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: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 10, 2013, 08:23:35 PM
It had been two months since the orientation of this year's recruits, and Chief Akira was already annoyed with a couple of them. Namely "Agent F" for his overall weirdness, and Agent Keith for his hyperdrived gung-ho attitude. If there was anything Akira didn't like it was recklessness. And both of her "favorite" agents were probably the most reckless of the bunch. The others she didn't really have an overall impression of. Though, she couldn't argue that all of them were producing results. In the end, that's all that really mattered. She was sitting at her desk, reading a report, when a thought occurred to her. "... I need coffee."

Meanwhile, Keith was sitting down in the medical bay with Alistair, who was patching his friend up. Though it was a bit difficult since Keith was squirming like a child.
"Agh... Hold... Still, Keith! I can't help you if you keep... wriggling!" Alistair said, stitching up a wound in the blonde man's side.
"I can't help it! It hu- AGH! Hurts... but it tickles at the same time!"
"Oh my god, I should have just knocked you out before I did anything... At least then you'd be still for once!"
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: Slider Eclipse July 10, 2013, 08:34:08 PM
Midnight was sitting in her office, waiting for her assignment. excitement etched onto her face. ' lets see where i get to explore this time..'  she thought.


Dr. D. was just wandering around the building, a deck in his hands as he double checked it for any possible weak spots. " when are those fools going to give me my target..; he grumbled to himself, not really caring if he bumped into anyone else.
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: Bolverk July 10, 2013, 08:50:19 PM
Oliver was finishing up the paper work from the last mission that a team had completed. The room had a small puff of smoke that filled the room that came from the dimly lit cigar. It had a taste and stench that only Oliver took time to appreciate. He took the report off of the desk and place the report in a folder sitting on top of a metal drawer. 'I'll have to finish it later.' He thought rubbing his face with his hands in stress. He had to walk out of the room and take a small break. Being Vice chief of an organization that deals with 30 Sues a week is stressful enough. He stepped out of his office closing and locking the door behind him. After that he hanged a sign on it saying, "out for lunch" before walking into the long hallway. The squeaks and clicks echoing with each step he took. 

It was not long before he reached the training center one of the facilities before entering the cafeteria. He knew that today was the Physical Results. Everyone in S.E.A.'s hunting division must take the physical. Though the results aren't posted, they are given to each individual hunter. Of course, the experienced hunters have their own tier and the newbies have their own tier. The newbies are their own tier for two years before they are considered to be experienced. Once they are experienced, they can decide to go into the counseling division, the science division, or the service division, where physicals are optional.

It always the times of Physical exam results that things get interesting with the newbies. It was entertaining.


Avery was hanging around the game room playing cards with a few other hunters. It was poker, a game that he is actually decent at. It is all in the face to keep it straight and to read opponents facial expressions. He has better luck with dice games anyway. He was finished playing the gambling games and he stood up from his seat to find something else to do. He traveled through the hallways, his fingers twiddling around an Ace of Hearts .
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: The Element Commander July 10, 2013, 09:28:56 PM
The SEA facility may or may not have been big, depending on your perspective. But to Marcus, it was pretty big. After all, almost every day he would run to one side of the agency to the other, scouring every nook and cranny for either dust, trash, or whatever. Also, he'd work hard to find people to give paperwork, forms, messages, and items to. Every night when he went to bed, he always massaged his feet to try and relieve them from their soreness. The Spirit Master, although enduring a tough adventure that required him going to countless places in a few months, found it hard to stay on his toes all the time when things were being asked of him nonstop. Ironic, huh?

The jobs of a Spirit Master were saving the world, being a nice guy, and... yeah. Generally, that was all. But ever since Marcus joined the SEA, he felt like he was missing one thing: action. He was currently three months too young to begin training, and he almost looked forward to it every night before he slept. Of course he knew the training would be harsh and difficult, unlike possibly any training session ever. But hey, he endured trials beyond anyone's belief. He was mentally ready.

But for now, he was running down the hall to find the vice's office. In his arms he held a yellow envelope of... whatever... that he was told to not be concerned with. Obeying his orders, he drafted out his route to the office and headed there immediately. And in all honesty, this little delivery service trip was a nice, small break from washing the dishes in the kitchen. Everyone else's dishes.

Marcus skidded to a stop when he saw the vice's office. Initially not noticing the sign on the door, he rapped his knuckles on the wood. "Sir? Mr. Pierce? Hello? This is Marcus. I have some..." He looked at the sign on the door. "...Shoot. I missed him by a few minutes." He sighed, rolling up his sleeves. "What should I do with these papers? ...Well, I guess I can just go around looking for him. He shouldn't have gone far. His scent is still fresh."

Being a werewolf had its perks. As odd as he felt it was, Marcus had a faint idea of where Oliver went, and he vowed he would find him. Following his nose, he walked down the long corridors in search of the vice chief.
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: LinkFTW July 10, 2013, 10:00:13 PM
Now really, Akira couldn't exactly call F -that- weird. He simply tended to have a bit of a quirk when it came to results. Then again, if there was one thing that F would ever get up early for, it was exam results. In fact, he had gotten up at a pretty reasonable hour today, for a result day.

And by that, I mean before the sun came up.

He was now pacing back and forth, waiting for results to be announced. Any passerby would just assume that he had dipped into Agent T's sugar and caffeine storage, but a closer listen to his muttering told a different story altogether.

"Today's the day... Today's the day... Today is gonna be the goddamned day..."

He was so busy pacing, in fact, that he took no notice of his surroundings. A lot of people were giving him weird looks. Probably because he was fully dressed and it was still pretty early. That and his scouter was on upside-down. And his hair was just screaming to be combed. And he was wearing mismatching shoes and socks.

But whatever, it was F. Nothing too unusual for him. In fact, weirdest thing about him today was the sheer fact that he was pacing, muttering, and scribbling in a little black book. All the other agents could really do was hope that said notebook was his diary.


Alex, aka Agent W, was in a jam. Or, to be more exact, a broom closet. He had managed to get locked in here after following a trail of tea leaves. Some Einstein had stolen from his store and left a trail, so naturally, he had followed it.

It was pretty embarassing, actually. Here he was, one of the top of his class, with the super awesome eye implants of doom, who walked into the most obvious of traps. Normally, his ocular beams would serve to help his escape, but something was causing his eyes to go haywire. When his eyes weren't showing him re-runs of Scooby Doo, they were switching back and forth between heat detection and x-ray mode.

He silently cursed his insistence on the eye implants. After all, all a Sue had to do was mess with them and he'd be left blind. And whatever material this door was made of seemed pretty resilient, as no amount of physical blows would make it open. There was really only one other thing he could do.



T was munching on a croissant for breakfast and sipping coffee. Usually hyperactive, she was unusually calm today. Probably had something to do with the fact that her teammates were MIA. She suspected F was studying and W was probably off drinking tea somewhere. So she was basically on her own for a while.

She sighed. Sooner or later, she'd have to go in for mission briefing. She just hoped that the other two could be in on time. After all, it was no fun at all getting briefed by herself. She could barely remember half the stuff that was said. That and W usually memorized enough of the file for a clean takedown.

Sighing, she kept eating. Sooner or later, the other two would show up.
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: EeveeandAbsol July 10, 2013, 10:21:14 PM
Dr. Charles Raymond Vogues...

Weapons researcher and creator of the Ulcaltite weaponry used by the SEA Agents, there was a funny story behind it as well, but that was something Dr. Vogues is quiet on, as he is with everything. But something interrupted his silence, a cry for help; "..." walking up to the broom closet, hearing the bangs of fists hitting the door, Dr. Vogues opened it... Staring blankly at Agent W behind his sunglasses. "Agent W."


SEA Agent Caroline "Shroud" Walker, the Vampiress of SEA and one of its first Agents... Though she wasn't too keen on the new recruits, she could be seen walking around, sitting in the cafeteria, and in the common areas... She must stay on premise by day, or be burned by the sun; a horrible curse, but it had its advantages to be one with the night.

This morning, Ms. Walker was walking through the corridors, seeing a newer recruit walk down, "... That werewolf?" she muttered, he seemed to be coming towards her...
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: Nask July 10, 2013, 10:31:05 PM
Osvald Sunden can be seen in the cafeteria. To be more exact, the part of the cafeteria that's outside as the ranger prefers to the fresh air (or what's left of it in this pollution of man-made city) to the inside area. Also it is more quiet in comparison to the usual chatters that's not unlike the taverns back home inside, so that he can eat in peace and enjoy some literature that seemed to be about one of the heroes from his home, Faerun.

He turns the page as he relaxes against the cafeteria chair. Taking his time to enjoy his lunch break.
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: Kimoto July 10, 2013, 10:42:45 PM
Marron was standing in the middle of one of the halls, staring at the wall, blankly. That was all he was doing. A minute or two ago someone had been trying to talk to him, but he hadn't awknowledged their existance so it didn't work out.
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: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 10, 2013, 10:53:40 PM
The Mental walked down the halls, skirting around Dr. D to avoid knocking him over. His path lead him to the Meday, where he just opened the door, and tossed a folder onto the desk. He openned it and started to go through it, speaking. "Alistar, you said wanted to study up on non-hum-" That's about the time he looked up and saw Alistar operating. "... Would you like help, or would you rather I leave you two alone to your fun?"
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: TomJackal July 10, 2013, 11:03:57 PM
"Just a moment, Mental! I've almost- Ah, Got it!" Alistair exclaimed, snipping the thread of the stitch as he finished. Keith almost immediately hopped off his seat and threw his shirt, jacket, and tie back on.
"Thanks, Doc! I'm heading down to the caf. Friggin' starving! Later Alistair, Gallifreyan!" Keith quickly took off, giving a single wave as he headed out. Alistair sighed and turned his head to the Time Lord, nearly forcing his smile to return.
"So... You were saying something about a study?"
Akira, realizing that she needed to go on one of her bi-weekly caffeine binges, was quickly walking to the cafeteria. Of course, she was being mindful of the other agents as she sped through the halls, but she felt like she couldn't get there fast enough.
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: LinkFTW July 10, 2013, 11:26:43 PM
F was... Kind of pissed. It was taking forever for the results to get out. And he was not the most patient of men. Of course, most other agents would probably take this in stride and just go on with their day, but not F. He had too much to gain and too much to lose if he didn't see the results quickly.

He looked around. Maybe, just maybe, he could use his little gift to help him. Normally, such an act would be wrong, but he was desperate. There was a time and place for everything and that time was now. But then again, the consequences would be horrible if he were caught but if he weren't, then he would be so much less stressed for the upcoming mission.

He looked around again. No one watching him as far as he could tell. Grinning, he pulled out his laptop and placed his hand on the hard drive. The machine sprung to life.

Time to hack the SEA private documents.


Agent W looked up, only to see his savior as Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Whatever was messing with his eyes was still influencing him. He blinked several times, only for the picture to shift from Schindler to Legolas to Matt Smith.

"T-Thanks," he stammered, straightening. "I... Er... Do you happen to know if there is an eye implant jammer around here?"


T finished her meal and got up, walking outside. It was still half an hour until briefing time. Looking around, she saw a familiar face.

"Hiya, Osvald!"
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: Akuma Killer July 10, 2013, 11:30:08 PM
*1st Person*
I trained as hard as I can to get to where I am right now...

...and I have dish cleaning duty.

Great. I didn't know you were suppose to be 18 to start training, I just thought you can come over here. Oh well. Beats staying at home and doing nothing. At least I have a week till I can start training. Better tell my artist to wait till the OCs are 18 before sending them in. Anyways, that's the last of the dishes... By manipulating the air around the dishes, I speed up the dish drying. Just one more week...
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: EeveeandAbsol July 10, 2013, 11:32:12 PM
Dr. Vogues continued to be silent for a moment...

Then he spoken, W's eyes suddenly being able to work again, "Not anymore." he simply said, turning his back to W and walking away.
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: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 10, 2013, 11:37:51 PM
"You said you wanted to look at alien biology incase other species came as either Sues or Hunters," The Mental said. He tossed Alistar a packet from the folder. "Start with something you're familiar with - A Time Lord."
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: Nask July 10, 2013, 11:50:18 PM
Osvald heard T's voice and looks up to see a fellow bow user, or at least what's closest to a bow user in this place.
"Greetings, Agent T. How's your day?" He greeted formally, hints of his native accent can be noticed. If anything, an average person would've mistaken Osvald as someone from somewhere in the northern parts of Europe.
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: MisterGreen July 11, 2013, 12:04:39 AM
Jared was in the cafeteria, satisfying his appetite. His partner Melissa, didn't really look approving.

"Come ON Melissa, just get off the laptop for ONE second. Here, have some sandwich." Melissa stared at him, flashing him a dirty look.

"Jared," Melissa said, "After our little mishap in our last mission, I don't think it's the time to be messing around, eating, and the sort. We HAVE to become more efficient if we want to become better at our jobs." The strain in Melissa's forehead continued to grow, as she feverishly typed away.

"Whatever you say..." Now by now, Jared had known Melissa for at least a year, and he was growing tired of her formal, work-first personality. While they did make a pretty damn good team, he felt like the best way they actually COULD become more efficient, was if they...well, bonded and got to understand each other. Instead, missions had become a race to see whether or not Melissa could save the Sues from their hideous fates, or if Jared had to step in and eliminate them. Jared sighed, before addressing his partner again. "Melissa...don't you think we could try being, you know, more effective TEAMMATES?"

"Don't be ridiculous. Our approach is fine and our execution is awful. Just try taking it more seriously and we wouldn't have had that mishap." Melissa didn't address Jared for the rest of his meal.

Partners will be partners.
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: Bolverk July 11, 2013, 12:15:20 AM
Oliver had notice that the Physical results weren't sent through the PCD (Personal Communication Devices). Every S.E.A. member has a PCD on their persons, it is issued the moment they are signed in and under oath. It is very reliable like that of an Android Smartphone, but 3 times better. They must be having a glitch or something. Oliver was not too bright when it comes to computers. He was never a computers guy hell. He still do not know how to type properly. He kept walking through the fitness center and into the cafeteria. The Cafeteria was a rather large place, with stainless steel furniture and furnishing in random areas. The kitchen in the back with some of the chefs working hard to feed the hunters with food. Decent food. He walked up to the lines and saw the young girl working hard like normal drying dishes. "Glad you're working as hard as ever." Oliver said to the soon to be eighteen girl.


Soon Avery found himself walking past a newbie who is staring at a wall. But Avery did not acknowledge his existence either so he skipped past him. He was busy anyway, waiting for the physical results to be posted into their PCDs, looking to get some quick money, so he can get more money at the fancy casinos a few miles down from the large building. He was now leaning against the window. His violet attire somewhat shimmering in the afternoon sun. He spotted Dr. D to which Avery greeted the middle age man with a warm "Good afternoon."
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: Akuma Killer July 11, 2013, 12:38:25 AM
*3rd Person*

Kazami sighed.

"Thanks for the compliment. I've worked really hard on all my chores since I came to this place."

She continues to dry her dishes, while occasionally glancing at Oliver.

"But I can't just wait till I turn 18 soon...then my training will start, correct?" She ask the Vice.
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: Slider Eclipse July 11, 2013, 12:49:28 AM
Dr D looked over to the senior Agent before brightening up his smile. " ahh good afternoon. i take it mornings around here aren't always this dull?" he said, a little faux Cheerfulness ringing behind his otherwise disturbingly calm and emotionless tone.


Meanwhile Midnight Aura was getting bored,  "man it shouldn't be taking them this long to give us a mission.." she said before letting loose a yawn and looking at her window. " hmm.. i don't think anyone will mind if i take a short nap.." she said as she sidestepped casually to her window and nudged it open. with one last scan around to make sure nothing was going to happen she hopped out the window and created a small cloud to land on just below the seal.. then curled up on it and began to snore.
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: JackMcDack July 11, 2013, 12:55:22 AM
Clark stood at the firing range, admiring his newest, and final, collection to his loadout; the Flare Revolver. It was quite a while in the making, and he even needed help from the Pyro at one point, but it was finally done. Making weapons for a living acquired him this weird habit of always feeling incredibly more proud than he felt from the last weapon he made. The last one-the combat shotgun-had him staring at the weapon and admiring it for a few minutes before firing it. There was no telling how long he'd be staring at this one...


"Sorry boys, four Queens takes the pot." Cynthia said, making her once stoic face become a smirk as everyone else at the table groaned. Whether it be with caps, pre-war money, whatever currency is used in the future, clothes, or just for fun, she was really, really damn lucky when it came to poker. She had been waiting around, killing time until her PCD rang, until she saw someone break out the cards. She simply couldn't help herself, even if there was no real money involved, so she got a chair and joined in along with some of the others who were waiting. She crossed her legs and sat back in her chair, shuffling the cards that had been handed to her. "Now then," she said, dealing out the cards, "5-card stud, deuces wild, 10's or better to open..."


Anybody sitting in the cafeteria probably noticed Pyro sitting there completely still. It's head was tilted down at it's place, which held naught but a single piece of cheese pizza. It seemed to be staring intently at it, as if it was having a debate as to whether it wanted to take off the mask and eat it, which made a small number of people curious enough to stare at the Pyro in case it did. Slowly, it's hands started hesitantly going up, and then back down, then back up, then down again, repeating the same mental battle over and over...
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: The Element Commander July 11, 2013, 06:28:36 AM
Marcus looked up to see Caroline looking at him. He politely dipped his head in respect, with her being one of the first and all. That, and their previous indirect encounter involving a blender didn't go so well. "A-Ah! Ms. Walker!" he stammered, "Good day to you! I was just off to deliver some papers to Mr. Pierce, but he seems to have gone for lunch. ...His scent is getting mixed with others, so I might be losing his trail. Do you happen to know where he went? ...Also, I don't think I've formally introduced myself. My name is Marcus Sucram." He held out a single hand to shake, only for the envelope in his other hand to fall and have its contents spill everywhere.
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: EeveeandAbsol July 11, 2013, 09:42:25 AM
Caroline watched Marcus not only notice her, but he seemed to be ducking his head immediately after. Recalling the blending incident caused the Vampiress to slightly blush and look away from the trainee until he approached her. And after hearing his little introduction, she could tell he was in a hurry, and... Possibly embarrassed to be around her, "Um... Hello." she daintily shook his hand with but a thumb and finger, and heard the envelope fall.

"Maybe this kid is just clumsy..." without much thought, Shadows started completely wrapping around the envelope from underneath and lift off the ground up to Marcus's hand, the darkness unveiling the envelope unharmed and hanging gently once it lifted from the ground.
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: Bolverk July 11, 2013, 11:39:42 AM
Oliver nodded to Kazami "That's correct. I may have you and Marcus go ahead and participate in the training session starting tomorrow, once I get Chief's approval. Besides, we're low on employment." He is also worried about the S.T.F. (Sue Termination Faction) announcement to recruit young teenagers into their hunting divisions. S.T.F. is one of the biggest competitors S.E.A has for 8 years now. Though they are supposedly "allies" to reserve the artistic and literary worlds they are the complete opposite on how hunting works. They consider any Sue minor or major to be a threat and take things to the extreme. While the S.E.A wanted to learn and save the ones who needed saving.


Avery sighed, from the question Dr. D asked, already he's getting mistaken as a senior agent. It must be his facial hair that making people mistaken him like that. "I'm about as bored as you Dr. D." Avery answered honestly.
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: LinkFTW July 11, 2013, 12:09:33 PM
"C'mon, c'mon," F muttered to himself, keeping his hand on the laptop. Screen after screen of private information flashed by him as he continued cracking through password after password. It was almost too easy overriding the security.

The first thing he did was pull up his profile. Yep, they misspelled his name AGAIN. Groaning in annoyance, he made the proper corrections and moved on.

It took a long while, but he eventually found what he was looking for. The list of the physical exam results for the newbies. The first thing he did was check for his name. There. Then he checked for W's.

The laptop exploded when he read the results.


"Thanks!" W called after him. Now it was time to get back to business. Tracking down the Einstein that had stolen his-


He had to go to briefing or T would kill him.

He took off down the hall.


"It's been... Pretty rough. The other two are kinda MIA right now," T shrugged. "Yourself?"
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: Kimoto July 11, 2013, 02:15:55 PM
After staring at the wall for a little longer, Marron took down the hall, towards the cafeteria, purposefully walking in a way that would get in the way of others and run into them, without even noticing they were there.

And it was fairly slow too.
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: The Element Commander July 11, 2013, 02:29:04 PM
Marcus looked at the envelope, now back in his hand. "Uh... thanks." he said, unsure of what exactly to say. "I have to find Mr. Pierce," he repeated, "Have you seen him anywhere? If not, that's quite all right." Remember what he was told when he joined the agency, he politely asked, "Also, are they any errands for me to run? Places to clean, dishes to wash, patients to talk to?"
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: Nask July 11, 2013, 02:45:21 PM
"...Manageable if looking for the right word, but better than before." Osvald answered. He's still have some difficulties to adjust, name the fish out of the water situation between things that people in the modern world takes for granted that his world did not have or something that's considered a luxury in some aspects. Especially when some things ends up in a awkward subject where they had to teach him in his first days.

Back to the subject on hand... "Still need to get moving again after lunch though."

His wanderlust is still going strong. Lunch break is one of times for Osvald to stop wandering around, to take it easy for the body and the mind to reflect and prepare for the next time.
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: TomJackal July 11, 2013, 03:05:22 PM
Alistair caught the packet. "RIght, now I remember. Thank you Mental. I'll take a look at this right away."
Akira finally got to the cafeteria, and quickly headed to the coffee machine. Sweet, sweet caffeine... Except, the machine was broken. "... 雌犬の息子..."
Keith, meanwhile, was still on his way to the cafeteria.
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: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 11, 2013, 03:53:19 PM
"Would you like me to leave the rest here, or to help in any way?" The Mental asked.
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: Slider Eclipse July 11, 2013, 05:22:42 PM
Dr. D frowned a little at his answer but otherwise kept his normal demeanor. " .. i see... lets hope they give us our assignments soon or heads might roll..." he responded.
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: Bolverk July 11, 2013, 06:44:46 PM
"It's not like missions happen on a whim." Avery pointed out continuing to lean against the window leading to the outside.


Suddenly the Chief's PCD rang with a loud buzz in her pocket. If Akira looked at the caller I.D. It was one of the Experienced Hunter's names.

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 11, 2013, 06:51:42 PM
"I think I should be able to handle this myself. I'll buzz you on the communicators with any questions. You can just leave the rest on that desk over there." Alistair replied, already going through the packet.
"What the...?" She grabbed the PCD out of her coat and looked at the I.D. "That's weird..." Setting aside the oddity, Akira shrugged and answered the call. "Hello?"
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: Bolverk July 11, 2013, 07:11:45 PM
"HeLlO aKiRa YoShIdA. cHiEf Of S.e.A." It was a raspy voice and electronically giving that anonymous feel behind the call. Obviously, it was not one of the hunter's that was using the phone. Whoever this voice is it definitely means business.

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 11, 2013, 07:36:24 PM
T smiled. "Yeah, it's important that we be productive, or else Chief will..." she shivered, remembering that time F had somehow managed to set fire to half the building. "But anyways... haven't seen you around the Archery Range recently. Is there something wrong?"
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: Kimoto July 11, 2013, 07:55:21 PM
Marron stopped as soon as he had gotten to the Cafeteria, and just stood there in the doorway, staring into space.
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: Slider Eclipse July 11, 2013, 08:14:15 PM
Dr D just stood there silent for several seconds, his eye twitching slightly before he recomposed himself. " is that so?.. say.. have you ever played duel monsters before?" he asked before pulling out a pair of identical decks
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 11, 2013, 08:16:34 PM
Akira simply groaned at the reply she got. "Alright, who are you and what do you want."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 11, 2013, 08:25:34 PM
"Got it," The Mental said, strolling out of the medbay, humming a three-part song.
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: Bolverk July 11, 2013, 08:28:45 PM
"That is none of your concern on who I am," The voice remarked, "and don't bother tracking this PCD. We are going to give you a meeting place anyway. You may even broadcast this call to get your other hunters informed. As of current Akira Yoshida, we have 4 of your Experienced Hunters in our grasp waiting to be experimented and turn 'into one of us.' You know how dangerous a Hunter turned into a Sue can be you know giving all details of your defenses and contingency plans which get rid of those and you have the collapse of a Sue Hunting Organization. So I want to make a deal." The voice chuckled. He paused clearing his throat.


Avery shrugged at Dr. R. "If its card you're talking about I know Blackjack, Poker, Solitaire and stuff I'm kinda clueless as to what Duel monsters are." 
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 11, 2013, 08:34:22 PM
"So, what do you want in exchange for these four hunters...?"
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: Nask July 11, 2013, 08:37:34 PM
Osvald shivers as well. Chief have indeed master the skill of intimidation. Then he answers T's question as he closed his book, the cover is obviously a Forgotten Realms book. "Nothing. Have been going around in the park lately to keep up the other aspects of my training." Other aspects such as his other skills as a ranger. Tracking, Survival, Hiding, Listening, the other skills. If T had pay attention to the news or rumors, they would mention about a man in tatter clothes hiding and stalking around in the park... Who at times checking on the ground or eating squirrels.

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 11, 2013, 08:40:54 PM
"I would like you to send a representative. You, Pierce, The Mental or Shroud are not to be your representatives in the deal. We want someone from your law firm to do the dealing. We will give you more details of the deal once your representative meet us at Icicle Mountain SSB Fandom. Should you fail or refuse to send a representative and only a representative to Icicle Mountain. Your hunters will be 'sued'. Should you or any of the personnel I said above or any member of SEA other than the representative is spotted; Your hunters will be 'sued'. We have followers that are loyal to us and keeping a close eye on the area. I await for your response in an hour." The call ended with a beep. Sued is a jargon that the Sues say when they convert someone into their kind. It's a harmless process physically.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 11, 2013, 08:42:01 PM
Dr. D let out a sigh. " of course you don't.. different world and all that i suppose.." he grumbled before putting the decks away and walking off without even saying good bye.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 11, 2013, 08:42:45 PM
T nodded. "I understand." she had not heard of said rumors, mostly because she wasn't the one to really keep up to date on the news around SEA. In fact, the last time she was up-to-date on anything was back when she first graduated. And even then, it was simply what food was served in the cafeteria. "Well, I think it's almost time for briefing..."


"Dude, where were you?" W asked as he passed F in the halls. He took note of F's singed looking appearance. "And what happened?"

F remained silent, his features set in a rather cranky look. He just kept running in front of W, his scouter now on the right way. W, kind of used to F ignoring others because something was on his mind by now, just followed him.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 11, 2013, 08:45:52 PM
Akira sighed, then started to flip through her PCD. Once she found the number she wanted, she dialed it. All she had to do was wait for Agent T to pick up.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 11, 2013, 08:50:38 PM
T's PCD buzzed. Giving Osvald an apologetic smile, she checked the caller ID, raised an eyebrow, and answered.

