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Title: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: LinkFTW on July 30, 2013, 01:19:43 AM
Somewhere in Smashville

As cliched as it was, midnight was always a time where he felt he was at his most powerful. Even now, at his weakest, he could vaguely sense the ebb and flow of the world around him. He had waited thousands of years to begin the ritual and tonight was the night. Tonight was when he would at last begin the process to reunite the 40 wandering souls and sacrifice them to Subspace. Through that ritual, he would gain power over the universe itself. Then no one, not even Master Hand himself, could stand in his way.

But there was a problem. With his dying breath, Master Hand had sent the souls of the Smashers off to another world, to inhabit humans to await the day when his power would wane. That would be the day they would awaken within their Guardians.

The Guardians, as they were called, would be made aware of the Smashers within them very soon. Had they been merely aware of the Smashers, it would have been ridiculously easy for him to destroy the Guardians and forcefully rip the Smashers from them. But, once awakened, the Guardians would gain the powers of the Smashers once wielded. That is, they would become powerful enough to fend him and his Subspace Army off, especially in this weakened state.

Luckily, he had managed to track down three Guardians who had not yet awakened: a young man, whose enormous appetite and warrior's spirit could only mark him as the Guardian of Ike, a young woman whose fiery spirit and shining youth marked her as the Guardian of Roy, and, finally, a young man whose noble heart and gentle spirit could only make him the Guardian of Marth.

There were other tell-tale signs too, but he didn't feel like going into it too much. What mattered now was the task at hand. He had to start silencing a couple of voices and fast. Before undue attention was drawn to him.

He picked up three differently colored eye-patches.
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Post by: JBcristal on July 30, 2013, 02:36:28 AM
A huge yawn echoed in the walls of the temple. A young man was waiting for his superior to give him his orders, completely prepared to carry on his task. For that was the day in which he would be given a test, a test that could decide his whole future and-
“Anthony, are you monologing again?” The young men jumped from the chair in surprise, not having noticed the old man enter the room.
“One of those days, grandpa, you are going to give me a heart attack…” Anthony said, now standing. “And how the hell are you so sneaky, anyway!? The museum is so quiet that I still don’t get how you can be such a ninja!”

It was a nice morning in Smashville, the orange tint of the sun still reflected in the polished walls of the old, restored temple turned museum. Said place was an awe inspiring construction made of such a pristine white color that it looked like something out of this world. The building they were currently in wasn’t really big, but the impressive thing about the temple was the fact that it wasn’t simply a few separate buildings that were able to survive the passing of time. The place was such a vast structure that it made one think it may have housed a big amount of people in its age.

“Why, that’s a secret I’ll pass down when it’s the correct time. After all, you’ll have to earn Palutena’s recognition first.
“Bah… Palutena this, Palutena that…” Anthony started sulking. “Isn’t she just the temple’s make-believe god, anyway? What’s so special about her, anyway?”


 “She’s not just the goddess of this place. She is the goddess of light, holding a beacon of hope for all mortals in need in our realm, always ready to send her forces to battle evil, and-“
“Grandpa, you’ve told me that story tons of times already.” The younger man interrupted “You used to tell me stories about how “her champion” came from the heavens to aid those in help, and yadda yadda yadda. But I think it’s about time you stop telling me fairy tales and act a bit more serious with me. I’m almost legally an adult, for god’s sake!”

“And weren’t we supposed to be closed? I could swear I’m hearing someone talking…”
“Why,” Anthony’s grandfather guessed “Maybe it’s the voice of Palutena herself, and she found you fit to be her champion!” …and the scoffed “And yet, I doubt it. You still act too much like a brat. Hehehe…”
Anthony groaned “Anyway, about that test?”
“Well, I’m not so sure if you are ready for it” They walked out of the building, and the proceeded through a wide stone walkway. “After all, for your test you will have to touch bow of the goddess. As you know, it can’t be touched by those that have an impure heart. That way, we can know who to trust.”
“…why are you telling me something I know already, anyway…” He mumbled, knowing his grandpa has a certain knack for… let’s say, “Exposition”. Both in the talking and the showcasing way, that is. After all, even at his advanced age he was still the one in charge of the museum, which had somehow stayed as his family’s unofficial “property” for generations.

“And we are here.” They went into the biggest building, the one at the end of the main road. It was the main temple, a place with three doors placed facing the entrance. The one in the middle, however, has some stairs leading to them. And yet, both the left and center doors were closed. The only one available was the one to the right. “Let’s go. It will be time to open soon, so we must make haste.”
“Sure, sure…”

It was a room with even more doors, yet again three. However, this time all three were closed, but one of them had something special: There was some kind of altar with a white cloth on top. And, laying on it, with not a single speck of dust was some kind of… bow. Of course, any person that was used to the tools would have said immediately that there was no way an arrow could be shot from there. There was no string nor a place to attach it to and, of course, it was a rigid form with no elasticity. As a matter of fact, it looked like the golden and blue “bow” was more like two sword attached together.

“Well.” The old man lightly pushed Anthony forward. “Go ahead. Touch it.”
“For the love of- grandpa, this is really stupid. How can you expect something to happen?”
“Well, weren’t you the one that used to trust blindly when he was younger? What happened to that kid, Anthony?”
“He grew up! He got tired of all this… legends of savior kids, of myths and monsters, of the uprising of the gods or whatever! I… I just…” He looked hurt. “…I miss grandma, you know.”
“She lead a fulfilling life, and died peacefully of old age. I didn’t expect her to pass away before me, but she had no regrets, young man. And neither should you”

“Fine. I’ll touch it.” Anthony sighed “It’s just a piece of metal, anyway. It’s not like there’s-”

He touched the sword. And there was a flash of light. A really bright flash of light.
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: Nask on July 30, 2013, 04:26:52 AM
Worlds away from the events going on in Smashville... Take the focus away from one world to another world. A world that's simply known as Earth, or to be exact a island that is hundred miles off coast from the mainland of a continent known as Europe....

...Or to be very exact, a city on a island called Smashington. And like the world prior, it is morning for the people who lived on that island...


A sound of music can be heard faintly in one room of the apartment in the light of morning. The sound consists of a jazz in a slow rhythm, which the way it is played to give the atmosphere of home a tranquil feeling. Usually a morning person would expect something loud or upbeat coming out of the radio or the internet like the trends going on these days, but not to the occupant as music with instruments like the song's are fine to this person's ears.

...Despite that song comes from a laptop hooked to the internet, it is what set this particular atmosphere that he likes. Still a man work tediously work through his daily morning ritual, starting off with the preparation of breakfast, though kept light for the coming day and turned a television on for the news...
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Post by: Kimoto on July 30, 2013, 05:09:38 AM
"... Shut up..." A young girl muttered, somewhere in Smashington. Near her there was a loud noise, similar to a buzzer, coming from a simple clock... Which was effectively thrown out the window.

Soon the only noise coming from the Apartment of this Girl was that of someone shifting around under a blanket, refusing to wake up.
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Post by: EeveeandAbsol on July 30, 2013, 10:38:19 AM
In his own room, the doll make was busy at work...

His own work that is.

Taylor had been sewing up a doll all morning, he was on the last of the stitches until he finally would have it done. A perfect pink bunny plushie, adorable as can be would be his soon... "Perfect~"


As for another morning ritual in Smashington... A lovely couple was strolling down the street, their hands held together with smiles on their faces, they laughed as they told each other stories until they arrived at their destination. But a small pub that the couple owns.

Click, the doors opened. "And then I said-" the man suddenly stopped mid sentence as he flicked the lights on, gazing into the pub  to see that one customer was still there... "Damn it, TAK! Get out of here, you better not have been drinking!" he looked over to the counter to see that there was money on it, prepaid. "Oh shush up, Gill..." the one named "Tak" blurted out, "I only drank a little." the blonde woman with nearly glowing blue tribal tattoos thrusted her head up to face the, flushed.

"Every month you do this, you do enough jobs to get money, break in here, and spend it all on booze! The booze our real customers want!" Gill grabbed Tak by the arm and pulled her out of the seat, "H-hey!" "You're not welcome here unless it's business hours and you're not piss drunk, you hear?!" dragging the woman out as she giggled, he threw her out into the street and slammed the door shut.

"Ugh... Totally worth it..." she forced herself up, dirtied from being tossed to the ground. Before she drunkenly stumbled away from the pub, bare footed.
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Post by: The Element Commander on July 30, 2013, 12:58:10 PM
At the far end of Smashington, a young teenager was skipping stones under a wooden bridge. The bank of the river was quiet as it lazily flowed along. With the many small rocks by the banks, it made for lots of fun.

He picked up another stone and threw it at the water's surface, making it skip one... twice... thrice... quartice... quintice... hextice... I'm probably just making up words by now. The relatively calm breeze that blew through his hair was quite comforting. And he enjoyed it.

Pretty good way to start the day.
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Post by: JBcristal on July 30, 2013, 01:18:48 PM
"So." A young man is standing on top of a building, sitting in the edge of it. He's, apparently, talking to himself. "So, I guess this place isn't that different from home, eh."
"Yes, I expected something more... alien, you know. This is simply like going to a different country..."

“Okay, yeah, maybe it’s a bit more advanced than back home, I suppose. But it’s not that mu- Ah, achachachachaaaaa-!” The man starts clutching his head. “Okay, okay, I get it, I get it! No more messing around, there is work to do!”
The sound of wings flapping. There is now no one around.
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Post by: JackMcDack on July 30, 2013, 03:04:11 PM
Mark was up-and had been up for a while. Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy, but socially dead. Ah well, he gets enough social interaction at Smashington's indoor pool. For right now he was going through his usual morning routine; brush teeth, have shower, do some pushups and situps, eat horrible-tasting crap that's supposedly healthy for you, and head out the door. He left his Hoodie's hood down today-it wasn't too cold this late in Winter. With nothing else to do as he walked, he began whistling a tune.


While most days were beginning, Sandra's, who just had to pull an all-nighter looking after a baby whose parents had to stay at work late, was about to end, at least for now. She rubbed her eyes as she took off her shirt and jeans and plopped down into her bed. She looked up slightly to see if her cell phone was there before rolling herself into her blankets and falling asleep. She wasn't worried about missing a client; her cell phone ring always got her up, and if they went straight to the door the doorbell was loud and obnoxious enough to wake her.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on July 30, 2013, 04:37:32 PM
Meanwhile up on Mount Smash..

Airlia was Busy Mountain Climbing.  a smile on her face as she wiped the sweat off her tanned forehead. she always felt refreshed when she was out like this, nothing but her own skills and nature around her. after taking a swig of water from her canteen she continued her accent, a tune humming out of her lips as she reaches the lip of a recently found crevice.  rumor has it that the crevice was the crash site of a meteor that crash landed on the mountain a few years back. she mused at this fact as she searched her backpack for her flashlight. afterall it was the rumor that brought her here in the 1st place, might as well check thoroughly.. besides, even if she didn't find anything.. the adventure alone was more than worth it....


Luciel was bored that much was for certain.. ' why can't they make school more exciting.. all it ever is is books books books and more books.. ' she thought to herself as she sat there.. all she wanted was to go back and play games at home.. she began to groan before a loud boom startled her.. and the rest of the class as the windows shuttered from the sound. ' pika pika pikachu ' she heard in her thoughts... ' great.. now i'm bored enough i'm hearing pokemon in my head.. '


A Few Moments Earlier, Mount Smash Crevice.

Airlia was deep into the crevice, her flash lights green glow  lighting up the darkness. she had been searching for nearly an hour already and she hasn't found a thing. " well, guess the rumors were false after all.. i should probably get back before it gets dar-" she began to say to herself as she turned to head back.. only to catch a glimmer of light in various colors from the corner of her eye..  as she checked the source she found a small well hidden cavern, and after wedging herself through the cracks ( she was never more grateful for her flatness) she found a large intricate chamber, clearly someone had carved this out beforehand.. how did she know? well.. the giant rock sitting on a makeshift pedestal glowing in every color imaginable was a fairly large hint.. she reached out to touch the rock, wondering what was making it glow.. and suddenly it exploded in light and sound.. a sonic boom of colors blasting out of it from her hand and out the caverns entrance, flooding the crevice with light for several seconds.. it soon died down and she regained her sight only to notice all color had been drained from the rock.. " well that was weird..." she said in a stupor.. " you're telling me.. though i'd say it was way past cool myself. " said a male voice in her thoughts.. " wha-what?" she said.. unable to process what just happened.. was someone talking to her with telekinesis?!
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In a local cafe, a woman (though to the eyes of others, a young man with boyish looks) is seen sitting at the table outside, who seem like enjoying her coffee and scones. Yet her thoughts is elsewhere...

"These dreams are starting to become more frequent..." She sigh as she had written down the recent parts of her dream into what it is dubbed as a dream journal earlier. Yet there's nothing new in these dreams. Just Forty-Three flames of various colors lits up in the middle of the growing dark, some become brighter than others. Three seem to have a black tint to it. At least according to her dream...

Still, details will come to her as these dreams started out as one or two details before it becomes clearer. She glanced to the side, taking in the scenery and the cool air, before taking a sip of her coffee. "...At least I admit this place is nice to live in." Especially the view of the island's mountain, Mount Smash, is amazing at the light of dawn.

And her eyes noticed something for the moment. That moment where she noticed there's a rainbow flash of lights bursting out of the peak of the mountain. The lights seem to spread out and goes elsewhere...

And one of the lights, are heading straight for her! She braced herself for impact instinctively...


Once the man finished his routine in his home, he then leave the apartment in clothes suited for casual setting, yet for work. He glanced up to see a rain of lights coming from the direction where Mount Smash lay. It made it seem like there's a meteor shower in daylight.

He commented, "Well. That's something you don't see everyday." Then he continue onward, not want to have this rare occurrence to made him late for work as he gave a indication to speed up his walking.

Unknowing to the walking man... Another light enters him.
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Mark had arrived at the pool to find that he had arrived an hour early-as usual. He walked to his locker and changed, jumping into the deep end of the pool and just floating for a bit. He didn't mind being a lifeguard, but when no one is ever in trouble you never really get to swim, so he liked coming early and swimming for a bit.

When he was bored of just floating, he began doing laps, but there was something odd that he noticed while doing so. When he began getting tired and slowed down, he started hearing shouts of encouragement to keep him going. The odd thing was that it wasn't his voice; it was a woman's voice. I mean, it worked and it kept him going for much longer than usual, but it was still odd.

"Maybe I'm lonelier than I thought..." He mused out loud as he stepped out and dried off. He stored the thought in the back of his mind, though; the others would be here to open soon.


Sandra...was having a weird dream.

Well, first there was the fact that she was aware of what she was doing. She had never lucid dreamed before. The second thing that made it odd was the dream itself; it seemed like she had become some sort of space-badass, killing weird alien things with a handblaster that she swore she had seen before...Megaman? No, his was blue...ah well, whatever it was, it was awesome. The third thing that was weird was that she was actually good at the job, even though she had never done anything remotely close to this before. Seriously, the closest she ever got to something like this was when she shot Trap for her High School, and even then she wasn't that great. She wasn't even sure she was herself until she took the suit off and saw herself in a red swimsuit or something. Needless to say she was quite confused.
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"Woo! Lights!" the teenager whooped, staring at the multitude of lights that suddenly streaked across the sky for no apparent reason. He picked up another stone and skipped it, counting each time it skipped, his eyes following its path. "One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine!" he counted, laughing. When he finally looked up, he saw one of the lights in the sky come flying straight at him! He yelled in surprise, losing his balance and falling backwards suddenly. He closed his eyes, for the light was getting brighter and brighter...

But when he finally opened his eyes, the lights were gone. He didn't feel any different, either, so it couldn't have been some UFO or anything. He stood up, brushing himself off. "Man, Marcus." he said to himself, "You see the weirdest things sometimes. At some point, people are going to think you're crazy!"

"I already think you're crazy." a male voice suddenly said inside his head.

Marcus tumbled backwards in surprise... again.
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Post by: Kimoto on July 30, 2013, 09:09:53 PM
The girl woke up and looked around blankly, having missed the light show... And one heading for her house before she woke up.

"... I need food." She muttered, as she could hear something similiar to someone talking... But completely ignored it.
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Post by: Nask on July 30, 2013, 09:43:16 PM
The light became so bright that she had to close her eyes with a mental prayer of not able to meet her younger siblings again. Waiting for whatever happen next... Only nothing. Unaware that the light had enter through her.

There is something that she felt, just no feeling of impact or a sense of oblivion for whatever feeling for a dead person is. Instead there is a faint feeling from within, as if something woke up from a long, deep sleep. She lower her arms and open her amber eyes, only to notice something glowing on the back of her right hand and she raise it up to give a better look at it. A marking of three triangles to form a larger triangle, with the section of the lower left triangle glowing while the other two is simply dimmed. The glowing last a few moments until it faded, leaving behind a faint mark of the triangle set from before.

"...The Triforce of Wisdom..." The woman murmured as she easily recognized the symbol with wide eyes. A sense of confusion had shown. "How...?"

Then a female voice is heard, which cause the black cap woman to quickly turn her neck to find the source of where the voice is coming from. Only no one is there except people who didn't look like they are talking to her. More confusion had shown on her face as she realized it comes from her own head...


For the moment there, the man heard someone with a deep male voice grumbling. First he ignores it since it wasn't directed to him. Then the voice spoke up angrily, which he respond automatically. "Do you have a problem sir?" He noticed that there's no one there to greet him. He wrote that off as a sign of stress or a strong need for work since New Years is a busy time for business...

Especially when people get drunk on that night and get the mother of all hangovers in the next day. So he continue onwards, mentally responding to the voice complaints as if listening to a angry customer that may be a sign of him working too hard... or anxieties of returning to college later this month.

"...At least, it is good practice for those kinds of people." He mutters, which it is the only thing he said by the time he reached his destination. Which it is his job that involved working in a retailer store... Part-time though.
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At the Shores of Windfall Lake
4:00 AM

He watched the body of the young man submerge into the icy water, the single eye not covered by the eye patch flashing in between jet black and deep blue. By now, the powerful magic imbued into the patch should be running its course. Soon enough, just like the others, the Guardian would fall under his command. And the voice that should have spoken up, would be silenced.

"Master," a voice spoke. It belonged to the young woman. He turned around and glowered into her emotionless gray eyes. "I am ready."

"Of course you are," he said pointedly. "You best be, or your master would be displeased." before she could answer, he waved his hand and opened a portal before her.

"... I am grateful for this chance to prove myself, Master Tabuu," she said quietly as she stepped towards it.

He scoffed. "Don't you dare fail me, child. Your mission is simple enough: kill the Guardians. But know that you must first find their weakness. Torture them if you must. Use any means necessary to achieve our ends." he narrowed his eyes at her. "Do you understand, Nenya?"

She nodded. "Of course, Master."

"Good," he turned back to the young man, who was emerging from the water. "You should do for now. Naryin and Vilyon are not yet prepared." he touched her cheek. She didn't flinch. "You are my little Aquarius... sweetest of them all. Now go."


Outside Smashington
10:00 AM

Nenya emerged from the portal and looked around. She seemed to be in front of a library of some kind. Looking around, she saw various people walking about. Luckily, her eye patch was invisible at the moment or she would get weird looks. For now, it was play the part of the lost girl.

"Umm... help...?"
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Throwing knives at a target and hitting the center...
As a bounty hunter with amnesia...he doesn't know his name at all. But for now, we'll call him Hunter.
"Hunter is such a clique name to call me by, isn't it?"
You weren't suppose to read that!
"Oh...whoops, sorry."
The hunter, looking at the target sighs. Why can't he get revolvers due to gun laws? Or why can't he be a bounty hunter?
"Agh...Damn you the man! D:"
Having nothing else to do, he once again talks to himself...Till he decides to head towards the nearby store to buy some food. And where he lives is a cabin in a woods, close enough to the city, yet far enough to not be visited by random strangers.
The night is strange...Lights in the sky?
asdfghjkl...Who the hell is in my head?! ...Wait I think I know the lyrics of that one song...
Unluckily for the voice in Hunter's head, this is going to be a long walk to the store.
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Having missed the lights, the young man by who was stitching up the doll was just about done...

"And... Perfect! The cutest bunny ever~!" he held up the pink doll of fluff into the air, "That's a beautiful rabbit!" "Wha-?!"


