
Aside from the nod of acknowledgement to Alev's abilities, Ranger didn't say anything to stop the volunteers from leaving. It is their choice to take or leave from this. Instead, he walks up to the girl with his hands behind his back and study the remaining volunteer who is brave (or foolish) enough to stay. This girl is one of the few Phenomenon volunteers that he had sensed.

”Name?” Ranger questions the volunteer with a simple question, keeping a calm tone despite that almost all of the volunteers had left the area.
: Re: Broken World
: Kimoto July 05, 2014, 06:52:48 PM
The girl seemed to be thinking as he asked, and opened her mouth as she started to speak, but stopped as there was a faint uttering of the sound made when saying the letter S.

"No... Mein. The name I use is Mein." She spoke. She put emphasis on it as to not get it confused with the word Main, despite it being said the exact same way. The smile had been dropped while thinking, so her expression had become somewhat flat, before she started looking around the room again as if she was looking for something or someone. She stopped several times, a few of them in the same direction, before giving Ranger her full attention again.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii July 13, 2014, 12:50:31 AM
Alev watched the volunteers file out one by one, some giving half reasons and some just following. A child like him was joining and some were older than him, at least in appearance, were leaving. Indeed it was a suicide mission but they could have at least joined regardless, but not for the mission itself. His thoughts were interrupted when the girl, who called herself Mein, which reminded him of some noodle dish, spoke up about their loss. He agreed with her, which was rare, and nodded casually.

"Well, look at all the people who left, following one after the other like little ducklings and meek little sheep." He commented, loud enough for those dragging along back could hear. "They do have a point on the suicide mission being dangerous, but if you think on the possibility that they extract information on any resistance force and even use her as a tool or ploy... its reasonable."

Trotting more closer to the group, he stood next to Balut, their difference in height and build was blaringly noticeable. "They said wasting resources, but for such a ragtag group that doesn't have any form of good funding, I'd say every being is a large resource. Of course, me being here is like a wealth of knowledge!" he confidently bragged, so full of himself, whether that was good or bad would be determined.
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk July 18, 2014, 10:53:42 PM
"And you're right," Hunter admitted to Alev hearing his confidence, "The biggest concern is people since they are the biggest resource and there's limited number of them." It's mainly due to the empire that is trying to employ the population. Of course, by employ, they mean serve. He knows about this law that they put on citizens that they must serve at least 4 years within their military once they reach a certain age which varies pending on race. It was sad to think that older and warrior like people basically refused the mission when two teenagers joined in the fight. "Well, I won't be able to join in this mission concerning that the place needs a chain of command." He said, obviously no leadership, no order.

He turned his attention towards the young girl, who goes by Mein. His eye scanning Mein with a bit of interest.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask July 19, 2014, 02:31:57 PM
Ranger noticed the S sound before the girl introduced herself as Mein. A alias perhaps? And then there is the part where she stares at something or someone in the room. He noted on that fact before spoke, “Tell about how you can provide for the mission more specifically.”

At this point, much of the judging process is unneeded as there’s only one volunteer (Naoki and Alev are already set to join in the mission) in the end. The Old Man is cautious however, there is at least one obligation to follow this through which is mainly to get a brief idea of what role the volunteer would play better. No need to see the volunteer first to die in the mission if she ends up in a role that she doesn't do well in, especially if being subtle. Every person counts on this mission.

Naoki like the others, also stares at Mein with a curious thoughts. He doesn't know what to think of her, but they are going to work with each other to save Skyla...
: Re: Broken World
: Kimoto July 19, 2014, 03:51:44 PM
"My combat ability isn't anything amazing but I can fend off an enemy for awhile, I'm decent at sneaking around and can stick to metal. I can... Also possibly steal information depending on what type of thing I'm taking the information out of. Anything that uses power." Mein explained, meaning Power as in Electricity. She demonstrated that by holding her hand up as a few sparks shot off her fingers up into the air before dissipating. The girl seemed to be fiddling with her sweater sleeves as she thought though.