"This is T."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 11, 2013, 08:53:21 PM
Osvald nodded. He gets up and picks up his tray as there's some jobs for him to do, along with getting out into the wilderness. "Same as well..." Then his hearing heard ringing, a artificial sound of vibration and T answered it. From the looks of it, it is something important, so the ranger nodded to T and goes to leave the area to continue his day. He has his own work to do as T has her's, just to keep things productive for the agency.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 11, 2013, 08:57:08 PM
"T, pack your bags. You're off to Icicle Mountain on a diplomatic mission. Super Smash Brothers fandom. No questions."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 11, 2013, 08:58:36 PM
"Of course, Chief. I'll let F and W know immediately."

T naturally assumed that she wanted the entire team there. She began walking to her room to get her things ready. Icicle Mountain... it was freaking cold. She would need her warmest winter coat, her best snow boots, and her flaming arrows. Her grappling arrows would come in handy too...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 11, 2013, 09:15:24 PM
The Mental turned the corner... And ran right into T. For his 6 foot tall, skinny frame, there seemed to be quite a bit of weight behind him. He stumbled back a bit. "Oh, are you ok?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 11, 2013, 09:21:32 PM
Crisp was walking through the hallways, chewing on a bit of celery and playing with a newpaper hat that he had recently made. He was in the process of putting it on his head when he saw Agent T and the Mental. "Good evening, gents. What appears to be the event?" he inquired, tipping his paper hat at them.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 11, 2013, 09:37:13 PM
T fell on her bottom. "Oomph! S-Sorry! I'm okay though, I hope you are." she turned to Crisp. "The team and I are heading out on a mission... and I really should get going, so sorry that I can't talk more!" she dashed off.

Her communication channel with Akira was still activated, in case she needed anymore information.


Meanwhile, F and W managed to get messages from T.

"... Sounds urgent," W remarked.

F just glared at him and kept running towards his room. W raised an eyebrow and followed. Their Cold Weather Packs were already packed and everything. They just needed to run in, grab them, and run out. They did so, but F stopped for a few moments to grab a notebook before running out. If the two knew their partner well enough, T would be waiting for them somewhere near the Transport Deck.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 11, 2013, 09:57:05 PM
"Mission?" The Mental inquired to himself, not quite noticing Crispy. "Must be pretty important if I, a veteran, don't know of it, while a new agent does." He shrugs. "Oh well." He turns around, and sees Crispy. "Oh. A pony. Hello."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 11, 2013, 09:59:37 PM
Crisp nodded back at the Time Lord. "Hey, mate. Maybe we should see what Akira's up to. Things are getting awfully repetitive around here, and that never bodes well..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 11, 2013, 10:27:27 PM
"True," The Mental said. "I don't think you'd have the clearence in, so..." The Mental turned around and started briskly walking away. "Bye."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Kimoto July 11, 2013, 10:30:35 PM
Marron stared blankly into the Cafeteria for another minute, before wandering aimlessly. Normally he would be messing with people, but also often enough he'd blank out, and just wander while staring, not saying a thing. He bumped into pretty much everyone in the Cafeteria, before he finally grabbed someone unimportant, and stared them in the eye.

"... Get me a Ham Sandwhich." He grinned as he said it, and the person he grabbed ran off to get it without a word, his Hypnotism having kicked in. It'd be great if he wouldn't abuse it...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 11, 2013, 11:56:14 PM
Caroline shook her head, "I don't know where he is, nor do I have anything for you to do." she stated simply. Almost a bit uncomfortably.

She turned her back to Marcus and started walking away, as if the conversation never had happened almost.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 12, 2013, 02:42:53 AM
So...they are starting training to recruits such as I, earlier then expected.
"Heh... I guess this is my early birthday present then: to start training earlier."
I continue drying the dishes, this time by using a rag.
"Thanks... But may I ask why there's low employment right now?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 12, 2013, 06:34:37 AM
Crisp rolled his eyes at the Mental's receding back. "That's what happens when you live for several centuries," he mused to himself, as he walked in the opposite direction and put his paper hat back on.  "You get a bit stuffy, like an old library." He was growing restless, however, and started looking for a mission to take, or for trouble to get into if no mission was forthcoming.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 12, 2013, 07:52:54 AM
Marcus raised an eyebrow at the sight of Caroline just walking away. "...What's up with her?" he mumbled under his breath. Shrugging, he went off to search for the Vice. If the sign on his door said he was out for lunch, the cafeteria was the most logical choice. At times like these, he had to follow his brain instead of his nose because scents were getting quite mixed now.

Walking into the cafeteria, he waved to Kamuzi, whom he saw at the corner of his eye. "Mr. Pierce?" he said out loud and loud enough that his voice echoed around the room, "Are you here?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 10:43:27 AM
T was already packed and ready to go by the time F and W reached the Transport Deck. She was wearing what equaled to be a parka, complete with a backpack full of climbing gear. Her bow and quiver of arrows were at her side.

"Took you two long enough," she said.

W rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry... F had to make a pit stop or two along the way."

F rolled his eyes. "When a guy's gotta go, he's gotta go. Now, where's our ride? Or are we taking the Loftwing? And what exactly are we doing anyways? Geez, Chief Lady really expects us to go on this mission without any info? Is she stupid or what?"

"Ygg..." W warned. "I really wouldn't say that about her. You know how scary she could be..."

"I told you not to call me that," F muttered. "And she ain't scary at all."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 11:14:08 AM
The Mental pulls out his PCA and dialed in Akira's number.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 12, 2013, 02:13:52 PM
Akira was heading back to her office when the Time Lord called her. She picked up the call quickly. "What do you need, Mental?" she said. Usually that'd be said in a snotty "the hell d'you want" kind of way, but Chief said it in more of a "How can I help" way.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 02:29:38 PM
"So, considering how winded she sounded, how did I not hear about the mission T and her team are going on?" The Mental said, heading into the parking garage.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 12, 2013, 02:38:19 PM
"Because you weren't supposed to. And if you go, the mission is jeopardized. I told her it was diplomatic, but it's more of a rescue. I was supposed to send a representative to Icicle Mountain that wasn't myself, Shroud, Vice, or you. Apparently some sues got a hold of four of our more experienced members."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 12, 2013, 05:05:33 PM
He give a motion to the young man who asked him. "We are underemployed because we had a low graduate rate this year. Most people had chickened out during the training and we don't get enough paid interns." He explained to Kazami before he turned his attention and he quickly wave to Marcus that he is present. "What is it Marcus?" Oliver asked the intern.

Avery nodded to Dr. D and headed for the library.


Three people are standing in front of a door to the electrical room. They look like any normal newbie basic clothing with gear that they carry. Two of them are looking out for any one approching while the person in the middle decoded the security into the electrical room. Which the young man in the middle, short blonde hair, blue eyes and a wide grin. "I'm in." He said as he opened the door and went in. The door was closed and the two hang across the hall from the door near by the glass window. Also checking for anyone who comes. More than likely, they are not going to know that they are sabotaging the place while they are dressed up like newbies.

Another Three people are going to be checking into the Library. The Library contains all the information about the sues in many subjects from Psychology, Techniques, Different Types of Sues and etc. These three people are also to sabotage S.E.A. with explosives. they randomly pick a book up as if they are studying it and placing a very small but high power explosive in the books.

The last three are in the cafeteria, one of them giving a sandwich to Marrion while the other two are stalling pretending to be eating in far areas of the cafeteria waiting for the signal to cause a huge hit in the building. Hopefully to cripple S.E.A. They are all in disguise as well. 

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 12, 2013, 05:20:36 PM
Crisp walked around the halls aimlessly, whistling a random little tune and deliberately not looking where he was going. He was hoping that if he kept this up long enough, then the Law of Narrative Causality would ensure that something interesting would happen. He was wearing a saddlebag containing the Infinity Binder, in case the ensuing shenanigans turned violent.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 12, 2013, 05:23:19 PM
Marcus ran over to where Oliver was. "Mr. Pierce, here are some papers that someone has requested me to give you." He handed the envelope to the Vice, adding, "I didn't look to see what they were."

He then turned to Kazami. "Thanks for waiting for me. Let me finish these with you."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 12, 2013, 05:32:09 PM
As a result of his wanderings, Crisp found himself in front of the Library. "Hmm...I could do with another book to read. I wonder if that shipment of new issues of Origami Today came in yet..." Having nothing better to do, Crisp pushed open the door, and walked right in. Standing in front of the big bookcases, he took a god whiff of that "fresh new paper" smell. "Aaaah..." he sighed. "Nothing like the scent of fresh paper."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 12, 2013, 05:36:38 PM
Kazami nods.

So underemployment...

Just noticing Marcus, she waves.

"So you are Marcus I assume? I'm Kazami." She turns to him and asks.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 12, 2013, 05:52:11 PM
"Yeah, I'm Marcus. I'm known as the Spirit Master and I'm also a werewolf when the full moon comes out, if you haven't heard suspicious howling on certain nights." He reached into the sink and pulled out a sponge to help Kazami with the dishes.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 08:25:40 PM
"So, it was a smart choice to send a lesser known agent, then," The Mental commented. "But I think all three going may make it a little cumbersome."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 12, 2013, 08:54:01 PM
"I didn't want her to take F, but she's probably gone off already. So my hands are a little tied at this point."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 09:01:26 PM
"Would you like me to recall him?" The Mental said. "I could make some BS of wanting to see his weapon designs, and maybe have W use them. Unless you think T needs W."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 12, 2013, 09:03:32 PM
Kazami nods. So Marcus...

"Huh, that's neat.  All I have is air manipulation. I mean, it's not much but...It's really versatile, right?"

Kazami have seen Marcus take a sponge to help clean the dishes.

Mental Note: Thank Marcus later. This amount of dishes that needs to be cleaned is going to take awhile...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 12, 2013, 09:18:33 PM
"The people making the demands said one representative. We're screwed if anyone else shows up. Get W and F recalled."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 09:33:11 PM
"Yes ma'am," The Mental said with seriousness. He quickly hung up on her, and quickly went through the numbers in the database and called T.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 09:46:45 PM
T answered. "Agent T here. We're boarding the Loftwing."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 09:47:51 PM
"This is the Mental. I have additional information. Open up speaker phone. Do not board yet."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 09:50:14 PM
T opened speaker and called the guys to her. W have F a nervous glance, sensing this had something to do with him. F remained nonchalant, but his mind did wander back to the exploding laptop incident earlier that day.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 09:57:44 PM
"This is a solo mission," The Mental started. "Rachel Truong, known as Agent T, was given this mission. Yggdrasil Fishburne and Alex Whitman, Agents F and W, are to return to training ASAP." There was a slight pause, and before any of the three could fill it, The Mental continued in an offhand way. "By the way, Yggdrasil. Amazing name. I'd want to meet your parents if they're around."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 12, 2013, 09:59:16 PM
Crisp immediately made a beeline for the magazine section, accidentally jostling three rookie agents on his way over. he quickly rain his eyes over their selection of magazines, from all corners of the multiverse.

He had only eyes for one specific magazine though, and when he saw it, he let out a rather undignified "squee" noise, snatched it up, and rushed over to the quiet study area to read it. He accidentally knocked down one of the rookies this time.

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 10:02:35 PM
The reaction was pretty immediate. T could only watch in slight shock as W immediately launched a string of protests, mostly concerning her safety, the fact that he was team leader, and more or less hunting at a slightly more than professional relationship. F, on the otherhand, kinda just stood there sputtering. After all, there was a reason why he adopted F as a moniker. It was partially to sound cool and partially to hide that sham of a name.

"And you can't honestly expect her to go alone without some back up, it's illogical! And only myself and F can pilot the Loftwing and you can't really expect me to simply let her skip off to dangerous territory without a means to protect her and..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 10:06:23 PM
The Mental went right back to serious. "SILENCE, W!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 12, 2013, 10:07:07 PM
Crisp was quietly reading his fresh new copy of Origami Today, when he suddenly smirked. He could hear W's ranting even from here. That kid was loud.

"That's adorable, that is. I'll never understand why humans can never spit it out..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 10:14:07 PM
W shut up immediately, but was obviously still seething. T finally spoke. "Right, Sir. They're going. Anything else?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 10:22:35 PM
"Good," The Mental said as he started walking. "I'll be at the hanger in a second. I want F anyway."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 10:24:27 PM
W gave F a questioning look. F shrugged and sourly started heading towards the door. W followed him, after giving T a quick hug. Hopefully none of the security cameras picked that up. Things had to be kept mum, after all.

T fidgeted uncomfortably, wondering what mission was so important that she couldn't even bring her own team with her.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 10:29:39 PM
The Mental was at the door to the hangar as F and W approached it. "You're clear to go, Agent T," he said as he closed the door after F and W. "F, you have some weapon designs made up, right?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 10:48:59 PM
"Yes, sir," F mumbled. He winced slightly as T boarded the Loftwing and took off.

"God, I should be there with her..." W said quietly, watching her leave.


Thanks to the Loftwing's warp speed drive, T made it to her destination in record time. As she exited the craft, she took a look around at the snowy drifts before her. She hoped there was a cave nearby. Even though SEA training had taught her the proper way to scale a mountain, she hated doing it due to her small size and lacking strength compared to the guys.

"Hello? Anyone home?" she called.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 10:57:17 PM
"W, maybe firing off some prototypes can help," The Mental said, trying to distract the two agents.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 10:58:04 PM
W sucked in breath. "V-Very well... shall I show you to F's lab?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 11:00:36 PM
"I believe F can," he said curtly.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 11:06:18 PM
"Sorry," W said, submitting to... something.

F didn't let his smirk show, but there was a considerable amount of new bounce in his stride as he led the way to his lab. After going through all the ridiculous amount of security procedures, including but not limited to a hair-style scan, F allowed the two into his lab.

The first thing that met both W's and the Mental's eyes were all the gadgets and guns. They lined the walls, going up the ceiling, and were just everywhere. There were big guns, small guns, giant tanks, and a random thing that looked like a coffee mug. As F led them through, he tossed W a few guns to go test. Once said agent was in the Testing Room and firing away, F turned to the Mental.

"What do you think?" F asked, gesturing to W testing out a gun that encased the target in what equaled to be a giant gold cocoon. At the same time, he was attempting to nonchalantly hide a file on his desk.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 11:08:20 PM
The Mental noticed F put something away, but didn't draw attention to it, not even seeing what it was. "It's interesting. What are the effects on the inside?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 11:11:53 PM
"The cocoon is porous enough to allowing breathing, while at the same time being made of a special material that is both flame and ice resistant," to demonstrate this, he had W blast both a heat ray and an ice ray at it. Special guns surrounding the target did the same on the inside. "Not only that, but any form of ripping or tearing at the cocoon will only cause the walls to thicken..." W slashed at it with claws while the target tried shredding it with blades. "Sooner or later, the walls will thicken to the point where it obstructs oxygen... causing unconsciousness, but long enough will cause death. One more blast of the gun to the same cocoon will remove it." F grinned. "I'm proud of it. Any questions?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 11:15:05 PM
"How much does it gorw per blow? Is it proportional to the damage caused or a set amount?" the Mental mused.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 12, 2013, 11:15:44 PM
"Air manipulation is fine!" Marcus said, grabbing another grimy dish to wash from the giant stack of dishes near him. "I have thirty abilities, but I'm only allowed to use seven of them after joining SEA. But hey, I'm cool with it. Also, one of my powers if making a strong gust of wind. You can use it to your advantage when I use it if you want."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 11:17:39 PM
"A couple centimeters with each blow," F answered. "Not fun for those Sues with rapid abilities."


T sipped hot chocolate, checking the Loftwing's vitals. Everything seemed normal, except for the heavy amount of Sue in the air. Yes, this seemed to be the right place, but she was nervous. After all, she had never before been on a mission without her two brothers-at-arms. Well, okay, maybe W was more than a brother, but that wasn't really important right now. She squinted into the snow, hoping there was someone coming for her.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 11:19:15 PM
"Can he hear us?" the Mental said, slightly motioning to W. "Cause I didn;t see what you put away. Kinda curious."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 11:21:33 PM
F twitched. No one was supposed to see that. "No... he can't hear us. And sir, I assure you, what I put away is none of your concern." he put on a fake smile. "Would you like to see another gun?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 11:29:16 PM
The Mental was silent for a moment before shrugging. "Fine, I'll drop it. But if it becomes important, I will ask again." With that, he turns to the window. "Sure, give him another."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 11:30:57 PM
F nodded and waved to W, who blasted the cocoon away and picked up another gun...

... Only to drop it and clutch his head like he was getting some kind of migraine.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 11:34:34 PM
The Mental ran forward, and helped W up. "Agent W, are you ok?!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 12, 2013, 11:36:27 PM
W's eyes were going nuts. Right now, he was seeing Willy Wonka. "Ngh... j-just a headache... Mr. Wonka..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 12, 2013, 11:37:49 PM
"I'll keep it in mind. So what are you at S.E.A for?"
Grabbing yet another dirty dish, she continue to wash them.
Geez...How many dishes there are?!
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 12, 2013, 11:42:25 PM
"This is gonna be a risk..." The Mental pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver, and pointed it at both eyes, trying to turn the implants off as the bulb glowed green.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 13, 2013, 12:41:07 AM
A burst of grey fire appeared several feet behind of Agent T out of the flames A silver haired man with heterochromia eyes, one blue and one red with a scar on it. He tends to fashion in silver and black. A silver jacket, a black vest underneath, and black pants with silver lining at the feet and silver boots. On his arms one of them is mechanical black metal arm and he carries a silver pocket watch in his pocket. His demonic tail wave back and forth. "Are you the representative?" Asked the young Stu. His eyes gleaming at the girl. He was excited that his deal is being heard. Usually, Sue hunters don't make deal with Sues. He was well aware of what he is getting into but he was going to make his dream come true.
Oliver was looking over the papers that Marcus had given him. It was an update on the other organizations and what they are investing or planning. The news stated that S.T.F. is now going to train younger people to be in the hunting division of their organization. Oliver shook his head as he went on reading the other sue hunting organizations. Investment in more advanced guns from the E.A.S.T (Elimination and Assassination for Sue Tactics) A well-known organization that specialize in Assassination. L.S (Literature Savior) is investing in making relations with Creative Liberty in foreign countries. It always interests him on what other organizations are doing.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 13, 2013, 12:58:22 AM
Pyro, having sat there for some time, got up and walked out of the cafeteria, leaving his pizza. This wasn't anything odd; he'd been known to have done this before. What was odd was the fact that he returned, but something seemed to be clinging around in the air canister on his back. He sat himself back down and continued to stare at the pizza as if nothing had changed.


Cynthia, having been kicked out of the poker game (Along with the idiot who suggested playing with real money), found herself wandering the halls, coming to the Library. She found a copy of "The Giver", before sitting down in a chair and starting to open it up, before noticing who was near her.

"Oh, Crisp," She said, looking towards him. "Mildly long time no see."


Clark had finally finished admiring his gun, and started taking aim at a target.

"Alright, steady...aim...and..." Clark pulled the trigger. A flare shot out at the target, travelling a fair distance before making connection with the target. The resounding mini-explosion was slightly jarring on Clark's part, as he only expected it to set the target on fire.

"...Well...that was awesome." Clark pocketed his creation and started walking out of the room.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 13, 2013, 03:31:13 AM
Koemi stuttered through the corridors, seeming to flash in and out of existence rapidly in thirty foot intervals. Shouldn't have spent so long training, there's not going to be any food left when I get there! she thought as she neared the cafeteria. The former Sue popped into existence in the cafeteria, startling a newbie she didn't recognize as she teleported in next to him for the tiniest fraction of a second on her way to the food line, picking up a plate and a whole pizza with practiced ease before claiming her usual spot in the back corner of the cafeteria, a perfect vantage point from which to see without being seen.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 13, 2013, 06:52:38 AM
Crisp looked up from the section on "New and Exciting Folding Techniques," and saw Cynthia sitting there, with a copy of The Giver in her lap. "Oh! Hey, Cynthia!" he replied, smiling waving at her. "Just sitting here, reading a magazine and anticipating ensuing shenanigans."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 13, 2013, 08:20:04 AM
"I'm at SEA because, well, I wanted some more action. Also, it would be a nice thing to protect the world more and save those who are Sues." He picked up a greasy bowl this time. "I'm have been tempted to use a flooding move on these dishes, but I've been told not to use it because it's not one of my seven. ...Also, creating a flood might not be a good idea. ...And are we ever going to run out of soap?"

Marcus then turned to Oliver. "Mr. Pierce, Sir." he began, "After the dishes are finished, is there anything we should do next? Errands, cleaning, talking to patients?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 09:30:44 AM
T turned around and almost wrinkled her nose. Pure Stu dropped off the guy. Still, she was here for a diplomatic mission so she had to give him a berth. That didn't mean she wouldn't have a hand on her dagger at all times though.

"I am."


Mental's screwdriver didn't shut them down... But it did reset the implants.  For now, W's eyes took on the appearance of the matrix code. Until the implants were done resetting, he was prone. F, meanwhile, bent down and examined the gun.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 13, 2013, 12:05:54 PM
As everyone was out on their day... The intercom started to go off, a voice though not familiar to many people, even older members might even find it hard to recognize, the deep monotone voice of Dr. Vogues.

"Attention all SEA staff, this is Dr. Charles Vogues reporting an emergency situation concerning Agent Shroud. Agents W, F, Marcus Sucram, Kazami, Mr. Foster, and the Mental please report to my office immediately. Again, this is an emergency, report to my office immediately."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Kimoto July 13, 2013, 12:23:06 PM
Marron eventually got his sandwich... Though he was incredibly bored, so after that he had the guy go jump off a cliff in some unknown world, not caring about the consequences.

"... Bored... So Bored..." He started wandering the building again, eating his food, with his eyes half open.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 13, 2013, 12:33:46 PM
Clark looked up as he heard the announcement, and looked down at his gun afterwards.

"Well, I might actually get some use from you today." He said while looking down at the gun, before pocketing it and heading to Dr. BEES Vogue's office.


"Aren't we all?" Cynthia chuckled a bit, before noticing what he was reading. "Say, what exactly is Ori...Ora...that thing?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 13, 2013, 12:55:53 PM
Suddenly after the announcements, the Main building lights flickered going out a few seconds before turning back on again. Oliver pondered. "Yes Marcus, You heard Dr. Vogues. Report to him, Kazami you too, don't worry about the dishes. I gotta get someone to check the electricity room." Oliver said as he walk out of the cafeteria.
The people nearby the electricity room grimaced their own team mate had screwed up. "Shit." Said the female member. They will have to try again later once they are not in danger of someone spotting them. That means that the mission would be delayed along with the other members of their supposed raid team.
Suddenly as Cynthia read, "The Giver," She spotted a small electronic device on one of the pages. If Cynthia took time to analyze the device, it is a very powerful explosive.
The Stu smiled to Agent T. "Good, We'll deal out here. My followers are bringing your hunters as we speak. However, don't mistaken that I'm giving them to you Scott free." The Stu sat on a rock rather enjoying the cold breeze. "I only have two requests and once those two requests are completed, the hunters are free to go with their sanity still in tact." Agent T can feel The Stu's sickening aura, It can mean that he was a level seven. 
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 01:17:25 PM
T's grip on her dagger tightened. "Name them."

She didn't trust anything over a level 6. Especially not since the incident that involved her team being forced to obliterate half of the Kingdom Hearts fandom in order to stop a Sue. Luckily, the mission in question was only a training simulation exercise and not the real thing, but still.... That event had left T traumatized.


F looked up at the announcement. "Bad time to start resetting, Al..." hooking one arm under his teammate, he proceeded to try to drag W to Vogues' office. All the while, he was still holding onto the gun. He would need to look at it later.

W, meanwhile, was still conscious, but barely. He had a sense that there was something going on in the electrical room, probably messing with everything. It would take another ten minutes for him to reset. He groaned, hoping that everyone was okay.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 13, 2013, 01:21:44 PM
Marcus nodded and dried his hands. Gesturing to Kazami to come along, he ran off to wherever Dr. Vogues' office was. He had delivered a package there before, so he knew the route. "I wonder what's going on..." he mumbled to himself, "If it's an emergency, the interns are usually the last person anyone would call, unless it was a giant mess on the floor. ...Why are we mixed with professionals?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: MisterGreen July 13, 2013, 01:54:49 PM
Jared looked around the cafeteria for a long time after the announcements were heard. "Well...okay then..." he groaned, streching and yawning. Melissa too looked a little bit confused.

"What could possibly be happening to Shroud that required a SIX man body count..." Melissa pondered, finally looking away from her laptop. She looked at Jared for a second. Jared frowned, tapping his foot faster and faster. "More importantly, a Six Man Body Count that included TWO seventeen year olds..." Melissa was clearly bothered by what she was saying, but couldn't be bothered to expand upon it.

"Here...I'm going to go to the library Jared, you can follow if you deem it necessary."


As Melissa continued to research, now in the library. Jared sat in boredom. He saw two agents he barely knew conversing. One, Crisp, a Pony that had been saved from the hands of a Sue, almost like himself, and the other,Cynthia "Pin-Up" Lamarr. And with his partner barely acknowledging him, he took the chance to get acquainted to them.

"...Howdy, you two."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 13, 2013, 02:21:29 PM
The Mental was next to F as he swiped the gun from his quite rudely, and began inspecting it as he walked, occasionally using his sonic to scan it.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 13, 2013, 02:29:46 PM
The Stu smiled. "One, I would like a fully protected aircraft ride to the middle of the Pacific, There is a small island which will take my followers straight to 'Paradise'. Two, I want you to kill my Mundane." A sue or stu has different terms when they address their creator, Author being that they are used in original fiction, Animator as if they were drawn or sculptured to life, Mundane as they are used in role plays. In theory, if the Mun is dead so does the character. If the Author or Animator is dead, the characters won't die, but they won't be able to develop anymore than they are now.

Avery heard the announcements as he was reading in the library. He was a bit surprised that two of the interns are getting called in to a serious mission. "That is odd." He said. "If something is concerning Shroud, shouldn't there be more experienced hunters after her?" Then he realized something low employment. Oliver had talked that, this year had the lowest graduation rate and that some of the older workers are retiring. 
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 02:41:42 PM
The gun was an electronic device disruptor. Strangely, someone had messed with the settings so that the Wielder of the gun, not the Victim would get their electronic devices disrupted. No wonder W was out of it.

F kicked down the office door and rushed in, laying W down on the floor. Five minutes until he would be recovered.


T bit her lip. The requests seemed simple enough, and yet...

"Why should I? I need a reason other than 'I have your hunters'."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 13, 2013, 02:49:20 PM
As she munched on her pizza, Koemi surveyed the room. Something was giving her a bad feeling, probably the lights flickering right after that ominous announcement, and she was getting antsy. Either something big had to be going down soon or she'd eat her knives. Thinking of something new she could try, she finished eating, teleported her way across the cafeteria, startling the newbie again on her way through and started teleporting towards the library.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 13, 2013, 03:15:55 PM
Osvald was walking through the hallway, heading to the Teleporter Deck when the flickering lights and the announcement happened. He looks up and frowns for the moment, thoughts of concern are directed to the announcement as he couldn't care much about the flickering lights.