Meanwhile the local drunk Tak was in the midde of a back alleyway at the moment, wandering around groggily as she was still tipsy... Having not noticed the newcomer into her head.
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All Rath wanted to do was relax at the park and be away from crowds. He just didn't like the noise.

He stood near the river and leaned just a little closer. He could see the little fishes that swam around. Among the things he did to untangle his nerves, that included observing the few animals that live in that little park. Amazing how it's still untouched after all these years.

Just then, he saw a streak of light reflected in the water. One second it was there, the next, it was gone. He turned to the sky, and his eyes widened.

Well, not every day one would see a light show like that. Wait, was that one streak heading towards him?

Closing his eyes, he braced for impact.

When nothing happened, he opened his eyes again and cautiously looked around. Nothing seemed to have changed here. He thought that he could feel something in the back of his mind, but he quickly pushed that thought away.

Well, that was weird.

Maybe he was seeing things.

"No, that was real," a voice replied.

Did my mind just rebut itself?

"No, that was me," that voice spoke again.
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"It has begun." In a park, hidden in plain view was Anthony, looking at the lights coming out of the mountain. "So, are you sure it's going to choose me? I mean, sure, you kinda choose me, but... I'm not sure if-"
A light interrupted him, going into him. He flinched when it happened, but besides that, he wasn't surprised, as if he had been expecting that to happen. "Alright... now, let's see... ermh... how do you talk to someone in your mind... eh... hello?"
"Hi there! How's it going?"
"See, I told you he would choose you!"
"Yeah, yeah, you told me so..."
The voice from inside Anthony's head gasped "Is that you, Lady Palutena!? What are you doing here, too!?"
"You see, it seems that you, leaving all those years ago wasn't that good for the temple. Who would have thought, eh, Pit?"
"That still doesn't answer my question." Pit deadpanned, and Anthony could feel the urge to face palm coming from him. Good thing he didn't really had control of his body.
"Sure, sure, you can argue later. If I keep on talking alone in public, it will only make things more awkward. And this isn't a conversation in which I want to stay silent." Calmly, Anthony started walking. And walking. And... walking.
" can you get lost in a park, anyway?"
"I'm not lost. I'm simply... checking the area! Haha... yeah..."
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"Maybe some... uh... coffee would help clear my brain out..." Marcus mumbled, running over to the coffee shop.

"You know you're perfectly sane, right?" the voice in his head said, sighing afterwards.

"My brain has a life of its own and its talking to me through telepathy. I am definitely sane." Marcus mumbled sarcastically. Pushing open the door to the coffee shop, he sat down at an empty table, not too far from a woman who was oddly staring at her hand. Wonder what she's doing... he thought.

"Oh, please." the voice said, "She's a girl. Ever heard of a manicure?"

"Oh, shut up." Marcus said out loud, making some people stare at him.
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Post by: Nask on July 31, 2013, 03:29:57 PM
The woman turns her head toward to the direction of a boy who had just said "Oh, shut up." She place her hand down, where the Triforce marking can be seen in view by the boy with neon eyes. Her thoughts are currently in conversation with the voice within her, which it made her seem abit unfocused in terms of staring at the boy. The conversation is mainly her inner confusion and a answer from the voice...

Oh and her coffee starting to turn cold... and her poor remaining scones lay there forgotten on the napkin.


The man enters the store and start working as he multi-tasking on dealing with the inner voice... or in his point of view, a imaginary angry customer that may or may not be the result of stress. He walks to the back of the store to see if there's any paperwork that need to be done later, before he get started on his job.
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Anthony was getting into a coffee shop. It was a nice place, so it would be a good idea to rest for a while there. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that he was completely lost and he stumbled upon it. Nooo sire.
'So. Palutena told me some things about the situation already, about the whole "Creepy naked blue man" thing, or whatever. No, the problem is, what now? Do you have... any ideas, as to what might happen now?"
"Well, it's simple, really!" Pit said in Anthony's mind.
"Ermh, I... uh... kinda, forgot?"
While the mental conversation was going on, Anthony took a seat, and asked for a coffee. Maybe, just maybe, something interesting could happen...
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The girl was talking to herself, yet not exactly... As she poured herself some milk. 

"I'm Sing. You?"


When they had started talking wasn't clear... Or when she noticed. Or even when she got to the kitchen and awoke. The only thing obvious was the fact she didn't seem to question this. In reality it was because she played so manys games, that she became delusional and forgot what's real and what's fiction.

"... Ah. A Classic Character. So what are you doing here?"

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Despite all the stares Hunter is getting, Hunter doesn't care.
Hunter does what he wants.
While the voice in his head is mentally slamming his head against a wall, Hunter enters a store while singing a song about voices.
...Why can't I get a different guardian..?
Hunter starts heading towards the grocery section of the store, except now he's humming the song about voices...Except he still continues to get stares.
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Marcus turned his head and noticed an odd symbol of the woman's hand. "Glowing tattoos...?" he said to himself softly, "Cool."

"That's no glowing tattoo." the voice in his head said, "That's a Triforce marking! And it's not even glowing!"

"Does that have to do with the Tri-State Area?" Marcus wondered, "Anyway, I want to get a closer look at that tattoo. Why? Because it's way cool. I mean, the design and the simplicity!"

"This is a really weird way of saying that you'll be checking her out."

"I thought I asked you to shut up!" Marcus said out loud again, scooching over closer to the woman.
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The woman kinda feel creep out now as the kid yells shut up to himself and coming to her way. Did he have some sort of a mental problem...? Then again, she do have that voice in her head, though she need to make a mental note to herself and the voice to wear gloves to cover up mark.

"... May I help you?" The woman asks with a raised eyebrow as she sips her (now cold) coffee, position her marked hand behind her other hand. The sooner she does it, the sooner that she just walk away. Though the female voice advise her to listen to the boy for the moment... Despite how questionable the boy is.


The man heard a loud humming of a random song in the store, he glance toward to the guy in a cowboy outfit wandering in the grocery section. The same section that he's in, which involves stocking the items. He groans mentally as he knew who that guy is, which it is one of the stores' more... quirky customers. Some bounty hunter wannabe guy if his co-workers mentioned right, even if this part of the world have... No tolerance toward to bounty hunting unlike the land of the free.

...Just ignore the guy and continue his work. He thought.
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Looking through the grocery section...he gathered all of the items he needed except for one. One REALLY SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT OBJECT OF CONCERN.
His usual brand of milk is not in stock.
"...No this can't be... The milk I usually buy isn't here?! Curse you plot awareness...ness! How can something that I usually buy isn't here?! Unless... The person who's typing this did th-"
Shhhhhhhhh....... Don't break the 4th wall this early!
"Oh, my bad."
Who-a are you talking to?
Glancing around...The man in the cowboy attire look at a cart next to a employer.
The MacGuffin.
The supur dupah importanto item.
The milk.
"asdfghjkl... Seeing that cart full of milk...I need to get it."
Hunter have two options here.
1. Ask the employer how is his life and then question if he could take some milk
2. Inconspicuously snag the milk from the cart and run away like a loony.
"Hm... The first option is more sane...but the second option is way more fun... And I should be more snarky and more sane by now but I guess that's what they call the "Exposition" of a plotline. Building up the characters and setting before the conflict."
Stares...stares everywhere.
Oh my. So much unwanted atte-
There's no words for what he does next.
The next thing the poor employer sees is hunks of meat hitting his face, the noise of cartons of milk being taken away from a cart, and a man running away to the self-checkout line. Inconspicuously, of course.
The voice in his head facepalmed.
... I'm afraid to say that I'm stuck with this guardian for a long time...
Compared to the last incident involving bananas... this is far less severe.
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The day finally started and Mark had first shift. It was the usual crowd, old guy doing laps, fat kid in the corner desperately trying not to make it seem like he was there, a group floating in the deep end talking, the works. He leaned back in the chair.

'Damn...I went longer than usual today.' He thought to himself. 'Wish I could've gone longer, though. Damn pool not letting lifeguards swim while on duty...'

"You know, it's important to let your body rest after a long workout." The same voice from before said. This time he looked behind him.

'Goddammit, now I'm hearing things.' He sighed.

"No, you're sane," The voice assured him, "I'm...well, you'd know me as the trainer from Wii Fit, I suppose."

'Oh goddammit, you mean I suddenly become a Schitzo and I'm not even original enough to make up a voice in my head?'

"No, no, no. You do not have Scitzophrenia. Let me explain..." The voice then began explaining things to Mark.


Sandra awoke about an hour later. She sat up blankly in her bed.

"That was...odd." She said to no one.

"Ah, memories." A voice suddenly said. Since Sandra thought she was alone, she was quite shocked at this new voice, so she did what any sane person would do; rolled off her bed, got out a gun case from under it, and took out her shotgun, pointing it at the doorway. When she was aware that no one was there, she got up cautiously and walked slowly towards the doorway, intent on surveying the house for intruders.

"Heh, I think I'm gonna like you." The voice chuckled. This caught Sandra off guard and she pulled the trigger. Thankfully, she had no shells in the shotgun (Well, didn't have any yet).

"Who are you?" Sandra said half-loudly, still on guard.

"Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter," The voice replied, "And you can put the gun down because I'm not in the house, I'm in your head."

Sandra snorted, still walking cautiously through her house. "Yeah right, I'm not falling for that one...this time..." She whispered under her breath. She went on to search her whole house, under every nook, cranny, and hiding spot she knew, and even found a few she didn't know she had. By the end of it she was exhausted. She plopped down on her couch and laid the shotgun on the coffee table.

"Believe me now?" The voice asked.

"Yes...alright, I'm all ears..." Sandra said, laying down on the couch.

"Good." Samus said, "Now then, here's what's going on..."
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Luciel was walking casually through Central Plaza, better known as the national park of Smashington ( why they have there own national park is anyones guess) " Thank Hariji that that explosion happened when it did.. old man Hanz got so worried that he canceled classes for the rest of the month!" she said as she skipped happily, commenting about Headmaster Craig Z. Hanz of Skyvale Academy. and his concerns about landslides in the aftermath.  ' Pika pikachu pika! ' " man.. i really need to play some pokemon today i guess.. my brain just won't leave me alone about it" she said to herself as she pulled out her cellphone and booted up an emulator for a fresh run of pokemon yellow. her attention just far enough gone that she has no idea whats infront of her.


Meanwhile on Mount Smash

" so let me get this straight.. you're sonic the hedgehog.. as in the blue blur who stared in one of the worst games of modern gaming"  airlia said as she paced inside the cave, she could hear people outside the cavern but they can't seem to locate the entrance without the light source from within. ' yea thats me! the one the only knight of the wind. ' the voice in her head confirmed with a snarky proud edge to his voice. '  right.. and you said you're stuck inside my brain because that naked blue dude that you ripped the wings off stole your body?" she continued   no way i totally could have beaten him if he didn't cheat! ' Sonic contenued in his cockyness. " .. and i have to protect you along side other random strangers from this naked blue guys minions until we figure out how to reclaim your bodys, and if i fail we both die?" '.. yes.. ' airlia nodded in clarity.. before promptly fainting on her feet. ' well now.. that's no good.. ' sonic sez...
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"Um... uh..." Marcus stammered, unsure of what to say, "Hi! I was suddenly interested in that tattoo of yours and... um... where did you get it? Mind... telling me?"

The voice in his head groaned. "You simply suck at picking up chicks."

"Shut up again!" Marcus exclaimed out loud, drawing even more attention, ...Who are you, anyway?

"My name is Fox McCloud. Leader of Star Fox and master of barrel rolls."

So... you're a fox?

"No!" Fox exclaimed in a sarcastic manner, "I'm a 400 foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings!"

"Sh-Shut up!" Marcus exclaimed again, grabbing his head and slightly embarrassed.
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Rath looked around quickly, and other than about three other random people walking around in the area(not enough of a crowd to bother him), it didn't look like anyone just spoke to him. Truth to be told, he figured that the voice somehow came from his head, since he thought he felt something tingling in the back of his mind. But still, maybe someone spoke to him.

"No, no one knows I'm here," the voice spoke again.

"Okay, really, can you just show yourself already?" Rath muttered. He really didn't feel like having someone following him right now.

"How can I, when I am in your mind?" it actually sounded like it might be teasing him. Rath frowned. If someone was going to question his intelligence (or lack thereof), at least make it a fair game.

"Who... What are you?" he questioned while cautiously looking around to make sure no one was near him, "I really dislike talking to strangers, let alone having one in my brain. Can you just leave already?"

"If only it was that simple... I did not choose to stay in your mind like this. I am bound to you, as you are to me. I am Meta Knight, one of the-"

"Meta Knight? That doesn't sound normal. And what's this nonsense about you being stuck in my head? Am I dreaming right now?" Rath huffed, feeling rather irritated at this point. And he was getting tired of talking, too. That little fu-

"... I can kind of read your mind, you know," Meta Knight said, "Allow me to explain why I'm here..."
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"If you keeping talking like that, the chances of you getting in trouble is increasing. Keep it in indoor voice." The woman said. "Not exactly a good sign for a conversation or for me to answer questions. Especially you are gaining a audience." Pointed out the amount of stares increasing... Yeah. She's not going to tell the boy about her "Tattoo" if he keeps acting that way.

She won't be surprised if they would find some place that is more private due to this.


What the hell. Did he just got hit in the face by the package of meat by that bounty hunter wannabe who also taken the rest of the milk? The man's eye twitches as he gets up and take the meat off from his face, keep calm... Kept the anger in check and do something else productive... And  hope that "Hunter" suffer a misfortune. Imagination included.

"Hey! Aren't you going to take the confro-What the hell are you imagining!?" The voice... saw the contents of those imaginations, since he's inside the man's head.

"Silent, Bowser. Don't interrupt my thoughts of wishing karma on the "Wannabe"." He said quietly under his breath, how he knew the voice's name involved listening to "Bowser" rants and had played Nintendo games before. And so, he picks up cleans up the mess that the wannable caused in the grocery section and continue back to work... After he goes to get more milk from the back.
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"...And that's why I'm in your head right now." The Wii Fit Trainer finished her story.

'Uh...huh...' Mark said, still blankly looking out at the crowd. 'This is kinda giving me a headache...'

"Lying down for a few minutes always helps." She remarked.

'On duty, can't do anything.' Mark inwardly shrugged. 'By the way, do you have a name, or do I have to refer to you as 'The Wii Fit Trainer' all the time?'

"Oh, my name is-"

The Wii Fit Trainer was cut off by a loud whistle that surprised Mark to the point of almost falling off of his chair. He looked behind him for the source to see one of the other lifeguards with the whistle in hand.

"Dude," the other one said, "Your shift's been up for, like, fifteen minutes."

"Right, right..." Mark mumbled and got out of the chair, walking to the sort of 'rest area' where two more lifeguards had been waiting.

"Something up, Mark?" One of them-his name Jay-asked.

"Nothing much," Mark said, staring blankly at the other end of the room, "I've just started hearing a voice in my head today that's been distracting me and telling me to find a bunch of other people to save the world."

The room was silent for about five minutes.

"...Well when you say it like that it sounds downright absurd."

'Brutal honesty is the best policy.'

"Say, Mark..." the other lifeguard-her name Bea-started, "How long has it been since your last vacation?"

"...I've had a vacation before?" Mark genuinely questioned.

"Right. Why don't you take a week off?" Bea asked. "We'll fill in your hours like you were here."

"But I'm fine. Honest!"

"You're stressing so much you're turning into a schitzo." Jay pointed out.

"Hey, I am NOT a schitzo, the voice told me s-okay, that's not exactly the best sign..." Mark rubbed the back of his head.

"Mark," Bea said, putting a hand on Mark's shoulder, "Maybe the voice is just a sign that you need to get out more. You never give time to yourself."

Mark opened his mouth to retaliate, but nothing could come out. He lowered his head and sighed in defeat. "I suppose a week without me won't change anything drastically... Alright, I'll go, I'll go."

He said goodbye to the two and excused himself before going to change and leaving. He combed his hair back with his hand.

"Well." He talked to no one in particular. "Now I've got a week to myself."

"It's good to have time to unwind. Even if that time is also being used to help me..." the Trainer quipped.

Mark sighed and began walking to the park. Good to both unwind, and hope someone else who's insane comes through it.


"...So long story short, Blue guy bad, we good, help we." Samus finished her speech in which she had to yell to wake Sandra up three times.

"Wait, isn't your suit blue?" Sandra questioned.

"That's different and you know it is." Samus said.

"Fine, fine. I'll buy it right now 'cause I've had, like, no sleep." Sandra assured, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "I'm going to the coffee shop. You want anything?"

"...No thanks, I'd rather you not pour coffee in your ear trying to give it to me." Samus casually remarked.

"Your loss." Sandra said, before putting away the shotgun and walking to the coffee shop, which wasn't too far away. The first thing she noticed was some kid telling someone he was with to shut up. She wanted to question it, but she didn't really have the ability to do so as of yet, so she just got in line to get her coffee.
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"And that's why I don't eat shrimp!"
Anthony was half listening to him, and trying to check on the guy talking to himself. Didn't he even know he could just, speak in his mind? And... what did Pit just say?
'Pit, you were telling me what you remembered about the naked blue guy. What, pray may tell, does that have to do with shrimp, exactly?'
"Well, it's simple, really! You see-"
'Nevermind.' Anthony interrupted 'Anyway, there's a guy talking to himself, in case you had yet to notice, that I suspect may be like me. And... that girl he's now talking with, I think may be, too. She's more subtle, but... something about that tattoo in her hand...'
"Oh, that's the triforce! It's a holy symbol or something that Link and Zelda used."
' that case...'
Anthony got up from his table, and walked toward the two.
"Excuse me... could we... talk about something? In, well... somewhere more, private." He said, talking low enough to not be heard in the other tables but to be heard by both.
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Marcus turned to look at the guy who just confronted him and the woman. "Well, that sounds like a great idea." he said, "Miss... Someone... here was just suggesting the idea!"

"Miss Someone." Fox groaned, "Why do you suck at catching girls' attention?"

"Shut up!" Marcus exclaimed out loud, bested by his Smasher again. "Have YOU ever gotten a girlfriend?"

"Uh... Too many plot endings! I refuse to answer! ...So shut up!"

Marcus shook his head violently to clear out his mind the best he could. "Uh... sorry about that. But yeah, I'm Marcus. Where can we go to talk?"
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Scanning his items...hunter realized he was missing one thing.
The mother****ing cookies used to dip his milk in.
The milk was a red herring to make him forget to buy the cookies!
"...So it was a red herring..."
Looking back at the grocery section, he sees another man staring at the packaging.
The last pack of oreos.
"Oh hell no! That is mine!"
Both men rush in to grab the last package. The man punches Hunter.
"Ow! Since when are two grown men resort to fighting over a box of cookies?"
"Since now!"
The other man slaps Hunter with a fish.
Hunter grabs the man's head and pushes him to a shelf...then opens a bag of salty chips and pour it over his face.
"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh...The salt! It burns!"
The man attempts to rub out the salt from his eyes to no avail. So what's the next thing Hunter does?
He clotheslines the man into the same shopping cart from which he took the milk.
This is a bit too far isn-
Climbing the shelf... he does a dramatic pose before doing a flying knee to the back of the man head, who falls...but not stopping there, he dashes over to him and spears(tackle) him into a pyramid full of cans.
...Wow, just wow.
With the man unconscious for quite a while, Hunter pumps his fist in the air...before proceeding to look at the mess and stares.
"Hehehe... kthnxsbai"
Hunter rushes to grab the last box of oreoes, take his grocery bags, left the money on the counter, and run the hell out of the store.
And that my friend, is a normal day of grocery shopping for Hunter.
Hey-a... let me talk for once. I have a couple of things to explain to you, but you keep interrupting me.  And wouldn't they found out that you caused a mess at that place?
The voice said.
"Eh... They'll forget, unless it's a major character in this rp. And the cameras weren't on because I hacked them every time I go there so I won't be recognize! : D And let's go to the park... Just the park."
Sheesh...What other troubles this-a man have gotten into?
And so, the man and the voice in his head walked towards the park.
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The woman thought for the moment. Should she?

"That young man could be like you, same with the other." Female voice mentions. Or rather, Zelda as the woman knew. If their mental talk is right, there are indeed others... The woman's dream of the Forty-Three colorful flames comes into mind.