"I'm not to well practiced in that last one yet though. Don't rely on it. It's also good for breaking and entering into places with the same kind of equipment I'd say. Defense is a specialty of mine though, and stalling for time." Her explanation made it sound like she wasn't completely confident with her own abilities, but she picked up the bag she was carrying and made sure it was on her back properly, the sound of metal hitting metal lightly.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii July 28, 2014, 07:20:17 PM
Alev crossed his arms and shifted his weight on one leg, his other leg idly tapping the ground impatiently. "So. Do we have any idea on the layout of the location and possible whereabouts this Skyla is being kept, or do we have to search room by room." He flatly asked, tilting his head to the side. "If what miss clanky over here," He pointed a lazy hand swipe at Mein, "is explaining about her power, she's your best bet on finding out floor plans."

To be frank, her power, from what she explained, would be quite dangerous to the opposing side. A power that can be used to tamper with electronics and intelligence. Truly frightening, Mein may be a target for how dangerous she can potentially be. Its best if her powers were laid low. More over, what Alev was wondering the most about was if there were... backstabbers or spies that had mingled within the group of volunteers. If so, then this mission could be fatal...
: Re: Broken World
: Bolverk August 29, 2014, 05:49:22 PM
Hunter took in some thought from Alev's explanation, with Mein's abilities it would make getting into the area a lot smoother. Though he may not be joining them on the mission, even he thinks Mein would be a useful asset for this mission along with Alev with that strange encyclopedia in his hand. "Well, he certainly does have a point." He agreed with the young boy, "If you guys are going to find her, you will certainly need to know the floor plans of the area and through her would be the best option and maybe she might do more than that."

Balut stood up before speaking, "Well we need all the help we can get, I'll be off gathering some things from the market." He said, "I need to make some things." He then left, limping on a leg as he walked out.
: Re: Broken World
: Nask August 29, 2014, 08:10:31 PM
Ranger seem to be thought by the indication of scratching his chin before making a follow up with Hunter's answer. "...As for the floor plans themselves, that is something we need to discuss once we reach the site of the mission itself," He said with rather careful words of choice, perhaps to avoid key information revealed out in the open at this point, "Until then, the following preparations for the mission if needed, we all meet at the south entrance of the city within one hour. If I am needed prior to that, I will be preparing for the mission."

Instead of allow for questions about the mission itself, Ranger proceed to follow Balut to make due for his preparations and inform the bullman of the meeting time. Leaving Naoki, Mein, Alev, and Hunter in the room.

Naoki absently nods, still stare at Mein with thoughts going on in his mind. He doesn’t have anything that can be brought for the mission, thus leaving him to just… "...Is there anything you guys want to do while waiting?" He asks Alev and Mein, just to get this question out of the way first. He had first considered to check on Maram to see his current condition himself, but he need to see if those two want to head somewhere first since they are new to this city still.
: Re: Broken World
: Inu-Jii August 29, 2014, 08:19:34 PM
Alev shook his head to the sides, "Its an hour right? I might as well stay put and concentrate for whats to come. Excessive knowledge in a day can cause distractions. Plus, I only have my weapon," He raised his tome and tapped it against his shoulder, "So I'm pretty much set to go."

The boy simply began to look around once more, walking and stopping here and there to inspect somethings. "Mein might want to know some stuff though. Like Skyla's appearance and descriptions, history, bio, those things she might need to know when she goes tampering around with files. Who knows, it might just get us closer to saving your friend Naoki." Alev added while he stepped around some things that interested him.

However, his mind and eyes seemed to be following the path Balut and Ranger took.
: Re: Broken World
: Kimoto September 28, 2014, 08:50:19 PM
The girl muttered to herself, hoping they didn't put her ability up too high. Even if it could be useful, she had already said she wasn't completely confident she can use it to pull off such a task. She turned up to look at Naoki though, nodding to what Alev had said.

"That information would be fairly useful. Though... Tell me, is this girl really that important to all of you? I'm not saying friends are bad, but do you value them enough for this?" Her question was accompanied by a glare, as she gave a thought in the back of her mind that she's glad they didn't check her too much. Too many questions would make her want to run.