...Although, it did give him some suspicion, but that may be his caution toward tech. Then there's the fact that some of the Interns are part of the names mentioned in the announcement.

"...That doesn't mean I can go help them." The ranger mused. They are all SEA agents and know how to take care of themselves, plus the Mental, W, and F are with them. With that thought in mind, Osvald continue his way to the Teleporter Deck and start his mission in another fandom.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 13, 2013, 03:33:26 PM
The stu groaned. "Now, I can't say anything bad about my mundane or she will know that I am criticizing her." A click can be heard between both Agent T and the Stu. "The way she creates her characters are flawless, cutesy, powerful and totally original. I 'adore' her in every way because she created the 'most original' child of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye." He stood and spun around for emphasis,  "I 'love' every moment of my life, with the 'unique family. I can say all the good things about her because I am one of her perfect creations. I would soon have even more perfect brothers and sisters. My mundane is 'creative,' 'talented', and 'adaptable' You won't find another perfect character like me say 'good' things about her." He hoped that reason would translate into something ugly about his mundane being psychotic and deluded and giving the mun's plan out. At least the mundane can't tell the difference between sarcasm and seriousness. Even when her connection to the Stu is present.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 13, 2013, 03:50:16 PM
The Mental knelt down next to F and hissed into his ear, "Someone changed the setting on the disruptors in this and made it so it hits the user. Who has access to your lab?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 13, 2013, 04:02:00 PM
Just as Cynthia asked Crisp what Ori- Oreo- Oklahom- that paper thing was, she had noticed that a chip had been placed on the page she was on. Now, she knew her way around electronics-she could hack any terminal any day- but explosives were not her strong suit. She stared at the chip for a few seconds before hearing Jared greet her and Crisp.

"Oh, hello, Jared," She waved at him, "Say, do you know your way around electronics? Because this isn't any sort of locator chip I've seen." She gestured towards the chip.


Clark, meanwhile, had finally made it to Vogues' lab. He cleared his throat and waved casually to anyone in the lab, enough to make his presence known but not enough to severely distract anyone.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 04:10:44 PM
"No one, save my team," F hissed back.


T hesitated. "... Very well. Now return our hunters."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 13, 2013, 04:11:42 PM
"It's simply sculpture, only made by folding paper several times over," Crisp replied, only vaguely noticing some more people trickling into the library. "Huh," he thought. "Busy day toda-wait."

He quickly looked around, and counted how many people were in the library. "Three named characters, and goodness knows how many unnamed background characters. The only reason for so many people to come here is if there was something plot-relevant that was about to happen..."

He then looked at the suspicious chip in Cynthia's book "A piece of unknown technology, planted by some unknown entity..."

Crisp gulped. Things were about to get interesting, very quickly.

His horn glowed a little, and the Infinity Binder floated out of his saddlebag, flipping open to a random page. "It's probably nothing. Except I just thought that, which means I jinxed it, which means it is something! Horseapples!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: MisterGreen July 13, 2013, 04:30:46 PM
"Asking me about electronics is never a good idea. Though, I could definitely ask Melissa. She has her away for processing information...Melissa! Come over here..." Melissa groaned and walked over to the trio. "Look, do you recognize this little chip at all?"

After a minute or two of observing and analyzing details, she came to a conclusion. "This is definitely an explosive meant for you. But...I have no idea how it triggers. Let's be careful." Melissa frowned.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 13, 2013, 04:36:02 PM
"Not so fast. Arrange my Follower's Transportation First." He said, He saw a few of his followers holding the handcuffed hunters, they are older hunters, signs of bruises a few cuts and one of them had a nasty gash across his eyes. "In fact, I will release the more wounded two of the four out right now." The other follows released the one with the nasty gash on his eye and the other one with bruised face and his left arm in a cast. The followers stepped back from the hunters as they gingerly walk towards the Loftwing.

Avery walked over to the table where Crisp and Cynthia's group are gathered. "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation about explosives." Avery said as he walked over. 
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 13, 2013, 04:58:29 PM
Cynthia blanked and stiffened when she heard the word explosives. A close call with the Boomers had made her incredibly wary about the items, and she still shook a bit when she used frags or mines. She sat completely still, trying not to do anything she thought would trigger the item.

"Right. Explosive. Good. That's cleared up. Second question; Can someone please take the book."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 13, 2013, 05:22:39 PM
Koemi popped into the library next to a newbie, startling him into dropping everything he was carrying. "Sorry sugarcube," she said. Leaning over to help pick it all up, she noticed a bunch of small devices. "What are these?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: MisterGreen July 13, 2013, 05:28:50 PM
Jared stared at Avery, and slowly took the book from Cynthia and handed it to him. "Know how to deal with that small chip right there?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 13, 2013, 06:04:13 PM
Cynthia, meanwhile, curled up into a little ball and plopped on her side, quietly singing 'Johnny Guitar'.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 13, 2013, 06:50:11 PM
Crisp looked over at the entrance, and saw several more little black chips on the floor that resembled the bomb that Jared was holding. He paled a little (no mean feat, considering his white coat). "Uh, lads? I think that the plot is about to thicken. Suddenly, and violently, and with malice aforethought."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 13, 2013, 06:57:36 PM
Koemi met Crisp's eyes, recognizing the troubled expression on the pony's face. In a flash, she had a knife out and pressed against the newbie's throat. "Sugarcube, you are going to tell me exactly what these are and what you're doing here, or I'm going to gut you and feed you to our friendly neighborhood werewolf."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 07:19:42 PM
T narrowed her eyes but called the Chief. She didn't remove her hand from her dagger. After all, this Stu was asking for the equivalent to suicide. And he didn't look emo either.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 13, 2013, 07:51:38 PM
Avery took a good look at the device. "I'm afraid I don't know. I only know magic." Avery said he look back towards Koemi and Crisp. Koemi pressing the knife against the newbie's throat. However, the expression on the newbies face didn't show fear nor did it show any sign of worry. It was a calculating expression.

The newbie smiled and without warning. He then threw a headbutt into Koemi's skull knowing too well that blades of any kind would scratch his neck, to catch Koemi off guard and stumble into the desk behind her thus giving him distance, or better knock Koemi out and only worry about 5 people instead. Normally, he would have gotten cut at his throat; but, when the knife cut the collar of his shirt, The neck looked as if it was made of stone and only a small fracture of the neck was cut. He  then launch a mud ball which he then threw at the group and the ball separated and turned into a barrage of javelins which flew towards Cynthia, Avery, Crisp, Melissa, and Jared ready to pierce their flesh.

The Stu waited for T. He knew that his request was farfetched but he wanted this, he would've gone to SEA to ask for therapy but he would be shot instead because he was too far deep into the sue influence.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 13, 2013, 08:03:58 PM
Crisp yelped, and instinctively activated his magic. Several books leaped off the shelves, and formed a wall in front of himself and the others. The javelins, fast though they were, were not very sturdy, and three of them shattered against the now steely pages of the impromptu barrier. "I was right!" he yelled. "The plot is thickening! I repeat: the plot is thickening!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: MisterGreen July 13, 2013, 08:07:23 PM
Melissa breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank god for you Crisp." Jared however, his smirk turned into a stone face.

"I'll be right back" Jared muttered, and he flashed over the wall, above the newbie, and threw the knives, coated with electricity.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 13, 2013, 08:12:26 PM
Koemi slapped the device on her wrist, causing a purple and black suit to form around her. She grabbed the newbie with her suit-enhanced strength and held him up as an easy target for the others. "Get him, sugarcubes!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 13, 2013, 08:32:03 PM
Cynthia, having been laying on her side, rolled off the couch and snapped up. Upon seeing the man being held by Koemi, she did what anyone who had no weapons would do in this situation; she began wailing on the 'newbie' with a copy of Atlas Shrugged, the biggest book she could find.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 13, 2013, 10:14:28 PM
"Well, I'll rule you two out," The Mental muttered. "I'll want to see the blueprint and specs for this gun," he said to F.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 13, 2013, 10:37:40 PM
Akira was sitting in her office now when T called. She picked up almost immediately. "Agent T? Are you alright? Did the deal go smoothly?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 10:40:57 PM
"It would seem so, Chief," T answered. "The Sue demands two things in return for our hunters safe and sound... the first being safe passage of his men to an island that will lead them to paradise. The second is the elimination of his Mundane..."


"The plans are still in the lab," F said quietly. "And frankly, I think we have more important matters to discuss with Dr. Vogues."

W groaned as he blinked several times, his eyes almost done resetting. "Maybe I should've settled for... those teeth implants..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 13, 2013, 10:43:08 PM
"The guy wants you to off his creator...? Any beat on what level he is?" The transport thing was pretty simple. The other demand, however, was a bit odd. Akira needed more information.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 10:45:33 PM
T lowered her voice. "He smells terrible... definitely Level 7, at least. And yes, he wants to off his creator... he seems desperate, Chief."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 13, 2013, 10:51:46 PM
"True... Let's hear him out first." The Mental agreed.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 13, 2013, 10:53:00 PM
Akira sighed. She dropped her typical hard-ass-ness, and her voice softened a bit, taking a gentle tone. It was the voice she used when she was dealing with the Therapy Cases. Code said that Level 7s were to be eliminated on sight, but if this one was reaching out like this... then maybe there was a little hope. "Alright... Rachel, here's what I want you to do. I want you to give your communicator to the boy, and check on the agents he has in his possession. Tell him we'll give his friends their transport, and that I want to talk to him."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 13, 2013, 11:04:30 PM
Meanwhile the good Doctor was staring at W, F, and the Mental this whole time behind his glasses.

His room seemed oddly nice, like it was an attorney's office rather than a weapons creator. Files, potted plants, nice pictures, and even nice chairs in front of his desk which had a nice Mac on it, however, the Doctor was not so nice as the room... More like the stale smell of tobacco smoke in it instead, as Dr. Vogues was smoking a cigarette, finger over a ash tray. "Glad to see you both are done," he started, voice deeper and more raspy than it was over the intercom, "now, Mr. Foster, Marcus, and Kazami step forward." the man pulled out a manila envelope from under his desk and opened it.

Pushing the opened package forward, it showed a single picture, and a file... The picture showed the long blonde haired Vampiress, bound and gagged to a chair in a poorly lighten room, though it was clear that she was in her SEA uniform. But under was just the file, of the woman herself. "I think you three can handle this... Retrieve Ms. Walker safely from her captors, all they left was the location of where she's at... So obviously, it could be a trap. I want you all to kill on sight of any enemy, Sue or not." he said bluntly, giving Foster a slip of paper which held the address, and a pair of car keys, "GPS is in the car, now get the hell out of here."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 13, 2013, 11:07:32 PM
Marcus looked at the picture and couldn't believe his ears. "Us?! The three of us?! Kazami and I haven't even started training yet! I know you need all the help you can get, but I'm sure there are some other professionals in the facility more suited for the job. Why pick us?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 13, 2013, 11:09:58 PM
Suddenly as she tried to grab him his entire body completely turned into stone the knives clank off the body the knives dropping to the ground. Upon the sound of the knives, he turned into mud to slip away from Koemi's grip reforming a few feet from the entire group. Avery quickly cast a boost in speed at Koemi and Melissa. Avery isn't much of a fighter but he is a buffer and every buff counts. The newbie stomp the ground to form a mud pit for his advantage and threw mud bombs at Cynthia. Who ever he is, he is not a newbie at all.
The Young Stu continue to wait for Agent T as she was on the phone.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 11:14:13 PM
"Yes, ma'am," T said. She turned to the Stu. "My boss agrees to the transport... however, for the second request, she wishes to speak to you." she handed her phone over.


W blinked. "... I feel left out."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 13, 2013, 11:14:26 PM
Koemi teleported and plunged her hands into the mud boy's back, activating the contact points in her gloves to unleash a massive shock into him. Opening an emergency comm channel to everyone's PCDs in her helmet, she shouted, "We've got an unknown hostile in the library, he was disguised as a newbie until we engaged him! Be careful, he is armed and very dangerous and likely has support!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 13, 2013, 11:23:58 PM
"Quiet, W," The Mental said. "We'll probably get something different if they got retrieval."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 13, 2013, 11:25:36 PM
Meanwhile as the events goes on.

Let's take a quick look at Osvald as he's currently tracking a sue in the Harry Potter fandom. Well... It's easy to say that the sue is in Hogwarts, but the tricky part is that the ranger, in his SEA uniform with a black coat and hood up since this is a stealth mission, currently sneaking around to avoid not only the students. He's also currently avoiding the school staff and... more or less trying to avoiding the paintings as they act as the eyes and ears of the place.

And... more or less worth the information to gather from as they are rather chatty.

As the ranger currently gather information about the sue's whereabouts in the castle from the gossiping paintings by eavesdropping. His PCD is activated and rings, with a voice yelling out. "We've got an unknown hostile in the library, he was disguised as a newbie until we engaged him! Be careful, he is armed and very dangerous and likely has support!"

"!" This cause Osvald to get noticed by the paintings and cause alert through Hogwarts that there's a intruder on campus. Cue him make the hide roll and escape roll to ensure his safety, even then... He need to be careful as the campus is alerted of his presence now.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 13, 2013, 11:33:45 PM
*1st person, because it doesn't flow well in 3rd*
So our first mission and we haven't even started training yet...and how did I get here, despite not posting in the last few pages?

I hold my front bangs with crossed arms...Right now I am in deep thought.

But specifically, why us? I'm sure there are more experienced people then us. Except I do know that Foster must be pretty more experienced then us.

I stare at the photo.

"Hm... Before we go, is there any other info you can give us about this mission? I would prefer more such as...the possible hostiles? Marcus and I have not been given training yet, so this is all new to us."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 13, 2013, 11:37:48 PM
Clark, unlike Marcus, was not one to question someone's choice in team members, especially when another SEA agent was in trouble. He silently nodded and took the package, walking out the door. Sadly, his PCD was off.


Cynthia rolled nimbly to dodge the pursuing mud bombs, taking cover behind the couch. She exhaled sharply, leaning her head back on the couch.

"This is the last time I go anywhere in this building without some weapon strapped on my back..."


Just as the Pyro was about to take his mask off, his PCD rang out with Koemi's emergency call. It bursted upright and opened the top of  it's air canister, pulling out a normal Fireaxe, before making tracks to the Library.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 13, 2013, 11:40:40 PM
"I said get the hell out of here." Dr. Vogues told Marcus and Kazami sternly, "Mr. Foster is your team leader, and I know you both can fight. So would you two finally follow him?" Vogues made a shooing motion to the two trainees and pointed at F and the Mental, instructing them to come up to his desk. "And ignore that message, let someone else take care of it."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 11:43:03 PM
F stood up and walked to Vogues desk. W was about to follow too, but thought better of it and just stood up. It felt awkward being on the floor anyways.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 13, 2013, 11:46:25 PM
The Mental stepped up to the desk, and held an 'at attention' pose respectfully.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 13, 2013, 11:47:59 PM
...Well that reply didn't answer my question at all. But a order's an order. I nod at Dr. Vogues and I run out the door to catch up with Mr. Foster.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 13, 2013, 11:48:59 PM
The Newbie was electrocuted. He screamed in a bloodcurdling agony as as mud tendrils from the mud pit on the floor began flung themselves at Koemi to stab at her at least to force her off, if the tendrils hit the Newbie it will add more defense to him making things more hard to electrocute. "S.E.A. WILL SUFFER!!!!" The voice it was chilling almost demonic, it even made Avery's spine quiver. A tendril was about to swing down on Crisp while another tendril swings at Jared. Avery cast more buffs on both Crisp and Jared giving Crisp more speed while Jared higher defense. Avery also cast a strength buff on Koemi.


Oliver heard the call and immediately he rushed towards the library. How the hell did someone infiltrate S.E.A?
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 13, 2013, 11:51:03 PM
Koemi stood her ground and turned up the voltage. "Fry, sugarcube, fry!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 13, 2013, 11:52:40 PM
"Sit down, W. The only reason you're here is because you're too unstable to be left alone. Your optics and all."

Dr. Vogues took out a cigarette and a lighter from his packet, the cigarette being a bit bent before reaching his mouth; it seemed like he just stuffed them in there. But before talking, he waited for the two trainees to leave and shut the door locked... "Agent F, and Mental," the doctor puffed out some smoke from his nostrils, taking the cigarette out of his mouth to speak more clearly, "There's seems to be a problem... Standing in front of me are two SEA Agents, one a Time Lord who's lived more than I could dream, and the other a weapons maker like myself... But I didn't know that said maker was also a hacker." Dr. Vogues nonchalantly tapped his cigarette against the ash tray before putting it back into his mouth and looking up at F.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 13, 2013, 11:57:05 PM
The Mental raised an eyebrow. "Oh, that's interesting."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 13, 2013, 11:58:49 PM
W shot F a really hard glare. Like, really REALLY hard. Like hard to the point where if F was any other sort of creature, he would've exploded.

F blinked. "..... So what if I am?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 14, 2013, 12:01:28 AM
Cynthia figured it was a good time to try and get something to make her useful. "I'm getting my weapons!" She yelled, running towards the door.

Her spot was quickly taken by Pyro, who came in with his Fire Axe and began wailing on the 'Newbie', apparently being in one of her 'psycho' phases.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: MisterGreen July 14, 2013, 12:03:41 AM
Jared stood back, and Melissa had caught up. Melissa readied her gauntlets, and started unleashing a full fist fury unto the "newbie". Jared stood back, holding his daggers and knives out. He was ready to kill him, but he wasn't sure if he HAD to yet.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 14, 2013, 12:07:22 AM
"That's an awfully calm question for someone who just hacked into our computer systems and then some." Dr. Vogues told him, "You're in a locked room with two of the oldest Sue Elimination Agency's members, the walls are not only sound proof, but also blast proof, as well as my door. Try something stupid, and you're gonna regret it, because that door isn't gonna open unless I make it." Dr. Vogues stood up and sucked in more of the tobacco goodness, "And this has been going on for awhile, it's too bad I just installed my own systems into the whole place..." he explained, "But now... Well, let's just say, child... I'm impressed."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 12:09:29 AM
W opened his mouth to protest, but closed it. There was no point. F was... well, he somehow got away with a lot of things. Even when they were merely trainees, he did things that warranted expulsion but somehow always got away with a warning. Like that one time he rigged the frozen yogurt machine in the cafeteria to blow...

F crossed his arms. "Is that all?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 14, 2013, 12:11:39 AM
"Why did you hack it?" The mental chimed in.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 14, 2013, 12:13:26 AM
"No, it's not." Dr. Vogues bluntly put it, "I'm monitoring anything and everything you touch, tamper, talk to, or sit on. I'm taking your weapons, searching your entire room for anything suspicious, taking any electronic devices you lay your fingers on, and you're to be locked in with Agent W instead of your own room until you find better places to try your hacking skills. Are we clear?" sucking in more smoke, he exhaled it from his mouth... He didn't seem to be joking in the slightest.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 14, 2013, 12:14:11 AM
The Stu held his hand up. "No... I can't do that, I can't talk to anyone from S.E.A. If I was heard talking to you people she would know what I was planning. Mundanes are more 'fun' because they know what I say you big mean jerks." He said. He had no choice on what he says. While Mundane is in IC mode.
With a swing from the Pyro's ax, the mud boy was slashed in the face stumbling back while a tendril swung a punch at Koemi. A rock hard fist to be exact. If Koemi was hit it would be enough to actually knock a car over 30 feet. It would be a very hard hit. The other tendrils that are aiming for Jared was moved a bit narrowly missing Jared completely by an inch while the one aiming for Crisp was moved towards which Avery narrowly dodged with a quick leap to the left. This 'newbie' won't go down easily.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 14, 2013, 12:16:49 AM
Koemi teleported out of the way of the punch, then returned to trying to fry the Stu with her taser gloves.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 12:17:01 AM
F briefly glanced at W, but looked away before the other agent could notice. "... Reasons. And Dr. Vogue, I'd like to protest that."

"I as well, Doctor," W said. "His presence in my room will also cause the confiscation of my own electronics. And, I'm sorry to say, I must keep mine with me as long as T is on the mission."


"... Very well," T said. She relayed the information to the chief. Her guard was down now, as the Stu seemed to be of no immediate danger.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: MisterGreen July 14, 2013, 12:18:53 AM
Melissa, seemingly unfocused, saw that his punches had to be hard. "Another hard hitter eh? I'll show you..." and with that said, Melissa went straight for the face, trying to get the hardest shots possibly with her gauntlets.

Jared breathed a sigh of relief, still staying in a position to potentially assassinate.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 14, 2013, 12:22:59 AM
The Pyro was not letting up; she was in her psycho state, and only the death of something would let him out of it.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 14, 2013, 12:26:27 AM
"The alternative is to stuff you in the padded room in a straight jacket, guarded by Ms. Walker when she returns." the doctor's tone seemed more cold once he said that statement, "And blame your own team mate for his own mistakes, W. Everything has a consequence, and you'll suffer for a teammate's actions starting now." his cigarette now out, he stuffed the stub into the ash tray, "Now... Let us begin, with taking all of your things until Akira or myself find it better to give them back." he was serious...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 14, 2013, 12:29:34 AM
"And this requires me, why?" The Mental asked, not see the point of him being there.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 12:33:33 AM
W looked miffed, but nonetheless shut his mouth. He knew when he was out-matched and frankly, he liked being in good standing with the agency. He had built-in communicators in his eyes anyways. They couldn't take away his implants without completely blinding him. That was a plus.

F, on the other hand... well, it would've been an understatement to say he was pissed. If he were able to turn into a rampaging green monster, he would've then and there. A few petty hackings and he had to deal with his greatest rival being in the same room as him every night!? No way! And his lab, his electronics... if they found the file... no, he couldn't let them. He wouldn't let them.

"Fuck if I ever give my stuff to you," F spat.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 14, 2013, 12:34:58 AM
This time when Koemi tries to taze the newbie, Spikes erupted from his back to stab at the newbie, However, he was so distracted on Koemi that he did not see Melissa's fist crunching against his face that launched the newbie towards the other side of the library making holes through a row of bookshelves with a loud crash.


Another click was heard but it was lower pitched. The Mundane is in OOC mode. The Stu brush the snow off of his shirt. "I can't touch her regardless if she is in OOC or IC modes. We are forbidden to kill our own creators. " The Stu pointed out. For Mundanes only, IC means that they are roleplaying at the moment and OOC means that they are doing something else. When in IC they have connections with all the OCs and they can listen in to what their characters are saying, while in OOC mode they are usually doing something else and they are not listening in to anything the OCs are saying.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 14, 2013, 12:38:48 AM
Koemi took advantage of the pause in festivities to take stock of their situation. "Jared, sugarcube, I don't think he's going to let us take him alive." She glanced around the library to see if there was anything else to be dealt with.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 14, 2013, 12:40:35 AM
"I'll take the thing and keep it a secret between us, F. I'll even lead the lab search," The Mental said to help suathe F.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 14, 2013, 12:42:54 AM
"Because of this," Dr. Vogues waved his hand to F's behavior... "And I'm not asking you to give me your things, I said I'd be taking your things." the doctor walked around the desk, right into F's face, using his tall stature to more intimidating that blunt, "Quitting SEA isn't an option either, you hacked into our computers and THINK that's just "okay"? Get your head out of your ass, kid. You've stepped up to the plate, once you completed training, that's when class ended and work begins; and you fucked it up, now you're paying for it." Vogues was almost close enough to F's face for his eyes to be clearly seen through those aviators, "Get your shit together and face your punishment like a man. People who've gotten the death sentence have acted better than you are." Vogues, now finished... Walked up to the door, "Mental, would you kindly come with me to confiscate all objects? Your screwdriver can be useful for finding anything hidden."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 14, 2013, 12:43:33 AM
Osvald managed to find the place to hide until the place calm down for him to sneak again... And takes out his PCD and fumbles with it for awhile to turn it off completely. He still don't know how to set it vibrate or on silent, though curses himself that he forget to turn it off especially during a mission.

He looks around to see that it is a restroom. To be exact for those who watched the first movie, it was where Harry and Ron fought the troll back in their first year to save Hermione on that Halloween... Plus it is the girl's restroom, but Osvald doesn't know the finer details of gender specific places in modern day and he only read the book, not the movie itself.

Instead, he focus on the mission at hand. Currently complying the information that he had gather so far... It is seemed like this place are currently in the recreation of Harry's story as far as it goes, except the sue takes on the designation of being Harry's twin sister and boyfriend of Draco Malfoy. There's more other tidbits such as Ron the Death Eater and other things that gives him the idea of what kind of the setting that Osvald is currently in. He's in the setting of year five according to his memory of the book after some process elimination from his information.

Now as for the mission itself, it would be a good estimation that the sue he's tracking would be learning or teaching spells to Dumbledore's Army or do something to pick on a certain toad. So, strong spells would be definite here including the curses.

Still, he need more information before take the next step as to how and when to approach the sue. Listening in on students this time would not work due to caution measures of the school grounds being alerted... Also there's the part where Students are learning Defense Against the Dark Arts in secret.

The ranger looks through the door to see the coast is clear... Only it's not as wizards are still running around. It seem like he may need to wait for awhile longer until the coast is clear. Unless people goes into the room he's in for private or searching reasons, he can wait patiently.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: MisterGreen July 14, 2013, 12:44:04 AM
Jared nodded. "I'm ready for anything. Good work, partner!" he grinned at Melissa. Melissa just nodded,

"Yeah...we should all go check if he's in a condition to fight, kill, or apprehend."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 14, 2013, 12:48:48 AM
The Mental stands up, and goes to follow Vogues. "W, take F with you." He left.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 12:57:32 AM
F rolled his eyes. "And you really think I'm just gonna go quietly?"

"F..." W warned. "Let's just go..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 14, 2013, 12:59:23 AM
"No, I think you'll go screaming into the padded room if you try something stupid again, you brat." with that, Dr. Vogues grabbed both the agents', F and W's, shoulders, and pushed them out of the room, closing the door behind him and walking off to F's room with the Mental.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 01:03:37 AM
"..." F glared after them. Once they were gone, he started heading the other way with W. His expression told the whole story of his anger though.

"Come on, we should find a way to contact T," W sighed. He knew SEA rules cover to cover and knew that if he actually behaved himself, F would be in good standing again. "I think there are some phones near the cafeteria..."

F pulled off his scouter and used his capacities to turn it into a small chip, which he hid behind one of his teeth. He then turned to W.

"You're just... letting them keep you down like this?"

"They're not keeping us down, F," W said. "They're just looking out for us. We're newbies, after all, whether you believe it or not."

F sighed. "You're right buddy... you're always right... which is why I'm sorry that I have to do this..." he touched W's forehead.