"Becote. Uria Becote," The woman introduce herself, only since the newcomer ask politely and to correct the boy named Marcus. She then suggest quietly back to the newcomer as she wraps her remaining scones into the napkin and put them into her pocket for later. While considering of what places they could talk about, she briefly considered the Central Plaza for the moment before squash the idea. Then there's one other idea... "We go to the library then."


The man returns with his cart to see his section... is in a mess.  His hand is shaking at the amount of disorder and mess that SOMEONE tries to make a muck of! He goes to the nearest phone and calls, "Aisle 12 is in a mess... We need more people to clean up. Stat." He seem to take this calmly on the outside, but on the inside...

Bowser mumbles, "Three... Two... One..."

And the man's fuming and rage a storm as his OCD is in overdrive on the inside. The other co-workers runs over to see the mess. One of them comment, "...Wow. Who did this mess this time, Jude?"

The man named Jude answers, "That's what I'm wondering...." His eye twitches. "Come on. Help me clean this mess up and organize everything back where it goes. Also... Someone get that unconscious man to somewhere!"

And cue the cleaning and Jude's thoughts on when he finds out whoever did this... THEY WILL PAY!.. The unfortunate victim of the coming firestorm would be the unconscious man who fights against Hunter over the oreos.
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Hunter head towards the park in central plaza. Sitting on a bench, he put his groceries down.
"Alright, Voice in my head. Explain to me why there is a voice in my head."
"You didn't even sighed, all you did was say: "Sigh...""
Alright, so here's what I have to say so far...
*A long explanation later...*
"So that's why I have a talking red fat Italian plumber in my mind..."
...Stares... Deciding to drink a carton(Yes, a carton. He drinks from the carton) of milk, he picked up his bags when he notice that one is missing...
But there is a trail of milk behind a bush...
"I should check out that trail..."
And so, when hunter follow the trail...there was a squirrel with a collar on.
The Squirrel stared back.
But Hunter stared back. This squirrel has drank half of the milk hunter has bought.
What happens next has been censored due to complicated implications.
"Mommy, why is that man beating up a sq-"
"Shh...Don't stare, continue walking..."
And so, Hunter beat up a squirrel. Using his bare hands. Satisfied, he fistpumps...but then sees a women running up to the squirrel.
"Oh my...Chucky..."
...Chucky? ...Was this someone's p-Oh sh*t...
"YOU!!!!!" The women points at Hunter.
She seems to pull out a spray bottle...wait is that pepper spray?!
Hunter has two options here.
1. Explain to the women what the squirrel did, but still risk getting pepper spray'd
2. With the half-drunk milk carton, splash the women in milk before pushing her off into the conveniently placed slope.
Of course, Hunter knows what he must do...
Gripping the milk carton, he splashes the women in milk.
"Agh... Why does this smell like Squirrel?!"
With the first step in his plan, he triggers the second step.
Throwing the Squirrel in her hands, Hunter pushed her and she fell. Fell down and barrel rolled into a conveniently placed spiked bush.
Happy with what he'd done, he picked up the pepper spray.
"I might need this later... But who knows?"
Putting the pepper spray in his pocket, he took the unopened milk cartons and head back to his bench and drank some milk dipped in cookies.
Don't ask me how, he just did.
While the plumber in his mind facepalmed as to what happened.
... This man is really insane.
And so, he attracted everyone's stares again.
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"Alright then. It sounds like a good place." Anthony went over to the counter, and after a little awkward scene that involved payment, no money and heart shaped gems, he was ready. "So, ermh... where is the library, again?"
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There seemed to be no one paying attention to her. Perfect. She slid behind the building and pulled out a small orb of what looked like pulsing black blobs.

"Find and destroy," she whispered, placing it on the ground.

An army of Primids rose at her words. They gurgled a reply before emerging in Smashington. Nenya smiled as they all ran towards the town, causing the people to scream in terror. Wreaking havoc had never felt so satisfying.
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Mark watched the possibly insane man as he did...whatever he just did now.

"...At least I'm not the only one going insane." He commented. Suddenly he noticed the...things that started causing terror.

"Mark, run." The Trainer instructed

"What the fuck are those things?" Mark asked.

"I'll explain later, RUN!" She ordered. Mark decided it was a good time to listen to her and he ran for the library.


Suddenly, Sandra sat down at the table where the other three were and smacked her head down on the table, chin-first, coffee in hand.

"I don't know who any of you guys are but I'm joining this conversation." She told them irritably, bags under her eyes.
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Uria? Marcus thought, Isn't that... pee?

"...YOU IDIOT!" Fox shouted in his mind, causing Marcus to cringe a little bit, "One, that's called urea! Second of all, you NEVER, EVER say ANYTHING like that about a girl! Do you even have a social life?! If you said that out loud, she would have smacked you silly!"

...Oops? My bad? Marcus thought, blushing sheepishly. At the sound of Sandra sitting down and speaking, he turned his head. "Oh, hey! How nice of you to join the party. And the library? ...It's somewhere in town."
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Luciel was unaware of the panic around her, to deeply entranced by her game as she crossed a random street without noticing. ' HEY LOOK OUT! ' " huh.. that didn't sound like me.. or the the pikachu i've been imagin-EEP!" Luciel said as she began to regain focus only to suddenly be tackled by a strange woman in a lab coat.. only she never felt the ground.  " You Can open your eyes now miss " the same voice said though she noticed it didn't seem to be in her head this time.. opening her eyes she found herself standing on the rooftops with the lady. looking down below ( once the shock was gone) she noticed that the road she was just on was flooded with Shadowbugs that were beginning to form into primids. " you should probably stay up here for now, oh and that pikachu you've been hearing? its not just your mind.." the mystery lady commented before jumping off the roof and summoning a giant spoon of all things, swinging it like a large sword as a wave of psychic force flung off, slicing a group of primids into chunks just before she landed.. all luciel could so was watch in awe and wonder when she fell asleep.
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"Bookhall Library is actually in the Central Plaza. Right on the border to the Dreamvale Academy district." Uria answered, noted another newcomer. She gets up and puts her marked hand in her pocket to avoid further curious stares. Tossing her empty coffee cup to the trash can. "I'll lead you all there."

She then goes to try to lead the group to the library. Only to see and hear people screaming of terror and running from something... Which comes from the direction of the Central Plaza. This is all to evident when she see the creatures forming out violet bubbles causing terror.

"What the...?"


After Jude and his co-workers clean up the mess and put everything back to place, the guy who fought against Hunter over the last oreos is still out like light. And the employee have time to calm down with a thought of suing the culprits to pay for the property damages.

"Hey!" One of his co-workers, Fraser comes in. "We need to board this place up!"


"There's some weird creatures running around in town! Coming from the Central Plaza!"

"Wait... What creatures you talking about?... oh nevermind. Don't we have the law enforcement handle this?" He doesn't believe him either way. Although he mentally felt Bowser... figuratively jerk his head up when the employee mentioned about the creatures.

"Hey. Do what he said." Jude for the moment raise his eyebrow at Bowser with the mental saying. Great you believed him too, imaginary customer? "Just do what he say, dammit! I rather not die from your mistakes!"

And screaming people from the streets starting to come inside like any other person who tries to dive for shelter.

"...Fine. Fine! Get to the back! Now!" And cue taking people in while some of more braver people like Jude goes to set up barricades from... Whatever is going on. They need to get TV in the office on for the news.
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Hunter looks to see people running away... from these weird figures.
"...Well shit."
...Oh I know those...RUN!
The plump voice said.
... I'M NOT FAT.
Oh sh*t, you can see these too? So hunter did what he does.
He grab his grocery bags, and run the hell out of the park...
"The Library's closeby... We're going to stay there for a while."
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"Hey!" Marcus exclaimed, looking at the purple gunk, "What's the big idea here? Who tossed purple food coloring into the bubble juice?"

"Is that seriously what you have to say?" Fox asked, groaning, Listen, tell everyone that you got two options! One is stay and fight and the other one is run like the wind inside a hurricane!"

"Stay and fight or run like the wind?" Marcus asked out loud, "Well, Fox. I never knew you were so stingy with options."

"What else did you think I was going to say? Start a mariachi band?! Listen! These things are called Subspace and whoever made them is looking to hurt and kill you! If you have any sense left, don't just stand there! Do something to save your life!"

"You're so pushy when you're angry."

"..SHUT UP!"
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"For fuck's sake, stop fighting with the voice in your mind-" An arrow of light collided with one of the figures that were coming from gunk. All the figures were then focused on the group. "And start getting ready to fight those!"
Anthony is now clothed in some kind of toga and had grown pristine white angel wings. He's holding a golden and blue bow... looking piece of metal, and has an arrow of light ready to be shot from it.
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Mark ran as fast as he could towards the library, but saw a couple of the things in the way. He quickly surveyed his surroundings and found out he had two paths.

1: Keep going forward and try to barrel through the things and get to the door.
2: Jump off a nearby bench, wallrun up the wall, jump off, and if he was very, very lucky, he might grab onto something and climb to the roof. Or he's fall, break his legs, and then die from those things.

He crunched the calculations as best he could, but in the end he made the snap decision to go into parkour mode. He shifted his direction to face the bench diagonally, and sprinted to it, before using the subsequent step it provided to jump to the wall. Using the momentum to his advantage, he ran as far as he could off the building and kicked off at the last moment, stretching his arms out as he did so. He closed his eyes and braced for impact.

The first thing he felt afterwards was a sharp pain in his arms. This was a sign for him to grab.

The next thing he noticed was that the pain didn't go away. He opened his eyes and looked at what he was grabbing.

A windowsill. He had actually done it. He didn't wait around to celebrate just yet; he climbed up to the roof through means of anything grabbable (damn windows were closed) and once he got on top of it he laid down, panting, and allowed the burning in his arms to rest.

"And of one was see that..." He remarked between pants.

"I saw it," The Trainer said, "And I'm impressed." Mark couldn't help but smirk a bit. After a few seconds, he sat up and checked the roof out, hoping that none of those things would be on it.


"Fox?" Samus said, "Oh hey, looks like we found Fox's Guardian. Tell him I said hi."

"Samus says hi, Fox." Sandra offhandedly said to Marcus before downing what was left of her coffee and taking out a small Derringer pistol from her brassiere.

"How many-"

'It's just this and the shotgun, calm your tits.' Sandra thought in response to Samus.

"I was gonna ask how many rounds you have." Samus said.

'The two loaded plus another ten in my wallet.'

"You didn't think to bring more?"

'I didn't think I'd be fighting a fucking shadow army today.'

"Alright, alright."
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Sing looked out her window, staring.

"... Those are the things causin trouble?"

Uh... Yes. IT'd be best if you run and find someone to help. I don't think you'd find anyone like Doctor Light but ma-

"... I'm gonna beat em up." She cut him off, as she grabbed a baseball bat from next to her apartments door, and went out yawning.
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"Fox's, Pit's, Samus' is here..." Zelda trails off, but on a happy note as Uria felt the princess is smiling. Since they both noted the other two's comments and the guy wearing Pit's clothes.

"...Princess Zelda is happy to see you all." Uria commented to the others. Before she quickly goes grab a metal chair from the cafe and picks it up with effort on her part. While she could've gotten a self-defense weapon of her own, she had to obey the strict gun control laws of EU which made her briefly wonder about the other girl's weapon...

"Not a good time to ponder. Focus on the task at hand." Zelda warns. Right right, Uria thought as she analyzed the situation of the group of these creatures. Keeping the chair ready as she glance at the group for any better weapons that they could use to improvise... And for the moment there, she could've swore that there's something knocking those creatures off their feet in the distance. Too far to tell.

Or figure out how the other guy wears a cosplay of Pit and gained that angel's powers while she multi-tasking.


Back in the store, Jude and the others successfully barricade the doors and windows. Although it taken some of the guys on their part to turn off the automatic door and Jude still fuming that they had to use the shelves and other stuff that they had just reorganized and ready for shopping day.

Still, it is better than dying as Bowser said. As Jude and few others are in the backroom, particularly the storage area since the civilians and other less brave workers filled up in the office and the restroom. Jude is currently wielding a golf club in case anything tries to break into the room where the civilians are in. His earbuds are down as he watches the news on TV in the backroom.

...Things are not good outside as creatures marches the streets that overwhelms the law enforcement, especially the officers used non-lethal weapons here. All of it happens as the news reporter reports it from the air. Though it seem to be centered on the park as they could see something pink in midst of the creatures attacking them.

Just what the heck it is going on here. He angrily thought. Which he get his answer from Bowser... One he didn't like at all as he eyetwitched.
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Princess Zelda? That name sure was familiar to the Primids. Especially those with guns. Without so much as a warning, several Primids began firing at Uria's group. At the same time, a dozen beam sword wielding creatures charged as well.

Several unfortunate innocents perished from either getting sliced with the swords or disintegrated by the guns. The Primids didn't seem to care though. To their unintelligent minds, their single purpose was to kill and extract. No biggie, really.



The ceiling just above Jude was beginning to give way. The people within the store could just barely make out what looked like a pair of lances before a laugh rang through the air. A large hole opened up, just enough to reveal a couple of Armights. The creatures rained down bits of corpses, trying to draw out the Guardian they smelt within the shop.


Waiting for Sing as she walked out was an especially annoying enemy. To be exact, it was a giant ball with a single rolling eye. The moment it saw her, it glowed and popped out another one of its brethren. Then another... Then another...


Suddenly, a scream ripped through the air, shattering the windows all around Mark. Numerous ghosts appeared, their banshee-like wailing acting like ReDead screams on the people around them. Their glowing red eyes glowered at the people below, seeming to shine in pride as the frozen crowd was immediately cut down by sword wielding Primids.


To be frank, Hunter was in trouble. As if the Primids weren't enough, life decided to hand him a giant middle finger in the form of a large cannonball like enemy wielding dual scythes. The blades slowly but steadily reaped their way through numerous buildings and people on its way to take the newly made Guardian down.


Vilyon was ready. Ventus was ready. As he emerged through a portal into Smashington, his eyepatch was already scanning for traces of unusual energy that did not belong to Subspace. He saw a girl fast asleep on a rooftop.


Leaping atop it, not bothering to hide the fact that he was wearing a blue cape and matching regalia, he slowly approached the sleeping girl, fingering Falchion at his side.
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Sing looked at them before sighing.

"... So what about these things?"

"I don't really think that this is a good idea! You aren't properly armed! At least get a better weapon!"

"A Baseball bats fine! I think I've seen these things in a game, this is great!" Sing's mentality... Was definitly off from the norm. Though instead of attacking... She turns back, went inisde, shut the door, and instead jumped out the window, landing in a convinent open dumpster.

"... Kidding. Fuck that shit, I'm running."

"... Uh..."
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All this while, Rath had seen the strange and evil-looking blobs (Meta Knight claimed that they're Primids), and acted on Meta Knight's advice: RUN. (Actually, Meta Knight worded it differently, but you get the idea)

Now he was far from the park, taking a quick break somewhere. Thankfully, wherever he was, there weren't any evil-looking creatures... But there were casualties. Several dead people lay on the street, covered in blood... And some of them looked like they were blown to bits. Rath couldn't help but feel queasy at this sight.

"... You're probably not used to this yet, but you will have to soon..."

And here I thought I was going to be a street urchin my whole life...

"Wait, what? Have you ever been to school?" Meta Knight asked, upon realizing that the void he found was in Rath's mind was his lack of knowledge. At least he had a lot of common sense, though, and he had potential.

"No matter, we can talk about later, Rath, I think I see something over there. Stay on guard!"

Rath groaned. He really wished that this was all a freaky nightmare.
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"Well, it looks like the Primids are happy to see us, too, if they're coming at us like that!" Marcus said sarcastically, "Why are we always the special ones, hm?"

"Zelda, Samus, and Pit are here?" Fox asked, "Neato. So, how about we find some way to... you know, smash these guys to smithereens before we are? And tell them all Fox says hi."

"Well, I don't have anything that I can use to fight... And Fox says hi." Marcus said. He glanced at a shovel leaning against a wall. "Never mind! I got something!"

"...You know, I feel like I can do something to help you, but I can't remember what. Curse my terrible memory!"

"Well, it doesn't matter now, does it?" Marcus replied, swinging the large metal shovel at the Primids, effectively knocking one or two out, "Attack!"
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"What are you people doing?" Anthony's bow dissapeared, and a huge cannon appeared on his grasp. He shoot a single ball of energy that exploded once close to the primids, taking several out of commision. "Merge with your smashers already! Simple weapons won't do for too long! Once they start sending the big guns..."
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Mark was taken aback a bit by the ghost things-literally. He wasn't in range for their screams to hurt him, but he was pushed back by them.


"Those are Floows, they scream and hurt you, water will kill them instantly, kill them now." The Trainer instructed instantly. Mark dug his hand through his pocket and took out his water bottle. He uncapped it and began thrusting it forward so the water would spray out, hoping it would hit them and they would dissipate.


Sandra, meanwhile, had been shooting some of the things when she heard Anthony's comment.

"Oh, sure, how did we not think about that except that we don't know how to do it." Sandra irritably said as she reloaded.
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"Wha- Okay, I know Pit didn't knew too much about the general situation, but are you-" The cannon dissapeared, and a huge black slab of a mysterious material appeared in Anthony's hands, who did a an extrange swing that released an extrange black figure that looks as if it was made of cubes, cleaning all the space in front of him. "Are you sure your companion doesn't knows how to do it? Explaining it is a bit tricky, so-" He started swinging the slab left and right, smashing everything that got in his way. "So, the best I can say is... eh... get in sync? That's the best I can describe it!"
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The Guardian of Pit's comment confirms what Uria thought moments ago. Her hat had gone due to being a victim of incineration of the gunfire while avoiding them.

Zelda are you ready, Uria thought.

"Yes, I'm ready." Zelda answered. Uria nodded as she recalls about that raining light from before... They better be right or they are dead if Pit's Guardian said about these creatures bringing out the big guns... No further thoughts are needed as Uria throws the chair at the primids to give her some time.

"Try synchronized your mind with your smasher and get in touch within. Let the process do the rest." Uria tells the other guardians who haven't transform, clarified Pit's Guardian's explanation. Using that time for her needs as the woman and the princess synchronized their thoughts together... And the Triforce of Wisdom glows at that moment as she held out.

There's a glowing light coming off Uria's right hand where the Triforce mark is located and she moved it as if it's a cape. The light coverage her, similar to Zelda's transformation move to the eyes of the Smashers, creating a figure of light. And for more of the game savvy guardians, they could've swore hearing a sound tone coming from the game.

And the light scattered out, revealing Uria wearing a white clothes with a violet vest over it. Golden jewelry attached to the vest and a tiara-like crown on her forehead. Her ears are pointed and in her gloved hands, there's a fire ball.

"Din's Fire!" She immediately gone into action as she start unleashing explosive fire balls, aiming at the creatures with guns.


The smell of corpses sickens yet angers him that they are throwing the hard ball here, Jude grit his teeth as he could see those lancers up above and raining down corpses.

"Fraser! I'm going to lure those creatures away!" He yells at his co-worker and then he ran toward to the emergency exit. Once he's near the door and away from the surviving civilians that are in shelter, he turns toward to the creatures that's up in the ceiling.

"...You better be right Bowser." Jude mutters, before he yells at the creatures. Taunting them, loud enough to get their attention. "Hey! Twinsticks! I'm right here! Come and get me outside!" And he ran out through the one way exit and into the alleyway. He looks back and forth and goes deeper into the alleyway. Though he needs to figure out how to take on those creatures if they caught up with him... Especially in case of ambush...

"Hey kid. I remember somethin' important about how you take on those Primids..." Bowser recalled. Which Jude thought back, Say it now!

The first thing the creatures would see if they caught up to Jude is fire.
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Sandra-whose gun had just run out of ammo-watched as Uria transformed.

'...Synchronize our thoughts...' Sandra thought.

"You know that feeling when you were dreaming about my life?" Samus asked, "Try getting in that mood."

'Alright, I'll try...' Sandra sighed and closed her eyes. She thought back to the dream and got in that mood...unbeknownst to her, her Derringer Had begun transforming and rebuilding itself into a laser pistol. She slowly lifted off the ground slightly as a flash of light built up around her, similar to Zero Suit's final smash. The flash rached it's peak before dissipating, showing Sandra in Samus' Zero suit, her red hair tied up. She opened her eyes and looked down at the costume.

"...I" She said, shifting awkwardly.

"No time for modesty, start shooting!" Samus barked.

"Right!" Sandra exclaimed, and she began shooting the things again.
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Luciel saw the person land and waved over to him " oh that explains it! this must be some kinda cosplay event! odd though, i always thought marth was a chick.." she said casually, ignoring the pika's inside her brain... then the mystery girl teleported over to her and rose one arm up in defense. " whats a guardian doing trying to harm another? also why are you ignoring your smashers words? " she questioned, one eye set in a glare behind her viser. luciel only gaped in awe at the " Actors" in front of her... bit was at this point pikachu facepalmed mentally at the density of his guardian.. then silently preyed to arceus for help.
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"Okay, now it's my turn to try..." Marcus said, How shall I sync up my mind with you, Fox?

"Uh... try the raining lights! Or... uh... Well, you don't really know much about me. Think of a spaceship shooting enemy ships while dodging meteorites and asteroids and flying lasers and bombs and everything else!"

Aside from being pushy, you're really detailed, too.

"Thank you. I try, I really do. I should become a poet one day.

Marcus concentrated the best he could. He thought of spaceships shooting lasers, dodging comets, and participating in galactic dogfights. The invisible wall between Marcus' mind and Fox's mind seemed to be breaking! With a little more concentration, the wall broke, letting power and energy flow into the teenager. His body was covered in a bright light before he finally reappeared, looking quite different.

"Whoa! This is sweet!" Marcus exclaimed, looking himself over. He had Fox's traditional green pants, heavy boots, and jacket on. On his head rested a scouter, and all over his body were an assortment of gadgets that he somehow knew how to use. But the most noticeable features on him were the two fox ears he grew and the fox tail he had sticking out the back.

"This feels amazing!" Marcus said, feeling his new tail, "Also, I feel stronger, faster, and actually... I think my senses are enhanced."

"Hey." Fox remarked, "Marvel at my beautiful body of a gift to you later and start fighting! Toss away that shovel and start shooting!"

"I thought you'd never ask!" Marcus said, laughing and pulling out Fox's Blaster to start shooting down Primids left and right.
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Hunter looks at a distance.
A cannonball like enemy is heading towards him?! Along with...scythes...?
"Er, Hunter? Turn into your guardian form."
"And how do I exactly do that?!"
"Look in the pocket... there is a red emblem there."
Hunter looks...and there is!
"Huh... what a coincidence, the plot goddess must be both kind and an @$$ right now. Now what, Mario...?"
"Now...our thoughts needs to be in sync."
"...I could use some spaghetti right now."
"Close enough...Now focu-"
Holding out the red emblem with a white "M" on it, there is then a cutin of Hunter holding the emblem while the words "Magical Guardian" Appear on the top and bottom of the cutin.
And then...his attire changes to a red white, and blue color scheme, along with his hat, which have a "M" on the front. He also gains twin revolvers and a Hammer strapped to his back.
"I feel so patriot with these col-OH YEAH GUNS!!!"
"...Yep. Totally different from the rest of the chosen ones."
Hunter sprinted as fast as he can, surprisingly he's not tired.
"Wow...I feel much faster, stronger, and much better!
"Of course... You gain my abilities..."
Hunter continues to run to the library... But sees more of the creatures.
"Well... what a horrible day. 3 pages in and enemies already?"
Grinning...he starts shooting bullets made of fire at them.
Hunter yells out while the voice in his head just...facepalms. Somehow.
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The cannonball enemy, also known as Greap, charged at Hunter with the speed of.... its top speed. The new attire was a dead giveaway to what exactly Hunter was. The Greap was only slightly more intelligent than the average Primid, so as it charged towards Hunter swinging its scythes, it was topping various buildings around it was well.

Blood-spattered scythes cleaved at Hunter, with the complete intent to lop off his red-capped head.


The Primids surrounding Uria's group seemed to multiply with each one that fell. Like Hydra's heads, they fell upon the group in waves. Watching, Nenya smirked as three Gun Primids fired at Marcus at the same time, from three different directions: behind, in front, and above.

The screech of tires roared as Roaders dashed into the area. They rammed their way through random citizens towards Uria and Anthony, hoping to make them roadkill before the Subspace Army took any more casualties. Sandra was luckily spared from their charge, but not from the Gun Primid shots from above. They rained down on her, ready to pepper through her body clean.


Rath just about walked into a trap. To be exact, a trap of Mites. These small but powerful enemies leaped into the air immediately upon sighting the Guardian of Meta Knight. Their powerful high-jump kicks were aimed at his ribs, with the intent to shatter them before they would leap atop his heart and crush it under their tiny might.


A few water drops landed on the Floows, but those were just enough to slay them. Now with the ghostly bodies spiralling away, Mark could make his way to the next group of enemies.

That is, if he wasn't also being attacked by Auroros. The rainbow birds dived from above, sticking into Mark's shoes to pin him to the ground. A couple more dived at his head, with the sole intent of piercing his brains out.


The giant Bytans continued multiplying, filling Sing's street. If something was not done soon, they would definitely overrun the town. Already several recreational things and people had been crushed under the sheer weight of the giant blob thing.

Primids started rushing at Sing, hoping to get the first kill so as to be commended by their master.


Ventus glared at the new arrival before he flicked his sword and cleaved a Primid that was about to tackle Luciel in half with his sword. "Does that look like attacking to you?" he spoke with a light accent.
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" fair enough.. but you still haven't answered my question about why you're ignoring your smasher? " she said, not letting her guard down for a second as she side stepped and slashed through a primid that tried to strike at her from the side... not noticing luciel's eyes grow wide as tiny amounts of primid blood splashed her  sleeve. " blood.. you mean.. this is REAL?!" she said in mild shock, reality finally catching up to her as it all sank in.. the smoke in the distance from destroyed buildings, the screams of terror and agony that lingered in the air.. and teh fact that even through all of this.. THE PIKACHU DIDN'T STOP TALKING TO HER. she fell to her knees and did the sensible thing.. screamed in confusion...
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"Why would you accuse me of ignoring my Smasher?" Ventus asked lightly. He was going to have to wait before he could strike... and that screaming was so damn annoying. It was tempting to just end it now.
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" well for one i can hear him pleading in your mind to not do it.. though what "it" is i'm unsure of. " She stated simply, ignoring the screams of the guardian behind her.  as she did this she send a quick telepathic message to her explaining whats going on and how to call upon pikachu's power.. just in case things turned ugly.
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Fox! Marcus thought, I'm surrounded!

"Then do something about it!" the vulpine shouted back, "Gun Primids' shots aren't homing! Besides, you have my abilities now! Put those traits to good use and move away!"

And that's just what Marcus did. He sidestepped just in time, and all three shots missed their target, but just barely. "Keep your sharp senses in tune." Fox continued, "Also, you have a reflector, maybe a Smart Bomb or two in your stash..."

Tutorials?! Marcus thought quickly, Ain't nobody got time for that! We're being shot at!

"Well, shoot them back! I don't care if there are still more! Besides, they have to be coming from somewhere, right? Take the ringleader out!"

"The ringleader?" Marcus asked out loud, "Where's the ringleader of this army? Someone has to be controlling the forces." With Fox's keen sense of sight, he could see a girl off in the distance smirking but not getting harmed by the forces in any way. In fact, that expression on her face almost seemed... sadistic!

Marcus gestured at the girl. "Anyone have any idea who that random girl is? The one that's suspiciously not getting hurt and smiling at us with her ugly face?"

"...Marcus, learn to talk about girls correctly."

"Shut up!"
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Mark looked at the diving birds and closed his eyes.

"Think thin, Snoopy, think thin!" He yelled, bending backwards. As he bent, though, something happened; a Large flash of light enveloped him, and when it died down he appeared different. He was paler, thinner, and his clothes had changed to where he was just wearing a tight blue T-shirt and black yoga pants. When he opened his eyes, he was quite shocked to find that his head was actually looking through his legs. For the moment, however, he didn't question it; He simply moved his legs to where he was laying flat (Shoes weren't part of the outfit, thankfully) and grabbed the birds that had pinned themselves down by the beaks. He quickly rotated his upper body to be facing the attacking birds and threw the other birds at them like a dart.


Sandra looked at the oncoming bullets and crouched down a bit.

'Alright, Brawl knowledge, don't fail me now...'

She jumped over them in a fluid motion that ended with her facing opposite her Attackers. She then took her gun and pointed it behind her, moving only her upper body to look at the attackers, and shot at as many as she could see, before repeating the move again in a different direction when they aimed at her new spot, and continuing to do this as needed.
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"So now what?" Sing muttered, as she jumped out of the dumpster, and avoided a Primid. "Megamerge?"

"... What?"

"Y'know. Megamerge. From ZX."

"... Okay?"

The weirdest part was, Sing knew what she was doing more than Megaman. She held her hands out front, yelling MEGAMERGE, as she was surrounded in light, which seemed to slam down onto her, in her Guardian Form.


"... I... What?"

And then promptly used her new Giant Cannon... As a club, swinging it around dangerously.
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Uria rolls out of the way to narrowly avoid the Roader as she tries to think of how to cut down those creatures quickly before they get overwhelmed. A spell idea comes up, but first she need to make sure it doesn't harm her allies. There's another thought of what Marcus said, about the girl who watches them as creatures runs by her like nothing happened. Which it can be concerning...

Alas, both Zelda and Uria thought that they need to focus on get rid of the enemies first. "Guys. Cover me while I cast the spell to take out these guys... Also. Someone check out that girl in the distance if you can able."

Then she start gathering power through her hands... While focusing on the spell to ensure the damage to her allies are kept to the minimum or none. This is to prepare for the spell needed for to take out the creatures...


After the chasing creatures burned to ashes, the fire reveal a armored figure whose color scheme is gold and black. Green chest armor can be seen. A draconic-like helmet is also green yet the jaw area is gold as well. Red hair sticks out of the back of the helm and the visor are black. There's a remains of fire  on him, yet it didn't seem to burn him before it disappears. If anything to some of more anime savvy fans, the figure might look like something came out of a sentai series or Kamen Rider to be exact, or a cool looking dragon knight. The figure relaxes for the moment.

"...That was close." Jude's voice can be heard from the armor figure. Though there's a hint of distortion over his voice, but it is hardly notable.

"Hahaha. You think? Now get to it! There's more of those creatures running around!" Bowser orders Jude.

"Fine.... I hope get a raise when this all over." Jude mutters. Then he starts running to another side of the alleyway. Which he'll run into bunch of beachball-like creatures what Bowser calls them Bytans, alot of Bytans. So what's his answer to this? Killing it with fire, or to be specific... Fire Breath. Which it is odd due to the helm, but it happened.

Unaware to Jude, another person in the area and that person is swinging her weapon around.
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Nenya frowned. It was pretty obvious she had been spotted. Of course, she'd need to either get the Hell out or find up some kind of excuse to gain their trust. But then again, if any of the other two were in the area...

No, she couldn't risk it.

Pretending to be running away from the Roaders, she ran away, zig-zagging amongst streets until she reached a dark alleyway and took shelter. She tapped her eyepatch, still invisible. For a moment, she considered taking it off.

... 't.... op.... ple....

Master Tabuu had told her to leave the eyepatch on at all times. He had said that the Guardians would all be gifted with hypnosis powers. They would control her. Make her murder. Make her do horrible things. The eyepatch would be used to counter their energies. As long as she had it on, her loyalties would be with her master.

Meanwhile, the onrush of Primids and Roaders seemed to never cease for Uria and the gang. It was obvious that their intent to kill was much more deeply ingrained than their own survival rate. The army, rather than thinning, only seemed to thicken with each blow. Sooner or later, the Guardians would be overwhelmed.


The Bytans hopped towards Jude and Sing, eager to crush them under their great weight. Of course, the constant multiplying wasn't helping much.


The birds ripped into their brethren, causing many Shadow Bugs to rain from the sky. Seeing their fellow members fall, the Subspace Army seemed to lull around Mark. He had the chance to escape now, if he took it...


With each attacker that Sandra felled, two more sprung up in their place. The Shadow Bugs had seemed to have multiplied with more lives consumed. All around Sandra, the world was beginning to fall into the very thralls of Subspace, very similar to when the bombs went off during the Emissary. Luckily for her, however, her shots seemed quite accurate. The crowd around her began to thin.


Ventus narrowed his eyes. "I am not your enemy. And you certainly do not want to make one of me. Now, will you shut the bloody Hell up and help me or are you going to instead continue standing there wasting my time?" his sword flicked up again, taking a Primid by surprise. "Your choice."

... lp..... me...... et...... tch.... ol..... n't...... ow....
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"Megaman! Remember it all now!"

"Remember What!?"

"Your game!" Sing didn't mention what she meant by that, as she suddenly slammed her cannon into the ground... While yelling. "FLAAAAME BURST!"

When she yelled, The cannon turned red, and opened on the sides to release excess heat... As fire was released everywhere. Literally everywhere.
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"Meta Knight, what am I supposed to do?!" Rath cried out as he barely dodged the first Mite.

"Get your thoughts in sync with mine! Think of a noble knight, like me, defending the land and serving my king..."

"You're kidding!" Rath retorted as he quickly jumped out of the way of another Mite.

"Rath, just think of it! NOW!" Meta Knight ordered as another Mite got too close to Rath's head instead.

"Don't try to distract me, I'm trying to stay alive here!" Rath yelled as he tried to run off in the opposite direction of the mites...

... Only to trip and fall.

"You will live if you would just use your head!" Meta Knight was so loud, Rath's head actually hurt.

Won't hurt to try it now, I guess, since I am going to die...

Rath's doubts were still there, but he did picture it for a second. Meta Knight helped by projecting his own images of what he was. Though Rath couldn't believe any of his own thoughts, for an instant, their minds were on the same thing....

A flash of light later and with the sweep of a cape, Rath was well out of the Mite's way again.

"What the..." Rath then realized that his voice was slightly muffled. He reached up to his face and felt a mask there. He also felt lighter and stronger...

"You've transformed. Now, draw your sword and fight!" Meta Knight ordered.

Rath fumbled around for a second before finally finding the golden sword in a sheath by his side. He got the sword out and stood ready to fight... Though he was still shaking a bit.

"Do not fear the Mites. You are way stronger than they are now. Just attack and I'll try to take care of the rest," reassured Meta Knight.

Rath charged at the Mites and aimed to slash their heads off.
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Post by: The Element Commander on August 04, 2013, 09:48:20 AM
"Covering you won't be easy!" Marcus shouted, already forcing himself to work to the max by reflecting shots with one hand and shooting with another hand, and occasionally kicking a Primid in the head with his right leg. "These guys certainly don't know when it's time to take a lunch break!"

"Marcus?" Fox sighed, "It's only about nine in the morning."

"...Shut up! Uria, I do hope that spell of yours can wipe a bunch of these guys out!" The teen turned back to where the mysterious girl was standing, only to see her gone. In response, he narrowed his eyes. "Something's not right here... but she can wait. Fighting comes first!"
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Post by: JBcristal on August 04, 2013, 03:02:27 PM
Anthony avoided the Roaders by somehow sliding in a long semicircle around them, and changing his weapon to a pair of flaming claws, using those to defeat the one in the back.
Quick! The leader is leaving! After it!
"On it!"
Anthony jumped, and with a flap of his wing those started shining blue, taking him after the leader. Ready to shoot any second, he changed his weapon to a long, metallic... staff? It was, to be exact, some kind of laser long range gun, but it's name, resounding in the back of Anthony's mind was "Laser staff", the weapon that came to his call for "The weapon with the longest range avaible". It was an strange, yet versatile power, the one that allowed to call upon the weapons in Pit's arsenal, since it worked by giving the weapon needed for a certain situation with just a simple thought.
...and yet, as useful as it was, it had nothing to "locate an enemy you were chasing, and lost". Even if he was able to follow the girl for quite a good amount of time, in the end he lost her.
"Have you tried using a Power? Maybe you could locate her with automatic aim."
'I doubt it. However, it's worth a try.'
After going up until he was able to see a good portion of the area around, he concentrated and activated the ability. Intermediately, some kind of... instincts, took over his arms, and the staff aimed to an alley.
"There!" A thick laser shot came from the tip of the... "Staff", going down toward the place where he aimed... accidentally breaking whatever was in its path. "...whoops."
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The fire caused by the other guardian won't be affecting Jude much in a way it's similar to "It's Ineffective" if it reached him. Either way, he'll notice the firey explosion for the moment before goes back to start punching the Bytans when they get close. When they are hit by Jude's armored fist, they will be hit hard due to the Superstrength Jude had gained in his form. Considering that they are like beachballs... And the fact they bouncing off walls before dying...

"...Bowser. Do you know what I'm thinking?" Jude commented as a idea pops up in his head.

"...Yeah? Wait... What?" Bowser trails off as his Guardian's fists are covered in fire.... He could feel his Guardian's hidden smirk. And both of their minds said 'They totally didn't steal this from Captain Falcon. Jude just borrows the idea based on some character named Natsu.' You could imagine where this going...

If not, here's the idea. Jude strikes the Bytans with his fire covered fists in a way similar that would remind Bowser about the soccer ball item back in Brawl. The Bytans would went flying and bounce against walls, except they would be caught on fire. If they bounce against other Bytans, there's a chance they would get caught on fire as well and burn to death or get killed due to the force on the striked Bytan applied by Superstrength.

And... That is what Jude will be repeating if his little idea is successful as intended.


"Wait, Uria. The spell you are thinking of won't work in this situation, otherwise they will keep coming." Zelda warns. Uria thought back, then how should do we take the enemies out as much as possible?

"Melodies that influence the material world." Zelda answers. This caused Uria to pause her building up power and something guides her hand to around her back. She felt something solid and takes it out. A golden harp that looks like a upside down Omega symbol.

Zelda, I hope you know how. I never touched a instrument before. Uria mentally said. Zelda answers back,"Just try as it is better than to use that spell and leave you exhausted afterwards in the long run."

Uria sighs as she tries to think of what song, before start playing on the harp. A slow, soothing harp sound can be heard over the chaos, a lullaby to be exact. Or to be precise, Zelda's Lullaby. The way the song played it is not due to Uria's ability as a human, but due to her abilities that she inherited from her Smasher in Guardian form.

Due to the Guardian's building up magic that is intended to differ friend and foe, the creatures of subspace will fall asleep from the song's magic... No. They are falling asleep due to the power of the magic that Uria was intended something else, which empowers the song to a much stronger effect than expected. Even if there are strong willed creatures in the army that's attacking the group, their actions would end up being sluggish due to how tired they are or will be affected if they are outside of the song's hearing range. The Guardians are not affected by this "Sleep" effect of the song that Uria is playing.

If you are thinking Uria pulled a D&D Bard route, you are right on the money along those lines.
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Marias eyes widened ever so slightly at the smashers jumbled message.. ' the 1st two words were obviously help me... but.. what were the rest.. something about a patch.. and control.. its no good.. the message is too scrambled to make sense of it.. ' she thought before resuming her hidden glare at him.  " what do you think i've been doing? " she spoke with her thoughts as she cleaved through yet another primid with her psycho cut empowered  spoon before aiming up into a flock of auroros and frying them with lightning... she then glanced back at luciel and noted that she was starting to calm down and focus a little before smirking and directing as much of her telekinetic power at the swordsman's mind, hoping to piece together what the smasher was trying to say..
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Post by: LinkFTW on August 04, 2013, 05:18:06 PM
God dammit. As if the explosion of the building behind her wasn't enough, she was caught. It was definitely time to play up the defenseless girl routine.

Nenya started crying and shaking, most of it not faked at all, because getting hit and scratched up by a ton of brick HURTS.

"P-Please don't hurt me! I-I have s-so much to... live for! Waaaahhhhh!"


The Subspace Army was lessening, especially thanks to Uria's lullaby. Now it was up to the rest of the gang to take them out or drive them away. Even the Roaders were put-putting to a standstill. But even though the Army was nearly gone, there was no denying the damage it caused. And a lot of damage at that.


The tiny bodies of the Mites fell, but still more came. These were slightly bigger than the ones from before and, based on the fact that they nearly decimated a pole by running into it, a lot stronger as well. It would seem that pure power was chasing Rath that day.