W's eyes widened. "F, what-"

One total shutdown of implants later, F was calmly walking towards the cafeteria.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Kimoto July 14, 2013, 01:06:38 AM
Marron had finished his next set of wandering while muttering about he was bored, and had ended up outside the building, staring into the distance... Before opening his mouth and letting out a loud yell beyond most people's lung capacity.

For no reason at all.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 14, 2013, 01:17:18 AM
They quickly arrive at the lab, and The Mental used his Sonic Screwdriver to simply unlock the door manually and override the systems, letting them in,
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 14, 2013, 01:52:02 AM
After a few minutes of stopping to get supplies, weapons, and whatnot, the group of three was standing right be the car, Kazami and Marcus on the side opposite the car, and Clark on the other.

"Alright," Clark said, his shotgun in his hand, "I'll assume neither of you are def and thus understood exactly what we're doing. I'm Clark, you can call me that, Mr. Foster, or just plain Foster. Under normal circumstances I would do some sort of amusing spiel, we'd all have a chuckle, and we'd be on our merry way, but unfortunately, your first mission happened to be a rescue mission. Now, I've done this a couple times before, so we should be prepared, but this is the type of mission where the punishment for messing up isn't 'Oh shucks, the sue doesn't like us, have to kill them now', it results one of our members dying, or becoming a Sue, or possibly we get captured...there's a large margin of error. If you don't feel you're up to the task, say the word and I'll allow you to leave and take full responsibility when I get back. Now..." He cocked the shotgun for effect, "Are you up for the task?"

'Why the hell did you tell them that you've done this before?' Clark mentally asked himself. 'Ah, well. If they think they're in good hands, they might be more optimistic about how this will turn out. That would make two of us, at least...'
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 14, 2013, 06:55:00 AM
Marcus nodded firmly. "I am ready." he said, "I may not have received training here, but I have received training in several other places. I would say I'm fairly good to go. I'm all equipped and stuff." Dying scared him slightly, but becoming one of those overpowered freaks scared him more, for then everyone would turn against him, even if he wasn't conscious to know. "I'm up for this." Without another word, he stepped into the car and claimed shotgun.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 14, 2013, 07:38:00 AM
Crisp, in the meantime had gotten over his shock at the Stu's sudden attack, and quickly made a few observations.

Fact: There was an unreformed Stu in the library, trying to kill him and his coworkers.

Fact: This Stu had planted several bombs within various books, most likely with the intent of destroying the Library.

Note: if the books had been destroyed, then the paper within would be rendered useless.

Reasoning: Even if the book was to fall apart, the paper could still be used to make origami, but not if those pages were burnt to a crisp.

Conclusion: The Stu had disrespected paper, and by extension Crisp's special talent.

Conclusion: Crisp is now quite angry.

Conclusion: The Stu had made a very, very bad mistake.

Without a word (and with the benefits of the speed boost), Crisp extended his magic to the Infinity Binder. Thirty sheets of paper leapt out of the binder, folded themselves into paper airplanes, were sharpened and reinforced until they were effectively Ulcatite-grade daggers, and flew at the Stu at unnatural speeds. If he was going to disrespect paper, then paper will disrespect him.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 14, 2013, 07:52:05 AM
Koemi took note of all the 'chips' dropped on the floor from when this fight started and scattered further in the course of the brawl. Figuring they were probably dangerous or at the very least worth capturing for Mental and the others to study, she started gathering them up into one large pile, away from the Stu.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 14, 2013, 10:49:32 AM
Starting with the simple things, Dr. Vogues took all the guns, any computer, phone, tablet, mp3, gaming system, and anything electronic first, even finding the hidden ones... "Use your Sonic Screwdriver, tell me if I missed anything, please." Dr. Vogues told the Mental, though him using kind words... Didn't seem too natural on him.


During this time the vampiress, Shroud, was tied down to a chair, head ducked down with her hair covering her face, "Mmmph..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 14, 2013, 11:32:59 AM
Once Akira got the message, she sighed a bit. "Alright, Rachel... Tell the Sue he's going to have to come with you when you return to the building. Negotiation Policy states that the person in charge in a time of demands and negotiations must meet with the demander. It's something the last Chief instated as a good will thing, I guess..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 14, 2013, 12:49:32 PM
The Mental was scanning the room, the bulb of the Sonic Screwdriver glowing blue. "There seems to be a few bugs in the walls pointed at the training room, probably for multiple sources of data," he remarked. He pointed at the center of the room, spinning the screwdriver in an arc. "There's a band of disruptor circuits in the wall, ceiling and floor, going to the other side of the room. It's probably there to stop scanners, but it won't affect this thing," he said a little proudly, acknowledging his Sonic Screwdriver.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 14, 2013, 02:37:45 PM
Avery walked over towards the mud man in the hole who appeared to be unconscious. He took a whiff of the air. No particular stench other than mud and dust that had kicked up during the fight. "I don't smell sue aura on him." Avery called out to the others as he gingerly stepped closer to the mud man. It was a normal man brown haired and in a uniform. He took out his PCD and turned on the Sue Tracker App and point the PCD at the man. Nothing. He stepped closer and dug through the unconscious man's pockets.
The Stu held both of his hand out. "You don't happen to have cuffs to latch on me, And thank you for giving us a cha-" A bullet was heard and the bullet landed its mark. His head. The head exploded in a array of scrambling letters and he fell into the snow, the scrambling of words escaping his body. The followers panicked their inspiration had fallen.

"Pathetic traitor." Said a man a couple of yards away from the group, holding an anti-tank rifle with one hand. He also reeked of Stu/sue aura. But, it was much more worse than the silver-haired stu the aura itself made the followers quiver in fear and the other hunters luckily have their weapons with in range thanks to the follower's holding them. Hell, Icicle Mountain itself slowly start to distort with every step he walked casually towards the dead stu. "You were suppose to fucking embrace your stu abilities, you think that our mundane can't hear it means that I can't hear it also!?!" The man chimed as he kick the young silver haired stu off the mountain.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 05:40:49 PM
T froze. Her hand reached for her bow, which was slung around her back. The aura radiating off the guy... it was horrible. She had never felt anything like it. For a moment, she considered trying to phone W or F. But then again, would she still be alive by the time they arrived?


F kicked down the door to the cafeteria and walked in, pulling out W's escrima sticks as he walked. A few modifications later, the sticks had become a gun that shot electricity. He smirked as he pointed the gun at the people in the room.

"Drop everything. Now."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 14, 2013, 06:12:50 PM
Keith was just sitting around enjoying a giant bowl of chocolate pudding when F kicked the door down. He looked up at his fellow agent, his axe secured to his back, and a spoon in hand. "Hey F."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 06:38:59 PM
F raised an eyebrow. His tooth was bleeping, detecting major Sue presence here in the caf. And his electronics were rarely, if ever wrong. The other time they were wrong was when he thought he detected treasure when it was really only a banana. But either way...

He checked out the rest of the people in the cafeteria.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 14, 2013, 07:53:25 PM
The followers all stood in between Agent T and the Stu they had already unlock the locks that the hunters were trapped in. The hunters had their weapons ready also. One of the followers turned to Agent T. "Miss, you must leave the area at once. We will hold him back while you make your escape."  The followers all lifted their weapons, guns, swords, and other weapons and they charge after the Stu at the other side. The stu grinned as he easily dodge through the bullets and blades countering them with his own bare hands knocking the followers away with ease. The followers that were knocked into the valley below would be dead, but the ones that were knocked into the mountain got back up and charge to attack the stu again.

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 14, 2013, 08:25:19 PM
Midnight Aura was still sound asleep on her cloud, not aware that it had drifted a little while she slept.


Meanwhiole Dr. D was walking to  the power room. grumbling all the way about how useless everyone was.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 14, 2013, 08:48:02 PM
Kazami nods and head in the backseat of the car.
"Well, I can handle it. Let's go."
She looks down at her scabbard and slowly pull out the sword.
Looks like I get to use this for a mission for the first time...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 14, 2013, 09:28:51 PM
Koemi looked at the others, gesturing at the 'chips'. "Okay, I assume from the look on Crisp's face when he saw these that they're bad news, what are they?"


Some might say Auri'Kalla was paranoid, but between the lighting system flickering like that and the distress call from the library, he suspected sabotage in the power room. He was already heading down that way after the brief power outage, but the distress call gave him speed, heavy envirosuit boots thudding into the floor. He pulled out his shotgun to ensure it was in working order and ready to go if he came up against any hostiles. With luck, it wouldn't be necessary, but he refused to depend on luck.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 09:29:37 PM
T nodded. "Thank you..." she turned to the hunters. "Let's go, come on!" she helped them all into the Loftwing and started inputting the controls for her destination. After all, it was important that she got them all out of there safely.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 14, 2013, 09:36:06 PM
Clark, happy that Kazami and Marcus were both up for it, got in the car, punched in the destination, and began driving to the intended destination.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Kimoto July 14, 2013, 09:47:12 PM
Marron finished awhile ago, and was still just standing outside... Ignoring every single thing going on inside the building, and started to dig a hole, using a shovel he took from... Actually no clue where he got the shovel. Probably found it.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 14, 2013, 09:52:26 PM
"I knew the wouldn't..." if the Mental looked close enough, he could've sworn that Dr. Vogues's eyes flashed a bright blue for a moment, "But, that's not a problem anymore. F's hiding more than just that, though, Mental... I think you know it."


It didn't take long for Clark and his two trainees with no training to reach their destination... Five miles at the least was all. But it did take them to a secluded area.

Surrounded by trees and flora, they parked in front of a warehouse, one that looked like it hadn't been used in months, broken windows, the large metal doors leading into the warehouse looking rusted as all hell, and birds circled around above it, with many coming in and out chirping and hawking... But there was something else, a powerful aura radiated from the warehouse, something that only Mr. Foster would be familiar with entirely...

The Aura stench of a high level Sue.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 14, 2013, 09:54:06 PM
Avery pulled out a wallet from the downed newbie and looked through it. Taking the money but also looking at the man's identity. It had a badge with 'S.T.F.'

The raiding team that was in the power room had just came out of there before they already encountered Dr. D. "Well looks like we got caught." Said one of the male members as he took a fighting stance.

"BAH! Forget it being stealthy! Let's blow this place up!" yell the female as she crouch down turning a knob on her boots which now cracking electricity. She will engage Dr. D along with the male

The other one stood back as he pulled out a crossbow and went into another direction going around, he will flank Dr. D.


Oliver had to go through the cafeteria to get to the library so he was running across the cafeteria when he saw F and Keith their hands on weapons. "Hey Guys! Now it's not the time for fighting we got intruders!" Oliver said as he ran towards the two. This was no time to accuse of each other who is the intruder.


The Followers did their best to distract the Stu. However the Stu was too power as he was quickly dispatching the followers with karate chops and punches. He had managed to at least point the Anti-Tank Rifle at the Loftwing before one of the followers pushed the gun away which fired barely nicking the back of the aircraft and into a mountain which shattered. It was extremely powerful. The recoil from the round would've send the stu flying, but he didn't. He was again distracted by the followers as he punched the one that pushed the rifle away down and stomp on his head a splat of blood exploded out of the follower's head.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 14, 2013, 09:55:22 PM
Crisp looked at Koemi, and his gaze was burning with righteous fury. "Explosives. Our Mr. Intruder here was planning on wreaking havoc in the Library, and burning perfectly good paper. I won't have that."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 10:02:06 PM
T activated the hyperdrive. The Loftwing pretty much leaped into the air and took off. If there was really such thing as Ludicrous Speed, she was experiencing it right now. Her brains were going to her feet. Luckily, the Loftwing slowed down slowly enough for her to recover and it wasn't long before SEA headquarters came into sight.


F glared. "Where are they?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 14, 2013, 10:08:41 PM
The Mental had noticed the flash in the doctor's eye, and his demeanor changed, and he stood up straight. "..." He lifted his Sonic Screwdriver and scanned Vogues, the light changing to blue again. "Who are you?
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 14, 2013, 10:11:59 PM
Marcus stepped out of the car and looked around. "...Well, can you smell and adore the wonderful aura of civilization! I bet there's totally people around here!" he said sarcastically, "But really, this is like a cliched place to kidnap someone. I mean, why doesn't someone be creative for once and kidnap someone... oh, I don't know. In the vault of a bank?! No one would look there!"

Sheesh, Marcus. Don't shout out ideas. Someone might be listening!

He took out his Wii Remote. "...What is that feeling I'm getting that's wafting from the windows of the place? I don't like it."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 14, 2013, 10:19:30 PM
Clark coughed a bit as he stepped out of the car, his gasmask thankfully masking most of the smell, but enough seeped through that he had to take a few seconds to get adjusted.

"This isn't good..." he muttered under his breath. He got his backpack and took out a grappling hook he had taken along, leaving it open for anything the other had taken. He made a quick scan for any window broken enough that he could sling the grappling hook onto it, to avoid going through the front door, 'cause that's just obvious.


The Pyro, having its bloodlust satisifed (for now), looked curiously at the badge. When it seemed to dawn on him what it stood for, he mumbled an expletive and began rubbing the bridge of her gasmask.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 14, 2013, 10:19:57 PM
Dr. Vogues sighed, "You've been working here for 8 years, and now you just found out I'm half machine, Mental? I give you Time Lords too much credit..." he pulled out a cigarette and lit it, "I'm Doctor Charles Raymond Vogues, in the flesh. Weapons maker and creator of the Ulcaltite weaponry, in the half flesh I guess..." he sucked in the tobacco smoke and started walking around the room, searching for hidden items and such. "It's in my files if you think I'm lying, Mental."


She heard a boy yell she recognized the voice, and the birds seemed to get a little riled up from it... "... Mmmm..." she groaned under her cloth gag, looking up into the darkness, flipping her hair out of her blood red eyes...


Outside when Marcus yelled, the birds indeed seemed to get a bit crazier than when they were before, getting louder and squawking at the Agents. As to tell them to leave...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 14, 2013, 10:23:04 PM
Koemi looked at her pile of explosive chips. "Oh... crap..."


Auri rounded the corner and saw the raider with the crossbow. "Knew it!" He raised up his shotgun and fired at the poor bastard.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 14, 2013, 10:26:29 PM
"When you have a whole species in the back of your head telepathically, it's hard to remember that a single man is less of one," The Mental remarked, trying to save face. "Besides, we do have an infiltration and a missing agent, and you have us searching an agent's lab. Did Akira even sign off on this?" he turned and started leafing through F's files.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 14, 2013, 10:26:59 PM
Clark looked at the birds cawing. "Ah, shut up." He waved to the birds, not really yelling. "And you keep it down," he pointed at Marcus, "Don't wanna make ourselves more plainly obvious than we already are." He then went back to scanning for an open window.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 14, 2013, 10:31:21 PM
Many of F's files were merely blueprints and such... but then there was the file labelled "Genome". It was a top secret file, locked with a special kind of lock that only F himself could really open.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 14, 2013, 10:31:39 PM
Right below the screaming birds was an open window, perfect for anyone to fit through, and low enough for Clark's hook to reach.


"She didn't, but when shit gets real I'll get into action..." Vogues puffed out smoke, looking through F's desk, scanning for any technology. "And it's hard to keep a secret, Mental, about Ms. Walker. Let me see if I can signal you it, use your Sonic..." he muttered, his body seemed to emit a frequency once his Sonic Screwdriver caught on, it revealed the truth of what really happened to Caroline.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 14, 2013, 10:34:14 PM
"Uh... sorry." Marcus mumbled, resisting the temptation to shoot down the birds to shut them up. Who knew avians hated his voice so much?

He looked back at Kazami, who was motionlessly still sitting in the car, staring straight ahead as if she was stuck in suspended animation. "Eh, she'll come along eventually. She always somehow manages to teleport to us after literally staring straight ahead with no movement whatsoever." He then resumed to look for a window as well.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 14, 2013, 10:36:22 PM
The Mental read the message as he pulled the file out, his body hiding the motion of him sliding it all into a single pocket. "Ah, that explains it, then," he remarked, pulling out files 3 at a time, and putting them in a box.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 14, 2013, 10:37:48 PM
Kazami walks out of the car.
This has the aura of a boss fight...
Slowly, she lifts up her already drawn sword and hold her sword in a battle ready stance.
She looks at Clark, then decides to look for a secret entrance to the warehouse. Maybe a basement?
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 14, 2013, 10:38:36 PM
the good dr smerked " ahh, finally it seems this day will be interesting.. very well students, let me teach you some matters!" he said with an odd noise between a cackle and a giggle as he pulled out his PCD and pushed a button on it. " Duel Mode Engaged " a robotic, almost feminine voice spoke as it expanded into a three slot duel disk and attached to his arm.  he then pulled out four cards from under his coat and set 2 face down before cackling again. " lets see how you like my friend, awaken... Galaxy Knight!" he said before placing a monster on his disk, the mighty knight appearing and dashing at the guy with the electric boots, his blade aimed at the neck.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 14, 2013, 10:47:20 PM
Clark spotted the window and walked to it, throwing the grappling hook up and latching it on. After a quick tug to make sure it was secured, he started to scale it, eventually getting to the top and looking into it.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 14, 2013, 11:33:57 PM
Immediately, when the Crossbow wielder heard Auri he quickly duck right back into the corner away from the range of fire as the shotgun was fired, and dashed down the hallway turning his cloaking device on. He was going to be hard to catch.
The woman with the electric boots seems to surge more electricity and she charged at Dr. D. Along with the man who pulled out a combat knife. They were going to attack him at the same time. The woman quickly steered to the left barely dodging the blade from stabbing at her neck. The man slit his wrist for blood leak out and float around him crystallizing in midair. He fired the crystallized weapons of blood at Dr. D.
Oliver glared at F. "I am not asking Yggdrasil. Stand down. Now." Oliver ordered, "You too Keith."
Already the other two from the cafeteria left the area, and they were making their way to the clinic they were going to eliminate the Sue patients at least they would be able to do that before they get killed. 
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 14, 2013, 11:40:02 PM
Dr. D calmly ( or as calm as one can be when acting like a psychopath that is) activated his 2 trap cards, causing a draining shield to pop up to block the projectiles and the ground under the girls feet to open into a pit of Acid. he then grinned as he replaced the used shield with a new card. " hahahah waken lightning blade!" he said as a blueish white tiger of lightning popped out of thin air and formed into a blade for him to wield, the knight turning around to try and attack at the blood mage
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 14, 2013, 11:43:59 PM
Auri swore under his breath and started tapping on his left omni-tool. After a few taps, he held up his left arm and started spraying oil all over the floor. Let's see how good your cloaking does at hiding your footprints, bosh'tet! He made a few more taps, and a low buzzing started emanating from his boots, indicating the magnets in them had been activated to retain traction on the now-slick floors. Finally, he switched guns, now aiming his N7 Valkyrie assault rifle down the hall and firing up the omni-bayonet.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 12:22:52 AM
The other two did eventually make it to the clinic. And inside that clinic was a quite healthy Cynthia. After grabbing her weapons, she had decided that it would be best to make sure that everyone in the clinic was alright, considering that whoever had done the attack would probably try to attack the weak ones who couldn't defend themselves first, and she was relieved to see that they hadn't touched them yet. She noticed the two as they arrived.

"You don't have to worry," she said, "No one's been hit here as far as I can tell. Check the other areas, there can't have been more than just the one."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 15, 2013, 12:49:15 AM
Osvald noticed that things going on in the hallway have calmed down over a period of time. Time that according to his biological clock, it is been at least 1 hour or 2 at tops had passed. Enough for him to start his progress on the mission, the ranger silently moves out of the bathroom and sneaks his way. Since this is the Fifth Year, that would mean he would need a new place where he can see what the sue's actions and also the other bystanders.

He quietly make his way to a certain 7th corridor to ensure that, but it had taken him time to reach there and will somewhere in one of the rooms, except the Room of Requirement. Something to watch the students' routes. It is a shame that he didn't have a certain map or a elf's senses of hidden doors that would allow him to make through the castle quicker and more quietly. Still it is something Osvald had to deal with.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 15, 2013, 12:58:48 AM
Blanching, Koemi opened a comm channel to the Mental. Come on, answer the damn comm, sugarcube...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 01:07:19 AM
After clearing the desk... Dr. Vogues looked over at the Mental, "Alright, I believe we're done here, everything's scavenged."


Once Foster was able to look in, there was little in there... Lights hanging from the ceiling were still working, just revealing a maze of boxes, however... In the distance, if Mr. Foster looked hard enough, he could see shining blonde hair in the middle of the room.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 15, 2013, 01:12:14 AM
The Mental picked up his box and started to go to F's room, hoping Vogues was behind him. His comm link went off, and he opened the channel. "What do you want?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 15, 2013, 01:15:12 AM
"Sorry to disturb you, sugarcube, but we managed to take down the intruder in the library. He was an STF agent planting a large number of small explosive devices all over the library, in books, and I figure your sonic screwdriver is going to be the easiest way to find them all before they detonate," Koemi quickly explained into the comm channel.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 15, 2013, 06:40:54 AM
"How does it look in there?" Marcus asked Clark, "Any signs of the enemy or the victim?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 15, 2013, 07:10:59 AM
Crisp's ears perked up at the mention of "STF Agent." He remembered something about them from his training. "STF" was short for "Sue Termination Facility," or something like that. They were a group who believed in simply murdering every Sue they came across. They thought that redemption was something you did with tickets at an arcade.

And one of them was definitely in the building. There were almost certainly more. The STF were cold and merciless, but they were by no means stupid.

"Guys," he said. "I'm going over to the clinic. If Koemi said what I think she said, then some of our patients are in serious danger. These clowns were planning on exploding a library full of innocents; I'd hate to think of what they might be planning to do to a place with injured Sues." He replaced the Infinity Binder in his saddlebag, and made ready to leave the Library.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: MisterGreen July 15, 2013, 11:24:00 AM
The two partners stood around with Koemi and Avery. Jared cleared his throat.

"Ahem. So I'm guessing the only plan now is....don't blow up?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 12:34:28 PM
F twitched at the use of his real name, but lowered the gun nonetheless. He didn't need to get into anymore trouble than he was already getting into. He wondered for a moment of W had been found yet. Then again, he stuck the guy in a closet. He wouldn't be getting out anytime soon.


T opened the door to the Loftwing and helped the hunters out, glad that she managed to make it back to the SEA headquarters without any casualties to herself or the hunters. She looked around for a familiar face.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 15, 2013, 06:07:46 PM
The Mental thought to himself. "Well, I got that file F hid. I can drop out at anytime... Professor Gadget probably has a scanner." He looked over his shoulder at Vogues. "I'm wanted to help with a problem in the library. Mind if I give you this stuff and go?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 06:35:59 PM
Clark lowered himself a bit and looked down at the duo. "I can see a shitload of boxes, and I can see blonde hair. I think it might be her, but then again, blonde sues aren't uncommon..." He shook his head. "Alright, I'm gonna go in. You two wait by the door. If you start hearing gunfire and whatnot, come in." He climbed back up, held onto the window, switched how the grappling hook was placed, threw the rope over, climbed over, stopped to realize that this was way too long of a sentence just to say 'he climbed into the warehouse', and repelled down, strapping his shotgun to his back and getting out his 9mm pistols.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 06:50:09 PM
Dr. Vogues sighed, "Very well, I will take them to my own lab."


Now Clark was in the beginning of the maze... It was odd though, the light above him flickered for a second, and the crows... They seemed to have just... Disappeared. They all went into the warehouse and finally became quiet, but for what reason was anyone's guess.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 15, 2013, 06:50:44 PM
Without any luck, Kazami headed towards Marcus and Clark. Hearing Clark's idea of waiting by the door, well she did just that: Wait by the door.
I'm always the last one to respond yet I appear instantly... Really weird.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 15, 2013, 06:51:14 PM
Marcus turned to Kazami. "Well, you heard the guy. We wait by the door and enter if we hear any gunfire. ...Oh, and we better be careful, too. A Sue guarding one of the members of the SEA won't be an easy one to take down."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 15, 2013, 06:57:23 PM
The Mental handed Vogues the box, and started to walk briskly towards the library. Once he turns the most convenient corner, he brokes into a run, trying to get to the library as fast as he can.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 06:59:49 PM
Foster simply sighed. "It's just gonna be one of those days..."

He then put his hand on the right wall (Er, box), and tried method #1 of trying to navigate the maze; the old 'follow the right wall' trick. Usually it's used to find the exit, but with any luck it would help him find the middle.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 07:05:19 PM
The air around Foster seemed to just thicken... An eerie chill from a gust of wind entered the warehouse... Any light Mr. Foster went under flickered for a moment, before returning to normal.

And up ahead... Something was in front of him, a black figure... Tall and skinny, pitch black... It seemed to lank around aimlessly, away from Foster's vision.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 15, 2013, 07:13:35 PM
Keith looked at Vice weirdly. "Dude, I was just sitting here trying to eat some pudding when F came busting in. I don't even have a hand on my axe. But what's this stuff about intruders?"

Meanwhile, Akira had brought Alistair down to the hangar bay. The good doctor was there to ensure that the hostages were checked over properly. Akira, however, was there for T. The woman had her hands in her coat pockets as she approached T. "... Agent T. Glad to see you made it back in one piece. And with our missing friends as well." she said, her voice having become her typical, professional one she used nearly all the time.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 07:18:22 PM
Ah. The old maze-with-creepy-things trick. On one hand, he didn't really want to deal with this crap, but on the other hand, the only way to go was forward...

Clark, hand still on the right wall, walked towards the figure, less interested in finding out what it was, more interested in just going forward to find Shroud.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 07:24:11 PM
Once Mr. Foster made it to where the figure once was... That was when something seemed to click in his mind something bad was going to happen.

Or, it could be once Mr. Foster looked to where it went... 6 more of these creatures were standing there... Staring at him. It appeared... This was a part of the Sue; black tall humanoid creatures with blank bodies and faces, their "skin" glistened in the light from above, they had no facial features or any stand out bodily features. But what did... Was that once they looked at Foster, their started growing mouth... Opening grotesquely and inhumanly, like the bottom of their face was just their mouths, the black skin around the mouth starting to melt as if they were drooling... Certainly, this would be the time to shoot.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 07:25:00 PM
T nodded. "Yes, but..." she relayed everything that had happened, especially the info about the Stu on the mountain. "- I've never even seen his level before! He's like... Level Eleven or something! He was so strong, I could feel reality distoring around me! It was horrible!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 15, 2013, 07:33:10 PM
The other two intruders that are still in disguise sighed in relief. At least they pretended to, "Good we were worried about the patients when we heard of the intruder," one of them said to Cynthia.


The Crossbow wielder kept back noticing the slick on the floor he could test the slick seeing if the slick is flammable before running off. He did not know of the substance but he had to get out of danger quick. The bolt on his crossbow glowed red as he ran to avoid confrontation against the heavily armored alien He fired the bolt against the ground though. Hoping to do one of two things, one if the liquid is flammable Alien is distracted and he can go somewhere else and rendezvous with his other comrades or two distract the Alien with the noise of the bolt hitting the ground as he sneaked out and away from him. He was careful as to where he is stepping to avoid the slick. 