The Bytans fell in a whirl of fire, thanks to Sing and Jude. As their bodies slowly deflated, however, the two could see the damage they caused. More than that, they could see how the Subspace Army was beginning to slow down and become sluggish... and hear a lovely little melody playing through the air...


........ t...... it........ fu..... lp..... n't...... mn..... fu....

Vilyon sheathed his sword as the army began to slow down, fully aware that there was a song playing. Knowing full well by now that the girl before him was a telepath- and probably the Guardian of one of them- he tapped his eyepatch and switched to telepath blocking mode, which hid all his thoughts from her. He worried a bit about Nenya, wondering if she had been caught. From the looks of things, they were going to need a lot more than a few hundred Primids and other Subspace denizens to take down the Guardians.
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Maria Sweatdropped at the smashers obvious cursing.. before losing her connection entirely.  she barely caught a glance of him taking his hand from the eyepatch as she turned and made a mental note for later... then did something entirely stupid.. and unsummoned her spoon, turning back to assist the young girl up on her feet... completely exposed.
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And escape Mark did. He kicked himself up and began running and jumping across the rooftops, taking out anything up there he could find.


Sandra paused for a moment when she saw the Subspace, before shaking her head and continuing to shoot what she could see.

'Question it later, shoot now, question it later, shoot now...'
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Post by: LinkFTW on August 04, 2013, 06:12:08 PM
Which, to Mark's possible surprise, simply consisted of a bunch of sleeping Subspace enemies.Uria's song was either ridiculously powerful or it had reverbrated off of things.


Eventually, Sandra managed to shoot down everything that was still awake. The lull in the Subspace Army was due to a lot of already killed Primids and such and of course, some sleeping enemies. Now the only thing for Sandra to do was to either bury the many dead surrounding her or find a way to see if there were any other freaks like her.


Ventus stared at the girl's back. It was tempting, very, very tempting, to plunge his sword through it. But no. It would give him away.

Instead, he discreetly kicked a Sword Primid awake, who lunged at Luciel and Maria, ready to stab through the both of them. Ventus, meanwhile, pretended to have something in his eye.
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Maria, expecting an attack from the strange guardian simply turned and grabbed the primid with her free hand before using the magic of fire punch to quickly set it ablaze, not stopping until it was naught but a pile of extra crispy shadow bugs. Luciel opened her eyes wide as the impressive ( to her at least) display and began to idolise the strange, if not creepy, lady a little.
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"Are you alright, milady?" Ventus murmured, kneeling down to look at Luciel and examine any injuries. "I do hope that was not too rough on you."
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" no no, i'm ok mr,,?" she said not sure of his name as she began to dust herself off, still blissfully unaware that there was something off about him,
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He paused. "... Austin. My name is Austin." he carefully made his accent a little stronger, just in case something about him gave anything away. "I am the Guardian of Prince Marth of Altea."
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Sandra saw the last of the things go down, and felt a small sense of pride in her marksmanship. That is, until she looked down and saw the dozens of dead bodies that surrounded her. She stared blankly at them for quite a bit before falling to her knees and losing the coffee she had drunk in the morning. Samus was quiet, giving Sandra some space. After Sandra was done, she slowly and shakily got up, still looking down, her mind blank. It eventually sunk in and she shook her head.

"They'll...have to be buried..." She said aloud.

"Mm-hmm..." Samus agreed, realizing any fighting against it would be futile. Sandra looked up to locate a shovel...except that now it also sunk in that she was still in Subspace. The only thing she could see aside from the bodies was a bunch of purple orb things, which was confusing to her, and surprising to Samus.

"...What...?" She asked.

" can't be..." Samus whispered. Sandra walked up to one of the purple things and lightly poked it out of curiosity, Samus still too shocked to tell her to not mess with them.


Once everything on the rooftops was taken care of, Mark skidded to a halt.

"...What the fuck happened?!" He shouted from atop the coffee shop.

"Okay, okay, let me explain..." the Trainer said. Mark sat down on roof as Wii Fit Trainer explained what the hell happened to him.
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Once the fighting is over, Uria glance her eyes around the dead bodies blankly. Victims who are caught in the crossfire of the invasion, before she laid her eyes on a newcomer who dressed in a male version of Wii Fit Trainer. From the looks of based on his body language, his Smasher is explaining to him. Emotion running around behind her eyes... Yet she feel... numb about the dead.

"...Zelda?" The girl blankly said.

"Yes?" Zelda answer, concern about her Guardian's mentality. One who haven't seen the casualties of war...

"...Is it alright that if I played one last song before we get moving? The spirits need to pass on." Uria asks outloud, weither if it's directed to Zelda or the nearby guardians. There's no need to answer as Uria plays one last song. The song Uria plays is the Song of Healing, the melody that would bring the spirits of the dead to their eternal rest... Without any interruptions of the fighting in the general area, the song can be heard clearly through the ruins...


"..." Jude saw the remains of the victims once the Bytans are already taken care of completely. He looks down to mourn for the victims of this invasion as he hears the sad melody of the harp in the air... Something about it brings calm to his soul, yet it is sad as he felt Bowser is silent for the moment. His anger even vanish due to the melody. He looks to see a girl dressed in blue who resembled Megaman in the distance.

"Kid... You need to get the move on as there's still more of these creatures elsewhere." Bowser spoke up.

"Right..." Proper mourning comes later as there's the need to direct his anger to if there's any left. If these creatures attacks this part of the city, who's to say that they would be in other parts of the district? He calls out to the girl wearing Megaman clothes in the distance, his visor slides down to reveal his face."...Hey, girl!"
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After turning too many Primids into purple dust, Marcus stopped to catch his breath. "Well... putting the Primids to sleep seems to have worked. I'm thankful for that."

"...And you should be thanking me for kinda saving your little behind."

Yeah, yeah, whatever. Marcus thought, still a bit upset over the too many casualties, "I wonder where Pit's guy went."
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Looking at the greap...Hunter opened his jaw.
"Well shit..."
"...Use your Roll's invincibility frames to roll behind the Greap and throw the thing like I did to Bowser. And King Bomb-omb."
Hunter rolls to avoid the incoming scythe, rolling behind Greap. Thank god for invincibility frames. Hunter then attempts to carry the Greap, in a position where he wouldn't get cut by its scythes. Then what happens next is well...
...Spinning the Greap around really fucking fast before throwing the Greap very far away, enough to run away from.
"Alright...Now RUN!"
Hunter nods before running the fuck away, library in site...where he sees other people fighting these weird enemies.
"...heh, maybe they'll know what's up."
Holding his twin revolvers, he takes a quick peek to see if the Greap has caught up.
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Post by: LinkFTW on August 04, 2013, 08:02:53 PM
The Greap indeed had caught up. Well, kind of. It was using its scythes to pull itself along. Unfortunately for Hunter, he had not hit the weak spot atop its head. And unfortunately for Uria, the Greap seemed to be immune to sound-based attacks or something like that.

So not only was said Greap slicing down buildings and people who thought they were safe... it was also kind of slicing through its own Subspace brethren.

Uria's Song of Healing... was healing the souls of the dead... and stuff... yeah...


The moment Sandra's finger touched the Subspace bubble, the Shadow Bugs hanging on the edges began to attack her, painfully and slowly consuming her finger to the very bone. If left any longer, it was pretty obvious what would happen to her.


??:?? ??

Soon enough... they would be his. They may have survived the initial attack, but they were weak. The blood around them would take a toll on them and sooner or later, it would be prime time to send another force.

He finished setting the lock. The last one was powerful, but unstable. And he had meant for it to be that way. But still, there was a chance that he would go rogue. And he couldn't have that happening.

Tabuu sat down and waited.
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Sing heard someone yelling at her and turned to look, but had a quick thought.

"... Mega, why is this outfit consist of so... Little?"

Would you prefer a copy of my personal outfit?"

"Not really... Hiya!" Sing waved at the guy yelling, with no sense of urgency. To be honest it wasn't that she was easy to accept the situation... She just thought she was asleep having a weird dream since she illegally drank the night before, and it was a drunk dream she wouldn't remember.
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luciel blinked for a moment before tilting her head in confusion. " you mean like that fanfic by Pitftw?" she questioned, not really sure how insane this guy is..
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Post by: LinkFTW on August 04, 2013, 10:24:07 PM
Ventus blinked. What the Hell was wrong with this girl?

"I... no. Anyways... I hope you weren't too hurt," he said before turning to Maria. "... I see a large group down there. Ought we go and greet them?"

Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on August 04, 2013, 10:50:33 PM
Maria was watching him carefully, something still didn't add up about this austin charicter.. " sounds like a good idea.. they appear to be fellow guardians.." she said as she walked casually up to the pair.. " i'll get her down 1st though.. be warned. its not very plesent the 1st time you expereance it.. " she said as she patted luciel on the shoulder.. and before she could question what maria ment they both teleported into an allyway a few feet away from the group.. and luciel promptly threw up into the nearest trash can, not giviing the poor cat within time to retreat from its smelly fate..
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"...and that's why you changed." The Trainer finished the explanation to Mark.

"Alright...that makes no sense, but fuck it, why not?" Mark said, having laid down during the explanation. He kicked himself up again and looked down at the ground.

"...I wonder..." He thought. He readied himself, before sprinting towards the edge of the roof. When he got there he jumped and posed Assassins Creed-style before curling into a ball and rolling the jump out, ending with him standing up.

"...Yep, I accept my new powers." He said.


Sandra puller her arm out from the thing and screamed, moving back.

"Samus, explain!" She yelled, and Samus began explaining  the new object as fast as she could.
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Once Uria finish the song, she put the harp away where it goes as she feel... Better that the souls laid to rest. That's when she noticed Samus' Guardian screaming about something, the guardian walks up to see the woman's finger is covered in... Burns? Bites? Possibly melted? Either one for the lack of better word, the dark head glance to the source to see a violet bubble and the finger. It's easy to connect.

"...Here. Let me heal your finger... Just don't be curious when Subspace is involved, again." She said to the woman. Uria let her hands glow to heal Samus' Guardian's finger when they are in reach. Once it's fully healed, "There..."

And that's when she hears a barf sound and looks to see another group in the alleyway, consist of two females and a male. A girl was throwing up in the trash can... "...Hello?"


"...Want to see if the rest of the city still more of those things lurkin around?" Jude asks, crossing his arms. "or see if there's more people like us?" Especially when he heard Zelda's Lullaby and Song of Healing earlier... Regardless of the girl's answer, he still need to check things out. He's not going to comment the girl's reaction to the situation, except his own.

"...Or you'll run into a boss and possibly die." Bowser commented. If anything, after a wave of minions he had a feeling this is just the calm before the storm. Especially if one thinks about the Koopa King's old days...
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...Hunter sees that the Greaper is catching up.
Sighing, he puts his revolvers in his coat, turned around, and stand their, facing the Greaper while holding his left shoulder with his right hand.
"...What are you doing Hunter?! Why aren't you running a-"
"Hold on...I know what to do."
And so he waits for the Greaper to catch up. Might as well kill the cause to stop more people from dying.
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Anthony landed at the alley where he saw the shot go. In there, he saw a... girl?
"P-Please don't hurt me! I-I have s-so much to... live for! Waaaahhhhh!" He heard the girl say.
"...yeah, no." Anthony deadpanned "Palutena is saying that you are the leader of all those... eh...
"Primids, yeah. So you better start explaining yourself." Just in case, he changed the staff he had with a set of twin claws, to be exact, those called "Hedgehog Claws".
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Post by: The Element Commander on August 05, 2013, 06:50:20 AM
"Well," Marcus said, stretching, "it seems like we have survived another day. I was starting to think we wouldn't!"

"Please don't jinx yourself." Fox simply said. "Also, keep an eye out for that girl and any other comrades she might have. There's never just one leader. Also, try and see through deceptions."

'm not magician. Seeing through deception will not be easy. Marcus thought back.

Fox was quick to answer. "Yes, I agree, but as a tactical, intelligent, and logical member of Star Fox, I believe you may have an advantage in seeing the true light with my abilities. So whenever you can, try to think!"

That's when Marcus decided to follow behind Uria, who was peering into an alleyway.
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Rath almost dropped his sword when he saw what the Mites did to that nearby pole.

Meta Knight, I think I remember you saying that you can fly... Think I could do that too? Rath thought.

"Why, yes you can... I wonder how long did that take..." Meta Knight mused as Rath finally found his wings, and his cape disappeared, revealing the light armour he wore, "... Take flight, Rath! Here they come!"

He brought his wings down and propelled himself into the air, before bringing down his sword on the Mites below him. After just one jump, Rath got the impression that it would be better to try to fly another time... For now, he could just use the wings for aerodynamics or something. He could have sworn he sensed a bit of Meta Knight's disappointment at not "making full use of his gifts", but he could really care less at that moment.

All he really needed now was to survive.
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Nenya jumped. "W-Wha!? I'm not the leader of... those things! I can barely get out of bed in the morning without getting lost in the bathroom first!" well, at least that part was more or less true. "B-Besides, Roy said..." she trailed off.


And catch up the Greap did. It stared down at Hunter, as if deciding the best way to rip him apart. Of course, it was kind of dumb anyways, so it simply decided to pull off its "jump and spin scythes" move.


Ventus turned and looked at the girl in Zelda's clothing. "... Hello. I take it that you're one of us as well?" he bowed, ignoring the buzzing in the back of his head. "I am the Guardian of Prince Marth of Altea."


The Mites fell to the ground and shook their tiny fists at Rath. After all, it was pretty unfair, the fact he could fly and all that. But then again, Rath probably didn't care. He was free now and there was little the other enemies could do, considering that they were asleep.
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Post by: Karafina_von_Styxgalahd on August 05, 2013, 02:15:41 PM
Hopefully they won't chase me... Rath thought as he glided away from the Mites. As it turned out, he couldn't really fly, but he wasn't about to let the Mites know that.

Then he noticed the sleeping creatures. Why were they-

"Maybe you should follow the trail..." Meta Knight suggested, "There could be other Guardians..."

Rath nodded as he continued gliding in that direction.

He eventually landed, and since he didn't really want to get in the air again, he started running towards wherever the trail led. At Meta Knight's advice, he didn't put his cape back on yet and just kept his wings folded just in case.
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"Ssssssure..." Sarcasm dripped from his voice in that word. "You know, for someone that took it's time to act all innocent, you really took down your act once you thought you were out of range. That didn't look like someone aiming to hide themselves, that looked like someone trying to shake someone's trail. Besides, if you are innocent, you have nothing to lose by explaining yourself, right?" Anthony was still ready to act in any way needed. "So, you have two options. Keep your facade or, if you are telling the truth, say it..." He changed to a more aggresive position. "Or fight your way out. If you have nothing to hide, you have no reasons to go for the second, do you."
A glow surrounded Anthony for a moment, then faded. "So. You choose."
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"Sure. Lead on Dream Boy." Sing figured if she was having a Lucid Dream for once, go along with it. Not that... She had figured out this was reality yet.

And her thoughts didn't match the situation at the moment either. Her current thoughts?

'This outfit shows off my abs... Bet I look freaking awesome.'
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Post by: Nask on August 06, 2013, 12:39:22 AM
Uria looks at the boy known as the Guardian of Marth. Obviously due to the clothes the guardian wears... Although the design of the eyepatch seems to not match with the rest of the outfit. Sure it got the blue, but... It looked like something she could expect something from a guardian who have someone like Ganondorf or somewhere along those lines.

Either way, she kept her thoughts to herself and Zelda for now.

"Yes. I am the Guardian of Princess Zelda of Hyrule." She responded back, before bowing and straighten her back. Then she ask. "...Would you and the others assist in burying the dead?" While the Song of Healing put the souls of the victims to rest, their remains still on earth's surface. A burial would something that she can also do for them.


Dream Boy? Jude thought."Right... Follow me. Names would come later."

"What do you mean later!? What about that introduction!" Bowser yells. Jude respond, Clearing enemies now, introductions later.

And then the Guardian of Bowser goes to lead the seemly admirer (What else he thinks who said Dream Boy?) out to the streets, where he sees more victim corpses which cause him to tighten his fist. Then goes to lead the girl to.... Wander around, likely comb over in the city district he's in and others, just to find any traces of any subspace enemies leftover. If he finds any, he'll wipe them out which it is likely easier due to that they are sleeping... He can still fight if they are still awake though.
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Nenya whimpered. "I was just going to run some errands I needed to do and then those things attacked... and I was so scared at first, but when I saw people fighting them off, I was so relieved that there were people there looking out for people like me... and then a voice spoke up in my head so I ran because I thought I was going crazy..."


"We'll need bulldozers at the very least," Ventus remarked. "I think it better that we find others like us, if there are any, and see what we know." really, he planned to find Nenya and then backstab these idiots ASAP, before their Guardian abilities affected him. But he wasn't going to voice that out loud.


Jude and Sing found many sleeping Subspace enemies... and many, many victims. But other than that, it was as if a silence had fallen on the entire town. Other than the sound of voices, one male and one female, coming from a nearby ally...
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Mark had started walking around, after the initial reaction to the bodies of course, and saw some ass in a toga terrorizing some woman. He walked up and put his hand on the toga boy's shoulder.

"So, uh, any reason you're threatening the woman?" He asked.

"Wait a second, that outfit...Pit! It's Pit's guardian!" The Trainer said.

"Oh, and the Wii Fit Trainer says hi, Pit." Mark deadpanned.


Sandra felt the pain in her arm go away...but she didn't know how. She thought she heard a voice, but she couldn't see anything but subspace.

"...Hello?!" She yelled, searching for any signs of someone. Nothing.

" someone there...?" She said, her voice becoming shaky. To the outside looker, she looked insane, but she was genuinely scared.
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on August 06, 2013, 02:43:09 AM
It'll only take three seconds. If Hunter messes up, then he'll have to say good to this world... and there's no way he's just going to die in 8 pages.
It's time to metagame.
Greap comes closer.
One second.
"What are you doing Hunter?"
Two seconds. The Greap is closer. Preparing his legs...
Three seconds.
The scythe comes down... But at the same moment, Hunter jumps up and air dodges.
Air dodging... the act of dodging in the air. No sh*t. Taking advantage of shielding while in the air, he uses his invincibility frames to get in front of Greap...Well he imagined having invincibility frames as he narrowly dodges the scythe.
...And does a small uppercut on it.
Kicking the hell out of the face, he does a quick crouch.
Doing a final uppercut, it was covered in badass red spiral flames which has a vacuum-like effect...and flies high up in the air with Greap, it's poor head being heavily damaged by the flaming spiral dragon upperrcut.
"...Now Street Fighter references? >.>"
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: The Element Commander on August 06, 2013, 07:32:25 AM
"Since when did Marth's attire come with an eyepatch?" Fox wondered, "It might be decor, but sheesh, that's an eyepatch that really doesn't fit him."

What is this, a fashion emergency? Marcus thought back, I don't know about you, but I don't like the looks of this guy. That eyepatch freaks me out.

"It's just merely an eyepatch, Marcus. What could go wrong? He's Marth! He's a valiant, confident warrior! Maybe he just got injured and that eyepatch was the only one he found to cover his wound up."

Marcus sighed. Maybe you're right... But I'm going to watch him anyway. Behavior and interactions can say a lot, right?

"I don't know whether to call you cautious or paranoid."
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: Karafina_von_Styxgalahd on August 06, 2013, 08:18:20 AM
Seeing that the coast is clear (save for what looks like a fight happened here), Rath stopped and looked around.

There wasn't much, save for a few weirdly dressed people off in the distance...

That's odd, people here don't usually dress like that...

"Guardians do," Meta Knight quipped.

Rath rolled his eyes.
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Post by: Kimoto on August 06, 2013, 01:55:48 PM
Sing listened in, not bothering to talk to the boy. She had totally become distracted once she heard voices, and was now kinda... Well spying.
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: Nask on August 06, 2013, 03:40:51 PM
Jude had taken advantage of killing the sleeping enemies they across, perhaps brutally due to how he saw the victims. The silence in the city is unnerving as if the army massacre everyone except the few survivors...

"Kid. It's going to get worse from here..." Bowser said, he could feel Jude's anger within those strikes. Perhaps too silent... As if it is cool on the outside, yet raging on the inside...

The guardian stops when he sees Sing is listening onto something... He closed his eyes and just now he heard voices. There are survivors...? He glance around the corner to see what Sing had saw, not going to admit he's spying as well.


Uria's elf ears twitch when she quickly turned her head toward to the Guardian of Samus who looks like she's gone insane... Either seeing the corpses broke her... or...

Subspace not only affects the body... It can affect the mind, even the soul as well." Zelda said. Knowing all too well on the effects... It is how they lost their own bodies and become just wandering souls that may suffer the fate worse than death if it weren't for Master Hand.

"...Excuse me for the moment." Uria said to Marth's Guardian and two other people, one that may suggest Mewtwo's Guardian (She need to kept a mental note to see if that woman can set up a mental conversation at some point) and... a civilian, a Dreamvale Academy Student from the Highschool section to be exact.

Then woman calmly walks up to Samus' Guardian and place her hand onto the older woman's, though it taken her several tries as the panic female kept moving her hands around. She calmly, yet loud and clear said, "Miss. Please calm down, I don't know what exact effects you are suffering right now. But we are still here with you.. Just take a deep breath." Hopefully Uria's presence would calm Samus' Guardian down until she recovers from... Whatever the exact effects that Subspace had inflicted onto her.

Hopefully it is not permanent.
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Post by: JackMcDack on August 06, 2013, 04:59:09 PM
Sandra flinched as she felt a hand on her hand a couple times, but finally accepted. She still couldn't see anyone, and could make out small mumbles.

"...I can't see you...or hear you..." She commented, hoping that there was actually someone holding her hand. "All I can see is subspace..."
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Post by: JBcristal on August 06, 2013, 05:46:08 PM
Anthony groaned. "Oh, sure, and-" Then "Yoga guy" entered the scene.
"Yeah, Pit says hi, too. Please, do me a favor and stay where you are, thank you. I have to solve something first. Anyway, missy. That seems like a good explanation. Only one thing, that doesn't makes me as nervous about that guy that appeared just now. Besides being tagged by a holy being, you see..." He was still ready to pounce. "Normal girls on errands don't make those creepy faces when they see a bunch of monsters. So drop the scaredy cat act. Why do you try to act as something you are not? Sure, maybe you are trying to go unnoticed and that it, but. Are you, maybe, lying?"
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on August 06, 2013, 07:14:17 PM
Maria took a few moments to pat Luciel on the back and make sure she was alright ( well, alright besides the teleportation sickness that is.. nasty thing your first time teleporting) before glacing over to the girl that spoke to her and watched as she tried to assist the other one.  she then proceeded to open a telepathic link to the guardian of zelda. ' be careful.. subspace infects the soul as well as the body ' she thought to her, making sure to keep the telepathy under control so others can't hear.
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: The Element Commander on August 06, 2013, 07:41:48 PM
"...Note to self." Marcus mumbled, "Try not to get involved in Subspace matters. They are pretty hurty and crazy."

"You think?" Fox asked, "Listen, kid. Subspace affects your physical, mental, and spiritual health! I don't want you going to play What Does This Feel Like? unless you really absolutely have to!"

Marcus glanced at Sandra. "...Something tells me that I will be remembering that piece of advice for a long time." He turned to all the dead bodies and the carnage and flinched. "And something tells me I'll be seeing a lot of this stuff... and I don't want to."

Fox sighed as Marcus tensed up, closed his eyes, and leaned against the wall as he lost his balance from the dizziness and the sickening effects of corpses and blood. "Take it easy, Marcus. Don't worry. You'll be fine..."

With his eyes still shut tight and arms slightly trembling, Marcus nodded. I hope...
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"I'm not!" Nenya sobbed. "I'm not! Why are you being so mean? Roy says you're just a big fat bully!"

Her cries were quite loud now. Loud enough for, possibly, a few certain people to perhaps follow them and find her. This was an indirect strategy; it would get all of her targets in a single area. Simple, yet effective.


Ventus frowned. "Does... anyone else hear crying somewhere?"
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Post by: JackMcDack on August 08, 2013, 02:05:36 AM
Mark looked at the woman, then at the Pit guy again.

"And now she's crying. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you're single 'cause you don't know how to talk to women..."


Sandra looked around as she kept hearing the faintest sounds of voices, still grabbing onto the hand that may or may not have been there. Though Samus was trying to explain to her that it was all fine, it was no use; the combination of bodies and the lack of seeing anyone else was just a little too much for Sandra. She latched onto whoever she was holding the hand of and slowly broke down into tears.
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Post by: Nask on August 08, 2013, 02:51:27 AM
The Guardian of Samus latches onto Uria's arm and crying... This definitely gotten into the older woman. The dark head awkwardly gives her fellow guardian a hug while keeping her hand onto the other's hand as she respond back to the Guardian of Mewtwo. She could feel her shoulder getting wet from the woman's tears...

"I know... Zelda told me. ...Uh. Whoever you are miss, see if you could start up mental link between Samus' Guardian and mine at least." Uria requested to Mewtwo's Guardian. "You don't have to do it if the risk is too great for your own health." It is why she only requested a one-on-one mental link, not a network between Samus' Guardian and other guardians... Especially if they don't know the extent of the infection. This way the damage could be limited.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Zelda questioned. Uria mentally said to her smasher that if they themselves don't know how to cure their fellow Guardian's problem with their wisdom, then this is the closest treatment that Uria could request to make sure the poor woman doesn't go crazy completely... Being Deaf and Blind is not good at all. Though the dark head need to figure out how to go around on giving the woman some form of sight later... Something relates to hearing is important.

Avoiding seem like she spaced out, Uria answered Marth's Guardian his question. "...Yeah. Should we check it out?" Meanwhile, she and Zelda mentally prepared themselves...


Jude's eyes narrowed from what he seen is some guy wearing Pit's clothes interrogating a civilian... No. Another Guardian if their conversation are anything to go by. As well as the other guy who seem to be someone from a gym commenting about the previous guy's love life. It made him feel tempted to step in and...

"Woah there. As tempting to see you pummel someone, especially that winged kid's Guardian down. It's going to get messy on both sides, especially if another wave decides to drop on us."
Bowser's reason? He stubbornly not want his Guardian to die this early, especially since they need all the energy that they can get to handle upcoming battles.

Fine. He thought and then he takes his steps into the alley, leaving behind Megaman's Guardian to her eavesdropping on this alley if she want to continue or not.... And. "...What the hell is going on here?" Jude asks the occupants in the alley, while crossing his armored arms.
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after a few moments of thought and some words with mewtwo ( he didn't seem to like talking to others) Maria agreed and started up the mental link. ' i'm starting it up now.. though i should warn you to be on guard with that guy.. ' she thought to uria before giving a subtle nod at this " Austin" person and continuing once she was sure that uria caught her hint. ' somethings.. off about him.. his smasher was trying to plead for help earlier when i probed his mind and he seems to have blocked me with his eyepatch.. ' she continued, still keeping one eye on him in case he tried anything... both she and mewtwo just had this nagging feeling that something was about to happen..
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Post by: Kimoto on August 08, 2013, 03:35:30 AM
Sing hung back and watched the Armored Boy go out there, and instead yawned while waiting for it to be over. She just kept wondering how to change the outfit more so it had more protection...

Unfortunately this was a Magical Girl type Situation for her, not Power Ranger.
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: Nask on August 08, 2013, 03:51:24 AM
"Very well then. Thank you for the warning." Uria replied back to Mewtwo's Guardian. At this point, it seem like she's not the only one who notice something off then. She and Zelda would definitely be on guard then as well to act if Marth's Guardian tries anything. "If it comes to conflict, aim for the eyepatch if you can. It is the one thing that didn't match the Guardian attire." Whether if it's effective or not, remains to be seen until that moment happen. Especially if Marth pleading for help is concerning...

Now the dark head focus on the task at hand toward Samus' Guardian, using the mental link that the Psychic Guardian sets up. Uria contact Samus' Guardian with mental thoughts. Just to test to see if it works."Miss? Miss? This is Uria, Zelda's Guardian using the link created by Mewtwo's Guardian. If you can hear me, respond back to me like how you mentally spoke with your Smasher..."
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the eye patch huh... wait.. i recall marth mentioning something about a patch before i lost my connection.. could that be the source of the problems.. she thought to herself as she looked more closely at the thing, walking back over to luciel as she did to keep her thoughts secret... then she realised the flaw in being the link between the 2 guardians.. frick.. i can't telepath publicly while they are doing that.. guess i only have one choice don't i.. she thought before letting out a sigh and patting the girl on the back. " that teleportation sickness is always the worst your first time.. don't worry, it should get better over time." she said to the girl, who was dryheaving into the can, her lunch already long gone. " wait.." luciel said as she finally managed to catch her second wind.. " YOU CAN TALK?!" she yelled in surprise, causing maria to facepalm. " of course i can talk.. i just.. prefer to use my brain.. names maria by the way. " she said through her palm. 
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Sandra stopped crying and looked up, Staring forward blankly.

'A-are you the one I'm holding onto...?' She asked mentally.

Samus sighed. If there were anywhere to sit in Sandra's mind, she was definitely doing it right now. "Good, at least someone was able to get through to her..."
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Post by: Karafina_von_Styxgalahd on August 08, 2013, 05:20:23 AM
"Did you hear that?" Meta Knight asked.

Rath frowned, I heard the word "bully", if that's something....

"... It's getting dark in here. You sound like you have a problem with bullies," Meta Knight noted, shifting uncomfortably.

Rath pulled his cape around him and started walking towards where the cries were coming from... Only to find a dead end. But they were loud and clear now. As it turned out, he was on the other side.

I have to help that person, whoever it is... Rath thought. His hand curled into a fist.

"Calm down, Rath... I know what you're thinking, but please, consider your actions. This is not a way for you to use your new powers," warned Meta Knight.

Hey, Meta Knight, you don't know what it's like to be bullied. I've had enough of not doing anything when I see others being bullied because I thought I was too weak to take on them. At least now no one will recognise me and I can do all kinds of things to them...

"Rath, no, you need to think rationally..."

"I AM thinking rationally!" Rath yelled out loud. Then clamped his mouth... While his mask was still on. Why did I say that out loud...
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"Yes. Miss....?" Uria mentally answered and then asks. She haven't received the other guardian's name.

Zelda gives a breath of relief. "Thank the goddesses... Samus? Did I hear your voice as well...? Apparently the mental link also allows both smashers to talk with each other, instead of using their Guardians as their interpreter. So imagine the princess' expression when she heard the bounty hunter over the connection.
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"Sandra...I'm Sandra..." Sandra said.

Samus perked up at the princess's voice. "Zelda? Is that you?"
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"Right then," Ventus said quietly as he started walking towards the sounds of the crying. He had the notion that the Guardians didn't trust him completely. It was probably the eyepatch. But it wasn't like he could take it off... and even then, he'd still need a way to prove his "trustworthiness".
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Post by: Karafina_von_Styxgalahd on August 09, 2013, 03:07:23 AM
Screw this, I'm going to the orphanage... Rath thought as he took off again. Once he saw the orphanage and some of the kids, he landed and went into a nearby alley, hoping that none of the kids saw him.

... Okay, how do I get out of Guardian Mode? Rath asked.

Rath walked out of the alley looking perfectly normal again.
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Post by: JBcristal on August 09, 2013, 10:34:47 AM
Being called a bully, comments on his love life, a guy shouting at the other side of a wall where they were, probably another like him...
This was getting out of hand. Quite quickly. That made Anthony groan.
"Look, missy..." He started taking a more relaxed position, but went back to an aggressive stance right away. "I really, really want to believe you, and just say "Sure, what the hell, why not", but the annoying goddess that keeps talking to me keeps pretty much shouting at me every single time I even think about leaving you alone. All I want to know, or more like miss hissy fit- Ow." Anthony winced from a little... "Headache" spike. "All Palutena wants to know is why were you making those creepy faces. So please, stop dodging the subject."
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: The Element Commander on August 09, 2013, 02:09:06 PM
Nothing really concerned Marcus at the moment, so he just stayed back and watched. In his head, Fox was telling him all about the Subspace Army and some really evil Blue Man Group reject named Tabuu. His eyes drifted from Uria to Sandra, hoping for the best. He liked being alone sometimes, even if he had a vulpine in his head. ...And he was also still wearing Fox's clothes, but he didn't mind.
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"Subspace." Mark offered.  Affects both the body and the soul and whatnot."
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
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"Nice to meet you, Miss Sandra." Uria introduced herself. Then she makes a frown, "How are you feeling?" While the signs are obvious, she need to hear this from Sandra herself. Meanwhile, she slowly guides Sandra as Uria follows this Austin person, though with a subtle caution.

"Come on Marcus." She calls out to the Guardian of Fox. If something comes up, she could trust the boy enough to definitely help as it did before.

"Yes it is me." Zelda answers.

Jude heard what the guy wearing Yoga clothes are saying about the infection, which Bowser quickly explains what it does. He glanced at the girl and Pit's Guardian. He doesn't know what's going on, but it felt like something he must not interrupt... Though the guardian will take action if it disrupt into a fight. Especially since these guys seems like his situation.
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: JackMcDack on August 09, 2013, 05:56:10 PM
'Alone...' Sandra said. 'But less so now. I...I'm sorry about the breakdown.'

Samus sighed. "You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice again. I suppose you wouldn't happen to know what caused Sandra to see Subspace, would you...?"
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"...Okay, I think it's dead since there isn't any reply in the past few pages at all."
The voice in Hunter's head is confused.
"...Nothing. Anyways... The Cafe close so let's get a soda before we kick some more @$$."
And so, Hunter head towards the nearby cafe...with his revolvers prepared to shoot of course.
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Post by: LinkFTW on August 10, 2013, 06:49:11 PM
"My faces are not creepy!" she said angrily. "You're just being mean!"

Of course, now she would have to be pretty aware of said creepy faces. Maybe she should consider just not smiling at all for the rest of it. But then again, these idiots would hopefully be dead soon anyways. At this point, she was just hoping that toga guy would just drop dead.


Ventus skidded into an alleyway. "Aha! I have you now, fiend!"

He was talking to what looked like an ordinary brick wall.


And there in the cafe.... was just an ordinary guy with glasses and a mustache, sipping coffee.
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Post by: Akuma Killer on August 10, 2013, 10:55:11 PM
Hunter looks at the guy.
Yep. He just stare at the guy. Till he responds. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
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"It's alright." Uria said. Anyone would definitely panic if they suddenly go blind and deaf. She place her free hand in her pocket and takes out... One of the scones that somehow still inside her pocket, despite it was in her normal form. She placed it into Sandra's hand if it is free, "Here. Have something to eat, it may calm you down abit more."

Zelda figuratively makes a frown at Samus' question, which it is troubling. Her answer bursts Samus' hope of solution coming from the Triforce wielder at this time. "Unfortunately, I do not know how or why Miss Sandra see this way..." The Princess' knowledge on this particular side effect is just as limited as the Bounty Hunter's.

Uria took a moment glance at "Austin" to see he's yelling at a wall. Now imagine her deadpanned moment with a brief thought of why the heck that guy is yelling at a wall? This thought can be carried over the mental link to Sandra unintentionally.


At this moment, the Guardian of Bowser is actually annoyed than angry.

Jude took this moment to rub his forehead (well.. Headguard since he's wearing a helmet, despite the visor is down) and steps in. Making his input. "Miss? Answer the young man's question, politely. And Sir? Keeping aggressive in this situation would... Make things backlash as what happens few moments ago..." Implying the whole "treated others how you wanted to be treated would applied in this situation..."

...Despite what he did earlier on dealing against Subspace enemies (Awake or asleep) before he came upon this scene...
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Post by: The Element Commander on August 11, 2013, 12:35:50 PM
"Yes, I'm coming." Marcus stopped leaning against the wall and walked up to Uria. "Any way I can help or anything? Or would you rather have me clean all this stuff?" He whispered at the end, "But I'd rather not work with Mr. Wall Screamer over there. He drives me the wrong way. Yelling at a wall counts as suspicious in my book."

"So? You were yelling at someone to shut up in the cafe more times than once! And that's not suspicious enough to drive someone the wrong way?"

"...Shut up!"
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Post by: JBcristal on August 11, 2013, 10:20:11 PM
"Oh for the love of-" Anthony suddenly shut up. "Are you sure?" seemed like something the rest couldn't hear was talking back to him, yet it seemed to be something different from the smashers. "Are you completely, one hundred percent sure? Because it's going to be really, really awkward to fix if you are wrong, and that will be a serious blow to the trust I hold towards you." ... "Alright then. Miss? In case I'm wrong, of course, I'm sorry."
And then he lunged, slashing... at the invisible eyepatch.
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For once Sing finally reacted after seeing the attack... And seemed to slide low, and put her cannon in the way of the Angel Boys attack.

"Whooooa! Kill the creatures, not people ya damn psycho path." She... Totally misunderstood.
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: JackMcDack on August 11, 2013, 11:33:35 PM
Mark was quick to act.

In one movement, Anthony's head was knocked into the nearest wall, knocking him unconscious. It was so quick, even Mark didn't realize it happened for a few seconds.

He caughed awkwardly afterwards, nodding to the new arrival. " alright?" He said, bending down so that he was eye-level with the girl.

"I don't get it," the Trainer said, "I don't know what could've made Pit's guardian so paranoid..."


Sandra took...whatever thing was in her hand and started to eat it.

'T-thank you...' Sandra thought.

"Dammit. Well...I hope you find something out." Samus replied to Zelda. "I tried preparing her for this with the dream, but...nothing can really fully prepare you, y'know?"
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Post by: LinkFTW on August 11, 2013, 11:43:32 PM
Nenya let out a cry. "N-No! I almost got my eyes ripped out! Of course I'm not alright!" she was really laying on the poor traumatic girl act pretty thick, but at least everyone seemed to believe her. "R-Roy said... Roy said you guys would be good people! But he's so... so... so mean!"


Ventus rolled his eyes. "Honestly, I'm not sure if you people are blind or you are simply ignorant." with that, he walked up to the wall and tapped it with his sword.

The entire thing came crumbling down in an instant, as if somehow obeying the totally not-sentient weapon's command. Ventus did a quick scan with his eyepatch to make sure his target was still there, before calmly walking into the opening he created. When he walked out, he was carrying a teenaged punk by the collar, who was struggling but was bound and gagged.

"See? Fiend!"


Suddenly, the guy with the coffee stood up and got really, really, really, really in Hunter's face.

"......... Hi. I know who you are."
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Post by: Kimoto on August 11, 2013, 11:45:34 PM
"... Fire Emblem Characters too? Damn I must be having one crazy Dream." It was when Sing said that Megaman finally understood why she was acceptiong this so well.

"... You aren't dreaming."

"... Huh?"
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: JackMcDack on August 11, 2013, 11:49:24 PM
"That man was...not fully right in the head." Mark looked at his unconscious body. "But rest assured. Not all of us are like him." He patted her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down. "Heck, if we weren't good people, two of us wouldn't have tried to help you."
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: LinkFTW on August 11, 2013, 11:53:52 PM
She sniffled. "I-I guess.... thanks, Mr...?" a quick scan with her patch told her that he was the Guardian of the Wii Fit Trainer. There wasn't much information on her, seeing that she wasn't one of the major fighters. Still, it was said that her moves were pretty nasty and she could out-yoga anyone.

The other person... obviously Guardian of Megaman. Did she inherit all of Mega's forms and such or just his basic jumping and shooting abilities? Either way, she would need to be careful. But now that these two were here, she could go right on ahead and lead them to a trap. All she needed was a nearby Subspace portal and hopefully Ventus for back-up. But for now, it was best to continue carrying on.

"A-And... are they still chasing me? The bad guys? They... talked to me... said that I was needed for this thing..."
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: JackMcDack on August 12, 2013, 12:01:46 AM
Mark smiled warmly. "Mark. Mark Blake. And no, all of the bad guys are gone...for now..." He got up and somewhat surveyed the group. An unconscious lunatic, a woman scared shitless, and someone who thought he was dreaming...Not exactly the 1996 USA Dream Team, but it'd have to do for now.