Oliver glance over to Keith. "We had a few intruders running around our area. They are aggressive we are probably dealing with highly trained spies." Oliver said. "Agent F. I want you to secure the Clinic, Keith, if any of the intruders appear here apprehend them, I'm going to the library to assist in anyway I can. Understood?"

Avery groaned, "We better start looking now, I don't know when these will detonate." Avery start to look through the books to find anymore explosives.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 07:36:09 PM
And shoot Foster did.

6 shots, 3 from each pistol, 1 for each head.


Cynthia nodded and smiled at the two.

"I understand. Now seriously go help the others, I got this area secured."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 07:38:31 PM
Oh, that was satisfying...

Each of their heads popped like a balloon from the bullets and the creatures melted into some form of black goop... But that wasn't the end, a daring hiss came from behind Foster...

More of these creatures, now of varying shapes and sizes appeared behind him, as if from nowhere.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 07:39:55 PM
"Understood," F said, tucking the gun away so Oliver and Keith didn't see that it was really just a modified W's bo staff. He then dashed off to the clinic and, in a F-like fashion, kicked down the door.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 15, 2013, 07:40:24 PM
Marcus' sensitive ears perked up once he heard the gunshots. "We're going in." he said, grabbing his weapon and kicking down the door. "Whoever is here, show yourself! We are not going to tolerate any threats, bribes or whatever crap you have to offer!"

...He tried to ignore Kazami's eyes rolling.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 15, 2013, 07:44:07 PM
"On it."
Kazami quickly leap inside! ...Or would she if she wasn't cautious enough and walks slowly inside, unlike Marcus who just barged right now. Keeping her guard up, she looks around.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 07:47:03 PM
"Yes. Yes it is gonna be one of those days."

Foster whipped around the moment he heard the hissing. This time, however, he pocketed the 9mm pistols and got out his combat shotgun, blasting away the crowd.

"You call yourself zombies?! Well, no, you're more black goopy things..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 07:49:43 PM
The creatures screeched and charged Mr. Foster, the shotgun blasts and the creatures' hissing echoed throughout the warehouse, close enough for Marcus and Kazami to hear perfectly.

The things though, some didn't fall from just that shotgun, particularly the bigger ones which tanked their way closer to Foster, as the smaller ones let their mouths out, some having holes in their bodies, sprinting towards the man.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 07:52:26 PM
"Okay, not good, not good!"

Mr. Foster started backtracking, sheathing(?) the shotgun again and searching his messenger bag furiously until he finally found what he wanted; the flare revolver. He began shooting the creatures with it, hoping that the mini explosion would harm it enough that he could push it back.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 15, 2013, 07:53:48 PM
"Mr. Foster!" Marcus shouted, turning in the direction of... whatever noises those screeches were. "I know the answer is painfully obvious, but what should we do? Search for the captive or help you?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 08:03:02 PM
The Flare was more than enough to hold them off, luckily it missed the boxes relieving everyone of the worry of having a warehouse on fire.

However, the creatures seemed to have stepped back and gave out screeches. Growling at Foster but not daring to step forward... However, they heard Marcus, and oh mu... They all charged right at the boy and seemed to have forgotten Foster's very existence.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 15, 2013, 08:04:48 PM
Crisp cantered out of the Library, nodded to the Mental as he did so, and headed off in the general direction to the Clinic. While en route, he pulled out the Infinity Binder, and pulled out a ream of paper. He had a plan. It was by no means a good plan, but it was a plan all the same.

The intruders would probably be expecting a pony with Paper Manipulation, after that fiasco in the library. They would not be expecting a madpony dressed up like a costumed superhero.

"When in doubt," Crisp mused, "go with the strangest ideas. Those tend to work, for some reason."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 08:07:42 PM
Foster's eyes widened (not that anyone could tell).

" should get ready for a fight." Foster said back. He then took out his Lever-action rifle and started popping all the creatures in the head that he could, hoping to either kill them or draw their attention.

'I hope they're as good at fighting as they are good at drawing attention...'
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 15, 2013, 08:09:01 PM
Kazami quickly glances at the flare, then the monsters.
I have two with Marcus fight the monsters or go to the captive. If there was a third choice...!
Glancing around...Air.
Of course, there is air around them...
"Marcus! I think it's time for you to use that strong gust of wind you were talking about at the cafeteria right about now!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 15, 2013, 08:14:03 PM
Alistair was going through the papers that Mental had given him earlier in the day, then F kicked the door down. The man jumped in his seat, scattering the papers on his desk. "Jesus H. Christ! Do you not know what the hell knocking is, you brute!?" he snapped, looking at F wide-eyed with alarm.
"Vice, I don't know if having F secure Med Bay is a good plan..." he watched as F bolted out of the caf. "Then again, too late since he took off already..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 08:22:58 PM
"I was told to secure this place," F said, eying random medical equipment. They could be useful for turning into weapons later. "I'll get you a new door as soon as all of this is settled, I guess."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 15, 2013, 08:24:23 PM
"Oh, yes! Of course!" Marcus replied, narrowing his eyes at the goopy blobby whatevers that were running at him, "Gust!"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant gust of wind rushed into the entire warehouse, knocking over empty boxes, making ceiling lights swing around, and even holding back the creepy monsters for a short while. "It's all yours!" he shouted to Kazami. He then turned to the creatures. "Now... let's see if you can handle the raw power of a Spirit Master! Hyaaaah!" His remote, now a sword, was out in the battle. Marcus smiled. He had waited for this moment.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 15, 2013, 08:35:39 PM
"Would you rather have him at the power area?" Oliver asked Keith. Oliver was well aware of Agent F's abilities.

"We're stationed here to guard the clinic on behalf of Oliver Pierce. " Said one of the "newbies" during the newbie training they would normally address Oliver as Mr. Pierce or Vice. Never Oliver. It was loud enough for Agent F to hear.


Avery was still searching through the books to find more explosive charges. "Holy cow how long have they planted these without our notice?!?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 15, 2013, 08:38:04 PM
*1st person*
Then it happened.
Holding my breath, the wind around the creepy monsters...all turns into countless microscopic wind-blades which can severely damage the body up to the cellular level. This is one of the many ways I can manipulate air, and this is one way. By doing this level of manipulation, They're sure to be dead...But since they aren't human, I'm not exactly sure how this would effect.
How did I figured out how to do this? Source: Anime and Manga.
"Stay back till it's over."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 15, 2013, 08:39:50 PM
"Damn right you're getting me a new door!" Alistair said. He noticed F eyeing random things. "... Oooh, no, you are not cannibalizing my equipment for junkyard equipment, F! Don't even think about it!"

"In all honesty, sir,  I'd prefer that he hold down the fort here at the caf while I go and help Alistair get his butt into gear down in Med Bay." Keith said, getting all serious now. He didn't trust F down in Med Bay to keep it safe.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 08:43:51 PM

The monsters, they staggered from the gust of wind, and once their bodies were attacked by the wind blades... Well, they screeched heavily, and their bodies become more ooze like, but still standing firm... But that wasn't nearly enough to finish them, no. Half the gang of monsters started going after Foster alone, the other at Kazami and Marcus, the thinner ones contorting their bodies, and crawling on the standing boxes like spiders, and the large ones coming in charging at them, at this rate... Unless someone runs, no one will reach Caroline and live.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 08:44:43 PM
F growled. "Doc, lives are at stake here. If I need to use your shit to make one of those Medic Guns from TF2, I am using your shit." he paused. "... Look, do you want something from me to show that you can trust me on this?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 15, 2013, 08:48:36 PM
Alistair simply got up from his desk and headed over to a metal storage cabinet. He stood beside it, then smacked his fist against it, causing the thing to open. Inside on the top second shelf was a Quick Fix, or at least, an imitation of one. "A while back I was doing a mission in Dustbowl. While I was there, I picked this little gem up. You're welcome to borrow it if you need to."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 15, 2013, 08:50:09 PM
The girl was careless as she fell into the acid pit basically to her doom. The Man however slip through underneath the knight avoiding its attack as he now throw more of his blood at Dr. D changing the property of his projectiles blood into a speck of red dust which once they made contact or breathed in by Dr. D. He will change the properties to acid or even control Dr. D's body with blood manipulation. It is never a good idea to let a blood mage have that chance.


"This is something I want to see Keith." Oliver said, "If F does truly want to be here he would do what it takes to take care of the sue patients."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 08:52:24 PM
Foster decided it would be a good time to run for Shroud.

"You two keep them at bay, I'm getting Caroline!" He yelled quickly, and made a heel-face turn and started running, hoping to find her. While running, he got out his combat knife preemptively, to save time when he had to cut her loose.


Cynthia suddenly became wary of the two, but she kept her smile.

"Oh, good, good. Did he also send somebody to get Dr. Frost?" She said, keeping her poker face up.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 08:52:35 PM
"I'll take it," F said, grabbing it immediately. He started examining it, thinking up ways on how he could fix it up. "Of course... this might only give me parts to build a mini car at most..." he then heard the newbies say something about Pierce. ".... Yeah, fuck them." he pulled out his tazer gun at aimed it at them.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 15, 2013, 08:58:55 PM
" DO nOt ThinK mE a FoOl boY!" Dr. D said as he ducked the blood and held his breath before lunging at his prey, the blade of lightning in his hand as he aimed for the heart.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 15, 2013, 08:59:10 PM
"... F, you idiot, that's a Quick Fix. One of the craploads of Medigun Variants." Alistair said, sort of glaring at him now.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 15, 2013, 09:00:52 PM
Well that didn't work... Maybe a thrown version would have instead? >.>
"Well Marcus...Looks like we'll have to keep them at bay. You've notice something weird about them though?"
Putting her sword up, she readies herself. Again.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 15, 2013, 09:01:08 PM
Crisp eventually found a convenient janitor's closet, and quickly ducked inside, along with the ream of paper. Safely hidden from prying eyes, he focused his magic on folding every single sheet of paper into a part of his new outfit. He was able to create a breastplate of sorts our of several sheets of paper, as well as shin guards, one for each leg. He then used nearly all of what remained to create a magnificent cape (and a easy way to access any paper he needed without going to the trouble of getting out the Infinity Binder).

"And now for the final touch," he muttered, folding a single sheet of paper into a classic domino mask, and using his magic to polarize the paper, so he could see out while wearing it. He looked up to confirm that he still had his newspaper hat then quickly put on the improvised costume. He looked at himself in the mirror in the closet, and grinned.

"Let evil-doers and malingers of origami beware, for I am the PAPER PHANTOM!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 15, 2013, 09:03:04 PM
"Weird? Aside from the fact that they'd ruin a perfectly good banana split, no." Marcus said, using another of his abilities to freeze the monsters in their places to make them easier to finish off. "Oh, and they also have no reaction whenever I make fun of them. I just called them a Flickerpiss Nose Scum while you weren't looking and they ignored me!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 09:03:21 PM
"Eh?" F asked, blasting the newbies with W's taser-staff-gun without really realizing it. "What kind of Medigun stuff will help me build a car, Doc?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 09:04:27 PM
As Foster ran and ran, the hoard behind him kept up the chase, if anything... More and more of these creatures kept coming as Foster made he way around the maze, being it hard to hear through the screams of these monsters, some leaped from corners at the man, tried to grab him... But their unrelenting forces never seemed to be able to catch up to him. But there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel yet... As he ran through, the maze became less and less convoluted, and more simple, but at the cost of less light to see, but above head, not too far, a large light seemed to be shining above, and it seems in the middle of the room as well.


The monsters are already closer than Kazami and Marcus  think... For more than a fair share of the spider-like creatures drop down from about, their claws out and already slashing at them. After Marcus froze the ones before them that is. And screaming could be heard behind them as well...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 15, 2013, 09:05:35 PM
Alistair took his glasses off and facepalmed. "I'm not letting you borrow the Quick Fix to use it for spare parts, you ignorant boob... I'm letting you borrow it so you can heal other agents in a pinch, should the need arise..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 09:06:20 PM
"Trade ya important, life-changing, totally awesome notes for spare parts," F deadpanned.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 15, 2013, 09:09:35 PM
Crisp-now in his guise as the Paper Avenger- immediately burst out of the closet, and barreled down the hallway towards the Clinic, singing a rapidly-improvised theme song as he ran. His goal was a simple one: screw with the heads of any STF agents already at the Clinic until backup arrived, while keeping the patients safe.

"It's foolproof!" he thought, before realizing his mistake. "And I had to think that like a complete moron. Ah well, at least I'll know what to expect now."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 15, 2013, 09:13:30 PM
The one who responded got suckered into the poker face as he responded with a "Yes." Of course there is no Dr. Frost and the responder was tricked.

The other one quickly heard something about "Yeah, fuck them." This one had looked at F's direction who is pointing a tazer gun at him.


The blood mage quickly turned his one hand filled with his own blood as he made a long spike of red blood which shot out of the cut hoping to impale Dr. D with multiple puncture wounds. He thought he could beat him with range but he did not calculate the fact that a pulse of electricity had struck his arm which caused his abilities to twitch before he was stabbed in the chest. His brain began to fry the mage began to bleed through the nose and eyes and smoke began to pour out of his ears and nose. After a while, He hunched over his weight towards the ground and fell silent. 
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 09:17:53 PM
Foster, knife in hand, ran as fast as he could towards the light.

'Right, firstly, cut Shroud loose, secondly, hope she's awake, thirdly, face the resulting fuckton of ooze things. If she ain't awake, face them alone. Then get home, have some cake, and sleep soundly...'

He finally got to the end of the hall to see...


"Oh good. "

Cynthia wasted no time; she grabbed a nearby chair and threw it at the one who wasn't looking at her with one hand, and took out her .44 Magnum and pointed it at the one who had responded with the other, not firing yet.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 15, 2013, 09:26:26 PM
" pathetic.. i was hoping you'd at least last long enough for me to warm up." Dr D said as he started putting the cards back in his decks and returned his PCD to normal.  " no matter, you may not be worth much to me.. but i'm sure i can find someone who'd want you" he said with an insane look on his face before he picked up the now fried corpse and slung it over his shoulder.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 15, 2013, 09:29:49 PM
"Yeah well, maybe they have a weakpoint which is the only way to kill them? And if you don't mind, I'm planning on making a more "Compact" version which can be thrown...I think that's more effective, but I'd need a lot of wind to do that. We'll di-"
That's when she hears the scream and the spider-like creatures fall.
"First off these spiders and now I- you hear that scream?"
Blocking the clawing, she swings her sword horizontally, as she manipulates the air to create a razor wind, attempting to slice the spiders.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 15, 2013, 09:31:17 PM
"F, you may not know this, but I like picking up souvenirs from my missions. That Quick Fix is my souvenir from the Dustbowl mission. I'm not exactly willing to let you  break it down just so you can build a car... when a few moments ago you were eying my normal medical equipment to build a Medigun!"Alistair said, closing the doors of the cabinet.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 09:34:55 PM
Once Mr. Foster made it to the end of the warehouse maze... He was in the light, the outer edge, all screaming and clawing from the monsters... It stopped. They all stopped, even the ones attacking Marcus and Kazami just... Ceased movement. It was rather creepy so how that happened.

But now, Mr. Foster completed his mission, so it seemed... Right before him was a blonde haired woman in a familiar uniform, bound and gagged to a chair, she looked at Foster with pleading red eyes, "Mmm... !"

But it all seemed... Weird. The stench didn't cease from the Sue, but where was it?
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 09:35:08 PM
F shot the newbie, then grabbed the Quick Fix. "Fine, fine, Doc. Geez." he checked it. "... So anyways, where are the intruders around here?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 15, 2013, 09:37:50 PM
"...They just stopped?" Marcus asked, "But... But... okay, I'm not complaining. I like this new leaf the monsters are turning over! Hey Mr. Foster, we're coming over! The monsters all stopped here, so we'll be on our way!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 09:46:42 PM
Foster was wary. Very wary. The sue was still there, but...he couldn't see it. He got out one of his 9mm pistols, his knife in the other hand, and started walking towards the bound and gagged Shroud, looking everywhere around the room he could, searching for any sign of the sue...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 15, 2013, 10:00:03 PM
"We have intruders?" AListair said, genuinely surprised. He'd been at his desk all day going over the files, so he had no clue.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 10:05:10 PM
F's turn to facepalm! "Yes... we have intruders... hence why I barged in here to secure the Medical Bay!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 10:08:28 PM
"Mmmph... ?" Caroline groaned under the gag, tugging a bit on the ropes which bound her... But her shadow started changing, very oddly so... It took a new form, gaining diameter into a circle and taking many shapes as well, Caroline's face began to look panicked, and she started to struggle more and more to no avail. "Mmph! MMPH!" the shadow finished changing its form then and there, a shadow pentagram now at the Vampiress's feet, and the outer lines of it rising slowly into the air as Foster approached.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 10:14:27 PM
Foster quickly stopped his calm walk towards Shroud and began sprinting towards her.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 15, 2013, 10:17:14 PM
"Mr. Foster!" Marcus yelled, "Watch out!" He watched as the shadow and the lines kept rising and rising...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 10:22:23 PM
Right before Mr. Foster could... The ground in front of him exploded in his face, sending him spiraling backwards.

A long and demented looking creature had spawned from the pentagram; a serpent big enough that it not only went flying up when summoned, as well as swallowing the Vampiress whole when doing so... But the rest of its body was still in its little summoning circle, the beast reaching up to the ceiling of the already tall warehouse, head taking out the light above it, the creature roared horrendously, its gaping mouth melting with the black ooze like the monsters they fought before, two massive glowing red eyes and a whited version of the pentagram seal on its head to boot... It roared again, more loudly this time, it was ready to strike.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 15, 2013, 10:26:01 PM
Meanwhile in the Harry Potter fandom...

Osvald had taken mental notes from his hiding spot on the students who seem to sneak in and out of the Room of Requirement. Then there he sees the sue, obviously look identical to Harry, minus being female... And wearing clothes that ruins the dress code. Magical School or not, plus the "clothes" seem to suggest the sue is in Gryffindor, but on the other hand there's Slytherin on the uniform as well.

The ranger's nose wrinkled as he sniff the faint stench of the sue from the distance, not dangerous enough to say it wasn't higher level sue. He watch the sue trotting along with two-thirds of the Golden Trio with no sign of Ron. Perhaps easy if the sue use all magic as his immunity would take care of that.

But the problem lies in what other powers the sue have and there's the matter of numbers involved with the students. He would end up getting dog piled if he tackles the sue here and now, magic immunity or no. Which means that he need to do something create a distraction... Some of the ideas won't work due to the campus is still alerted. ...Or is it?

It is seem like all Osvald had to do... Is push the plot foward, perhaps earlier than usual. Yet it is enough to set down distractions for capture. All he need to do is prepare some items by stealing some from the classrooms, a quill and paper to be exact... So SEA agent goes to do so, he is in the classroom already. Why not make use of it?
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 15, 2013, 10:27:53 PM
Marcus stared up at the giant... thing. "...Moving on to Plan B." he mumbled, "Taunt the stupid thing and make it angrier. Because everyone knows that when someone gets angry, their IQ goes down. And unless this Sue is as dumb as a drunk Agent F, I have a lot of taunting to do. ...And fighting."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 15, 2013, 10:29:37 PM
Auri grimaced when he saw the bolt light the oil on fire, but took quick note of the angle it struck at, using that to calculate where the intruder was. "Keelah se'lai!" he shouted, sprinting through the rapidly-expanding blaze to the other side, firing Ulcatilite slugs from his Valkyrie into the hallway in front of him, hoping at least some of them would hit the bosh'tet. He made it across without getting singed, his kinetic barriers barely still intact.


Koemi nodded at the Mental as he entered and gestured at the pile she'd accumulated. "This is what we're looking for and hoping to disarm. We don't know how long the intruder had to plant these before I startled him or if he had friends helping him with the project. Think you can find and disarm them all? Or do we need to try and get them somewhere where the explosion won't damage too much?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 10:30:48 PM
Foster groaned, looking up at the giant serpent...thing. He kicked himself up, brushed himself off, and stared the thing down.

"Well...that's where the smell was coming from." He took out his shotgun and cocked it. "Well...if I'm goin' down, I'm fighting along the way!" He yelled, and began shooting the thing, aiming for the head.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 15, 2013, 10:33:23 PM
...Before Kazami should hit Marcus for doing something that'll possibly kill them, she looks around at the monster.
"Well...Have any idea how to stop this thing? Aim for it's head? Flip it over for it's weak point?"
The air around Kazami seems to be blowing intensely... While she readies herself. Again.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 15, 2013, 10:36:09 PM
"Oh. I thought you were just being an ass." Alistair said bluntly.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 15, 2013, 10:39:01 PM
The one not paying attention was struck in the head by the chair... and tazed. He was not anything special so he fell to the ground with ease. The other one however saw the gun pointed at him which he raised up... but then two gun shots was heard. It was unknown where it game from but... the sound it was really close it came out of the man's hands. A pair of bullets had just came out of a man's hands how this happened I don't know. But it happened. The aim was sloppy but he made it rapid fire which is more than enough to force Cynthia and anyone behind the wall force to duck and cover.
The Crossbow wielder knew about the spreading capability of an assault rifle, though he knew of it's lousy accuracy when rapid firing. If he was more close range he could've been blown to bits but he didn't, he was hit in the shoulder twice by the bullets, but he kept running taking cover behind another part of the hallway. This Alien Armor is strong and he definitely had more firepower than he and the fire didn't even slow him down. There is no way his bolts would penetrate the armor even with the strongest bolt he had. He would have to escape from this place and return to base. S.T.F. He made a quick sprint to the left almost reaching the exit the fire exit. He needed to get outside.   
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 10:39:47 PM
Unlike most bosses from video games and the like... The bullets hit their mark, but with a creature that size, nothing would seem to harm it, the bullets just "tick"'d themselves into its head before behind spat out harmlessly onto the ground.

The serpent reeled its body and head back quickly though, its back rubbing against the ceiling...

Glaring down at its prey, the thing lunged down at that the trio with more than bullet-like speeds, growing far too big to out run or simply dive away, its mouth gaping to swallow them whole...

Unlike bosses, this thing aimed to finish off its foes in one swift, quick, and deadly swoop.

This was the end.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 10:44:07 PM
Foster seemed...content.

He tried.

He failed.

All he could do now, and what he did do before the thing swooped down, was flick it off. Inside his gasmask, he smirked.

"Well...I lasted more than 20 pages."


Cynthia kicked over a nearby table and got behind it, popping out occasionally to shoot at the man.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 15, 2013, 10:49:34 PM
The Mental calmly scanned the pile with his Sonic Screwdriver, looked at the data, then pointed it again, disarming them in one fell swoop. "How were these found?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 15, 2013, 10:52:35 PM
Auri quickly reviewed his mental map of the area. Figuring the intruders would want to bugger out to avoid capture or death at this point, he sprinted for the nearest exit, a fire escape.


Koemi sighed in relief. "By sheer, dumb luck. I teleported into the library to come look for something, popped in right next to him, startling him into dropping them in the process."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 15, 2013, 10:55:11 PM
*1st Person*
Even with all my training to stop a sue, looks like I'm going to die by one. How ironic. It's similar like that anime where a kid was eaten by a titan after swearing to kill all of just 5 episodes.
"...I hate Hopeless Boss Fights."
I remark for the last time.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 15, 2013, 10:56:52 PM
"I mean location," he said curtly. Even if a lot of these were found, judging from size, he'd have a lot more to disarm. Which meant tedious walking.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 11:01:23 PM
The beast engulfed all three of the fighters, its mouth going over them with ease... But something was... Odd...

The mouth, inside... It was almost calming, like a gentle breeze was flowing through their hair and body, it was just... Peaceful, even if it was complete darkness. For a moment, it was pure darkness anyways...

It started to fade in a matter of moments, and when it was all gone... They were back in the warehouse, right where they were standing... The creatures all gone, and the beast of a serpent also no where to be seen, but in their place... The blonde woman, about 5'6'' tall, a smile which looked like it would send even the hardest men's hearts melting, a rocking body, beautiful blue eyes, and a familiar SEA uniform stood where the chair and pentagram once were, one hand on her hips, "Well, that wasn't quite what I was expecting from you, Mr. Foster." she chuckled, the aura of the Sue not gone however.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 15, 2013, 11:06:26 PM
F heard the gunfire. He heard the shouting. And he heard the sounds of several other random things. But it didn't matter. Knowing SEA, they would take care of it.

Instead, he walked down the hall.

To a broom closet.

And inserted the chip that was once his scouter into a crack in the order.

Hey, what do you know? Another lab!


T was running at full speed all around the building, upending tables, knocking down things, sometimes even getting in the way of random fights. She would normally join the fights, but she was too busy concentrating on one thing: finding W.

He was in danger somewhere, but she didn't know where. All she could do was run around, looking everywhere until she found either him or his corpse. If it was the latter, God pity the idiots invaders.

It took her a while, but she eventually reached a broom closet. The same one that a lot earlier, W had been trapped in. It didn't take her long to rapidly pick the lock on the door and, not surprisingly, find W, his optics completely shut down. She'd have to take him in for surgery.

She grit her teeth. SOMEONE was going to pay. And that someone's skin was going to become a rug in her room.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 15, 2013, 11:07:31 PM
The man with the gun arms quickly took cover behind a steel large trash bin. Firing more ulcalicite bullets at Cynthia to keep her down in the table. He kept an eye on the other area where the taser had came from so he would not get flanked.


The Crossbow wielder barge through the fire exit door with his good shoulder firing a few well placed explosive bolts behind him at the ground. The moment his chasers step on those would mean an explosion meant to blow limbs off. The Wielder turned around the corner and ran as fast as he can off the property as the bolts on the pavement by the fire exit silently flicker white.


Avery sighed. "They seem to be everywhere in the library Mr. Mental. Judging by the huge number of these explosives."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 15, 2013, 11:11:22 PM
"Yes, but...!" The Mental said, before slumping with a sigh. He grabbed a chip. "Where were they found, and how?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 11:14:47 PM
Foster blinked, his hand which had originally been flicking the thing off falling. He looked down at the woman looked...puzzled.

"...Shroud...?" He managed to mutter out.


Cynthia knew she had to think of something quick, when she suddenly got a bright idea. Taking out one of her makeshift grenades, she disassembled it and reassembled it, but it was missing one thing; anything that could cause it to explode. She then pulled the pin and threw it behind the trashcan, ready to shoot the guy as he popped out.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 15, 2013, 11:15:41 PM
Kazami looks around. The same warehouse, but no snake digestive system?
...Huh? I wasn't digested by a giant serpent... Yet I still have a weird feeling that the Sue is still here...
Looking down at her scabbard and sword by her side, ready to be used. ...For now, she decides to stay quiet lifting her head up and looking at the blonde women with the S.E.A uniform.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 15, 2013, 11:21:47 PM
Avery explained. "I believe I was here before hand when I overheard the conversation about explosives apparently one of our agents, I believe Cynthia was reading, 'the Giver' when she found one of the explosive devices. It's farfetched I know but that is the only explanation we have." He was serious. "yes... what Koemi had spoke of also."