"We should see if there's others, I heard some other voices earlier." He commented.
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on August 12, 2013, 12:04:04 AM
"...Okay, who the hell is this guy?"
There's only one thing to do here...
Using his knowledge of the 4th wall to force answers upon him.
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Post by: Kimoto on August 12, 2013, 12:06:33 AM
"... Punch me. One of you, punch me." Sing looked over at the others there, still in a state of disbelief. If she was dreaming this would definitely wake her up. Well so she thought atleast.

"Right now. Hard enough to barely not knock me out."
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: LinkFTW on August 12, 2013, 12:08:04 AM
Nenya nodded. "Right... sure... um... is she okay?" she gestured to Sing. "I-I think that... gun thing is jammed or something. Maybe I can look at it?" she flinched at the punching request though. "U-Um... I have a sword, but I can't punch you with a sword!"


The man didn't blink at all at Hunter. "....... Look for this woman." he handed Hunter a picture of Airlia. "She is important. Also, you smell like petunias."
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
Post by: Akuma Killer on August 12, 2013, 12:12:40 AM
"Okay...So the man handed me a picture of a flat chested wom-wait a sec..."
This warrants further consideration.
"Also, what the hell? I smell like milk and cookies, not some kind of flower..."
"...You really are something, are you Hunter?"
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Airlia groaned as she awoke from her episode..  ' its about time you woke up. everyone left in a hurry because of some kinda commotion in town. sounds like my kinda party so lets hurry and move! ' she stopped as she heard his voice  and suddenly recalled everything.  " so it wasn't a crazy dream.. wait.. you said theres trouble downtown?" she said, and after getting the feeling sonic nodded in confirmation she got to her feet and started pacing in panic" oh no oh no that can't be good, what about the towns people.. or my house!" she said as she worried before thinking how she could get there to help. ' Relax, just get in sync with me and we'll get there faster than you can say way past cool '  Sonic commented in her head, his ever adventurous spirit and laid back attitude keeping him calm, despite the worry in the back of his mind.  after a few moments of deciding to give it a shot, seeing that she had no other options, she calmed herself and started focusing on the adventure ahead... and thus with a flash of blue she entered guardian form.. and was gone before it could even fade away.
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Mark looked at Sing. " thanks, I don't hit wom-"

He didn't even get to finish his sentence before he slapped Sing across the face, hard.

"What the fuck, Trainer?!" He yelled a few seconds later.

"What? You technically didn't do it." The Trainer shrugged.
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The nameless man shook his head. "No. But you need her. She will help you beware of the wind, the water, and the sun."


Nenya almost fainted at the slap.
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"And what are the Wind, the Water, and the Sun?"
Hunter asks.
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"Then use your first! Check the cannon for all I care! I gotta prove this is a weird dream!" Once reality hits someone, it hits them very very hard. Especially in Sings case. And then she got slapped... And didn't wake up.

"..." She just stared blankly, before slowly collapsing to her knees, a look of total disbelief on her face.
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The mustache man looked around. "..... YOUR DEWWWWWWWM!"


Nenya stared. "... Is she gonna be alright, Mark?"
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Mark looked at Sing and inwardly sighed. He didn't do it outwardly, because that was definitely one hell of a wake-up call to realize that a bad dream was real. But at the same time, it would take time for her to get over it, and they couldn't really afford to wait around. There was really only one thing to do.

"She should be...after she's had some time..." Mark assured Nenya. He walked over to Sing and picked her up Piggy-back style. "Do you think you can carry Toga-boy over there?" Mark asked Nenya, gesturing towards the unconscious Anthony. "I don't like 'im either, but if we leave him then he's just gonna wake up and start terrorizing people again..."
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Nenya trembled, but nodded. "Y-Yeah, I can... I guess..." she hesitated. "Do we have anything to tie him up with though? I don't wanna lose my head!"
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Hunter punches the mustache man in the face before he could react, knocking him out in one punch.
"Okay Mario..."
Hunter walks out of the cafe shop looking around.
"Should we look for this flat-chested loli?"
"...Er, whatever floats your boat."
"Okay, and we should check out the library..."
Looking over at the library...there seems to be the enemies well...sleeping.
Hunter stands there, looking at the picture he has received.
"I don't know what to do now..."
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Mark shrugged. "Tear of some bits of his robe and use it as rope? It's either that or use my shirt, and I'm cold enough as it is..."
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Nenya made a face. "Ugh! You do it then! I'm not touching his pants! He's sooooo gross!"


"What you do now is die," Mr. Mustache said as he suddenly got up and cracked his neck in various bizarre positions.
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Mark sighed outwardly this time. He wobbled over to the KO'd Guardian. A few minutes later, the man was bound and gagged. Well, okay, not gagged, but definitely bound. He stepped back. "Done. Now let's go see if we can find some others."
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Hunter slowly turns around and stares at the man.
"How did you get up when I KO'd punched you?"
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"Oh? Nothing weird happened around here?"

"Not at all, dear. Why did you ask?"

"It's... Nothing. I'm just worried about the kids," Rath said, cautiously looking around again. The caretaker put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile.

After another while of catching up on old times, Rath was sitting around in the waiting room. Though he came back every now and then to help out with the various chores, since there was nothing for him to do that day, he was just loitering around.
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"No problem." Uria mentally answered to Sandra, before she replied to Marcus. Quietly enough for the Guardian of Fox to hear with his sensitive hearing. "Nothing, except keep alert and be ready at all times. Be our sensor and see what we cannot notice, especially since I'm taking care of Samus' Guardian at this moment..."

Even more since she's currently multi-tasking with various matters on not only in her mind to keeping Sandra calm on both mind and physical (the said older woman is hugging her arm still), but also when she heard Guardian of Marth tap something on the wall and takes out some guy gagged.

"...And what makes him a fiend?" Uria questions Austin. She looks at the punk boy closely, analyzing him to see what makes him tick... or anything off.

"Yes..." Zelda agrees. "Especially if the contents of the dream are vague like my Guardian's..." Since the Princess and her Guardian are in the same head, she shares some of her... Memories as per say. The dream is part of this. She murmured. "...Three darkening flames..." The flames from Uria's Dream came into mind. The number of flames are obviously refer to them... But who are the three of these flames?


"...If you don't want to do it, I will." Jude finally spoke up to the Guardian of Roy and Wii Fit Trainer, before he walks up and goes to pick up the unconscious Guardian of Pit with ease. Carrying him over the shoulder, not affected by the angel-boy's weight.

Though the way Bowser's Guardian did it is still more or less rough, but kept in minimum levels of strength to avoid breaking the guy's bones. Either way it is his own way of showing him being moody due to what Pit's Guardian did against a innocent person.

"Considering the ruckus going on in town. It would be easy to start at the Central Plaza and work our way around through other districts from Dreamvale Academy and make a clockwise navigation through other districts." Dreamvale Academy is the closest to Central Plaza as the main building is on the border, but the area is big enough to be it's own district as the school covers from Pre-K to 12th Grade...

This includes the Extra Classes and possibly College if he heard right. If one imagine one of those animes where school campus is large enough to be a city, Dreamvale Academy is like that except only on a smaller scale to be a district part of the city.
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One does not simply loiter about when Subspace is around...

Rath was suddenly hit from above via flowerpot.


Nenya nodded at Jude. "That sounds like a plan... although I do need to know, how come you guys are just helping me like this and not... going crazy like that mean guy?"


"Austin" raised an eyebrow. Then he shook the bound and gagged kid. Out of the kid's pockets rolled numerous grenades, bombs, magazines for bullets, the works. It was as if the kid had a walking weapons arsenal on him.

Of course, to be frank, he knew exactly what this kid was. He smelled so bad, the kid could only really be one thing. And the eyepatch scan thing helped too. Still, he was quite lucky to find this kid when he did. Considering who he was Guardian of, things could've turned nasty for the Subspace Army pretty quick.
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Marcus nodded and looked around. He was still a bit iffy with Austin, so he'd keep an eye on him. All around them, though, there wasn't much going on. His sensitive ears picked up traces of Nenya talking... somewhere. However, his thought processes were interrupted when Austin shook a bunch of crap out of the guy's pockets. Grenades and explosives.

"Hey, look. He looks like he just came out of World War Z." Marcus mumbled.

"It's probably World War P, with the P for Primids and Crap."

Either way, he stayed close to Uria, wary of his surroundings.
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Mark nodded at Jude also, before hearing Nenya's question.

"Well...If we all went crazy, we'd all be at each others' throats and die," Mark shrugged, "When we stay sane and stick together, we can face anything that anyone throws at us."

"...When did you become the Wheel of Morality?"

'Can it.'


Samus nodded, even though Zelda couldn't see it. "...You might want to tell your Guardian to direct Sandra to a chair. I have a feeling she'll need to sit down for a few minutes..."
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Jude scratched the back of his head with his free hand and looks away. Forgetting that he can just get the visor down.

"...What the other guy said. But... Sometimes being a gentleman..." With a mutter of bunch of hours of having manners drilled into his head. Only Bowser can heard it, which cause him to figuratively raise an eyebrow. "...Just helps. Better than being insane and going crazy. Also if I DO go crazy... I rather direct it at the Subspace Army than the innocent."All he seem to bluntly said. Though there seem to be more.

"Wow. Aren't you..." Bowser about to ask.

'Can it!' And what Jude hears in respond is Bowser laughing.


...Uria's alignment is what you either call Good is not Nice. "...Walking Arsonal. Yes? But I still don't see a fiend...Yet." If anything, being a walking arsonal would get that person get their weapons confiscated and end up in incarceration if any law enforcers are left. Unless...

"We would have to see him how he acts before making judgment... as well as ask him questions after ALL of his weapons are confiscated." Uria answered, before she heard from Zelda. "...Excuse me while I go take the Guardian of Samus to someplace for her to sit down." She goes to guides Sandra to some place for the older woman to sit down. Likely what's left of a bench on the side walk or the curve.
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Nenya nodded. "I see.... well, should we get going?" she looked around. "I get lost here really really easily. Maybe one of you can lead the way instead? I'll stay in the back to make sure we aren't being followed!"


"Ask no questions and you shall get no answers," Mr. No Name said to Hunter. "Got it?"


Austin smiled. "But of course. I'll stay here and interrogate him." his eyes flashed towards Marcus, Luciel, and Maria. "You all can go and help Miss Uria." the smile didn't reach his eyes. "I prefer to conduct my investigations in private."
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Maria Narrowed her eyes at him before catching a speck of blue on the roofs above.. " very well, i need to help this girl learn to awaken her guardian powers.. " she said before scooping luciel up in a telekinetic  floating hold, making her meep in fright before laughing in joy of weightlessness.  maria then looked to uria and sent a thought ' we'll be on the roof, my telekinesis can only reach so far though, so don't get too far away without me ' she then nodded and teleported up to the roof tops, where a certain guardian was waiting on the roofs..
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Marcus nodded and followed Uria. But as the lookout, he decided to keep a safe distance between Austin and Uria, for several reasons. One, he didn't want to interrupt whatever Uria and Sandra were up to. Second, he wanted to keep an eye or at least an ear on Austin. Third, he didn't need to be so close to either of them to know what was going on. Standing in the middle of the road, he was also able to get a good lookout of the area. And with Fox in his head, he would have a double advantage.

"Get your Blaster and Reflector out if necessary." Fox said, "The last thing I need is you getting hurt."

Aw, you're so nice.

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Ventus put the guy down and bent down so close to his ear that it looked like he was either trying to whisper in it or remove the gag. In fact, he was kind of doing both. Sort of. As he hands playfully twisted the knot tighter and tighter, he gave the guy what looked to be a polite grin, but one look in his eyes said a lot differently.

"I know who you are," he whispered, "And I know what you are capable of. But rest assured that I'll take good care of your fellow Guardians. Of course, you won't be so lucky..." his hands carefully move to clutch at the prone boy's neck. "Now just relax...."

As he pulled away, the unnamed Guardian suddenly slumped unmoving against the wall. There seemed to be no outward damage on sight, but a crushed larynx would be discovered if anyone bothered to look closer. Ventus stood up and walked away. It would be a while before anyone discovered he was dead.

"He had nothing," he reported quietly as he walked away to no on in particular, though it was pretty obvious the others heard him.

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"..,It's a question.
Therefore I get no answers.
Therefore if I reply to that question then I won't get a true answer, would I not?
Thus a better question would be in the form of a statement, Mr. No Name."
Hunter launches another punch at Mr. No Name.
He just likes punching stuff.
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" what the hell?! he just took out David!" said the guardian of falco as Maria teleported up to his roof with luciel.  " HE WHAT?" she shouted before talking his sniper and looking down the sites just in time to see austin walk away. " I'm Too late, i should have just cut the signal the moment i saw he found him..." she said as she slouched to the ground in sorrow for her fallen friend.  " Maria why did you even leave that creep alone with David if you knew he was trouble?! you should have just teleported me the details!" Alex shouted in his rage. " because i can't! my mental links are being used to help a guardian that decided to see what subspace felt like!" she spat back at him, luciel standing there confused at what was going on. "

  maria remembered why she came up her after a moment and shook away her sorrows.. " if you get a clean shot.. aim for the eyepatch next time he trys anything.. it seems marths in trouble and that thing has something to do with it." she said before turning back to luciel. its at this point that the mystery guardian notices her " whos the new girl?" " just another guardian.. she seems to be having trouble syncing with her smasher though.." maria answered making luciel pout. she has been trying afterall.. 
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Mark nodded. "I'll lead, I suppose." He started making his way to the Central Plaza, half-looking behind him to make sure the others were following.


Sandra finished the scone that Uria had given her and sat on the bench.

'...Samus, are you still there?' She thought.

"Yes, Sandra, I'm here." Samus said in the most assuring voice she could muster.

'...This wouldn't happen to just be the byproduct of me not taking medication I didn't know I had to take, would it be?'

"If it was, I'd be telling you to burn things more often."

Sandra chuckled a bit. '...I think I just...need some rest...'

"Rest would be good."

Sandra shifted to where she was laying down to the best of her ability.



'...I miss normality.'

Samus sighed. "Me too, Sandra...Me too."
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Jude follows Mark, carrying the Guardian of Pit. He checked the guy's pulse while carrying to see that while seem to be... on a weak side, it is still beats to indicated that the guy is still alive. "...Well. This guy won't be waking anytime soon."

Wonders if WFT's Guardian hit him too hard or something to do with the impact of the wall? Either way, Toga Boy needs to be checked as soon when they reached the St. Joelle Hospital at some point since Jude's no doctor to tell what kind of injury the guy had suffered exactly.


Uria watches Sandra resting, kept her hand to maintain presence with her fellow guardian. The dark head girl glanced around for any signs of the Guardian of Marth, only to sees Marcus in the distance in the middle of the road before she replies back to Mewtwo's Guardian. "Guardian of Mewtwo? If you are in range, Sandra and I are at the bench and no sight of Marth's Guardian. Take it slowly as Samus' Guardian is currently resting."

The last sentence is just in case if Mewtwo's Guardian does it roughly with her telekinesis, it's not that Uria is lazy. It's due to the fact that Sandra needs her rest first.
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Sing finally snapped out of it, and started flailing, to get whoever had her to drop her, as her so called Mega-Merge, which in reality was the power of Megaman, broke apart, giving back her much more normal appearance that had much less revealing clothing.


Either she had come to terms with this, or managed to create another excuse in her mind.
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' i Hear you, i have him in my sight, he just killed a fellow guardian. be careful if you see him. and please.. call me Maria ' she thought to uria, seeing no point in keeping the news hidden from the other guardian.  she then turned back to Alex. " wheres your sister?" she asked bluntly, not even bothering to turn back to him.  " 3rd floor of Bookhall why? " he said casually, keeping his eye and his sniper trained on the guardian of marth.  " good, i assume Yue's there as well?"
" Of course, you know how much she cares for her."

" good, keep an eye out for any tricks he might pull, i'll get the newbies to regroup there."  she finished, alex simply nodded and waved back at her as she and luciel teleported away.
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Aaaaaaaand Rath was out like a light.
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While Marcus' hearing was drastically enhanced, he couldn't hear the sound of someone dying. Instead, he winced and cringed. "I think the stench of the dead is getting to my head." he said out loud, putting a gloved hand to his forehead, "That, or it might be Subspace."

He sat down in the middle of the road, Blaster and Reflector out for extra precaution. He almost felt alone, thrust into some kind of big event like this. Of course he knew he was far from alone, though. Uria, Austin, and a bunch of other Guardians. Well, maybe Austin wasn't exactly in the list, but he was definitely a Guardian of some sort.

Marcus sighed. "I just want to see him again..."


Meanwhile, a teenager who looked like a mirror image of Marcus was walking through the streets, alone. He was nowhere near the previous Subspace attack. In fact, he had no idea! However, if bright lights overhead and the new voice in his head told him anything, he just HAD to find his twin brother.

"Wolf, of all the things you just had to lack in machinery, it was some sort of GPS." Flector said, his gray wolf ears twitching on his head, "I mean, you gave me the ability to transform into... this half-animal, half-human thing, and you don't have a GPS?"

"Don't blame me!" Wolf snapped, "We have radars in Lylat and that's all we ever needed!"

"Right, right." Flector said, shrugging, "Now, time to find signs of intelligent life aside from the one in my head."

"...You mother-!"
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Uria clench her hand when she heard Maria told her the news in her mind. The very same news that made her distrust toward the Guardian of Marth goes further all of because he killed a fellow guardian. There are things that does not require flatout execut-

"Uria. Calm down." Zelda orders. "While it is saddening that we lost a guardian, don't let your emotions overrule your judgement."

The dark head takes a deep breath to maintain her calm facade. Using her free hand to brush a strand of her hair to behind her pointed ears. "Sorry Zelda... It's just... frustrating."

"It's alright... There are times where you cannot help to think that way. Still we must press forward, even if our times are at it's darkest." Zelda said.

The Guardian of Zelda sighs as she glance to the resting Sandra and then toward to the direction where Marcus is at. She mutters, "I hope you are right..."


Down the road, not far from the Guardian of Wolf's current location. A young man in red is currently waiting for the gas to finish pumping into his vehicle, a silver and black motorcycle to be exact. Just so he can continue driving through Smashington for a reason. At this moment though, he seem to be focus on something, but on what? For the moment he looks like he's glancing at the beach across the street with his amber eyes.
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Mr. No Name easily caught the punch. "... That was pathetic." he proceeded to jab Hunter right in the kiwis.


Austin looked up from where he was leaning against a wall of a building, pretending to be deep in thought. He noticed Marcus walking away alone. Going against his better judgement, he approached the Guardian of Fox, his hand falling "casually" to the hilt of Falchion. Something buzzed in the back of his head telling him not to hurt anyone else, but he squashed that feeling like a defenseless Primid.

Where was Nenya? She had to be around somewhere. There was just no way she would be gone for this long. It had been ingrained in his mind that no matter where he was, she would find him. Her patch would naturally draw her to him. But here he was, with a group of prime targets, with no back-up in sight. Should he call for it? Was this really worth releasing Solaris?

No. He couldn't take the risk. What he needed to do now was stand back and watch. Who knows, the Guardians might get so distrustful of each other with the right cards being played, that he wouldn't have to do a thing. He would begin sowing the seeds with Marcus.

"You alright there, Foxy?"


Nenya followed the young man, though noticed that her patch was beginning to grow warm. That meant Vilyon was somewhere nearby. She hoped that these guys wouldn't take any wrong turns.

"So... what are your Smashers like?" she asked, hoping to get some sort of information on Smasher weakness out of the two.
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...Avoiding the jab to the kiwis was easy.
He was a soon-to-be-but-not-legal-hunter anyways.
Quick drawing, Hunter shoots Mr. No Name with his revolvers with his free hand and ran the f*ck away. Luckily, he put the revolvers on the "Freeze" option, instead of the "Burn" option before shooting.
"...Mario...Should we really look for this girl? That guy seems suspicious."
"I don't know Hunter...I don't know."
Oh well... Hunters due off to the library, running away from the Mr. No Name.
What he needs to do now is find Airlia, the important girl that man was talking about...who's apparently a loli.
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"Hm?" Marcus turned around to see Austin close behind. "Oh, hello. Foxy... that's a new one. But I'm alright. Just thinking of... stuff."