Pure Psychology wins. Upon seeing the fake explosive reaction the man with the "Hand guns" dive away from the fake explosion. Only to be exposed to bullets that Cynthia will fire at him.

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 15, 2013, 11:24:18 PM
Caroline nodded, "You guys did pretty well, Dr. Vogues told me to go a bit rough on you guys, even if two of you were trainees." despite their puzzled looks, the Vampiress went on. "The doctor does this every year once a year, guys. It's a secret, so... Don't tell anyone, okay? Basically, he hand picks two trainees and an older member, and sends them here to fight off my Shadow Creatures and I report back to him with the results. No one got hurt this year so that's fantastic, you three!" smiling warmly, she walked up to all of them, looking as casual as ever, "This always gets me to talk... My, usually I don't talk to much."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 15, 2013, 11:30:38 PM
"That's what I need!" The Mental cried, turning aroundand walking down an aisle of books slowly, scanning the entire row. He does this for every row, and every time he gets readings, he turns around and walks back down, disarming them. This takes quite awhile, as he does it to the whole library.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 15, 2013, 11:32:39 PM
Koemi looked at the unconscious intruder and moved towards him again. "We should probably secure him. Avery can you help me with him? Mental can probably handle this on his own."


Auri swore again. The little sabotaging bosh'tet escaped. Growling, he headed back to the power room to check on everything and make sure that there were no more intruders.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 15, 2013, 11:41:55 PM
Clark stared blankly at Caroline for a few seconds. Then, he did something that he rarely ever does.

He took his gasmask off. And he breathed a sigh of relief. He even chuckled a bit and smiled.

"Gotta admit...that's actually pretty damn clever. And a load off my shoulders knowing that you didn't die..."


And shoot Cynthia did. Six shots. One for each leg, hand, and shoulder. And then she walked up to him.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 15, 2013, 11:47:49 PM
Avery nodded to Koemi. "Right let's take him to the interrogation chamber." The Interrogation chamber is almost rarely used unless those special occasions where S.E.A. is dealing with a SUE Corp. But those never happen, there had been no documents of a Sue Corp and most Sue's are usually one person or related to their creator.
The man with the 'Hand guns' was indeed shot and fell to the ground in pain. Now bleeding in the various areas that he was shot in.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 15, 2013, 11:54:25 PM
Koemi bent over and picked up the unconscious intruder. "Lead on, sugarcube."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 16, 2013, 12:28:58 AM
Kazami sighs a breath of relief. First...she looks at Clark.
"You look different from what I expected under the mask."
The second thing that's on her mind is
"So if you're here to test us...any specific reason why it's us 3?" Kazami asks Caroline.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: MisterGreen July 16, 2013, 12:31:52 AM
The two partners followed Avery and Koemi as the Mental finished/was doing his work. "So...are we positive there's no other undercover people tailing us/infiltrating us?" Jared asked, cautiously.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 16, 2013, 01:24:43 AM
Koemi thought about it for a minute. "We need to verify the credentials of everyone in the building, make sure that everyone here is supposed to be here, plus check everything to make sure there's no more sabotage. I would hate to see the cafeteria blow in the middle of dinner tonight."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 16, 2013, 02:02:38 AM
After determining about half the library hadn't even been planted with bombs after 20 or so minutes of searching, the Mental headed back to the entrance, opening a message to all channels. "Where am I needed?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 16, 2013, 06:22:12 AM
Osvald held a envelope as he stealthy make his way to not only the Defense against the Dark Art classroom, but also to a certain room that belongs to a teacher of a toad. By the time he reached the classroom, he glanced in to see no one is there for now before walks in.

He quietly make his way to the back of the room with another door that leads to Umbridge's office. After testing to see if it's locked, the ranger opens it and walks inside to see a room full of pink and kittens pictures.

...Yes. Room full of pink and kittens pictures. Which it made his eyebrow twitch due to the pinkness, still need to focus on the mission. He made a shush sound to the kitten portraits before walks over to the desk and place the envelope on the desk. The envelope contains necessary information to push Umbridge toward the conclusion of finding out about Dumbledore's Army and the location of the Room of Requirement. Just in case, he took out a backup copy and place one inside the drawer.

Now once that done, Osvald carefully exits the pink room and the classroom to ensure he wasn't here earlier. Then make his way back to the 7th floor in the same method and route.

All's left is to wait for exposition of the plot from the original source to happen... And that is when the Ranger make his true move against the sue.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 16, 2013, 07:15:00 AM
Marcus kept silent the entire time, but he finally spoke up. "I made the connection between those monsters and... something before." he said, "When I dropped that envelope in the hallway back at SEA, you used black goopy material stuff to bring it back to me! I knew it looked familiar! Of course, I wasn't sure if you were being controlled or what."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 16, 2013, 07:24:39 AM
In the power room, Auri got to work documenting and repairing the damage, using his omni-tool's onboard manufacturing system to produce the exact parts he needed. Hearing Mental's call over his communicator, he responded, "We've got an oil fire and some booby traps down here near the power room, but I'm working on fixing the sabotage in the power room itself. Can you come help or send someone to help with the cleanup?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 16, 2013, 08:00:44 AM
Crisp, now in his literally paper-thin disguise, slipped down the hallway towards the Clinic. As he got closer, he heard gunshots, and immediately picked up the pace. With any luck, he would get there before something bad happened to the patient.

Upon reaching the hallway, he saw Cynthia standing over a wounded agent, disguised as a rookie. There seemed to be a pattern to this.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 16, 2013, 11:40:34 AM
The Mental looked over at Jared and Melissa, whom were still standing there. "I want you two in the power room. There's an oil fire and some booby traps. Someone's repairing now, but he wants you to get rid of that stuff."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 16, 2013, 11:46:26 AM
Auri listened to Mental giving orders on the comm. "Tell them the booby traps are in the form of trapped crossbow bolts in the floor and that they're near the fire escape down here."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 16, 2013, 11:53:28 AM
The Mental quickly looked back up at the pair. "He says the traps are near the fire escape and look like crossbowbolts." With that, he left the library and headed towards the clinic, muttering to himself. "Any good plan and good story has the invading force attack the injured... And guess what we just got 4 of."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 16, 2013, 01:21:28 PM
Mental was suddenly aware of a blur heading towards him. A blur wearing a purple outfit and dragging along what looked like a guy in blue. Oh, and said blur was also steaming.

Yep, it was T. And she was PISSED.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 16, 2013, 01:23:45 PM
The Mental slowed, and put his back to the wall, politely letting T through. Unless he was her target, in which case... He hoped he wouldn't have to pull his guns.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 16, 2013, 03:05:47 PM
Cynthia looked down at the wounded man, and then flipped him over. She then sat next to his head and looked down at him. And then she did the only thing she knew how to do to get information; started turning up the charm.

"Now honey, I'm sure a big and strong man like you could've handled this by yourself," she started, trailing a finger down his chest for effect, "But I have a feeling you brought some friends along. Could you tell me how many you brought?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 16, 2013, 03:49:16 PM
T skidded to a stop, leaving skid-marks. "Sir. Do you know which idiot is responsible for this?" she held up W, with surprising strength... then again, pissed women always had surprising strength.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 16, 2013, 04:36:43 PM
Crisp then saw Cynthia sit on the wounded man, and was...doing something to him. Was she trying to mate with him? "Is this one of those human customs I keep hearing about?" he thought. The customs for romance? Odd."

He then did a double take. "Oh, wait; she's just seducing him for intel. Okay, nothing wrong here."

Crisp removed a sheet of paper from his cape, and rolled it into an ear trumpet. No need to interfere here. Just to listen.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 16, 2013, 04:57:13 PM
"Yes, thank you Mr. Foster, as the older member you did spectacularly." she smiled warmly, going on to answer the others' questions, "As I said Kazami, I don't know why he picks the people he does... And Marcus, I completely forgot about that, but that's pretty smart of you!" while she was cheery, and everyone seemed happy they weren't dead... Something was still wrong, the warehouse absolutely reeked of the smell, a horribly bad smell, the one of the very high level Sue.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 16, 2013, 05:03:40 PM
Clark smiled back, still happy at how everything turned out, but...the smell. It still hadn't gone. He decided to question Shroud about it.

"Say, how exactly did you replicate the smell of a Sue?" He asked, before mumbling something about 'and the look, too'.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 16, 2013, 05:11:16 PM
"I agree." Marcus said, his smile slowly fading and his hand coming up to fan the small away from his nose, "You don't mind turning off whatever fan you're using to spread Sue-scented Febreeze through the place, do you?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 16, 2013, 05:15:12 PM
It was then... Well.

Miss Caroline's smile turned into a frown, "Yes... Yes... It's replicated and febreeze, yeah..." she gained a slight blush and a look of guilt, "Everytime I have to deal with this, and it's never easier..." she sighed out loud; the truth, by now, should be obvious...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 16, 2013, 05:35:03 PM
Clark nodded knowingly. And then he smiled warmly.

"Well, I guess we have to just kill you now." He said, making it obvious he was joking.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 16, 2013, 05:39:54 PM
Marcus also nodded. "So... is the smell thing something you can turn off? Because I certainly didn't smell any bad stuff when I encountered you in the hallway. ...Then again, I was focused on Mr. Pierce's smell."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 16, 2013, 05:44:28 PM
"That's not funny, Foster."

Caroline shot a small but nonthreatening glare to the man before turning to Marcus, "Well... Kinda, perfume helps mask it too..." she admitted, "Dr. Vogues was the one who cured me though, I swear I'm not as much as a Sue as I used to be..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 16, 2013, 06:01:18 PM
"Right, sorry." Foster apologized. He then put on his gasmask and put away all his weapons. "Well...we should probably get back before anyone misses us." He remarked.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 16, 2013, 08:59:26 PM
Shroud, Clark, and Marcus all walked out of the warehouse. Marcus turned around to look at Kazami, who happened to be staring straight forward into space again. No movement could be seen at all. "She'll move again soon." Marcus said quietly to himself. "She might even somehow teleport back to the facility. She always does that... I wish I knew how."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 16, 2013, 09:01:31 PM
Well... Unlike Marcus and Mr. Foster...

Caroline stopped before reaching the sunlight, and quietly disappeared into the Shadows, only saying "I'll be back in the building when you arrive..." before she vanishes.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 16, 2013, 09:19:26 PM
Kazami shook her head.
I've been staring into space again...
Well, with everything finished, she follows Marcus and Clark back to the facility.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 16, 2013, 09:29:38 PM
Once the trio arrived and parked, Caroline was at the door, standing and waiting for them to walk in, "Don't bother going to Dr. Vogues, he's busy." she informed them, and the Sue stench she once had has... Well, now it's not noticeable, she smells more of sweet perfume, though not in excessive amounts, than anything.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 16, 2013, 09:37:25 PM
"Got it." Clark said, gathering his supplies from the trunk. "Oh, and sorry about kinda-sorta flipping you off. I just kinda figured, 'giant snake thing, gonna die, fuck everything', y'know?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 16, 2013, 10:08:08 PM
"F was with him last I saw," The Mental remarked. "I'm heading to the clinic. If I see him, I'll tell him to find you."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 16, 2013, 10:20:56 PM
T twitched. But she remained as calm as she could possibly be. Nevertheless, she raced off to the clinic, intent on finding F or, at the very least, Alistair.


F looked at his newest weapon: a simple object that looked like nothing more than a desk lamp. Oh, but if the lamp was turned on.... it would evolve into a large robotic behemoth, bent on destroying anyone that opposed its master. The best part about it was that it learned quickly; it could assess any opponent and strategise against them.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 17, 2013, 01:01:40 AM
"..." The Mental pulled out his PCD, and called F. "Where can I meet you to talk?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 17, 2013, 08:55:14 AM
Marcus looked around. "Should we go report to someone other than Dr. Vogues to say that we completed our mission?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 17, 2013, 09:36:42 AM
"Don't worry about it, Clark..." she said, before turning to Marcus, "And that'd be me, Marcus... You guys should listen better..." she chuckled lightly, trying to be friendly.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 17, 2013, 12:22:55 PM
"... Let's do... W's room," F replied. "I can hack his lack easily enough."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 17, 2013, 12:41:12 PM
"Fitting, since you're supposed to be there anyway," The Mental commented. "I'll meet you there." He closed the call, pocketed his PCD, and headed off to W's room.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 17, 2013, 12:45:58 PM
F exited the broom closet, now armed with several weapons and tools disguised as various accessories on his body. His favorite had to be the bracelet he wore, a pretty clever disguise for his mini particle accelerator. He managed to reach W's room without any trouble (as far as he could tell) and hacked the lock, pocketing some unneeded parts of it for use later.


T entered the Med Bay. ".... Hello?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 17, 2013, 01:26:56 PM
The Mental was already inside the room. "You might wanna put the parts back in a bit," he said, quickly scanning F with his Sonic. "You're armed."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 17, 2013, 04:44:11 PM
F stiffened. "... Aren't I always? And these parts are unnecessary for the lock. They can be put to better use."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 17, 2013, 04:46:08 PM
"So, the genome. Care to give me access to it?" The Mental started.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 17, 2013, 04:49:06 PM
F scowled. "I don't see a reason why I should, Mental."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 17, 2013, 04:58:28 PM
The Mental smirked. "Then I guess I'll just burn it. If it can't be used for the Agency, then it's just worthless information."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 17, 2013, 05:00:25 PM
Something behind F's eyes flashed. "The chief would never accept it... and Vogues would up and burn it... and W would support him."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 17, 2013, 05:03:22 PM
"Vogues, burning possible information?" The Mental scoffed. "The worst he'd do is make a comment in it, and put his name above your's. So, you can give me access so I can study it and then show the chief, or I can burn it."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 17, 2013, 05:08:40 PM
F sighed. ".... My main specimen was hidden in the Xbox Vogues stole from me..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 17, 2013, 05:28:01 PM
"And how important is it?" The Mental asked.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 17, 2013, 05:28:48 PM
"Right." Clark said. He then walked to the nearby door, walked inside, closed it, then opened it again and walked back out. "Ah! Miss Walker, just who I was looking for. We've completed the mission."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 17, 2013, 05:31:02 PM
"Very," F replied. "I've made most of my progress on that sample..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 17, 2013, 05:32:16 PM
Marcus sighed. "I guess that means we relax now, right? No missions for now, especially not ones for rookies like me.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 17, 2013, 05:34:38 PM
"That's right, you can relax now." Caroline told the werewolf while Foster was walking away, "I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of the day off-" the Vampiress stopped, and stared at Foster for a moment, "... Right..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 17, 2013, 05:36:07 PM
Back in Harry Potter world...

Osvald is fingering a spherical object, one of the objects from his bags that he had taken for this mission to pass the time. While he waits for the plan to go off, feeling the discomfort of not walking freely starting to rise up. He peeks through the door of the classroom to see if that Toad and other students that were with her had arrived yet, still nothing. He rubs his forehead, where is tha.... Then it got cut off as a explosion sound is heard, almost caused him surprised.

This is it. The ranger quickly take action and runs out of the classroom, for that moment at the back of his mind. He don't have to stay in one place. When the agent runs out, he sees the wizards flinging spells designed to disable the students. Though rather slow enough for the students to make a counteract, a influence of the sue?

Either way, it is enough for distraction for him to start the next phase. Osvald press a button on the object and use a low throw into the crowd... And the Room of Requirements. Massive amount of smoke bursts out of the object, causing some people to cough and few (perhaps muggleborns, unless they are stunned or loyal to the sue) runs out of the room. The contents of the smoke is harmless to anyone, except designed to also distract and cover the agent's movements.

Now Osvald dives into the smoke in the room for the final part, search and track down that sue.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 17, 2013, 05:41:19 PM
"Well that shouldn't take too long." Avery said to Koemi while stopping in front of the interrogation chamber, once in the interrogation chamber all abilities sue or not is disabled. The entire room is made of Ulcalcite and a mineral that only the founder knew of, the secret of this mineral died when the founder had passed away and only the Chief knows what it is. "There's about 150 people working here and around 30 graduates such as us. Come to think of it... " Avery look down rubbing his chin. "There is no way for any of the intruders to be able to get into the base unless they are family or they went to the recruiter as a new recruit. Something tells me that one of the recruiters must be involved in this."

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 17, 2013, 08:07:14 PM
"So Marcus. Mind if you help me out with with something?" Kazami asks Marcus.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 17, 2013, 10:23:28 PM
Marcus nodded. "Sure. What is it?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 17, 2013, 11:37:56 PM
"Then I shall go and talk to Vogues," The Mental stated.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 18, 2013, 12:12:42 AM
Foster chuckled. "Alright, I'm gonna go see if the emergency is still happening." He walked to the door.


Cynthia, meanwhile, was still trying to seduce the guy for answers. The longer her creator waits for a reply to this, the more awkward it makes him feel, so a reply to this would be greatly appreciated.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 18, 2013, 12:36:23 AM
"Yeah well, do you know how I manipulated the air back there? I was thinking of... making a thrown version of it since it'll be more effective. Problem is, I'd need a substantial amount to create and that's where you come in. So if you don't mind, I'd need you to create a couple of a open area, of course."
Kazami tells Marcus.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 18, 2013, 04:27:25 AM
Koemi tossed Mud Boy into the interrogation chamber and looked around. "Not much else I can do here though, this is above my pay grade. I only just finished training two months ago." She sealed the door and demorphed. "I'm going to go report to Dr. Vogues about Mud Boy. You should probably come along too," she said, heading for the doctor's office.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 18, 2013, 06:45:06 AM
Marcus shrugged. "Sure. We can go outside or head to a training ground to test this out. If no one needs us, then let's go!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 18, 2013, 01:24:36 PM
"You do that," F said. "Can I have my file back now?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 18, 2013, 02:23:08 PM
Avery nodded to Koemi and followed her towards Dr. Vogues' office.
The guy who is first shot 6 times and is bleeding out is now being under a seduction spell by the same woman who shot him. "I'm just following orders to put down the traitors that is the S.E.A. for keeping Sues in their base and to kill any sues they have. We are the enforcers!" He then keep babbling on and on how powerful S.T.F. is. It is obvious that this woman is probably not going to get anymore answers from him other than how 'great' S.T.F in his mindset.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 18, 2013, 02:27:02 PM
"Not until I have had a look at it," The Mental said, going to the door. "I want to compare results, and you would have a back-up anyway." With that, the Mental opened the door and walked out.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Kimoto July 18, 2013, 02:28:28 PM
Marron finally finished his hole outside, having put the shovel away, and was just sitting next to it, doing nothing, waiting for something interesting to happen.

"... This world is too boring..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 18, 2013, 03:10:12 PM
Cynthia listened to the rant for a few seconds before pinching is neck and knocking him out. She then picked him up and slung him over one shoulder, before picking up the other guy that had been tazed and chair'd and slinging him on the other shoulder, and walking to the interrogation chamber.

"One 'a those days..." She sighed.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 18, 2013, 03:38:13 PM
Koemi lead the way to the doctor's office, nodding at Cynthia and noting Ranty slung over the other girls shoulder as they passed her in the hall. "Looks like Mud Boy wasn't the only intruder," she commented to Avery, knocking on the doctor's door.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 18, 2013, 04:20:33 PM
Crisp unrolled his ear trumpet, and placed it back in his cape. "Well, that was pointless. Now then! On to business!"

He produced the Infinity Binder, and called forth several reams of paper. He then pulled out a pen, and scribbled the following message:


Crisp then concentrated and soon every single sheet of paper that he produced had that exact message. He then went to the nearby vent, and slipped his impromptu flyers into it. The air currents would ensure that these flyers would spread all over Headquarters.

"There's my bait all squared away," declared Crisp. "Now for the trap." He promptly ambled off after Cynthia. He needed someone who was good with subterfuge. And explosives. Lots of explosives.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 18, 2013, 04:33:03 PM
F twitched as the Mental walked out. Of course he had a back-up, but what if the file fell into the wrong hands? He hated to imagine it.

He looked around. He would have to secure what little of his belongings he had in his back-up lab and fast. But how was he going to do that?

Well, there was always trap-set-up...


"Alistair?" T asked, poking her head into the Med Bay. "Doc? Hello?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 18, 2013, 04:38:50 PM
Alistair was going through some files in his desk, and he had his mp3 player going, so he couldn't really hear T at the moment.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 18, 2013, 04:47:39 PM
Suddenly, literally dozens of flyers started to shoot out of the vents, all over Headquarters. Crisp cringed at the sight, and wondered if he had overdone it just a little.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 18, 2013, 04:55:58 PM
Auri looked up as he finished the repairs. What is that rustling noise? It sounds like... Suddenly a few dozen sheets of paper flew out of a vent in the power room and burst out of the door past Auri. "Oh hell..." He ran back out to where Jared and Melissa were just arriving to start fighting that fire, now with sheets of paper flying through the blaze from both directions like they were looking for something. "Keelah, what is this madness?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 18, 2013, 06:06:00 PM
Though Koemi knocks... There is no answer from Vogues.


Caroline had departed from the small group as well, reporting to Vogues was her priority, and well... She also needed to catch up on this intrusion situation.

But, that's where the problem started... She saw two people already at his office, Avery, and the new girl... She simply stood around the corner out of their sight, sometimes peeking her head out to see if they leave.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 18, 2013, 06:29:14 PM
Magic lights can be seen through the smoke as Osvald search for the sue. Occasionally he got hit by the spells, but no reaction due to his immunity and several people accidentally bump into him ends up getting pushed aside. Now where is that sue?

Then Osvald sees the sue, busy flinging spells at people like a toy while having a "love" moment with Malfoy. He better work fast before any reinforcements come to aid the sue, which he draws out his Ulcalitite dagger that's perfect in this situation on disabling the sue and the other hand holds the handcuffs made out of the same material as the dagger to ensure the arrest.

And then the ranger makes a preemptive strike, starting by going to knock out Malfoy. Considering Draco is a wizard and that comes with weak in the physical ability department, the boy goes down easily and unconscious. This brings attention to the sue, which cause her to enrage that a fool had harm her "true love".

Except Osvald is no fool as he takes advantage of the Sue's rage by quickly throw the dagger at the sue's shoulder. Just before he got hit by a powerful magical blast, which he isn't harmed but went flying instead and hit the wall (he'll probably feel that in the morning) as the ranger hears the sue scream in pain.  Pain that would bring attention and pain that would calls for medical aid. Aid means the dagger would get taken out by a student and that would end up the sue getting heal up, since as long the dagger is still stuck, the sue would remain helpless without her powers.

That won't do at all. The ranger quickly gets up and runs at the sue, getting hit (accidental or not) by magic but not enough to cause him to go flying again. Just only a push that would make him almost trip, but not fall. Once Osvald reaches the injuried sue, he makes the arrest by forcing her into a position to cuff her with Ulcalitite handcuffs. When that deed is done, the ranger keeps her pin her down to the ground as he takes out the PCD and dials the number. It is one of the few things he managed to learn for the phone after people drills it into head for a good while.

And then once that signal reach, the ranger makes his words. "Scotty beam me up. Now."

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 18, 2013, 06:50:57 PM
Koemi frowned, and tried again. Not getting any answer, she turned and decided to go look for someone else to report to. As she tried to decide who to try next, she didn't even notice where she was going until she turned the corner and walked straight into Caroline.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 18, 2013, 06:53:19 PM
The Vampiress let out a small "eep!" before jumping back, "Um, hello there..." she said, letting out a shy smile, and hugged herself to make herself more comfortable, being around Sue Hunters and being a Sue herself, since that's a well kept secret, wasn't the best idea... Especially if you're a high leveled Sue.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 18, 2013, 06:55:33 PM
Avery sighed. "We should comeback here later. I'll see if I can help someone." Avery had followed Koemi until he was forced to stop behind Koemi. He looked to see it was Caroline. "Oh. Hello there, Caroline." Avery tilted his hat towards the Vampiress. "I'll leave you two be, I have other things to help out." He walked away from the two and down the hall he went.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 18, 2013, 06:57:58 PM
At this point, the vents started to rumble ominously, before bursting open, and spitting out a very disheveled Crisp, along with several flyers. As he picked himself up, he dusted himself off with a spare flyer, mumbling something about "substandard escape routes."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 18, 2013, 07:01:02 PM
"Sorry, sugarcube," Koemi said quickly as Avery left. "Do you know where..." she trailed off as Crisp spilled out of the vent. She helped him up, dusting him off. "What happened to you, sugarcube?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 18, 2013, 07:02:17 PM
Caroline took the time while Koemi and Crisp weren't looking to try to sneak away...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 18, 2013, 07:02:35 PM
The Mental went to F's room and knocked on the door. "Vogues, you in here?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 18, 2013, 07:04:34 PM
There was no response from F's room... He probably cleared the place already.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 18, 2013, 07:06:30 PM
Koemi sniffed, detecting something odd in the air. "Is that... Sue I smell? I could've sworn I wore enough perfume today to cover it up..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 18, 2013, 07:08:18 PM
Caroline just kept walking, at a much faster pace now. "I thought I put on enough perfume..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 18, 2013, 07:11:52 PM
The Mental sighed, pulled out his PCD, and called Vogues.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Kimoto July 18, 2013, 07:14:34 PM
Marron had come inside the building and wandered, looking for someone to bug, out of those who he'd awknowledge. And if they annoyed him, stare them in the eye.

"... Maybe someone fuuuun."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 18, 2013, 07:35:18 PM
Once the heat from the oil fire struck one of the fire sprinkler systems, the bulb inside the sprinkler's shatter and vapor sprinkled all over on the fire. It is only in movies that the sprinkler system would activate all of the sprinklers in the building when it just activates the nearest sprinkler. The other sprinklers activated when the heat of the fire started to get to them also. The sprinklers released a liquid and the fire is slowly being doused out. Oddly, one of the sprinklers malfunctioned, breaking the bulb and spraying the liquid on Marron.

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 18, 2013, 07:59:40 PM
Crisp accepted the dusting-off, and quickly shed his "Paper Avenger" costume. "I feel the distinct need to be in another universe in a few minutes, Koemi. Are there any missions open?" he replied, while looking around for impending death-by-Yoshida.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 18, 2013, 08:04:58 PM
"I dunno, I was looking for Vogues to report in about Mud Boy from the library, but he doesn't seem to be in." She sniffed again. "Do I smell okay to you?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 18, 2013, 08:07:43 PM
Crisp took a deep whiff. Nothing, except for the faint tinge of burning paper (which was the vents) , the scent of vegetables (probably his fault) and strawberries with cream.

"Uh, I'm picking up some strawberries..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 18, 2013, 08:08:40 PM
"Alright, training grounds it is then."
Kazami heads towards the training ground.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 18, 2013, 08:25:17 PM
"Maybe it's just nothing," she said, staring after Caroline for a moment before looking back at Crisp. "Hang on, I want to try calling Dr. Vogues to report in since he's not in his office," she said, pulling out her PCD and dialing the doctor.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 18, 2013, 08:30:30 PM
Marcus followed Kazami and prepared to use his wind ability. ...But he couldn't help but get the feeling that there was some antagonism in the facility. Either way, he shrugged it off. Probably just his mind acting up. "Ready, Kazami? Here comes a big gust!" And on his command, a strong wind blew.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 18, 2013, 08:34:42 PM
Crisp tried to recall as many flyers into the Infinity Binder as he could, while he waited for Koemi to finish her call. No reason for...HER to find a mess here, after all.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 18, 2013, 10:14:41 PM
Though a bit delayed, a beam of light surrounded Osvald, warping him across the fandoms and back to the S.E.A. building. Once the agent had returned, he was standing on a Teleporter Deck similar to the one from Star Trek. At the large half-circle of a control panel sat a skinny man with dark hair, and a cup of coffee. "Sorry ta keep ya waitin' Os... Was still on my coffee break when ya buzzed." he said, with a distinct southern accent.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 18, 2013, 10:17:32 PM
T sighed in irritation. Oh well, looks like she'd have to do things herself again. And by herself, I mean she ripped around the room, getting surgery tools ready to start ripping open W's eyes. Of course, as usual, she forgot something. The anesthesia was left where it was. W was probably in for a nasty surprise.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 18, 2013, 10:27:58 PM
"It's alright. The wait still worth it." Osvald's hand is still held onto the arrested sue. The said sue still struggling. He started walking, the sooner he drops the sue off. The sooner she would recover in her cell before starting treatment. "Anything happen while I'm gone?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 18, 2013, 10:34:58 PM
Now, Alistair may be a bit unreachable when he has his music on, but he sort of has a sense for when somebody's touching his stuff. Especially his medical stuff. He took his earbuds out and set his mp3 player on his desk, prepared a couple scalpels, slipped into the surgery room, then flicked his wrist. A scalpel whizzed through the air and clipped T's hair a little before hitting the wall with a dull thunk. "You know, if you needed my help, you could have just come up to me and tapped my shoulder."

"Eh, not really. Just some idjits tryin' to mess the joint up, few of the agents wreckin' it further in the process. Y'know. Standard Intruder Procedure," Scotty replied, taking a nonchalant sip of his coffee. "How'd the mission go?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 18, 2013, 10:36:05 PM
Oliver pulled his PCD out and dialed the number to Akira once he is certain that everything is taken care of and everyone who is clueless on what happened is evacuated from the facility.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 18, 2013, 10:36:22 PM
"But W needs me!" T whined. "Some idiot messed with his eyes again and now he needs emergency surgery and maybe a system upgrade on his optics!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 18, 2013, 10:47:48 PM
"Well in that case... Just make sure you get everything cleaned up when you're finished. I'm going to get back to my filing. Don't forget to knock him out first." Alistair said, walking past T to retrieve his improv knife from the wall. He turned on his heel and left the surgery room, heading back for his desk to continue the work he was doing before.

Akira was down in the second basement level at this point, just doing a sweep of the sues they had in containment. She quickly answered her PCD, immediately recognizing the number. "Oliver. What the hell is going on."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 18, 2013, 10:53:53 PM
Hm...If I remembered correctly... what is needed to make a perfect sphere made of air is Rotation, Power, and Stability... So I'll start with rotation...Then I'll focus on power and stability and form it into a shuriken..
Manipulating the gust, Kazami starts to form a sphere of in her hands...but as soon as she tries to rotate the sphere, it disappear.
"...Yeah, this is going to take a while to master. I'll probably need your help to master least a week to master the first step. The rest of the steps are easy to do." Kazami tells Marcus.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 18, 2013, 10:56:28 PM
"Sure, anything." Marcus said, sending another gust for her to practice. "Just don't overwork me too much!"
And he felt that antagonism again. Lurking somewhere.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 18, 2013, 10:59:08 PM
"We were attacked by S.T.F. That's what happened." Oliver said a strain in his voice as he spoke into the PCD. "Luckily no one was seriously injured and we captured some S.T.F. spies. Whatever spies they had working for them escaped or had been killed. I'm worried that the ones that escaped are gonna be out for blood the next time. We need to have a meeting to assess the situation and to plan on what to do next."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 18, 2013, 11:03:58 PM
"Oh my f... Okay. Gather up the other higher ups and... Let's figure this out. Those STF jackasses are like animals, I swear... I'd even go as far to say that they're no better than what they're hunting..." Akira said, leaned up against the cell door of a Pony Sue. It was asleep at the moment, so she didn't have much to worry about.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 18, 2013, 11:07:07 PM
T, to be honest, got to work. It was gonna take a while...


F was studying what little of the genome he had left. Biting his lip, he poked it with a tool. It sparked and set the tip on fire. His eyes widened. He was definitely going to try to clone this specimen later.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 18, 2013, 11:10:09 PM
"Success. It went well, except some bruises." Osvald reported the status of his mission. He doesn't count the incident with the PCD emergency as trouble if he's not caught by the locals, "Now. Time to drop this sue off. Later Scotty."

He goes to drag the sue off to the 2nd Basement of the building. The prison block for sues.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 18, 2013, 11:30:30 PM
The Doctor picked up his PCD for the Mental, "What is it." he said bluntly, the sounds of what seemed like machinery were buzzing through.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 18, 2013, 11:34:49 PM
"Do you want me to come by and help study F's things?" The Mental asked.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 18, 2013, 11:37:58 PM
"No." Vogues replied, almost immediately. The buzzing noises seeming to get louder and louder.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 19, 2013, 12:35:37 AM
Osvald arrived at the 2nd Basement Floor, the Prison Block. After going through some procedures (including taking the dagger off since it is part of the procedure), he takes the sue through the block as the warden leads them to the cell. Passing by cells that are occupied by other sues, but that is not what they are looking for. In the consideration of the Harry Potter's sue's injuries, they reached a cell that's marked with a red cross. A cell designed to heal sues slowly over time.

After the warden open the door to the cell, the ranger push the sue into the cell. Not too hard, just enough to get the sue walking into the room and the warden locks the door back up. Once locked, the warden leads Osvald out so that the ranger can go through the procedures again and get his stuff back and continue their day.

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 19, 2013, 01:01:38 AM
Dr. D Blinked a couple Times then realised he somehow worked his way to F's Room.. grumbling a little about how strange things get around here he knocked on the door and stood there, the fried Corpse hanging off his shoulder like a surfboard.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 19, 2013, 04:38:39 AM
Once again, Kazami manipulated the air. Once it is a sphere, she attempts to rotate it. It rotates slowly then dissipates.
...But something was off.
"...I'm feeling something is off. You too Marcus?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 05:52:24 AM
Koemi sighed as she got a busy signal. "I'll just do it later," she said, ending the call. "So you want to get out of here for a bit?" She checked her PCD to see if there were any available missions.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 07:15:55 AM
Crisp nodded. "Yeah. My stunt with the flyers didn't go as planned, and I think that the higher-ups may need some time to cool off before I meet with them again."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 19, 2013, 10:26:41 AM
"Yeah, I'm feeling it and it's bugging me." Marcus replied, "I have no idea what it is, though. You think we should go check it out?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 19, 2013, 12:14:01 PM
Oliver voice went sullen. "Well, they are animals, I used to be one of them," He said revisiting his old self as a newbie for S.T.F but he shook his head. "I'll send a Multicast message to them, meet us at the board room, Chief." Oliver said as he hung up and quickly text into the PCD to be sent to the following people: The Mental and Dr. D. Ranged. "Emergency Meeting in 10 minutes at the Board Room." Oliver send the text as he walked towards the building with the boardroom in it. He sent a text to Dr. Vogues, "Has your team completed their mission?" If the team returned he will send another multicast text to meet them at the boardroom.


There are 4 missions available for the following fandoms:
My Little Pony - Sue needs therapy
Naruto - Black Hole Sue. need 3 party team
Tales of - Romantic Sue. Processing for Avery.
Team Fortress 2 - Sue must be killed.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 01:35:39 PM
Koemi looked at their options. "Okay, we've got a sue to eliminate in TF2 fandom or if we can find a third person there's a Black Hole Sue to save or kill in the Naruto fandom. What do you think, Crisp?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 19, 2013, 03:15:40 PM
After Osvald left the Prison Block, he goes to wander around for awhile in the building. Usually done after his stealth missions as it is something to calm down before going on to the next mission, especially if there's a errand that need to be ran from one place to another. Although, it doesn't seem like the errand run is available as he sees there are charred papers everywhere.

He raise a eyebrow, wondering what happen during the incident that Scotty mentions about. Didn't think on it exactly, only focus on what's going on now. And so, the ranger takes out his PCD to check on his calls and missions.... More like pressing random buttons as he's spending more time to try to get to those pages than looking through them.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 19, 2013, 03:56:21 PM
F had managed to receive mission information. Scanning the list, he found the perfect mission for his team in the Naruto fandom... of course, he'd have to find his team first. A quick tapping into a nearby security cam told him where he could find T and W. Now it was just a matter of walking there.

T looked up as F entered. W's eyes were covered in bandages, but he seemed find otherwise. She frowned at F. "Well, well, well, look who finally decided to show up."

F shrugged as he blasted W with his mini-Medic Gun. "I was busy. Vogues decided to confiscate most of my shit, so I had to make due with what I had." he flipped a hidden switch on the gun, making sure to erase W's most recent memories... specifically, the part where F overloaded his optics.

T helped W remove the bandages. "What are you doing here, F? And where have you been?"

"Around," F replied simply. "We've got a new mission set if you two wanna take a look at it. There's a required three-man mission back in Naruto, though, so it looks like that can be ours."

W shuddered. "I'm still scarred from the last one there. Did you know that Sue was a bloody Nineteen-Tailed fox!? And every tail represented another century of life for it? And that every year, it grew yet another tail?" he shook his head. "I had to eliminate that... and the reaction from that one clan she was part of..."

"Yeah, yeah, angst, angst," F rolled his eyes as he pinged in and requested the mission in Naruto. "C'mon, move your lazy asses. Loftwing's gonna take off in five."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 04:24:34 PM
Before Crisp could respond, Koemi corrected herself. "Wait, no, the Naruto fandom mission just got snapped up by F, T, and W. I guess we're going to TF2 fandom. You got everything you need for it, sugarcube?" she asked, accepting the mission on her PCD.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 19, 2013, 04:29:33 PM
After getting the guys into interrogation, Cynthia was, to say the least, bored. Se meandered around, eventually bumping into...Pyro?

{Oh, Cynthia!} Pyro mumbled, turning around to greet her, looking at it's PCD. {Just who I was looking for.} He held out his PCD to her and pointed to one of the missions.

"Oh, hey Pyro," Cynthia said, looking at his PCD. "A My Little Pony Sue? Eh, sure, why not. Foster was off on that thing for Vogues, so we need something to pass the time."

Pyro nodded, and then looked at the PCD to accept the mission.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 19, 2013, 04:52:54 PM
After finally looking through his messages and reaching the mission pages, all of the missions are already taken by this time until later. Naruto Fandom taken by Agents F, T, and W. Pony Fandom taken by Pyro and Cynthia, TF Fandom taken by Crisp and Koemi, and Tales of Fandom taken by Avery.

Osvald puts away his PCD, which means he have nothing to do except head to the Archery Range or help around with a errand in the building. And so, he wanders off, likely heading to the direction of the Archery Range unless something happens that needs him.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 05:04:13 PM
Crisp grinned, and spun the Infinity Binder before putting it away in his saddlebag, next to the unusually large supply of vegetables and his PCD. "Have Binder, will travel! Let's get cracking!" he replied.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 19, 2013, 05:16:41 PM
Dr. Vogues replied to Oliver's message with a simple, "Yes, Agent Walker has been saved without a scratch. Funny how this happens every year."


Caroline, having gotten away from all this... Just wandered through the hallways, she thought it best to not take on a mission  right now...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 05:18:57 PM
Koemi smiled. "I wanna pick up a pistol in the armory before we go," she said, starting in that direction. "You wanna come with me or shall we meet up in the hangar?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 05:23:43 PM
"I'll meet you in the Hangar, Koemi," Crisp replied. "Just need to, ah, survey the amount of flyers that wound up in there before we leave." Without further ado, he promptly leapt into the vents, magically sealing it shut after him.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 19, 2013, 05:26:46 PM
"Yeah, let's check it out. What are your senses telling you, Marcus?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 19, 2013, 05:36:55 PM
Marcus shrugged. "I'm not sure, but I feel like there's some hostility in the building. It could be a rival group, it could be a loose Sue, or it could just be Ms. Walker. We should ask other people to see if they feel anything before jumping to conclusions, though."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 06:00:56 PM
Koemi nodded, shaking her head at the crazy unicorn's antics, then teleport-spammed her way to the armory. Looking over the options and thinking back on her training, she selected a Scorpion ( pistol, grabbed some thermal clips for it, and started teleporting the short distance to the hangar.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 06:40:01 PM
A few minutes later, Crisp tumbled out of a convenient vent into the Hangar, landing on a pile of flyers. The room had been left surprisingly untouched by his little stunt. Probably because there were very few people in here that weren't coming or going. Crisp got to his hooves, and set about clearing up the flyers with the Infinity Binder. "Maybe there's a plane under these..." he mused.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 06:46:46 PM
Looking around at the various aircraft in the hangar, Koemi decided a Pelican ( would server their purposes, being able to carry a unicorn like Crisp and having the armor to take the kind of gunfire she expected to see in the TF2 fandom. "Crisp, sugarcube, come on. Let's get going," she said before boarding the dropship and taking the pilot's seat.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 06:49:20 PM
Crisp saw Koemi enter the Pelican, and quickly cantered over. "Just needed to clear a few things up, Koemi..." he replied, as he climbed aboard.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 19, 2013, 06:49:54 PM
Kazami nods.
"Yeah...Let's do that first." Kazami replies.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 06:52:03 PM
Koemi fired up the Pelican and eased it out of the hangar, charting a course for the TF2 fandom. "Give me a rundown on the file we've got on this Sue, sugarcube."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 06:59:55 PM
Crisp pulled out his PCD, and pressed buttong randomly until the information he wanted came up. "Okay, here we go... Amelia Vermillion Goosedown. A Scout-ish Jerk Sue whose speshul Sueish powers manifest as electrical manipluation, and super strength. Refuses to acknowledge canon, and claims to be the love interest of..." He tilted his head in a confused manner. "...everybody? Weird..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 19, 2013, 07:03:24 PM
The Loftwing landed in a remote spot in the Naruto fandom. And by remote, I mean in plain sight where all the ninjas were. F opened the door to the Loftwing.

W was first out as usual, with his escrima sticks reclaimed from F. He scanned the ground. There was the faintest sign of sparkles.

"F, got a signal?" he asked. F waved his hand in reply, staring at a radar that monitored Sue readings.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 19, 2013, 07:08:11 PM
Several people were currently away from the building. Probably on missions of non-rookie importance. The training grounds were not too far from the building, so Marcus led the way back inside. But as they entered, they saw Osvald calmly walking to them.

"Ah! Mr. Sunden!" Marcus exclaimed, catching his attention, "Sorry to bother you, but Kazami and I sensed some antagonism in the building. We're not sure what it is, but... do you feel something, too?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 19, 2013, 07:22:00 PM
Osvald looks up to see the two interns, Marcus and Kazami. He thought for the moment, focusing on his senses. He did pick up something, but only faint left over from what ever happen.

"I did feel something in the air..." The ranger answer as he thought about it. "Don't know what exactly. However, Scotty mentioned about a intruder situation when I just returned from my mission. It is seem that others already got the situation under control."

It seem like a explanation that seem to make sense for him until evidence suggest otherwise.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 19, 2013, 07:40:00 PM
Oliver smiled as he text back. "Yes, it is odd and it is also odd that you had two interns into the team. Anyway, I need you and Mr. Foster to meet at the Board Room for a meeting in 10 minutes. To plan something against the S.T.F."


Avery was going to his home fandom. Not that he minded or anything but it is something that needs to be taken care of. He is going to find Mysteria. A Sue who had a relationship with just about everyone in the Tales of series: Male and Female. He is to track her down and end her life. He never liked killing but this is necessary to keep that fandom peaceful and Sue free for a long while. She is always on the move. So Avery will need to track her down. He is not sure how long this mission would take but he will get it finished eventually.

Agent W's PCD rang rather violently. At the same time the reading on the radar went ballistic. The reading was deep red.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 08:08:06 PM
"It's never easy, is it?" Koemi commented, looking for a place to land and finding one on a place that appeared to be a hat warehouse. "We should go on foot from here. You got a lock on the Sue?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 08:17:04 PM
Crisp hit more random buttons, and a map came up on his PCD. There were several orange blips, two green blips, and one red blip.

He made an educated guess, and said, "Yeah, we've got a lock, but she's surrounded by her love puppets. We're going to have to get sneaky." He then spotted the hat warehouse out of the cockpit.

A plan began to form.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 19, 2013, 08:20:48 PM
Vogues rolled his eyes, and got up... Straight to the board room by himself.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 08:42:16 PM
Koemi looked at her partner. "Oh no, last time I saw that look you went running out of the library and the next time I saw you you were wearing a paper superhero costume and falling out of a vent."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 08:50:11 PM
"That was only because I didn't know the severity of the situation," Crisp replied with great dignity. "Now, we actually have a basic understanding of what's going on, and the element of surprise, to boot."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 08:56:22 PM
Koemi giggled. "Yeah, though it's too bad we don't have those other elements from your home fandom. They could probably take down this sue easily. Anyways, what's your plan?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 19, 2013, 09:16:02 PM
Just as Foster got to the cafeteria, his PCD went off and he read the message.

"Dammit..." He sighed to himself. "Looks like Lunch'll have to wait again..."

He then walked to the board room.


Cynthia and Pyro, meanwhile, walked down to Scotty.

{Hey, Scotty!} Pyro greeted, {Off to the MLP fandom!}
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 09:32:48 PM
Crisp smiled at Koemi's reference, than went into his description of the plan. "Okay, first, we're going to need to lure away the canons, keep them from pulling any sort of "dramatic rescue" bullhooey. To do that, I intend to trick them into mounting a raid on the BLU team's base. To accomplish that, I will lend myself an air of authority by using my Infinity Binder and the contents of the warehouse below us to disguise myself as some sort of functionary.

"While I'm busy distracting them, you are to head to the nearby bomb silo, and commandeer a bomb on a mine cart. Don't worry if you don't know what it looks like; it will be very obvious when you see it. Steer the bomb into the middle of the arena to minimize any collateral damage, then trick the Sue into detonating it. Be sure to teleport out of the blast radius when you do so.

"If that doesn't put the Sue down, then we'll regroup at the warehouse, and most likely improvise like madmen. Any questions?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 09:34:51 PM
"Yeah, one... What's the delay between the bomb being triggered and the actual explosion?" Koemi asked nervously.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 09:39:43 PM
Crisp thought for a moment. "At a guess...three seconds, tops. Don't worry; I'll be back to help you with the fight by the time the bomb is in the arena, if all goes according to plan..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 19, 2013, 09:44:26 PM
Scotty nodded, scanning his control panel for a moment. "Got it, Pyro! Two tickets to Equestria..." he started to punch in the coordinates, and then flicked the switch. "Ready for takeoff!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 19, 2013, 09:46:03 PM
"One more... What's the blast radius? I can only cover about 100 feet in three seconds," she said, poking her pointer fingers together nervously.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 19, 2013, 09:54:57 PM
Both agents gave a thumbs-up to Scotty as they walked onto the pad, being teleported almost instantaneously to Equestria. When they arrived, Cynthia started sniffing around (As she was in her normal outfit and thus didn't have a gasmask) to see if she could find the Sue, with Pyro following close behind.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 19, 2013, 09:57:41 PM
Crisp smiled. "Only like, twenty feet or so. It was made for busting open enemy bases, not for destroying cities. Oh, and mind the water tower."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 19, 2013, 10:27:23 PM
Dr. D Grinned with Delight.,, then dropped the body at f's door step with naught but a note saying " your welcome" before walking casually to the board room.. though admittedly he was making a rather fast pace..


Meanwhile Midnight was inside the cafeteria mumbling to herself over a cup of coffee.. " figures the one time i decide to take a nap is when everything happens.." and thus she was left behind.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 19, 2013, 10:52:58 PM
"Uh..." Marcus wasn't sure of what to say. "Well, if it's taken care of, I guess we're not needed until anything else happens? ...Can you think of anyone who needs help? Patients to tend to, people to talk to, errands to run?" Though I'm sure Kazami and I want to help resolve any issues...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 19, 2013, 11:00:11 PM
"I'd like to help around too." Kazami said.
Air Manipulation Training is what I can do later...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 19, 2013, 11:13:44 PM
It is nice to see people who works hard.

"None that I'm aware of," Osvald thought for the moment, there's none that he can think the straight out of his head. At least something from his end, "...Perhaps you two could check the medical bay and ask Alistair for errands?"

That guy in the medical bay might have something for Marcus and Kazami to do. Still it is just a suggestion from the ranger.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 19, 2013, 11:56:08 PM
Once he arrived at the Boardroom, Oliver unlocked the double doors pulling the doors out of the way. He took a seat in one of the chairs, tapping his fingers on the glass table.  The room is very contemporary, giving the modern look. 
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 20, 2013, 12:40:34 AM
"Bloody Hell... it's here!" W shouted as his PCD and F's device went ballistic. "Form up!" he answered the PCD, wondering if it was a call or not.

F immediately put the transmitter away and dashed into the Loftwing, where his travel lab was kept. This was one of the few times when he didn't joke around or complain about something and instead sprang into action. F was at the computer typing away, searching for the Sue and any followers approaching.

T pulled out her bow and stood her ground, ready to shoot any oncoming enemies before they got to W. W's weapons crackled with electricity as he combined the two into a bo staff and spun it. All that was needed now was for the Sue and any sort of army she had managed to acquire to appear.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 20, 2013, 05:33:13 PM
Vogues arrived shortly after, sitting down at the table silently, pulling another one of his bent cigarettes, "Mind if I smoke?"


Caroline had followed Vogues to the Boardroom... But she knew it was an important meeting, so do nothing else but... Stand at the double doors, and act as guard. Back and one foot against the wall, arms crossed.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 20, 2013, 06:48:12 PM
"Alistair?" Marcus asked, "Um, all right then. I guess we'll be off to the medical bay then. Thank you, Sir!" He turned to Kazami. "And if this antagonism is resolved by other people, we'll go right back to helping you master your air manipulation."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 20, 2013, 10:10:45 PM
"Well that's good, at least. I'd hate to get blown up along with the Sue," Koemi said. "Water tower?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 20, 2013, 10:27:36 PM
Osvald nodded to Marcus and Kazami in acknowledgement, before continue on his way to the Archery Range. Once he reached there, he starts to goes to use the practice arrows and start practicing his archery skills.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 20, 2013, 10:56:53 PM
"Then what are waiting for? Let's go."
Kazami head towards the medical bay, a couple of paces ahead.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 20, 2013, 11:17:01 PM
Oliver shrugged at Vogues. "Knock yourself out, Mind if I take one? I'm out." Oliver said as he held up a lighter with a skull and crossbones while on the other side a grim reaper. Oliver had always kept a lighter on him where ever he goes. He offered the lighter to Vogues.

The PCD on Austin kept ringing, it must be an emergency or something serious. The distance between the sue and the three hunters is unmeasurable. The Radar kept on beeping and screaming warning. It seems there isn't a sue in this area.

For the members in the TF2 fandom, normally you would hear an orchestra of men screaming, explosions, gunfire, and Laughing. However this was an entirely new orchestra. Amongst the orchestra is a higher pitch. The sound of a girl wooing and moaning. No, a younger girl probably like she had just gotten out of high school. And the men they are dumbstruck and wooing.
The two arriving at Equestria. Well... I can't really describe the place but it looks peaceful enough other than all the lady ponies are gathered at the plaza probably watching a spectacle or some kind.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 20, 2013, 11:20:13 PM
Akira walked into the boardroom shortly after Oliver pulled the lighter out. "If you two chucklebuckets are gonna light up, let's at least have a window open so we don't stank the room up." she said, heading for the window and opening it.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 20, 2013, 11:21:54 PM
"Have I ever mentioned that I love the fact that I always wear a gasmask?" Clark offhandedly said to no one in particular at the mention of cigarettes.


Pyro and Cynthia decided that the group at the spectacle would probably be the first place to start looking. Cynthia was still sniffing, seeing if she could get a whiff of the Sue.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 20, 2013, 11:23:44 PM
"Where is it?" W was trying to keep calm. "Where is the Sue!?" he turned on his heat sensing vision, just in case. There had to be SOMETHING.

T nervously looked around, her arrow nocked and ready. If needed, she would fire. But she desperately hoped that the Sue somehow killed itself before she could attack.

F just stared at his computers. ".... So that's the game you want to play..." he touched his computer, forcing it into near overdrive. Only the most powerful Sue could hide form his scanners now.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 21, 2013, 01:52:59 AM
Vogues handed one over to Oliver, shaking off the lighter and lighting a match instead to have his cigarette. "Cigarette smoke smells good, Akira. It soothes the soul and that shit I don't believe." the Doctor muttered quietly, though Vogues is a cold bastard... Despite doing his job the way it should be, he seemed to be a lot less cold around the board.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 21, 2013, 01:55:06 AM
The Mental walked in a little later than he usually is. "Sorry, got caught up with something." He sat down in a chair, and quickly checked his guns before putting them away.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 21, 2013, 03:10:08 AM
Dr. D Walked into the boardroom and took his seat, not caring that he still has blood and charred skin on his coat from earlier. " so, what do you got for me?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 21, 2013, 03:39:12 AM
Oliver took the cigarette and lit his cigarette nodding to The mental and the others. "We notice Clark. Anyway, we're all here and present. So let's get this meeting started. Here's the rundown S.T.F. agents attacked us about three hours ago in the Library and in the Patient area. Why I called this meeting is to discuss how are we going to react to S.T.F and how we are going cover the exploit in our security." Oliver explained. The cigarette still burning and hanging between his lips. Oliver always like these sort of meetings as it is a time where everyone can put heads together.
The sue s actually far away, in a town a few miles down from where Team WTF is positioned. This is definitely not normal.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 21, 2013, 04:04:08 AM
Dr. D gave a minor note of discontent, hidden behind his " hmmm"'s before answering. " well, wouldn't the simplest way be to give them a taste of there own medicine.. a double agent if you will." he inquired.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 21, 2013, 06:27:07 AM
Crisp simply pointed at the water tower that the Pelican was passing on its descent. "If we are really grasping at straws, then the high vantage point may just work to our advantage..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 21, 2013, 09:14:37 AM
"Got a lock on the position," F said. "But..."

"But what?" W asked.

"The thing's all the way in town..."

"If it's in town, how come the readings are... here!?" T asked.

F shrugged as he packed up his tech and slapped a new bracelet on his arm. "Fuck if I know. We gotta head to town... fast!"