For fun, he aimed his Blaster at an old trash can and fired, the shot making a clean hole. Smiling, he twirled the gun in his hands and looked up at Austin. "Quite an experience for everybody, hm? Wonder how the other Guardians feel." He paused, then frowned. "Oh, and about that other Guardian you were questioning, where is he? He's not injured by a Primid or anything, is he?" He started to walk over to where he last saw him.

"What's with the cool attitude?" Fox asked.

Keeping a calm mind and a bright smile usually helps in the long run.


"Excuse me!" Flector shouted at the mysterious man in red, running up to him, "Excuse me! Sorry to interrupt your train of thought or anything, but have you seen someone who looks exactly like me?"

He paused. "Without these." He pointed to his wolf ears. "And this." He then pointed to his tail. "And these." He held up his claws. "And this... color." He pointed to his hair. "And most likely these." He pointed to all his gadgets.

"Why do you want to find your twin so badly?" Wolf asked.

So I can show him all this cool stuff! Flector thought back, If you can't appreciate your own stuff, I'll appreciate it for you!
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Mark let Sing down rather calmly for her flailing about.

"You're feeling better, I take it?" He asked her, stopping and turning around enough to where he could see her. He had heard Nenya's question, but decided to leave it for later, slightly more important matters were happening about now...
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The young man looks up at the Guardian of Wolf with a blank look. Amber eyes taking in the boy's features intensely, before answering with a emotionless tone and shook his head. "...Haven't seen anyone that match your description."

He seem to pause for the moment, before gave a small nod to something as if mutual understanding. He asks. "...How important is he to you?"


"Hmm... Angry for one moment, before comment on random stuff like a Let's Player in the next?" Jude raising a claw finger as he answers the Guardian of Roy's question, it's what he could best describe Bowser at this moment. "Did something happen to him before... or is it the result of complete boredom inside people's heads without anything else to do or lack of danger for you guys?"

This question is directed to the Smashers inside their Guardian's heads... Although the Guardians would had to interpret their Smasher's answer. To Jude, while Bowser seem like what the Guardian remembers from the games, there some details that suggests that something did change for his Smasher...

"Hey! I'm still the same...! Just all of my ideas are used up a long time ago except making sure you didn't die in a ditch or something!" Bowser yells back. ....Or maybe not, Jude thought as he glance back toward to the Guardian of Megaman's flailing around for the moment.

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Sing stared at them all for a moment after being set down... The entire time Megaman had fully explained EVERYTHING this time... And her choice on how to deal with it all?

"... Help me think up a Magical Girl name for the next time I use that outfit." Instead of saying she was fine, she said that. Even though the outfit was smaller than one would want just like a Magical Girl, the Cannon WOULD make it out of place...

"... Also how'd I get back in my own clothes..."

And next came the explanation on that.
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Maria and Luciel reappeared next to uria. " lets fall back to bookhall.. no telling how much longer your song will keep these minions asleep, and i'd rather we weren't out in the open when they do." she said leaving luciel confused about whats going on.

Meanwhile Airlia stopped running just outside of a certain allyway. " huh, seems i missed everything.. " she said while looking around, not noticing the 5 people  behind her.
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Rath laid there, completely still. A pool of blood was forming around his head, right where the flowerpot hit. Someone screamed upon seeing the lifeless body.

"No....... This..... Can't....... End.... like this........" Meta Knight whispered as he faded away.

The Guardian of Meta Knight was no more.
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Impulsive as always, Marcus made his way over to where he remembered the Guardian being. Couldn't hurt to check, right? You know, help out in case of an injury or something. Calmly, he walked past Austin before the Guardian of Marth could say a word.


His face doesn't look very welcoming. Flector thought, Does he not like me? "Very important. He's my twin brother." he explained, his tone of voice almost desperate, "We were orphaned at a young age and we stuck together for years. When we were fourteen, we got separated into different families, and I didn't get a chance to see him. Now my foster parents are out of the house, and this is my only chance. Are you certain you haven't seen anyone like me?"

"Aw, does the half-wolf boy have a relationship with his brother?" Wolf teased.
You sound like you know a lot about relationships. Flector thought back, What, did you have experience between you and Panther?

"...I will murder you in your sleep."

Good luck with that.
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The man in red shook his head again. "...But I can help you find him. Faster on bike than on foot on this island." He said, sound like it's a obligation for him. Didn't sound like he's complaining though.

A click from the gas pump is heard and the man walks to his motorcycle silently, doing the usual routine that all drivers do when the gas pump is done and pay it with a credit card on the machine. Once it's done, he looks back to the Guardian of Wolf. Expecting what the boy's answer would be.


Uria nodded at Maria's concern. "Very well then. But first... We need to pick up Marcus." She said, since they are going to move locations. They need all the help they can get once they reach Bookhall. There's a thought of irony in her mind, that originally that she and the others were heading to Bookhall before the invasion started.

Aside from that thought, she goes to place her hand on Sandra's shoulders and gently shook her awake. "Sandra. We need to get moving soon. To the library building." She mentally said to the Guardian of Samus' mind through the link.
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Austin shifted his eyes towards where the fallen Guardian of Snake lay. Marcus was obviously going to check... and find him dead... it was best to not seem too suspicious. He closed his eyes and was engulfed in a white light for a moment.

Back in civilian clothing. His eyepatch was gone. As was his cold demeanor. What was once slightly... off and foreboding was replaced with warmth and a carefree smile. No one would ever associate him with such wrongdoings as murder.

Of course, he had to get these fools moving. It was best to trap them, right? Alleyways were too cliched for his taste. Perhaps if he brought them into a library or something...

"We ought to group up somewhere where we can all think!" he called over his shoulder as he walked towards the library.


"NO! LIVE, DAMN YOU!" came a voice near Rath, desperately trying to revive him.


Nenya opened her mouth to answer, then saw Airlia. "... Hey! Where did you come from!? And why are you dressed funny?"


Hunter just had to follow a trail... of dust clouds. Due to Airlia running so fast.

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Flector smiled at the invitation, trying to let this man warm up to him. "Thank you very much for your invitation." he said, walking up to the motorcycle and looking at the man, "I'm not sure how I could pay you back, Mr...?" He trailed off, expecting a name.

"Red Speed Demon sounds like a fitting name." Wolf grumbled.

Your sense of humor is as terrible as rotten cheese. Flector responded.


Marcus walked up to the where the Guardian of Snake lay. He found him dead as a doorknob, and that made him take a few steps back in surprise.

"How could someone kill him?" Fox wondered. "Or, how could someone injure him enough that he had to die? Our ranks keep falling by the minute...

Marcus was about to answer, but his ears picked up Uria's voice. "You called?" he asked, happy to get away from the corpse and rnning over to Uria.
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Maria gave a subtle nod to Uria then turned back to watch marths guardian, only to see him out of his guardian form.  her eyes narrowed at this, though you can't exactly see them as she plotted her next move while marcus rejoined them

meanwhile, Airlie jumpped a couple feet into the air from the surprise before turning and facing the group.. " oh hey there.." she said with a halfassed wave of her hand. she then thought back to the comment and then looked her self over. " and what do you mean dressed funny? this seems rather normal compared to that toga boy over there. " she said defensively, completely missing the other question.  sonic just held his head and groaned, half because of the comment and half because even he was getting a little dizzy at how fast her thoughts were moving.
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"Alright, we're all dressed weirdly in our Guardian form, let's leave it at that, alright?" Mark said, slightly irritated. "Alright, I've lost track of who's who, can we all just reintroduce ourselves? I'm Mark, Guardian of Wii Fit Trainer."


Sandra was awoken from her dreamless sleep when she heard Uria talk to her. Her eyes opened to see...Subspace. Still Subspace. She sighed.

"I'm getting sick of being blind and def..." She commented aloud. She sat up. 'When we're ready to go just grab my hand and I'll follow.'
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"Jun Becote." The man introduced himself. Jun then gets on his motorcycle and takes out two helmets, one grey and the other one is black. He toss the black one to the Guardian of Wolf, before put on the grey helmet on his own head. The visor of the helmet is black as well, further hiding the young man's expression despite how he seem usually express when first met. "Coming...?" He trails off, implying of what is the Guardian of Wolf's name question.

From the looks of the motorcycle, it seem like it can fit two people... If the Guardian of Wolf sat behind Jun.


Jude looks over Mark's shoulders to look at the newcomer and looks at the Unconscious? Pit's Guardian's toga clothes... and back at what looks like Sonic's Guardian. And he thought himself that he's the oddest one out in terms of this form, since he looks like something coming from that one sentai show... Kamen Rider is it?

"Jude Nagant, Guardian of Bowser." Jude introduce himself.


"Alright then. Feel free to ask any thing." Uria saying this, so that Sandra can have something to do aside from... seeing Subspace or talking with her Smasher. Anything to keep the older woman from going insane. She grabbed onto the Guardian of Samus' hand again.

By this time, Marcus' voice is heard through her pointy ears as Uria blinks when she saw Marcus coming over. Well... That makes things easier then, especially if one thinks about Fox's hearing. She respond back to Marcus as she gets up, assisting Sandra in the process. "Yeah. Maria, The Guardian Mewtwo." She motioned to the said guardian. "Want us to head to Bookhall Library immediately in case if our.... purple friends decides to wake up." Purple as in Subspace Army.

"Want me to lead you all there?... Since I suggested it before." Uria refers to back in the Cafe before the invasion happened, it is what she can do.
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"Flector. Flector Sucram." the teenager introduced himself to Jun, "Nice to meet you. And you bet your head I'm coming." He put on the black helmet, also switching back to his regular appearance so the wolf ears wouldn't get in the way of anything. He climbed into the back seat, admiring the vehicle. "Um... you probably might want an explanation as to why I had wolf traits." he said, trying to start a conversation, "A voice in my head named... Wolf told me about Guardians and stuff. I don't know if you heard of them before or not."

"Why the pause when you said my name?" Wolf asked.

I got wolf traits from a guy named Wolf. Flector said, Your name is just so cliched and generic. I wonder what your parents were thinking.

"You do have a point... somehow...


"Sure, going to the library is always a pleasant thing to do." Marcus replied, "...And anything would be nice if it means getting away from these purple freaks. Feel free to lead the way."

"Hey, you're actually being more polite to girls now. Who knew?" Fox teased.

"Sh-shut up!"
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Hunter looks at the dust clouds.
"...By the time we catch up then Airlie would be gone..."
Staring at a motorcycle, he thinks.
Using one of his 108+ skills, vehicle hacking, he hacks the motorcycle using a pair of scissors, duct tape, and a couple of sticks.
And a couple of minutes later, he manges to get it working...using the sticks as a makeshift key, rearranging the wires, etc...
"...How is that even possible?"
"I'm not sure. Plot?"
"...What wha-"
Turning the "keys" of the turns on.
"Tell me... what abilities do I get when I use vehicles."
"...Infinite fuel."
"Aw yeah!"
Vrroom Vrroom.
Hunter likes the vehicle.
He shall call every vehicles he finds after a horse... Bounty Hunters like horses.
This shall be called Black Stallion.
"Wait Hunter... Do you have a license?"
"Who needs a license when I'm driving a patty?"
"I'll take that as a no..."
And Hunter follows the dust clouds while on a motorcycle. People like motorcycles.
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Sing said nothing, and just watched the others, actually just running through possible names in her head. Her priorities were out of place.
Title: Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
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Once Flector settles in the motorcycle, Jun turns on the said bike's and revs it. Causing it to roar.

"...I know what you are getting at." Jun said, before taps the side of his grey helmet. Didn't look at Flector since he'll be busy on paying attention to the road. "Heard it all from Link." ...He said it bluntly, treating it like it's a normal thing... Revealing the fact that Jun is a Guardian of Link right there and now. Well. Normal as it can be for someone like him.

And before hearing any comments from Flector, Jun's motorcycle speeds off and onto the empty road. At the speed that's may pushing the Speed Limit for Smashington, Europe.


"Alright. Just alert us if something comes up, Marcus." Uria said and with that. She goes to lead the group and guide Sandra to the Bookhall Library in the Central Plaza. The place where they can calm down and think better.
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He.... opened the doors to the library and looked around. Surprisingly, this seemed to be a building that was little-disturbed by the Subspace attack. And, from what he could tell from the few book titles he saw, it would give the Guardians little information should they attempt to research more into their predicament.

"Austin" walked over to a bookshelf and started scanning the titles, choosing to pass over famous ones such as "Macebeth" and "Hamlet". When he reached "Arsenic and Old Lace", however, he paused. This would seem to be a good book for him. Careful not to bring too much attention to himself, he took it off the shelf and opened it to a random page, slipping a thin strip of metal between the pages. With luck, the communication beacon would reach his old friend soon and everything would be set into motion.


"I'm the Guardian of Roy," Nenya said quietly, averting her eyes. She didn't want anyone looking her too closely in the eyes. She believed that looking into someone's eyes revealed everyting about them. Everything, that is, especially their weaknesses.
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Maria Nodded to Uria before looking back at where the guardian of Marth went.  ' you might want to hurry up and get her healed soon.. a blind and deth guardian is going to have problems defending herself should things go south.. also.. i want to check something and i need to cut the connection to do so. ' maria stated in uria's mind as sincerely as she could, looking upwards as if in thought back at the rooftop's, watching as her friend worked his way back to bookhall to get an eye on his target.

" so.. was that guy your boyfriend or something?" Luciel stated curiously to her, having finally had her brain caught up... and in uria's and Sandra's heads.. one could hear the sounds of a string snapping violently as maria's hair starting popping up in a messy fashion... her lip twitching ever so slightly.  *sigh* and there goes her calm again.. mewtwo stated calmly with his voice muffled as if his mouth was covered with something...

Edited to fix a code mistake.. no text was changed.
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Sandra grabbed Uria's hand and allowed her to lead Sandra to the library.


Mark was still rubbing his head. "Alright, that's most of us..." He glanced at Sing. "Uh, hello? You space out on us again?"
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Flector's eyes widen. "You're... Uh.... Quite the speed demon, are you?" The teenager wasn't used to such high speeds. He moved his hands to grip Jun's body, tightly. He hoped it wouldn't been seen as too awkward, but cruising on a motorcycle like this made him frightened.

"Yes! Go faster! Faster! Wolf shouted, "This is sooo awesome!"

I think I'm going to be sick... Flector thought, shutting his eyes and gripping Jun even tighter.


Marcus looked around. "Nice library." He said, "I doubt there will be anything on our purple friends in here."

"Smashers like me might know a thing or two." Fox said.

Austin was doing something in an aisle, but Marcus ignored that. He seemed like the type to read, as creepy as he was.
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Uria and Zelda is silent for the moment upon hearing the snap string sound from Maria's mind "Do what you gotta do... And if you know someone who works in the medical field, that would be helpful on treating Sandra." Medical knowledge is all good and well, especially with some of the stuff she gained due to the Triforce of Wisdom. However, she needs a expert who could help her out on treating this tricky condition if it is indeed on a edge of treating possibility; any chance that's above 0% chance would do...

Zelda goes to give Sandra and Samus the heads up. "Be aware, Maria will cut this connection for the moment. She'll need it for investigation that need to be look into.


Jude glance at the Guardian of Megaman and then looks at Sonic's Guardian, "How about you introduce yourself and your guardian as well?" ...Since she and Megaman's Guardian haven't introduce themselves yet.


Unfortunately for Wolf, Jun would not go over the speed limit, just pushing it due to obeying the laws. Still, it is fast as heck for a motorcycle. He heard Flector's question, which he replied. "...Racing." ...His answer seem to be vague. “...Where do you want to go?” Asking Flector what direction as the motorcycle heads toward to the direction of what looks like a amusement park in the distance.
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Sing snapped back to them, staring before speaking.

"... Sing." She pronounced it more like Shing rather than Sing, but that was how one said her name. She left off her last name, and then raised a question.

"... Why should I introduce him? He told me that it's dangerous. I can't go around telling everyone."

"No I didn't..."
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Nenya blinked. ".... Uhh... well, Roy said that you should be friendly, right? So... uh... where exactly are we going?"


Austin walked out of the aisle. "Well, should we start discussing?"
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Flector sighed. "I'm... not sure." he admitted, "My brother could be anywhere. But if I know anything, he should be in the main part of the city, around the central area. ...It's where I last saw him, and it's also his favorite place." He pointed in the direction of the central city, where the Subspace attack was. ...But he didn't know that!

"Faster, you motorcycling dolt!" Wolf shouted, "My grandmother moves faster than you on her wheelchair!"


"Discussing?" Marcus repeated, "Er... maybe someone else should start. I'm not good at starting covnersations and discussions and the like... I just listen and add on."

"That's something you need to work on." Fox said, "I mean, you can't start a serious conversation, but you manage to embarrass yourself in a cafe in front of Uria."

...Shut up!
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Sandra and Samus both said "Got it." As the connection was severed.


"You're right," Mark said to Sing. "That man in your head is dangerous. You better keep it a secret from aaaaa-" He started spinning around slowly, his arms out as if he was presenting something, "aaall these people. Because, you know, there's so many people who could use this information against you."
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Maria nodded to them as the connection cut. , keeping an eye on the strange guardian of marth before trying to read into his mind again now that her telepathy is freed up... one hand keeping a steady grip on her spoon in case he tried anything..


Airlia Sweatdropped at the groups antics.. " no idea, seems the action's all stopped for now.. perhaps we should try getting out of town for now? after all if people see us like this things will get awkward and difficult to explain.." she said while looking around, her foot tapping as she didn't want to stand in place too long.. probably a slight influence caused by her use of sonic's power.
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"...Just go with the excuse of us being part of a cosplay group and hope there's a convention going on. If someone asks." Jude bluntly said. "Since we do RESEMBLE our Smashers. And we head to the Dreamvale Academy... Which it has been repeated before."

If he remember right, the school still mostly empty due to Winter Break going on currently. So if they decided to leave town and go into the outskirts, that school campus would be the good place to go through. "...So. Should we get a move on? or just standing around?"

...He's not going to hold Pit's Guardian all day you know?


Uria felt the connection is cut off. Better hope it goes well on Maria's and Sandra's end, especially if the Guardian of Zelda's request for medical expert for Sandra's treatment do happen. Now back at the task on hand... The Dark head seated next to Sandra and looks to the rest of the guardians.

"Okay. I'll start by summarizing our situation so far..." Then the Guardian of Zelda start explaining. Recounting the events that happen since this morning starting from when a flash of light explodes at the peaks of Mount Smash to the awakening of their Smashers to the invasion itself. Some of the words Uria said made it seem abit harsh, yet it is blunt to drive home the point of their current situation. Also she kept the account of events happening in general, without any specific events like the mental conversations.

"...And that's our situation so far." Uria finished debriefing. Then she goes to point out. "...Now I think about it. I would say these enemies do look familiar... Like from the same game that our Smashers are from?" While this knowledge won't help much, it is a start that if they take the time to look into the general information of their enemies. Especially if their Smashers' can't react giving information in time... Well. General information, not specific ones that wasn't known before.

'You are indeed correct, Uria. There will be times that we cannot act quickly enough.' Zelda said, though she is curious about what Uria just mention. What the princess get in return... is what looks to be a cover that shows some of her fellow smashers, all their backs toward to what seem to be a source of light. She blushes for the moment upon seeing Link on the cover until she saw the title 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl'. 'What is this?' Confusion shown in the Princess' tone.


"...Got it." Jun replied and makes a sharp turn around the street corner. Heading toward to the center of the city via one of the streets. If they take a more observing look, they could see the first evidence that's resulted from the invasion that's unknown to them, namely smoke and ruins in the distance and the road is more empty than before. And meanwhile, the Guardian of Link could hear another motorcycle sound. Causing him to take quick glance to see where the source of the motorcycle sound coming from...
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"Cept for me who looks like a normal person." Sing pointed that out to Jude, due to the fact she had changed back when in shock.

"Also, if you use Sarcasm with me again, I am going to deck you." She made that side comment with a glare at Mark, before she started walking without waiting for a vote.
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"I'm on the highway to hell! I'm on the highway to hell!"
Hunter is STILL driving... Infact, it took him a couple of pages and he still haven't found the person he's suppose to look for.
...Well in reality, he is doing donuts in a circle because he has infinite fuel.
Doing donuts in place is fun, but someone must think that would be boring after a while. So hunter just continued to follow the dust cloud...when he sees a man who turns his head towards him. He's on a motorcycle too.
"...Yo. Let's race."
"...There is no time for r-"