He led the way down a random path. The team ran for about twenty minutes with F's radar and W's PCD going off all the while. They saw a glittering town up ahead and dashed in, hoping to stop the Sue before their presence was detected.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 21, 2013, 10:35:50 AM
"I think it's obvious... We need real security. I'm talking cameras, home defenses, maybe some ready to defend teams. It wouldn't exactly send the right message for us to just up and attack them. We try to save people, not fucking off them; that'd be a bit hypocritical. Not to mention this is the modern world, first degree murder doesn't exactly mix well." Dr Vogues explained, puffing out smoke from his mouth and sitting back against his chair.

"Not to mention our own agents can be problems, F hacks our shit and steals our stuff, gives us computer viruses and is retarded enough to think that no one noticed him building a second lab in the building, taking his own team... And some weird ass brain in his Xbox, preserved that thing just so he doesn't get more pissed though an being a brat about when he gets punished... Like taking toys from a baby, he just pisses and moans." Vogues muttered the very last part, not meaning to de-track himself from the problem at hand... Though his idea of a security team and better surveillance still stood as his option.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 21, 2013, 10:56:14 AM
" Now Now Dr. Vogues.. who ever said anything about murdering them?" Dr. D Said as he Leaned back himself and started busying his hands by shuffling yet another random deck from his coat. " all i was Suggesting was putting someone on the Inside of there little group.. that way we can know when they plan these things in advanced.. after all the best method of protection is preventing this stuff in the 1st place." he commented before calmly tossing a copy of Shien's Spy onto the table for both to see.  " As for F.. you have to admit for as wacky and random he is.. he does bring in results" he Continued.  ' and i should probably warn F they know about his back up lab later.. ' He thought in the back of his mind.. he couldn't place why exactly.. but there was just something about F he found.. Charming.. he shook off the thought and started shuffling his deck again before muttering a single sentence under his breath low enough that he could barely hear it. " Besides why should Sue's be spared... the lifes of those outside there cliche have there lifes ruined..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 21, 2013, 01:42:43 PM
"You did, Dick," The Mental started, his ears also slightly making our both of their under-the-breath comments, which he chose to ignore. "Their medicine for us was causing multiple explosions in the library where agents were. And even if we didn't go and start killing them and instead placed a spy, they would simply kill said spy. We'd lose and agent and information, while gaining an enemy."

Having finished, he then turned to Vogues. "And I agree with you on almost all part, Vogues. The only problem is that we are still short-staffed. If we even wanted a 3 person team for defence, that'd be shortening our hunters by a team." He paused to yawn lightly. "The only real way around that would be us going and finding a good and trustworthy team out-of-house to help defend. We'd have to make sure they are honorable and can't be bought out, but it's a small price if they could indeed protect the agency."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 21, 2013, 02:10:36 PM
Clark thought for a second about the double-agent thing. Mental had a point, they had the intel on SEA to get in, they probably knew most of their agents...except...

"Wait a minute. Back up to the double agent thing." Clark said, leaning forward in his chair a bit. "They obviously know our around-the-house habits, so to speak, if they were able to plan a hit on us. They'd recognize our agents in a heartbeat and kill them. Even if we gave them a makeover, they catch them once without the disguise and they're dead. They know W, Marcus, Cynthia, Koemi, Crisp, Vogues, Oliver, Mental, everyone. But. I know someone that not only do they not know, but we don't even know."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 21, 2013, 03:24:17 PM
"Alistair?" Marcus asked, entering the medical bay, "It's just us, Marcus and Kazami. We felt some antagonism outside, but someone else may have taken care of it already; we're not sure. In the meantime, do you need any help?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 21, 2013, 03:31:51 PM
Oliver was deep in thought in the entire conversation everyone has a point. "Now Dr. Ranged, It is a standard by our founder. Now I don't know what kind of person the founder is but I believe the founder is a smart person he even recruited sues who are reborn into the S.E.A," Oliver said to Dr. Ranged. Oliver turned his head towards Clark, curious about this person. "Oh?" Oliver leaned towards Clark, "Who is this person that you speak of Clark?" Oliver asked he motioned the others to lean in also. Oliver want this name whispered. Though the room isn't rigged with spy tech, it is safer to keep the name as unknown as possible.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 21, 2013, 03:37:07 PM
The Mental's brow furrowed slightly before his eyebrows went up in realization. "Oh, I get it." He leaned in closer to Oliver and Clark. "You willing to take it off?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 21, 2013, 05:11:45 PM
Clark touched his nose (or where it would be) and pointed at Mental. "Precisely. Or Pyro, but he probably wouldn't be too happy with the idea." He spoke in a hushed voice.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 21, 2013, 09:19:49 PM
"Why not both?" Vogues spoke up, "I can work on a proper security team and install the needed equipment myself, and you two be our spies..." he said quietly, puffing out some smoke.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 21, 2013, 10:18:49 PM
W started slamming his finger into the PCD. "I'm picking up, I'm picking up! Give me an answer!" the thing was getting annoying and would likely give away their position.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 21, 2013, 11:34:22 PM
Oliver brushed his beard and then smiled, removing the cigarette from his lips and in between his pointer and middle fingers before letting the smoke out. "Alright Clark, I can see your idea. If I'm guessing correctly, you or Pyro are going to infiltrate S.T.F. without your mask on. If they looked through your records, the records only hold the ones with the mask on. I'm sure you know the drill when it comes to infiltrating."
"Thank god finally you picked up!" Said the man on the other side of the PCD. "There has been an update on your mission and it's urgent that you stop and listen. We have extra information about the sue."

: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 21, 2013, 11:39:05 PM
"Please tell me it doesn't involve more than nine tails!" W begged.

F rolled his eyes. Said nineteen tail fox from earlier wasn't too bad. Sure, he had sent it into a rage, causing the razing of several villages, but no one was killed. Only W was hurt and that was because he was nearly Sue-raped.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 22, 2013, 12:28:51 AM
Clark nodded, already dialing Pyro. "Alright. I'll just call Pyro and...her PCD's off. Must be on a mission..."


Pyro and Cynthia, meanwhile, were at where the crowd was and looking at whatever the crowd was looking at.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Slider Eclipse July 22, 2013, 01:33:19 AM
Dr. D cursed under his breath, not expecting anyone to hear that last part before leaning in as well and listening quietly to there plan.  " sounds fine to me." he said as he leaned back, slipping the card back into his deck as he did so.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 22, 2013, 04:07:03 PM
"You'd need a whole fake history, Foster," The Mental said. "Melissa is a good hacker, correct?" He asked to the group.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 22, 2013, 07:11:59 PM
"He will be an entirely new person." Oliver pointed out. "Now we just need it to be realistic. So Foster, I request that you do not show your face to anyone of S.E.A. including us at this time; In case, they send you on dangerous missions that relates to our agents. If we recognize your face we would show hesitation on our part, if we are forced to confront you."
"It is vital that you listen to the extra information; It will save your life," Said the man, "So no screwing around this time that, includes you Agent F. This is NOT like the 19 tail beast from your last mission here. This is an assassination mission. I've already sent you the disguises to your location. You will blend in with the common people. This Sue is a rare case of a Level 8. She may be overly trusting of others but she isn't stupid. Though she is not strong like other sues. Another factor of sue is influence. She has Naruto by her side as her husband. You three know how powerful Naruto is as not only a ninja but as the Hokage of the leaf village. Not only that, he has influence on the entire world. It is crucial that you complete this mission without fail. Should you fail this mission, we'd have an entire fandom after your heads and you are captured or killed; Evidence, will lead directly towards us and we would be in a full-scale war with the Naruto Fandom. We CANNOT afford that!"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 22, 2013, 07:50:25 PM
Foster nodded. "Anyway, we'll discuss this later. For now, you were talking about a security team, Dr. Vogues?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 22, 2013, 07:58:33 PM
Alistair took an earbud out, looking up from his desk at the two younger agents. "Ah, hello you two. Um... I don't think I need any help right now, but if something comes up I'll buzz you on your communicators."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 22, 2013, 08:01:11 PM
"Yes... Though it'd be delightful to have a man on the inside, it'd be abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous to have that as our only defense... From just one threat." Dr. Vogues put his cigarette bud into an ash tray, "I know no one said specifically that was the only defense, but you all got so damn crowed around that idea that you might as well have just made it the only one. But anyhow... We're obviously going to need a ready to go team, people ready to attack, and armed with good weapons. But they also need to be vigilant and actually think it's more than a damn paycheck. I have suggestions for the crew, but I guess you people throw out something you wanna say."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 22, 2013, 08:18:44 PM
At the plaza, all the female ponies are gathered to watch a particular pony doing a rock n' roll show with an acoustic guitar. Somehow the acoustic guitar sounded electric and somehow the black stallion, green mane in a spike mohawk mane style, piercings around his body and a devil's hand sign cutie mark, is playing an acoustic guitar... with his hoof. Well, playing music is possible. But this stallion is an unicorn/changling. If the two scanned them, it would come out to be a level 3 stu.
Once they reached the high point Crisp and Koemi saw the Sue dancing for the wooing men. Showing off her curves to the men, she was exactly like what Crisp had described. And she was standing in the center of the crowd on a water barrel from the look of things. It was sickening.
Oliver nodded to Clark as he leaned away from the crowding. Vogues was right; having that as the only defense is stupid. They would need to work on defense more. But Oliver mind is doubting, he can't just hire anyone, not when 9 of their newbies were S.T.F. agents undercover. He is now reluctant to hire in anyone after today's incident, this might be the best bet. "Well, I can't really trust anyone other than you all's opinion. Hell, I can't really trust anyone other than you guys." Oliver said before turning his head towards Dr. Vogues, "So Dr. Vogues, who do you think should run the new defense crew?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 22, 2013, 09:03:07 PM
As Pyro scanned him, Cynthia took a quick whiff. "Hm...Level 3 or 4." She guessed.

Pyro checked the scan, and nodded at Cynthia in confirmation.

{Well...I suppose we should just wait for it to end.} Pyro said, and then sat on the ground. Cynthia nodded and sat right next to him.

"He ain't exactly Johnny Guitar, but he ain't half bad." She offhandedly said.


"No one really comes to my mind." Foster said. "So continue."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Kimoto July 22, 2013, 09:24:02 PM
Marron had gone back to his room while everyone else is out doing stuff, and started setting up the longest Domino Chain he could, eventually starting to lead it into the hall, and through every empty part of the building, and if anyone enters those parts, they will see it. He had also finally picked up his PCD from a drawer he left it in... Not that he remembered what it was.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 22, 2013, 09:55:33 PM
Osvald had finished his practice in the Archery Range and left the place after cleaning up the mess that's left over. He walks through the hallway as he goes to check his PCD slowly, before came upon... A massive line of... Domino Chain? If the ranger remember the term right.

He moves his leg over the chain and continue on his way, now looking through any available missions on the PCD if there were any.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 23, 2013, 01:10:28 PM
"Hm..." The Mental started thinking, running through as many Hunters as he could in his head. "The four Hunters T went after. Do you think they would be able to defend us for awhile?" He asked, mostly directed at Akira.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 23, 2013, 01:13:23 PM
"Well... Not many of are Agents are qualified for the job, and we're all the runners of this place, that strikes us from taking it... For me, only a  small list of names come to mind. Caroline Walker, Alistair Schlieffen, and Rachel Truong. Caroline was one our first converted Sues, and a damn high leveled one at that. Alistair Schlieffen is also one of our smartest Agents, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind a pay raise... And Rachel is part of one our better Teams, and has proven she's capable of it... I'd offer F and W too, but... Well, F isn't the safest around our property, and W is prone to getting taken out by F." Vogues explained, "Those three can be our heads, they're more than capable of the job. As for a team, well... We might have to go out of the box here, and hire people. Preform extensive background checks, and then they can be hired. For other security... We need them to also monitor our security cameras, making sure no one trespasses. But we also need identification, people at the front of the building checking IDs, using scanners to confirm them, maybe a question they can read off a computer. I can provide their arms, though... Any questions?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TomJackal July 23, 2013, 01:20:08 PM
Akira wasn't one who really enjoyed board meetings. She didn't have much to say most of the time and kinda of just sat at her spot nodding once in a while to make everyone else think she was listening. That is unless somebody was actually trying to talk to her. "Hm... I suppose, But I like Vogues' idea. Let's go with that."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 23, 2013, 01:24:13 PM
The Mental nodded at both of their statements. "How do you think T's promotion will affect F and W, Vogues? F seems to have a weird attatchment to both, and W is so protective, he nearly disobeyed direct orders to follow her on a classified mission for her alone. If we pull her out and don't allow flexibility, we might not only lose one of our best teams, but possibly two great agents."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 23, 2013, 01:26:44 PM
Vogues shook his head to Mental, "Obviously she can be as flexible as she wants two, we have two other people working the same duties. And Ms. Walker is here all day, so it should be fine. We don't need the Heads all the time, they're free to take missions as much as they please and be able to have their own time. At least, they should be able to."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 23, 2013, 01:28:37 PM
"Ok, good. We can't weaken our forces with this or it contradicts the point of making a defence."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 23, 2013, 01:34:53 PM
Oliver nodded to The Mental in agreement but then he turned to Vogues. "Now, another question, what about the Sues and Stus that walk in and out of the building? If we're gonna increase our security to that level, we should at least think about them for a minute," Oliver pointed out.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 23, 2013, 01:37:18 PM
Vogues nodded, thinking... "That's a very good question..." after a moment, the answer was simple, "It's cheap to make badges, why not give them their own? And when they're cured... We get rid of the things ourselves?" he shrugged, it seemed simple to him.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: JackMcDack July 23, 2013, 01:53:11 PM
Foster very lowly chuckled a bit at the idea. "It's a good idea," he said, "I like it."

'Heh. We'll be running a child's hospital for Sues and Stus. 'Yippie, you got your shot without crying! Now here's a special sticker and a lollipop.' He thought.

"Hm. Though we'll have to either have some sort of barcodes on them that are specific for each one, or it'll have to be more intricate than an Escher painting so it's hard to replicate," Clark mentioned, "If the STF figures out what we're doing then they're definately gonna start trying to make their own."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Bolverk July 23, 2013, 02:13:47 PM
Oliver nodded. "That might be best." If they are going through with this they may be able to finally break the boundary for level 4, 5 and possibly 6 and put them on the curing list though the other Hunting organizations would definitely shun them and . "And you're right, Foster, they might do something like that and they have the technology to do it, but they don't have the patience to do it." Maybe this defense increase would ruin the idea of harming them.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Kimoto July 23, 2013, 02:27:15 PM
Marron's Domino Chain... Had increased to the point that every hallway was covered in domino's somehow even the walls and ceilings. Every empty space he could access at the moment had a domino in it. Making it very very hard for anyone to get around. How he got them there, and where he was getting all the domino's was another matter entirely.

The oddest part was, he was spraying them with something before setting them down.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: LinkFTW July 23, 2013, 02:34:05 PM
"Right, sir," W said. "Understood." he sent F a glare to tell him that messing around wouldn't be tolerated. Well, it was never really tolerated, but it would definitely not be tolerated on today's mission!

They found the disguises, typical Genin fare. The only real unusual thing about the whole thing was the fact that the headbands came with facial masks. Of course, never one to whine about fandom accuracy, F donned his immediately and found himself wishing that he at least checked the clothes for bugs and stuff first. T, due to her small size, often found disguises too large for her and this was no exception. Still, some rollling of sleeves and such later, she was ready for action. W, on the other hand, not so much... he grumbled about fandom accuracy all the way to the village.

"Dubya, what do your elf eyes see?" F asked. W rolled his eyes at the jibe, but nonetheless turned on his telescopic vision.

"... I think I have a glimpse of her," he said quietly, gesturing to one of the balconies far away. "Hang on, I'm gonna move in closer to see what she's up to..." before the other two could comment, he was moving through the crowd, eyes trained on the balcony.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 23, 2013, 05:15:31 PM
Kazami leaves the medical bay...and sees a long domino chain.
"...Well then. This is new, I didn't know they were doing renovations."
Sighing...she looks at Marcus once again.
"Well... Should we worry that the hallways are filled with dominoes?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 23, 2013, 05:41:48 PM
Osvald looks up from his PCD to notice there's more Domino Chains. Too many to the point that he can't find a space to go around them. It's that filled, even covering the walls and ceiling.

...How he going to move around? And he doesn't feel like standing still while in SEA building either. So that leaves the ranger... "...Stepping onto them?" The Domino Chains do look like they are near enough to be mistaken as another floor added. Thank goodness the ranger wears boots.

The said ranger moves his foot up and steps on the domino chains to test it. Seems stable, but as long he kept his reflexes and balance up, he can get to somewhere. "...And that's for best wishes."

Then Osvald moves his other foot to the platform made out of dominos, he kept himself balance and start taking step by step slowly and carefully. He held no illusions that he's doesn't have the dexterity of a Rogue or something with that kind of ability to walk them easily.

Hopefully he can find a spot that's clear of dominos...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 23, 2013, 05:44:38 PM
"Worry that the hallway is filled with dominos?" Marcus asked Kazami, "What, is some giant Sue going to plow us down with one and a half inch plastic rectangles? We should be fine. ...Now the question is to knock them over or not."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Kimoto July 23, 2013, 05:45:29 PM
Marron had been spraying the Domino's with a Godly Strengthed Adhesive... So honsetly they aren't going to fall over unless the sprinklers turn on, which for some reason rewettens the adhesive... Or someone with massive strength decides to kick them over.

And he had just finished all the hallways... So now he was extending the chain to outside.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 23, 2013, 06:00:13 PM
"Well...let's take another way then. Is there an elevator in the medical room? And I suggest not knocking them down for now...who knows, someone must've put some super glue on them and maybe if someone where to say... make it wet, that poor unlucky person would be stuck."
Kazami says as she looks around...
If the room isn't that high up... Then I could just jump down from the window and continue my training outside...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 23, 2013, 06:03:13 PM
Speaking of a unlucky person...

Osvald's next step ends up getting his foot or rather both of his boots stuck to the platforms of dominoes. Which cause him to curse something in some language that... rough, likely Goblin tongue from his home fandom.

He pulled one of his legs to try to free it from the dominoes... And as luck would have it. His foot get accidentally slip out of his boot and cause him to go off balanced. The unlucky agent tries to keep his balance to avoid falling or getting something stuck. Only it did when his hand and his side gets stuck to the dominoes on the wall. Apparently the ranger was leaning against it for support.

It is fortunately that he still wears the black coat which covers his unprotected ar- then there's pain at the back of his head. His braid got stuck on the dominoes since Osvald had put his hood down earlier.

Now what? He can't seem to get free himself from what seem to be a trap that's a equivalent of getting caught in a web spell. Imagine a ranger who's side got glued to the wall while one of his foot got stucked to the floor and the other tries to reach the other boot.

...He better hope someone can get him out as whatever these things are, it is very strong. All Osvald could do is muttered something in a different tongue.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 23, 2013, 06:12:06 PM
"There might be an elevator." Marcus said, "I've never really been in the medical room before, because I was rarely needed in there. Well, I'm not touching these things. It's probably a prank made by someone, and I am not getting pranked today. The full moon might be coming up soon. ...In fact, it might be tonight." The teenager looked around and tried to think. And if I get pranked, someone is going to get hurt, as much as I don't want them to.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 23, 2013, 08:51:11 PM
Crisp bounded out of the door, before turning to Koemi. "Okay, we have a plan, so let's put it into action. If you need anything, give me a buzz." He shook his PCD meaningfully, then began his descent from the water tower, in the most graceful way imaginable.

Namely by tripping, and hastily conjuring a parachute made of paper before hitting the ground.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 23, 2013, 10:12:47 PM
"Then it's settled." Vogues sat up, "Anyone opposed, speak up now."


Caroline had been outside the boardroom... And watched Marron put up dominos, "... Huh." She stood aside, just moving the dominos in the path of the board members out of their way without knocking down all the dominos.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 23, 2013, 10:13:19 PM
Koemi facepalmed, muttering, "I need you to not get us killed..." She then teleported her way to the ground, thinking. "Crisp, I've got an idea for how to get her to trigger the bomb," she whispered into her comm as she made her way to the bomb silo.


Auri walked away from the remnants of the fire, trusting the two agents the Mental had sent would be able to clean up the mess, but almost immediately he ran into a sea of dominoes glued to the floor. Keelah, what now? he thought, bringing up the scanner on his omnitool. It quickly determined that the adhesive on the dominoes was water-soluble but not flammable, so he brought up the comm on his omnitool again. "Okay, does anyone know who glued the dominoes all over the place? Also, is anyone stuck to them?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 23, 2013, 10:22:57 PM
Crisp was listening absently, as he materialized a crowbar out of the remains of his parachute and sauntered over to the hat warehouse, which had the doors unlocked, by a stroke of luck (or Author fiat). "Do tell," he murmured, as he slipped inside the warehouse.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 23, 2013, 10:26:55 PM
Koemi teleported into the bomb silo. "We trick her into dancing on the bomb instead of that barrel she's got, saying something about it providing a better stage. How are these things triggered again?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 23, 2013, 10:30:12 PM
"A sharp impact equivalent to a car hitting a wall should do it," Sketch replied. "So maybe we can get her to do some slam dancing..." At this point in time, Sketch was prying open several crates within the warehouse, and examining the contents. " large...too small...too silly...not silly enough..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 23, 2013, 10:34:24 PM
"How about tap dancing?" Koemi proposed, selecting an upright minecart with a bomb in it. "Considering her sue strength, we should be able to taunt her into kicking hard enough by saying she's not doing it loud enough."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 23, 2013, 10:36:59 PM
Osvald heard Auri on the PCD. He moves his free arm to try to take the PCD without any trouble, despite his current situation. Then he answer with a press of a button. "Osvald here. I haven't seen anyone placed them, but.... I am indeed caught in one."

It is fortunate that he put his foot back into the boot. Also he had to cut his part of his braid to free his hair from getting stuck to the domino wall with his dagger, which cause his hair to fallen down, now freed from the braid.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 23, 2013, 10:41:07 PM
Auri cursed under his breath. "Alright, don't move too much or you'll only get yourself more stuck. I can come to you and manufacture something to remove this crap and free you," he instructed, heading for the stairwell out of the basement. "Where are you?"
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: TheEgret July 24, 2013, 06:49:34 AM
Crisp was currently admiring his disguise in a convenient mirror. The paper suit had been made flawlessly, and the hats he had found were a perfect compliment. "Sounds good to me," he replied.

 After deciding that his costume was satisfactory, he continued,"I'm going out to distract the canons now, so we should maintain radio silence for a bit. I'll contact you when the area is canon-free. See you on the other side, Koemi!"

Having said his piece, Crisp stowed his PCD in his now-concealed saddlebag, made a few final adjustments to his disguise,  and then strode confidently over to the doors. "It's showtime," he muttered.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 24, 2013, 08:15:48 AM
Koemi stowed her PCD and looked at the bomb. Hm, cart tracks don't go all the way to the Sue... Guess I'm going to have to teleport this the rest of the way after I get to that closest point. She pressed a button on her watch and was once again encased in a purple and black suit of armor. Why can't the human distract the canons while the unicorn with telekinesis moves the big, heavy bomb into place? she questioned silently, starting the cart towards the exit.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 24, 2013, 11:38:39 AM
It's already too late for that, the ranger thought. Since his arm and side are already stuck.

Osvald slowly turns his neck as he can able to find any signs of what part of the building he's in. He had come from the Archery Range, walk for awhile and...

The range told Auri where he was exactly. The same floor as the Archery Range, but is in somewhere in the training facility. In the hallway outside of the Simulation Room.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Creme_de_Menthe July 24, 2013, 04:33:36 PM
Auri made his way towards the sims, his omni-tool formulating the best solvent it could for the adhesive out of the compounds it had in storage. Rounding the corner, he saw Osvald stuck in a very odd position on a bed of dominoes stuck out at odd angles. He stifled a laugh, then said, "Close your mouth and eyes and try not to breathe in," then started applying the solvent everywhere the ranger was stuck.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 24, 2013, 11:12:44 PM
"I suppose that's not one opposition... Very well." Dr. Vogues stood up, "I'll get started then."


Caroline had been waiting for awhile... Driving her to some boredom, actually leaving where she was standing to inspect the dominoes... "Hm." she though a moment... Poking one and found that her finger was now stuck, "U-um..."
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 24, 2013, 11:14:18 PM
Osvald closed his eyes and mouth, held his breath as Auri applied the solvent on places he got stuck on. He could feel whatever stuck on him start to loosen and cause that part to become free from it. Once he's freed, the first thing he did is stretched alittle since being in that position made him feel cramped. Not only that, but also feel discomforting. He silently thank Auri with a nod.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 25, 2013, 12:33:45 AM
"Should I tell T when their team returns?" The Mental asked the group, standing.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 25, 2013, 12:42:22 AM
"Tell her in private... Let her tell them about the promotion and its perks." Vogues suggested to the Mental, "It'll make the load a lot easier on the other two."


"Argh..." Caroline placed her hands on the dominoes, trying to pull it off, only to get her whole hand stuck, "Th-the hell... ?!" the struggle continued...
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Sam Altaris Leonhart July 25, 2013, 01:16:34 AM
The Mental nodded and walked out, taking the leisurely stroll along the dominoes to the parking garage. He set his PCD to alert him to when the team returns from their mission. In the mean time, he went to work on keeping his weapons in good shape in his workshop in his TARDIS.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 25, 2013, 04:29:09 AM
Looking around a room, there is indeed an elevator.
"Alright...You wanna continue training, Marcus?"
Kazami says while pressing a button on the elevator, waiting for one to be open.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: EeveeandAbsol July 25, 2013, 10:09:45 PM
Vogues himself also got up, heading to his room to get started; it was going to be a busy night for him.


Caroline's struggle continued, "Grah!" she yelled, pulling on the sticky dominoes hard enough to actually take the wall with it... Still with the dominoes stuck to her hand, "Grrr..." the Vampiress then stepped back, and tried to shake it off, little knowledge that her foot was now stuck.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Nask July 25, 2013, 10:42:18 PM
Once Osvald is freed from his sticky situation, he had thank Auri and then they part ways. Since the ranger now knows the effects of the dominoes, he goes to move through a clear area and head toward the elevator area with his hood up to avoid his hair getting caught by one again.

Then once the agent at the elevator door, he noticed that the elevator is moving or currently used. This is another thing that he remembered and drilled into his head. He press the elevator button and waits for the door to open.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: The Element Commander July 27, 2013, 05:18:59 PM
"Yeah... sure." Marcus said, sweating slightly, "Um... as long as we can get back before night time, we all should be safe..." I really, really, REALLY hope I'm making the right decision here... He followed Kazami to the elevator.
: Re: S.E.A. RP
: Akuma Killer July 29, 2013, 06:52:13 PM
Kazami nods.
"Alright... We won't head too far out, then. And we'll be inside by sundown."
By then, the elevator has reached the first floor as Kazami walks out of the agency.